Cop Encounter (Revised)

By jpaddoc1

This has been one of my favorite stories for years. I think I've read it a hundred times.

I've taken liberties here, adding bits, reworking it slightly. I would have asked the author for permission to post it, but I don't know who he is. It is unattributed on Silicondog's fiction site.

So questionable ethics aside, I hope you enjoy. And to the original author, THANKS!

I had arrived in town a week before, attending the University in the fall on a hard-won wrestling scholarship. My second cousin was paying me to house-sit while he was in Europe for 2 months. He had a lot of valuable antiques and paintings and had been robbed 6 months before. It was late August when all of this happened.

I was just about ready to go to bed, when there was a knock at the door. When I answered it, my jaw dropped to the floor. A huge muscle-bound cop stood there, threatening, and instantly intimidating me. A completely new experience for me. I'm 5'8", 190 lbs of solid muscle; an undefeated wrestler east of the Rockies.

"Officer?" I croaked

"Officer Jim Steele, sir. Can I come in?" he replied. His voice was rich and deep, vaguely southern. "We've had a report of a robbery in the area."

"Yes, sure, come in," I stammered, trying to compose myself.

He walked through the door and into the living room. As he came through the door he had to turn slightly to get through, his shoulders were so wide. He was about 6'-4", 35 years old, with short, black hair, balding on top, a thick mustache over his full lips, and a heavy shadow on his cheeks. Mirror shades gave him an air of danger. He was huge with muscles. His neck was thick like a bull's. He was so fucking built, I couldn't help staring at him. The staggering "v"-shaped taper of his back, his narrow waist, and bulging legs; this guy personified the word "power".

His hands were huge, easily as big as my face, hairy and veined, his thighs were heavy and muscular, The bulge in his pants stretched the fabric to the point that it looked like it might burst any second..

Officer Steele said, "A prowler has been reported in the neighborhood. He stalks his victims and when they're asleep, he breaks in. I'm off duty at the moment, working for a private security company hired by your cousin's insurance company to watch this house. I've parked down the street out of sight. I'd like to camp out in your living room, try and catch this guy in the act"

"Gosh, officer," I said. "Am I gonna be safe?"

The officer grinned and said, "You will be with me here. This guy's young, about 27, but he's big. He's 6'2" and about 300 lbs of solid muscle. We think he's a bodybuilder, or something."

"Are you sure I'll be okay though?" I asked. "What if he tried to overpower you?" The words were out of my mouth before I realized their stupidity.

Officer Steele chuckled. He took his shades off, put them in his coat pocket, and then started to remove his jacket, one sleeve at a time. He clearly was having some difficulty. "Give me a hand here kid" he said. It took some effort to get the jacket over his massive arms.

Using one huge hand to hold his other, he casually started to display his muscular power, flexing his mammoth pecs, first together, then one at a time. "I don't think he'll get by me." he said. The buttons on his short sleeved shirt threatened to pop, the fabric stretched thin and ready to split as his pecs danced. Clearly he was very proud of his massive muscles and really into his own huge physique. He stared at his big pecs "Four hundred pounds, 21" neck, 29" arms, 76" chest. Six time champ and record holder at the police games in power lifting, and 5 time champ superheavyweight bodybuilding. I bench 1500 lbs." he said matter-of-factly, but with certain pride. The fabric in his shirt stretched tightly over his huge bulging muscles, as he continued to oggle his own flexing pecs.

I gawked at his display of raw power, his magnificent physique evident even thru the straining fabric, wanting nothing more than to burn the image of this Superman on the back of my retinas. That is until his eyes caught mine, and he held me in a powerful gaze. His eyes were incredible, a light hazel color that could swallow a man whole; I could stare into them for hours. I was hypnotized by this incredibly powerful muscleman, standing only feet in front of me.

When he broke the spell, he looked me up and down. Suddenly his demeanor changed. My dick was so hard it ached, and he could see it tenting the loose shorts I wore, a large damp spot getting even larger... I was too dumbfounded by his phenomenal display of muscle & power to realize what had happened, or even now to try to conceal it. He grinned, "Please don't let me stop you from what you were doing."

"I - I was just going to bed," I stammered.

He crossed the room, towering over me, placing one of his huge paws on my shoulder. "I should come with you," he said. "This guy likes to sneak in through windows."

We went into the bedroom and I wasn't quite sure what to do. Here was this huge, monster of a man. Macho, beautiful, built like a god, and I was going to get undressed. Nervously, I undid my shirt as he leaned against a tall dresser. I glanced at him cautiously. He was openly watching me as I took off my shorts, blatantly rubbing his crotch! As soon as I was naked, I grabbed a pillow to cover my erection and sat on the bed. The room was cool and I shivered a little.

"You scared?" he asked me in a husky voice as he approached me. There was a tenderness and real concern in it.

"A little nervous," I admitted, not sure if it was the thought of an intruder or of embarrassing myself.

"Come here," he said. "I'm here to protect you."

I stood up, I was mere inches from him. "Closer," he said quietly, taking the pillow that hid my aching erection and tossing it to the floor. He gently rubbed my hard dick with the back of his hand. His eyes held mine burning a hole in my soul. My face was level with his great bulging pecs. He flexed them. I could feel the heat from his body like a blast furnace his breath hot against my shoulder through his flared nostrils. His muscles flexed hard and huge, bursting out of his shirt. He was a muscle cop. With or without a badge his presence radiated the authority, power and will to enforce the law and to protect the innocent. He was the word HERO made manifest. I nearly came.

He put his huge hands around my waist to steady me. Neither of said anything, the silence thick with anticipation.

"Feel my power," he whispered when he finally spoke, his soft powerful voice pulling me in, reassuring me that despite his fantastic physical strength he would never hurt me. "Feel my arms."

I slowly rubbed his forearms and felt his gargantuan biceps swelling and contracting as he flexed them, the short sleeved shirt ready to split over his massive flexing arms. I was enthralled, my dick hard as a rock, my mouth dry.

Gently he pulled me closer against his Herculean muscles, my hard-on crushed against his granite quads. One hand now at the small of my back, the other he lifted up displaying its superhuman girth, a granite bowling ball stuffed under his skin. He flexed his gargantuan arm several times, finally splitting the useless shirt sleeve, ending its tortured suffering.

"Do you feel safe now?" he asked, his voice so deep it vibrated at the center of my being.

"Yes, officer," I croaked, barely able to catch my breath.

"Call me Jim," he whispered.

"Jim," I said.

My hands instinctively moved over his huge pecs. He flexed them over and over. "Yeah.... You like these huge muscle jugs of mine don't you...... Did I tell you I bench 1500 lbs..... Oh yeah buddy... I'm making them dance just for you. I can flex these monster boys all night," he whispered. "Go ahead, unbutton my shirt. Reach in there and feel 'em."

I nervously undid the buttons and opened his shirt, revealing two staggering mounds of rock hard, striated muscle, lightly covered in dark, soft hair. He extended his arms to display their bulging thickness. His pec cleavage deep enough to swallow my hand, they felt like granite domes, each bigger than a W.W.II combat helmet. Relaxed, they overhung his ripped abs by nearly a foot. His stomach protruded, but rippled with power.

"Two thick slabs of pecmeat muscle for you to worship. Play with them dude...." he said thickly.

Two huge half dollar sized nipples, erect and hard jutted out from the bottom of his his pec mass. I gingerly reached up and cupped his muscle jugs, measuring their phenomenal weight and thickness. Relaxed they were 2 huge sacks of meat, 50 lbs each at least, overflowing in my hands. I massaged their fantastic girth reveling in how impossibly thick they were, awestruck by their potential power.

"H'mmm, yeah, that's it dude. Play with those big Pigs of mine." He bounced them together, then one at a time, then rapid fire in quick succession. "Grab my muscle teats and tweak 'em..... ya can't hurt me boy, give 'em a good twist....... oh yeah baby,....... yeah...... you're warming me up nicely kid...."

He gently grabbed by jaw in one of his great paws, his eyes again boring a hole into my soul. "You sure are a pretty stud. Why don't ya sit on the bed," he said grinning from ear to ear.

I sat on the bed. He turned away from me and walked to the chair in the corner. He took off his shirt with the same difficulty he had with his jacket. His back was impossibly broad, nearly 48" across, and incredibly thick. His traps bunched high over his massive shoulders, flaring off his thick neck. His back tapered to a waist which was about 34" but fit the mass and definition in the rest of body. There was a little fine black hair on his lats, and more hair at the base of his spine, burrowing into the crack between his massive striated glutes.

He undid his pants, still facing away from me. He bent down sliding them over his monstrous thighs and huge cut calves. His ass was big and muscular. He flexed it tightly when he stood back up. His hair was thinning on top, which gave him an air of intense masculinity. This was a real man.

He turned around slowly. He flexed his pecs as he turned, in thick rolling motions. He was so fucking hot! And between his legs, pushed forward by the size of his massive thighs, was his Hercules dick, 8" soft. He strode across the room, his beer-can thick penis slapping heavily against his thighs.

"You like this?" he asked as he towered over me, bouncing his pecs some more.

"Oh, yes officer!" I whispered, my heart pounding in my chest at the sight of this Hercules of muscle and power. I nearly fainted.

He stood there and as I watched him, he made his cock hard. Without touching it, it started to rise slowly. He grinned as my eyes popped, seeing his cock getting harder and longer and thicker. Fully erect his dick was at least 15" long and as thick as my forearm.

Then he hit a front double biceps. His flexed biceps were bigger than my head, the peak on his massive arms bigger than my hand would fit around. He hit a front lat spread, and he seemed to expand to twice his size before. His cock throbbed and flexed with power and might. He continued to pose - side chest, rolling his incredible pecs into mountains of hairy muscle; back lat spread, huge wings of muscle erupting; abdominal pose - thick beer can abs coming out in relief.

And everywhere, veins snaking themselves around his immense shoulders, down his ripped arms and forearms, over his thick rippling pecs and through the hair. He flexed his whole body in an arms-behind-back ab crunch, his turgid muscle dick welded to his abs, his fist sized dick head poking into his pectoral mass. His face went red with the strain as he pressed all his power into the flex. His neck swelled with muscle and veins.

All perfectly executed like a professional bodybuilder, he was panting from flexing so hard. "C'mere boy. Show me some appreciation. Worship my totally freaking muscle mass!" he said thickly.

I fell all over his body. I climbed on him. I used his huge muscled frame like a monkey bars, hanging on his arms, around his thick neck. Straddling his hairy pecs, my cock in his face. And he remained stock still. His body was rigid with muscle, his muscleman cock pulsing and flexing as I worshipped every inch of him.

"You're so huge!" I moaned. "You're the biggest muscle stud on earth! So hard, like you're made out of granite. So fuckin' strong. You're like Hercules or Superman. No, more like Hercules and Superman put together!"

His smile beamed as he pulled me closer. "Com'on buddy, feel my fucking huge monster muscles!" he laughed. Always keeping a hand on me pulling me close, as I touched a muscle he shifted his body so that I had total access to explore every inch of it. He flexed each in turn so I could witness it's impossible thickness and power. For nearly an hour, I caressed every thick bulging muscle, gently kissing, licking and worshipping every rock hard inch of his superhuman physique. Pecs, butt, quads and calves, huge peaked guns, rippling abs, everything. It totally turned him on. And it totally turned me on that he got off on his own huge muscles as much as I did; that we were both worshipping his gargantuan muscles, together as a team.

Often he would cup the back of my head and guide my attention to a particular muscle that he wanted worshipped or a pit or crevice that he wanted licked clean of sweat. And at least a half dozen times he'd bring me back to his monster pecs, and encouraging me to suckle on his giant muscle teats. He'd moan and groan, bouncing and dancing their incredible thickness, really loving the way I worshipped his absolute muscle power. We'd both come close to spewing, and we'd stop. He'd gently kiss and nuzzle me until it was safe to proceed. Despite his fantastic strength and power, he was sensuous, passionate and tender. All the while his huge, thick muscle dick jutted out, bouncing and throbbing

For my part I was totally hooked on his giant muscles. I was in love, I needed to see him cum and taste his hot seed. I got on my knees in front of him and watched him flexing his 15" Hercules dick. My tongue darted around and licked his hairy nuts, 2 tennis balls hanging low and full. I licked my way up his mighty shaft, tickling the length of it. He threw his head back when I did this. I was so gratified to know that he liked the way I made love to his muscle dick, his raw sexuality, his POWER. I sucked the fist sized head of his dick into my mouth and worked down the shaft. I tried as hard as I could to deep-throat his Hercules penis. He writhed and moaned softly as the sensations overwhelmed him.

Suddenly he reached down and put his huge hands under my arms and hoisted me up. Almost at his climax, his huge chest swelled as he caught his breath. He stared deeply into my eyes and slowly bent down. His mustache tasted salty with his sweat as he tenderly kissed me. His hot tongue swirled in my mouth, and his breathing deepened. Bending his knees more, he thrust his throbbing muscle dick pole between my legs and stood up. He lifted my 190 lb frame completely off the ground with his huge penis. Flexing his muscle dick he bounced me like a little baby. I ground and flexed my ass on his dick trying to massage the solid steel pipe between my legs. He held me effortlessly. I was stunned and amazed.

We kissed again, I squeezed his pecs as he flexed them and felt his arms. He hit a double biceps pose with me suspended on his muscle dick, no hands to support me. I squeezed his massive hard 29" biceps, my mouth slobbering over the granite spheres. We were both moaning and moaning. We both teetered at the edge, time came to an end and that one second lasted an eternity.

I firmly attached my mouth to one of his well worked teats and sucked ever so gently.

With an audible boom and a palpable compression of air he came. He pulled me into him, crushing me against his granite muscles. I came on his rippling flexing abs. I felt his steel hard dick pulse, flex and recoil as he shot his load across the room, slamming into the opposite wall. Like a flesh cannon, his multiple cum shots toppled a table lamp and knocked the pictures off the wall

His dick still hard and throbbing, he set me down. I was so weak my legs couldn't hold me up. He scooped me back up into his arms like a warrior bridegroom would carry his newly captured bride. Staring into my eyes, he kissed me with a tenderness and power that ripped my soul apart. I was gone, my identity now only a reflection of his desire, unable and unwilling to do more than worship his ultimate power, this supreme muscle god. I was unbelievably happy.

He carried me to bed like a little baby. He climbed into the bed behind me, gently pushing his throbbing Hercules hard cock between my legs, his huge arms around my chest pulling me tightly to him.

"You're safe now buddy" he whispered into my ear. He kissed and nuzzled my neck as I stroked the fur on his arms. More satisfied than I had ever been, I knew I had fallen in love with a real-life Superman, this muscle bound Hercules. I drifted off to sleep... •

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