Amazing Transformations


By Network23

When last we left our house of horn dogs…..

When Glen and Joe returned they could hardly contain their enthusiasm. They tossed their stuff in their rooms and rushed down the stairs buck naked.

“I’m ready” they both said together

“Ok okay. Come down stairs”

I took them down into the lab and looked them over… Joe has a bigger build than Glen, but that is to be expected.

“Ok Joe. You first” I patted the table. “Climb up and drink this….”

After both boys had been transformed we all went back up stairs and I called a group meeting. It was hard to get them to stop trying to feel each other. I eventually had to space them all out.

“Ok” I said “I know we all have ‘mega’ hormones raging but what I need for you all is to refrain from fooling around until I get some play spaces fixed up. You can play in your rooms once I have set everything up, but it will be up to you to clean up your” ahem “mess afterwards.”

They all reluctantly agreed and jerry and I hurriedly went down stairs and started to setup a makeshift play room.

“What do you think?” I said “grab a table for now and then later tonight rush order a few slings?”

“Awesome. That old steel table should do for now.”

“Cool. Ok let’s go shopping”

We went back upstairs and I hollered to the boys to get some clothes on and get out to the van. It didn’t take long to get to the local mall and hit a few stores. I bought everyone a few inexpensive outfits and told them that these are on the house anything else is on their tab. Driving home was a bit of a problem. I kept thinking about what I was gonna do to Joe when I got him in my meaty paws. Once back at the house I gave Jerry the wink and grabbed Joe by the neck.

“LET’S GET IT ON!!” I hollered. They cheered and started to strip. Man I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. Jerry got Joe naked quickly and then stripped him self while I forced Joe to lick my balls. I scooted a foot stool over and Jerry commanded him to lay on it face down. God what a sight! His ass was so cherry it was almost a crime to destroy it. Joe started sucking Jerry’s dick while I lubed up my mammoth cock. I told Jerry to back off for a sec cuz I didn’t want Joe to bite his dick off when I punched through. The anticipation was unbelievable. I couldn’t wait any longer. I lined up and SHOVED my dick in up to the balls.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!” he screamed “AHHHH!!!”

“AWW FUCK YEAH!! Your ass isn’t cherry any more bitch!!” And with that I started to jackhammer his hole. Jerry had his dick almost the whole way in his mouth and was fuckin his face hard.

“Yeah suck my dick! God your mouth is good.”

I couldn’t hold back much longer. I was about to cum and flood his hole. Jerry and I stood up and flipped him over like a pig on a spit and continued our destruction.

“Yeah bitch I’m gonna cum AHHHHHHHHHH!!” I started to cum. My roar sent Jerry over the edge literally flooding Joe’s gullet with cum and then pulling out to shoot the rest on his face. I wasn’t done though, not by a long shot. I spun around and caught Marc pounding the shit out of Glen. I didn’t wait I grabbed more lube and slammed up inside Marcs ass and started pounding.

“Jerry! Get c’mere and get that dick of yours up my ass.” I said. Jerry was more than happy to oblige.

“Fuck yeah man. Can’t get enough of the big Chad pussy”

We had a 4 man train of sweaty muscle sex. Jerry was in me, I was in Marc, and marc was inside Glen. I was the engine though. It felt like I was raping all of them. 20 minutes later I was ready to cum again. I pulled out and showered everyone with my cum. That made the rest of them shoot. We were soaked, there was cum everywhere.

We all separated and showered. The others were pairing up to play more privately. Jerry was cleaning and I decided to go order the play room equipment. 6 portable slings and 4 shower enema rigs. The sales rep said he would have them delivered first thing in the morning.

I sat there thinking. Most of the other fellas had already pared up into their little play groups. Jerry had Joe to love and dominate in bed. What I realized that I was missing was someone that I could call my own.

I spent the next afternoon setting up the new play equipment in one of the unused rooms with the rule ‘you break it, you replace it.’ I planned to use the basement as the dungeon, but not till I separated the lab from the play space. That meant a trip to the home depot for lumber and dry wall. I managed to pry Joe and Jerry away from each other long enough to get Jerry to help me put up the wall, which took a few days. This was to be my primary play space so I decided to really equip it. I got some dildoes that range from average to large, some electro shock stuff, and loads of cuffs.

A few days after everything was set up I decided that today I’d actually go to a school sports event. The school was having a wrestling tournament so I headed off to the gym. It was the usual stuff, guys squaring off and tossing each other around. And then I saw him. Oh man he was good looking. He was about 5’8” stocky too I’d guess around 190lbs, furry body, honey blond hair and had the most beautiful blue eyes. I sat there and stared at him the whole god damned time. To this day I’m not even sure that I blinked at all. I inched down closer to the front where his other team mates were sitting. I was determined to get to know him. So I leaned in and whispered to one of the guys.

“Hey, who’s that guy over there. I haven’t seen him around”

“That’s Paul. He’s a new transfer from LSU.”

“He’s good”

And with that I leaned back and watched the end of his match. 30 minutes later he left the gym and headed across the quad to the dorms. I followed. Kinda felt like a stalker following him around every where, but hey! I was totally smitten (if that’s possible).

Over the course of the next few weeks I got in with him and a few of his friends and discovered that he was single. I was getting impatient. I asked Lizzy, one of our female friends, if he was gay. She just looked at me.

“What are you totally blind? Do you ever see him out with a girl?”

“No but you never know. Is he? I mean have you asked?”

“Yeah I asked. And YES he’s gay? Why do you want to know?”

“Oh no reason” I said.

GOD I hated to lie to her.

“Uh huh, sure. You like him don’t ya?”


“What?? What do you mean?”

“Look forget the Alpha bull macho man shit” she said “I’ve seen the way you look at him. I think it’s sweet”

“How did you know I was gay?”

“Easy. Most guys don’t pick up on it but I have it down to a fine science. First of all there is your size. You’re huge. That threw me off for a bit. Then there is the way you look at him when he comes in. You go all glassy eyed and blush a bit. Plus that weapon you hide in your pants moves”

“Do what? Quit lookin at my crotch!”

“Can’t help it babe, you have every girls dream in there.”

“Shit, I have to go,”

I was so embarrassed that she could see right through me that I just got up and left. But at least I now know I have a chance. Normally I’m a rough and ready kinda guy but for some reason I just couldn’t’ get up the nerve to ask him out. Jerry thinks I should just kidnap him and bring him to the house for a round of fun, but I wanna do this right.\\

I’ll never forget the day I asked him out. Friday October 22, 2003. I must have wandered around the campus all morning looking like a lost bull. I had to do it. So I marched over to his dorm room and knocked on the door.

“Come in” he said “Oh hey Chad”


“What’s up?”

“You doing anything later tonight?”

“No why? Are you ok? You’re lookin a bit flushed”

“Would you like to go out with me tonight?” I gulped “On a date?” There I said it. The alpha male of the frat just opened up and made him self a target. He looked shocked. Not good.

“You wanna date me?” he said.

“Yes.” God, here is probably the biggest man on campus acting all sheepish like a school girl.

“I’d love to.”

“Really? You’re not putting me on?”

“I didn’t wanna ask you out cuz I thought you were straight. You don’t ask the largest straight man in school on a date. You get pulverized doin that”

I was in heaven!

“I’ll pick you up at 7?”

“Ok.” He said.

I rushed back to the house and told Jerry what happened.

“Well it’s about fuckin time! Geez! You know I don’t think I could have lasted another week of you dragging your feet.”

“Gee thanks. I’m gonna go shower and get into some nice clothes”

As it turned out I didn’t really have any nice clothes so I had to run out and get some. The afternoon seemed to drag on forever, but the appointed time arrived and we were off on our date. I decided that the classic dinner and a movie should be the proper way to conduct the evening, he agreed and we were off. My first real date, and it went so well too! After the movie I took him back to his dorm and walked him to his door. ‘Here is my chance’ I thought to my self. There was no one in the hall when we got to his room.

“I really had a good time.” He said.

“Good. I really like you and I wanted to do this right and make it special” God he was melting me with his eyes. “Can I see you again some time soon?”

“Of course. I really like you too.”

I just beamed, kissed him on the forehead and bid him a good night. I couldn’t’ wait to tell Jerry how it all went. I had to wait though, cuz when I got home he was bust fuckin Joe. Go figure.

Paul and I had several more dates over the next few weeks and I decided that it was time for him to meet the gang and take this to the next level. I wasn’t gonna let the boys paw at him till after I had him in bed though. So I called.

“Paul? You there?” I got the machine and then a rather out of breath hunk of a man picked up.

“Yeah sorry I was in the shower.”

“Cool. Would you like to come over? I think we should talk.”

“Oh no. What’s wrong?”

He sounds like he was about to panic “Nothing is wrong. I just have a few things to say and show you.”

“Ok. Ummm Chad? I don’t know where you live”

Damn. I’m no good at giving directions so I gave him the address and he said he would mapquest it out. Tonight was the night he would either be my husband or run a mile and I was nervous. •

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