Mile High Muscle

By elysiumfields

Here ya go, guys. Here a 'Rush Hour'' type story involving a muscle growth on an airplane.. I've fleshed out the story a little more,with the poor guys mates getting big too,as well as just strangers. Hope its still Ok..?

After waiting nearly 45 minutes over its allotted departure time, Med-Air Flight 69 finally slid down the runway and banked up into its climb,ready for a four hour flight to Cyprus,that would begin my three week long holiday in the sun,enjoying the culture,history..and nightlife of the island. I sat in the window seat looking out at the clouds below,as the plane levelled off its altitude after several thousand feet,the seatbelt signs flashing,signalling that it was ok to release them. My mate Craig was sitting beside me,his gaze fixated on the pert backside of the pretty stewardess further down the aisle,tinkering around with a serving cart. He nudged me to look at her. "Nice arse on that"he said grinning."I'd take her into the cabin toilet and shag her one". I smiled weakly,then gazed back out of the window. I was gay,so she did not interest me sexually,like she did for Craig.

Craig,and my mates Matt,Scott and Ben,who had flown out the day earlier and were due to meet us at Nicosia Airport,were typical horny straight guys in their early twenties,who were mainly going to Cyprus for a typical 'lads holiday' of sun,clubbing,drinking and pulling a sexy bird in a nightclub for a quick shag on the beach or back in our hotel rooms..and the lure of Aiya Nappa was too great for them.. The guys all knew i was gay and thought it would be great to at least try and sort out my sexual 'confusion' as they saw it,by fixing me up with a girl, but i was not going to waste my whole three weeks letting them get me totally pissed that i would be unable to remember who they had fixed me up with the night before..waking up next to some saggy titted overweight moose of a girl with bum fluff on her chin like a pubescant schoolboy.

I shuddered at the thought..and tried to think of all the hot young men i'd see on the beaches or streets.At least i was spending my time with four handsome muscular mates..and i was getting a bit of a stiff erection just imagining them naked. I was nudged by Craig again,and he gestured to a thin built effeminate looking steward with his black hair dyed blonde at the tips. "He'll do you, Hendry..definately gay" Craig giggled. "Very funny" i said,glancing over to the admittedly attractive steward. "Funny how every airplane has got a gay steward on it" Craig smirked. "Like its written into Airline contracts for Equality"

I had to agree with him.It did seem the case. But i was put off by girly boys..i was turned on by strong masculine young men.Young men with muscles. Thats what got me glancing furtively at Craig as his eyes once again diverted to the pretty stewardess. How his lean bicep bulged baseball sized,straining the tight short sleeve of his grey sheer tee shirt,as he rested his head on his closed fist on the armrest. The stewardess past him and gave him a little smile as she walked down the aisle. Craig broke his gaze,and i quickly looked out of the window. The gentle hum of the planes engines muffled down from a roar outside by the thick windows,made me feel a little sleepy and i began to doze off for a moment or two.

Suddenly,as i propped my head up on the comfy headrest, i thought i heard what sounded like fabric tearing..I turned to the source.. Craig had his arm up on the armrest,teasing the gold ring in his left ear, and my eyes wandered down to his thick bicep....and a a tear in his sleeve!. I rubbed my eyes,wondering if i was seeing things, but did his bicep look this full and pumped,big enough to tear his sleeve without the slightest of flex?.

Craig seemed a million miles away,giving me the chance to watch his bicep incredibly grow bigger and bigger,forcing the tear to split wider,a vein becoming prominent and pulsating across the engorging muscle,definining itself and splitting into a sizeable bulge as big as a grapefruit. I looked at Craigs handsome face,but he seemed oblivious or unconcerned that his upper arm was beefing up. His neck was thickening too. I could see his traps flex and ripple,and then his delts join in,bulging benath the thin tee and bunching up his shoulders like a powerlifters. I could see hints of his chest heaving and rising as his pecs swelled and thickened,stretching the tee until i heard a teasing rip.

I looked past at the passenger in the seat across the narrow aisle to see if Craigs sudden muscle growth was getting anyone elses attention.. Not a flicker. But it was'nt just Craig growing. There had been a man and woman in those seats,but i could only see the man,assuming the woman had gone to the toilet.He was in his thirties perhaps..and did have a beer gut straining the England football tee he wore,but as i watched,the gut seemed to deflate, or rather transfer its bulk to his chest!. His pecs were thickening and swelling fast.pushing out and bulging his shirt into huge rising mounds,and pulling it up to reveal his stomach flattening and then rippling up into solid brick like abs covered in dense hair.His hairy tatooed arms thickened and flexed with powerful muscles.

Then i could not see him clearly anymore,as Craigs pecs suddenly expanded out faster,shredding his tee apart and rising out into my view into huge heaving mounds covered by stubbly black hair. Shit..what the fuck was going on?. I had a painfully stiff erection from his sudden muscle growth.

I looked ahead. The man in the seat in front looked bigger and his shoulders were definately much much wider,with a thick neck beginning to tear the collar of his shirt. Then i saw the gay steward come out from a cabin bay,shockingly more muscular and sexy.He was no longer thin and wiry or even effeminate looking,but oozing masculine hunkiness. His blue airline shirt bulging at the front by growing,ballooning pecs forcing the buttons apart to reveal a deep hairy crevasse between the bloating pec mounds,and pinging off his name badge across the heads of passengers.

Then Craig grunted and groaned and looked down at me with a sneer, as his huge bulk now pressed me hard against the window.I felt intimidated by his newly grown size. Craig pushed at the armrests seperating our seats and incredibly,they snapped off like thin twigs in his hand. "Fucking things restricting me" he said with a broad grin,tossing the padded metal bars onto the floor by his feet. Then he put a massive arm around my shoulders.I could feel his huge bicep,now the size of cannonballs,pressing against my neck. "Feel my big cock,faggot" he said,groping an obscenely huge bulge and the clear outline of a growing fat knee length cock in his jeans. He reached down and grabbed my wrist in a grip that made me wince in pain,and guided my hand onto the huge club of his covered cock. I shuddered and felt myself rising close to orgasm as i felt his fat meat. Yeah,you love that,don't you..Hendry" he said,grinning evilly."Gonna fuck your fag arse when we get to the hotelroom..if i don't feel the urge before then".

I could not take any more of this.I could'nt escape the plane, so i fought my way past Craig,who pushed and flexed his massive pecs against me,nearly causing me to lose it there and then,towards the cabin toilets,my legs weak as i was overcome by his manly sweat that seemed to ooze from him, and affect me like an aphrodisiac. In fact the whole plane seemed filled with a strong scent of manly sweat...and it dawned on me that i could see only men,..and boys!. Men and boys that,like Craig,were growing or had grown, into massively over muscled hunks,with bulgingly obscene biceps ripping through sleeves and bloating pecs tearing open shirts and they were just sitting in their seats as if this was a normal thing. I could not see a single woman,not even the stewardesses that i had all seen earlier.

As i got to the toilets,my briefs moist with copious amounts of pre-cum, i caught a glimpse of a small pale skinned,thin pre pubescant boy of around 12 or 13, with messy red hair and freckles and a baggy long sleeved blue shirt,duck into the opposite toilet,seemingly unchanged. I hastily locked myself into the near toilet and sat on the bog,whipping down my jeans and pre-cum slicken pants and freeing my little 5 inch erection. 'What the fuck was going on?' i thought,as i began to beat myself off. 'How was i going to last through several hours more flying in a plane filling up with musclemen. I grunted and shuddered,feeling too aroused from the orgasmic man sweat to think straight. And pretty soon,i climaxed,spurting short gobs of cum onto the smooth lino floor.Weakened by my orgasm,i sat there for a while to recover and rebiuld my composure before returning to my seat. Finally,i plucked up the courage,cleaned myself and the floor up,then clicked open the toilet door.

At the same time the boy opened his door..'Oh sweet mother of god!'.. The boy that had gone into the toilet,was small,perhaps just under 5 and a half foot,thin and pale,wearing a shirt that was too big for him. The boy that came out..or should i say young man, was huge!. He was a little over six feet,his physique now frighteningly massively muscled and tanned a golden hue,with melon sized vein streaked biceps,thick triceps and sinewy forearms powerfully visible from sleeves torn off at the muscled shoulders.Huge heaving slabs of pecs stretched the short to within an inch of its life,crowned by thimble sized nipples.He still had a cute face with very feint freckles and his messy hair,but looked now to be around 15 or 16..What a way to go through puberty in minutes!. It especially showed in the thick obscene outline of his huge cock and bloated balls bulging the crotch of his black cotton slacks.I tried not to look into his green eyes,but he knew i was in awe of him,because he flexed a huge bicep for me and grinned a wide smile. I hastened back to my seat to find Craig had taken it and allowed me to sit in his.I don't want to crush you,Hendry" he smiled.Nervously,i sat down and tried to relax as best as i could. "Had a good wank?" Craig said,putting his massive arm around me. I flushed red with embarassment and said nothing,trying to avert my eyes from the huge hunks around me,especially the 3 enormous stewards hulking down the aisles,one pushing a food cart which looked like it belonged in a wendy house. "They're putting on some soft music or an in-flight might calm you down till i get you back to the hotel room,and keepmy urges under control." Craig muttered softly, holding out the earphones provided by the airline. I felt scared by the thought of Craigs 'urges', so i opted for the music to calm me.It was soft instrumental music,and i eventually fell asleep against Craigs huge bulging pecs. Hours later,we arrived in Cyprus..'God,that was some dream'.. i thought,waking up only to find it was'nt. Craig, and all the other guys were still huge!.The plane slipped into its gate and we all got up to depart the 'muscle plane'.

Huge musclemen and boys swaggered off down the walkways,through the checkout.And i was soon to learn that not only the guys on the plane,but every guy i saw,was just as huge.

Massive baggage handlers heaving carts of luggage,customs officials bulging in their uniforms, enormous club reps in torn tee shirts or no shirts at all,and red shorts overfilled with 14 inch plus limp cocks dangling from the skimpy leggings,passengers from other flights hulking and bulging with huge muscles..and guys waiting for their mates at the gates!

I could not miss the huge forms of Matt,Scott and Ben, leaning and even inadvertantly buckling the iron railings..each one as big as Craig.When they saw us,they flexed and bulged their huge swollen muscles like bulls on heat,and thenwe greeted each other..or should i say,i was picked up like a rag doll into crushing bear hugs.

"So you guys finally got here then" Scott said. "Yeah" i replied weakly,as my cock once again rose into an erection. Ben ruffled my hair. "You are gonna love the nightclubs..all packed out with huge sweaty musclemen". "Yeah. There may even be a few little guys like you,for us to dominate and fuck" added Matt,groping the huge outline of another enormous cock,beneath his long khaki cargo pants.

''Sweet fuck, what sort of holiday was this going to turn out to be?'', i whispered to myself....... •

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