Growing Old

Two grown men


By theardes

It was Saturday night. Outside the hot summer brought people to sweat but here inside the air conditioner was on, giving everybody a cool breeze. I was out at a local gay bar, going trough the types of guys beeing here. Tall, short, skinny, fat, huge, cowboy - some were dancing, some were at the bar taking a drink. All of them in groups or pairs, laughing, drinking and dancing with each other.

The only person sitting there alone was this one man at the bar. He was easy to be overlooked, sitting on the edge, sippimng on his beer and watching the joyful people arround him. He looked to be older then the rest of the people here, like 40 or something, with a beard, carrying a beer belly in front of him, looking through his glases arround the room. He wore jeans and a T-shirt and I tought: Thatīs him.

So I walked right to him. Letīs say that Iīm not the youngest one either. Iīm 35 but I donīt show it. Since I was 18 years old Iīve been eating healthy and working out 5-6 days a week. Today I wore thight fitting jeans that showed my great ass and big legs. The shirt I came in had left my body so this guy got a good look at my shelf like chest, my broad shoulders and my big arms. I took a sip from my drink and watched his eyes focus on my biceps as I drank. Then I sat next to him and spoke to him.

"Hi, Iīm Patrick. Pretty hot in here isnīt it?" Which of course wasnīt true, for it was rather chilly when you werenīt dancing.

"Jack. Nice to meet you!" he held out his hand and I shook it, making sure he got a feeling of the strengh in my hands.

"Waiting for someone? Youīve been sitting here for an hour and nobody showed up. So I guessed: heīs solo or his date dropped him - either way this hunk is free to approach."

He smiled and blushed. Obviously it had been some time since he got a compliment like that.

"Well, Iīm here to get somethink to drink, listen to the music and watch people going by."

"Youīre not telling me you arnīt looking for somebody?" I let my pecs dance and saw him lick his lips involuntary. Then I put an arm on his back and pulled us closer together.

"No, Iīm willing to.." At that point I just kissed him and he gave in, turning right to me, kissing me back. I felt his hands go over my body as he squeezed my ass, felt the width of my back and grabbed onto my biceps. As we broke the kiss he looked confused and very happy.

"I think itīs getting late" I said "Care to come home with me!"

Of course he went with me.

On the way back home I lay my arm arround him and we kissed some more. I could tell he was hungry for love the way he held me, the way he kissed - there was hunger in his eyes.

I thought about the way we looked as we went to the nightly streets. A strange duo one gay being 1,85 with a broad back and muscles everywhere weighting 120Kg, while the other was kind of the opposite. Jack was taller than me (1,95 I guess) but he must have been somewhere arround my weight, but his mass was more in the belly region.

When we reached my house I let us in and told him to take of his shoes, get comfortable and wait in the living room for me. I went to the kitchen and came back with two beers, handing him one I said cheers and we drank upon each other. While I was sitting next to him we began to feel each other up and I asked him some things. I found out that heīd worked at a teacher at the highschool until they found out about his homosexuality and - with the excuse he had been stealing - kicked him out. The he had lived with his partner together for quite some time. They never went out, saw a lot of TV and both got really out of shape. One day his partner called from Las Vegas and said heīd just married the woman of his dreams and that his gay times were over. There was giggle on the other side of the phone and Jack just hang up. Thatīs when he started to go out again, but it had been some time heīd been in a gay bar and everything had changed. Tonight had been the fouth saturday and he never found somebody until today.

During this talk we both had undressed each other. Now we sat there, pulling each others dick and I made the suggestion to go to the bedroom, where I layed down and Jack pulled himself upon me. I felt his beer belly push don on my ripped abs, his hairy body scratching my hairless one and I kissed him. He went down again and felt my legs with his hands as he took my dick into his mouth and started to suck on it. I signed as I felt the familiar feeling of a hot tongue on it and I put my hand on his head, guiding him and stroking his hair.

He was doing a good job so I had to stop him and laid him on his back. My hands went over his belly (I`d never seen such a thing close up) and I licked his balls and dick before I sucked him as well. The sounds he was making showed me I did a good job and I stopped before he came. His face appeared behind his belly and he asked me: "Patrick, please fuck me."

"Nothing here to stop me."

I pulled a condom over my dick and lubricated it. Then I put his legs over my shoulders and slowly pushed into him. His hands grabbed on my biceps as he pulled onto me and let out a loud moan. I guess I must have been bigger than his former lover. SLowly at first he encouraged me to be more agressive and soon I was humping him like a huge musclebound bunny.

He came first, his white cum landed in thick globes on his belly. My head spun, my dick getting a thighter grip the moment he came and soon after that I filled my condon. I lay upon him, both of us breathing heavily. The sweat of the sex that lay behind us now glued us together in his sticky way, it smelled good and it was on us and on the bed. I slowly pulled out and took of the condom and put it into the litter than I lay on top of him, steadying mayself with my arms his hands were on in no time. We kissed and he licked the sweat of my pecs. I embraced him again and we just lay there until our heartbeat came down a little. We both got up and showered and ended up in bed, snuggeling. •

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