Milk 0.1

By small-fry

Farmers had been using growth hormones to keep their cattle big, and producing more milk than ever, and they had been doing it for years. Nobody really knew what the long term effects of digesting their products would be and nobody really questioned it. It took a generation of users for the effects to become clear.

One would assume that the first reports would come from the parents of the oversized boys, or men, that resulted from the over-use of growth hormones in livestock. That was not so. The odd one or two "big boys" was always expected in any group of children and the individual parents, it must be assumed, thought that their child or children was unique when reaching above average hight and physical maturity.

The first real report of the phenomenon came from a teacher in private boys school and made its way into the media as an interest article titled "Grade 8 Teacher Shorter Than All of His Students". The article then went on to describe the shock of a 6'2" man who was teaching a group of children, none older than 14 years of age, all of whom stood at least two inches taller than him. The tallest in the class was 6'9". The average height of the class was 6'6". Class photos showed that the boys were still slim, but all of the children seemed to be at least 5 years older than the actually were.

While it would eventually be realized that this was not a local phenomenon, most people were ignorent of these youth. A fact which would allow many of them to access adult culture at an early age and allow a generation of super-masculine boys to change the face of the world. •

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