Growing Old

The man and the boy


By theardes

Still in bed we went over to talking.

"You know I came up to you this evening for particular reason." He looked at me, confused, while I went on "Something more than sex. As Iīve told you Iīve been big for quite some time, always working out and stuff. I like working out, no question and when I meet somebody itīs always me beeing the big guy, the guy in charge. What Iīd love to do is change my role to be the passive one, you know what I mean?"

"I guess. Iīve always dreamt of beeing more dominant, you know like a macho with a muscular body and so. But I donīt see how you want to change that. I went to the gym two weeks ago and asked how long it would take me to get big and they told me about fifteen years for a man my age, most likely more than that even if I did everything right, from training to eating to who knows what."

"Donīt laugh at me!" I pulled a box from under my bed and opened it up, inside beeing a blue and a red pill."I found this shop downtown where they sell new age stuff. I was curious so I went in. After looking some time at the rings and what else they had this young woman came up to me and asked if she could help me. So I kind of told her my thoughts about this exchange, but she didnīt laugh, just said to come back the next day and bring 50 bucks. So I came back and she gave me these two pills and told me that the one to become more aggressive should take the red one and the one to become more passive the blue one. Then they should try to roleplay thier new roles and the magic would happen?"

Jack looked at me like Iīd told him a christmas story and said Santa Claus was living upstairs. Then his face brought up a big grin "Well, we can try, canīt we?"

I went to the kitchen and brought a glass of water. Jack took his pill and swallowed, then I took mine and emptied the glas. Then we looked at each other: "Roleplay the new me, eh?" Jack got up and moved to the end of the bed, I got the idea and laid on my back, raising and spreading my legs "Be gentle, it doesnīt happen that often somebody enters that hole!"

Jack pulled a condom over his dick and slowly pushed into me. Like I said I was rarely fucked and it hurt, so he stopped but I told him to go on and soon he was all into me: "Fuck! Youīre so beautiful Patrick!" He started to slide his dick in and out. I closed my eyes as pleasure began to flow through my body as Jack moved faster. I smelled the sweat on the bed, it was his, from when I fucked him and it smelled so good. Jack was really pounding my ass with more force I thought he could have. I pulled on my dick and when I came I felt Jack tense for a moment and then relax as he came as well.

Suddenly Jack pulled out and threw himself onto me. But he didnīt seem to be in control of his body as he was kind of rigid. At the same time I noticed I couldnīt move either. In trance I watched my body take his into my arms, him doing the same to me, our legs interwined, our heads pressed against eache other so I could look over Jacks shoulder. As if some invisible fource pressed us together. Then I felt warmth running throug my body. I felt energy coming from me and going into Jack, just as I felt something from Jack flowing into me. Our bodies seemed to change but I couldnīt tell what. Then it all went black.

When I woke up it was morning. The birds were singing and the light from the window fell upon us. I looked at Jack who woke up just yet and I just stared. Jack had changed. He was older. His hair was now almosst complete salt&pepper, the hair on his body seemed to have grown quite a lot. The belly was still there but it looked smaller and you could see the abdominals unter it, well on the side where there was no hair. His shoulders were broad, I guessed wider than mine. Huge muscles hang on his arms, his pecs formed a great shelf on his chest. As we stood up I noticed him being taller than yesterday. He also stared at me, that was when I turned arround and looked into the mirror. Looking back at me was a guy arround twenty with a thight, but not very muscular body. I looked again, my tattoo being gone, I could see it on Jacks arm. I hadnīt shrunk that I could see, but my weight must have dropped to arround 70KG. I lost 50 KG and arround 25 years of age. It was clearly Jack had gotten my mass and my age. He felt younder, more verile and his body was in a FAR better shape now, but his hair told his truth. When he stepped on my scale it went up to 155KG. "Fuck yeah!" He hit a double biceps pose to the mirror and got hard looking at the hulking stunning man looking back at him. Then he noticed his dick which looked to be slightly bigger than yesterday. He grinned and took one step towards me. Then he embraced me and kissed my lips. With tears in his eyes he said "Thank you". I was rock hard in a second.

"I know a way you can thank me." I said feeling his biceps. When I moved my hands onto his pecs and played with them I looked back in his face. He smiled, picked me up while I still felt his muscles and carried me back into the bedroom. •

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