Conveyor Muscle

By Diablo11d

John woke up. "Uh... Where am I?"

"We cant tell you that."

John looked around. He finally found the voice. It was a man in a large room on the other side of the factory. It almost looked like a sound booth. " Where am i? Why am i here? Why am i strapped to a board?

"Just an experiment. Dont worry"

"Thats kind of hard right now..."

"Just relax."

Suddenly a the board started rotating to the left. After the board stopped moving, John was stuck facing a strange object. It looked like a badly invented robot designed to have a human shape. It spun around and went to a near by conveyor belt. it started moving. For a while nothing happened, John started to wonder what was going to happen to him. Then he saw something. It slowly made its way to the end of the conveyor belt. The robot grabbed it and spun around again. it was holding a smalling object. It looked sort of like a small chocolate/vanilla ball.

"Eat it or we will have to force you."


The robot wheeled over to john, forced open his mouth, stuck the small thing in his mouth, forcedly made him chew and then swallow. It tasted horrible and john thought he might throw up. He felt his stomach churning and then a burning sensation like he never felt before.


He stopped screaming. He sudeenly felt great. What was happening? Then it started. He never used to think much about his body. He knew he was gay, but didnt care if he was muscular or fat or anything. Then he started to grow. It was unbelievable. he looked down and saw his body transforming. His Biceps started to peak and grow massive. he tried to flex but he was bound to tightly. Even while unflexed his biceps looked huge and bigger then and amateur bodybuilders. His Delts grew to cannonball sized proportions and his tris became detailed and huge. his back Spread out and his neck widened. His abs started to appear and started to form a six pack. His thighs got bigger and got close to pushing each other away. his calves started to fill out and grow. Finally his pecs started to pop out of his chest. Slowly but steadily, they started to move out and over, and started to push his nipples straight towards the floor.

"Omg! Im huge! I look amazing! I could beat anyone in a bodybuilding contest! And ive never felt so hot before"

" hold on... its not done yet."

John thought how could it not be over, eveything had grown... Then he felt it. His center of gravity started to feel weird. He looked down and saw his dick starting to grow. John had always been small, and he was ashamed of it. Even when hard he would barely reach 3 and a half inches. but now, he had an average sized cock. It must have been 6 inches! It grew almost 3 inches in less then a minute! All of a sudden he started to cum. "OH MY GOD!" AHHH!!!!" he was in pure ecstasy and he couldn't even move. He stopped cumming, and he felt exhausted. Then the robot started to turn and move towards him again.

This time he greatfully ate the little thing. he started to grow again, this time to new heights. Every muscle got bigger then before. He was starting to surpass any pro bodybuilder ever. The growth stopped and he looked down and waited. His dick started to grow again, this time getting to about 8 inches. Then he started to cum again, but this time longer and harder then the last. When he stopped cumming, he looked where it landed and it must have been about 3 feet away from him!

The robot came to him again and this time with two of them. John greedily took them into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. His growth started again. He knew he was any pro bodybuilder now, and with a dick to match. Almost 10 inches hard.

After he was done cumming, he wanted to test his strnength. He started to push to the side with all his muscle and force. He broke the bindings and started to cum again. He finished and walked to the robot, knocked it aside, and walked to the conveyor belt. There they were, piled high and in a line. There must have been over 200 there... he started to eat them all. He ate and ate. All of them making him bigger and bigger, his dick bigger and bigger, rising his sexual need to cum. His bis peaked higher then every bodybuilder ever combined together. every muscle grwoing larger, every ab muscle becoming mlore defined and making bigger crevaces in between them. Both quads gowing so big his legs were pushed apart farther then before. His back became like mountains and his pecs pushing his nipples straight to the floor. His torso becoming a huge V-shape while his waist stayed at a minimal. Everything growing bigger, everything becoming more striated then before, everything more powerful.

From the last bite of the small objects, he finished his growth. His Bis were 51 Inches, chest 106, waist 43, quads 93, calves 35, and his dick was 22x11.5. He Couldnt think of anything else but him... his muscles... his dick... and sex. He immidiately started to lick the precum off his dick. The precum was flowing out of his dick like a river and he had trouble trying to take it all in. He started to wrap his mouth around the head of his cock, and he started to create a suction. he slowly crept forth on it, farther and farther down his shaft. He he got down half way and put his hands on the other half. He then vigorously went up and down on his tool, blowing him self and jerking himself off. He started to feel his cum churning up into a rising pressure. And then he let it go.

He started to cum into his mouth, hungrily swallowing it all. It kept shooting out of his mouth, wave after wave. John never thought it would stop. He had to let go of his still cumming dick to get some air. He kept cumming and cumming, the factory floor started to rise up in cum. It was close to his knees by now. He put his mouth over his dick again and started drinking his delicous cum. He started to notice that he was growing more... ever so slightly. It must have been his cum interacting with his body he thought.

The cum didnt slow down. It kept speeding up. He kept drinking himself and he didnt care, he kept growing into a huge muscle freak, drinking his formulated cum out of his huge freaky dick. He had ot let go again to get some air. The factory was now filled up to his hips in his cum.

Up to his abs. Close to his pecs, Above his nipples now. John noticed the guy in the booth was now gone. John gave up trying to drink his cum from his dick, and started drinking it straight around him. He kept up with his cumming now and the cum started to recide a little, while he started to slow down.

He suddenly felt somethnig comeing. It started in his hips and moved to his groin. His felt a rising pressure again, but this time much more intense. he felt it flowing up his dick now and he couldnt help but scream in ecstasy. His cum started to shoot out much more then before and it was up to his shoulders now, its started to stop and he drank his come around him.

He drank all the cum in the factory down to about his hips. He felt great. his new body, his awesome dick. he could make any guy cream his pants jsut from a glance, and that included himself.

He drank the rest of the cum in the factory, and licked the floors spotless. He looked at himself, his new freaky muscle form. His Bis 72 Inches, chest 120, waist 50, quads 100, calves 46, his dick 31x16, all of this on a 15 foot giant. He was a god, and he knew it. Now it was time to find himself some underlings... •

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