Water Boys


By brawnyjohn

David stared at the clock. Almost midnight and still no Jimmy. This wasn't funny anymore. Dad had made him the head of the household while he gone for the week, somewhere far away... Chicago maybe. He was a senior in high school now, and Pop felt that he was capable of doing the job, at least for the time being.

He wondered if he should try calling one of Jimmy's friends, but then it occurred to him that all of Jimmy's friends were back at their old home, about 200 miles away. David and Jimmy didn't always get along, but he genuinely cared about his younger brother. He might have acted like his brother was a little twerp around his own friends, but no one was allowed to pick on Jimmy but him, and he made sure it stayed that way. Dave was strikingly handsome. He had more of his mother's features, curly dark brown hair and green eyes. He was tall, and years of being active had given him a fit physique. He was definitely the more outgoing one of the two, and had already made a lot of good friends on the soccer team. He even had a date for Friday night with one of the cheerleaders.

Suddenly, the front door swung open. David got up and ran to the entranceway. He could see his brother obviously trying to sneak up the stairs.

"Stop right there Jimmy."

Jimmy froze for a second, then sighed as he began to turn around.

"C'mere Jimmy, we need to have a talk."

"... Do we have to?"

"Don't piss me off Jimmy, now get down here."

David walked back to the kitchen, Jimmy trailing slowly behind. They both found seats across from each other on the table.

"Now where the hell were you?" He crossed his arms and contorted his eyebrows, tryiing to look as stern as possible.

Jimmy gulped. "I... can't remember."

"Don't give me that shit Jimmy, now tell me where you were."

"I told you Dave... I, I don't know."

"This is fucking ridiculous Jimmy. I would expect this from someone else, but not you. You could have at least called me to let me know you wouldn't be around-"

"Get off my back Dave, you're not my dad." Jimmy promptly gave Dave the finger, got up from his chair and started to walk away.

"Listen you little asshole, Dad made me responsible for you this week, and if you fuck up, it's all my fault!"

Jimmy kept walking.

"Jim, if you don't stop right now... I'll tell Pop your secret!"

Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm sure that he'll be happy when he finds out you've been visiting those gay porn sites."

All the color ran from Jimmy's face. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play the dummy Jimmy. You forget to delete your history. Personally, I don't give a shit what you're into, but Dad might."

Jimmy almost had tears in his eyes. "Listen Dave, if I could tell you, I would. I swear. But I... I honestly don't know. I'm sorry." He shrugged.

He could see the look of disappointment on his brother's face. "Just go to bed Jimmy. We'll talk more about this when we drive to school tomorrow."

Jimmy sat down at the head of his bed, his eyes wide open, pondering. "Where the hell was I anyway?"


Name's Brad... aww yea, that's it. Fuck yea... now you try...



Jimmy jumped up, startled, and turned his head to check out the radio alarm clock. 5:45 am. He groaned.

"Jesus, David. What the hell are you doing up so early, and why must you bother me?"

Jimmy heard a deep chuckle come from the other side of the door. "Aww c'mon lil' bro. It's not that early. I was up about an hour ago."

Jimmy arched his eyebrows. L'il Bro? David never called him 'L'il Bro.'"

"What do you want, David?" he said, as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"Actually, I want you to start getting ready. I plan on making us a nice breakfast this morning... eggs... lots of protein. Now come on!"

Jimmy tried not to laugh, but he couldn't contain himself. "Are you being serious right now?"

"'Course I am! It's important for a young man your age."

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "Listen David, I don't need you to be playing games with me now. I know you're still pissed about last night but-"

"What about last night?"

Jimmy scratched his head, confused. "Uhh... never mind. You sound kinda funny, is there something wrong with your throat or something?"

"Actually, I've never felt better." Jimmy could hear David let out moan as he stretched and yawned. "Now start getting' ready for yer old bro. I'll be downstairs."

Jimmy stepped out of bed, only in his boxers, and walked around in a circle, disgruntled. "Damn," he said as he put his hand on his forehead, "it feels like I've got a hangover... even though I've never had one..."

Jimmy got out of his room and walked through the hallway, but then stopped as he passed David's room. He peered inside. There was a cool, uninviting morning breeze coming from the two windows, which were wide open. Too annoyed to walk to the windows, he pulled the door shut. "Christ," he mumbled. "It's not like it's August anymore."

Jimmy continued down the hallway and went into the bathroom. He flipped on the switch, taken aback by the brightness of the light. There was steam on the mirror. David must have just taken his shower. Jimmy slid the shower door open, and noticed a fair amount of hair was stuck to the tub floor. He made a face of disgust as he turned the shower head on to wash the hair down the drain. "I didn't know David was such a goddamn gorilla."

He pulled down his boxers and threw them into the open hamper. He took another glance at the mirror, and despite his meager frame, smiled and struck a "How you doin'" pose, as so many young men do when they think no one's watching. He stepped into the shower.

After he was through washing his hair, he took a washcloth, got it all soapy, and began scrubbing all over. It was all part of the regular routine, but when he reached his mid-thigh area, a chill ran down his spine. The mere touch of the cloth felt so sensational that he immediately sprung a boner. He dropped the cloth and began stroking... slowly... a little faster... a little faster now...

Jimmy had jacked off in the shower before, but this time it was different. Every slight movement made him tingle all over with unbelievable pleasure. He even started moaning, which he'd never done before, 'case Dave or Dad heard. He almost fell over onto the metal railing when he blew his load.

"Awwww shit!" It took him a few seconds to catch his breath. It was then that he realized the water had become exceedingly hot. He shut off the faucet and quickly hopped out of tub, a thick cloud of steam trailing behind him. He panted as he leaned onto the sink counter, and then stood straight again.


*** After Jimmy was done getting dressed, he began walking down the stairs. He could hear Dave whistling a tune. When Jimmy entered the kitchen, he was at such an angle where he couldn't see his brother kneeling behind the open refrigerator door.

"So," Jimmy said, standing, "how's this breakfast of yours comin' along?"

Immediately, the refrigerator door was swung closed....

A moment of complete, utter silence. Then Jimmy fainted...


"Jimmy... Jimmy boy... wake up!"

His eyes slowly began to open, still out of focus.

"That's it bro, open those eyes..."

Jimmy rubbed his eyes, and regained his focus. He let out a yelp, followed by incoherent mumbling.

"D-d-d...d-Dave?!" He was shaking.

The man smiled. "The one and only."

See, he wasn't exactly David anymore... at least the David Jimmy had grown to know and, for better or worse, love. He was a big, burly, naked, mountain of a man. His hair was brown and curly, unkempt looking, but that was the last thing Jimmy noticed. He was buff from head to toe, with curly hair on his chest, as well as other regions. Everything about him was big, his hands, his feet, his... everything. The whole time he just smiled as he looked down at Jimmy.

"You ok buddy?"

Jimmy was white as a ghost. "It can't be you... it can't..."

"Jimmy boy, get a hold of yourself. Of course it's me! Your big 'ol bro!"

It was then that the memories started flashing back in Jimmy's mind. Big Jim... Big Jim... Brad... Heat... Sweat... Suddenly, it all made sense.

"Oh God," he thought to himself. "It's happened to Dave too."

"Now," Dave continued, in his new, resonating bass voice, "time for that breakfast."

After a few seconds of waiting for Jimmy to budge, Big Dave decided to take matters into his own hands, lifted Jimmy from the couch, and flung him over his shoulder as he headed for the kitchen. He slid a chair out from the table and propped Jimmy right onto it.

Jimmy, still dumfounded, stared at the meal in front of him. Two slices of bacon, sausage, a whole lot of eggs, with a side of orange juice. He should have known there was something wrong from the start... all David knew how to cook before were PopTarts, and even then he burned those!

The mountain man took a seat next to his brother. Everything on Big Dave's plate seemed to be double the size of Jimmy's. He took a deep breath, and began scarfing down the meal.

"By the way bro," he said with his mouth full, "would you mind bringing yourself to school today? I think I'm going to chop some wood out back. It's a beautiful day, ain't it? God I love the fresh air, the musky scent of pine..." Dave took another deep breath in and smiled, closing his eyes. Jimmy noticed by peering downward that Dave was starting to sport some wood of his own, and this distracted him for a few seconds. He stared as the mountain man's member grew an extra few inches. It was quite the beefy Ballpark Frank, about a foot long and thick all around. Dave scratched his baseballs with one hand while gulping the orange juice with another. His cock looked like it was going to raise the table like a forklift. Jimmy shook his head and got a hold of himself. He stood up.

"Right... you chop your wood. I'll see you later... gotta go!"

"But you haven't even touched you're food!"

"I'm sure you'll still be hungry when you're done with yours." From the look on the man's face, he obviously agreed. "Besides, I can't be late for school today."

Big Dave turned around to look at the wall clock. "But it's not even-"

"I have to get extra help on my homework! Yeah, that's it.... See ya later 'ol pal."

Jimmy gave Big Dave a friendly nudge on his strong shoulder, threw on a jacket, grabbed the key, and ran outside for David's Jeep Wrangler.

He didn't have his license yet, but he'd driven with Dad before. There was no time to waste. He needed to see Mr. Stanley. •

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