Water is Essential for Musclegrowth

By MuscleMage

“… and water makes up about 75% of our body weight.” Gary’s face slouched and his eyes drooped during Mr. Yawning’s lecture about water. School was almost out and of course Mr. Yawning had saved his most exciting lecture last. Which meant that it could almost be more interesting than watching molding bread, almost. Something wet hit Gary on the neck. Gary looked in the back to see Scott and Brent, the class clowns, trying to hide their laughing. His face turning red Gary turned back to his desk. One of these days he’d like to beat the crap out of Scott and Brent. He’d like to, except they were both pretty big and known throughout the school as pretty good fighters. “What’s wrong fag?” whispered Scott, “thought you saw the man of your dreams? Yeah, you like this don’t you?” Scott flexed his thick arm, and though he hated to admit it, Gary felt a slight stirring in his pants. Not only was he known as a good fighter, Scott was also one of the hotter guys in the school. Scott’s friend Brent tried to hold it in but couldn’t help the loud snickering escaping through his hand, making a few of the students look to the back of the room. Mr. Yawnings looked up from his gray textbook, “Is there a problem Brent?” Brent immediately stopped laughing and started looking stupid. “Well, I suppose that’s a no, shall we continue?” said Mr. Yawnings, he paused before continuing the lecture about water. Brent and Scott glared at Gary as if it was his fault. Gary knew he was going to get beat up after school. It wasn’t because Gary was some small and nerdy kid, quite the opposite, he was nearly failing math, and his lit teacher was getting suspicious of some of his assignments. And he wasn’t too disappointed with his body, he was in wrestling after all, but Scott and Brent were bigger and they were always together whenever they beat him up.

Class finally ended and he started walking home, Gary planned on bulking up during the summer. Maybe he’ll grow big enough to take on both of those jerks. That’s when he remembered the package he had ordered weeks ago. Today was when he was finally going to get it! He ran towards his house, excited that perhaps he just might be able to beat up those jock jerks earlier than he had thought. He opened his mailbox, taking out brown paper wrapped package. Gary hurried inside while ripping away the paper. A bottle rolled out and Gary gazed at it, reading the label. “Hydro-Muscles! Specially modified water pills to help you gain muscle!”

Gary followed the instructions and took a pill right away. The affects were supposed to be slow but should become stronger the longer he took the pills. Being rather impatient Gary decided to take two. Immediately new energy swept though his body, he needed to work out badly. Luckily, his wealthy parents had bought him a complete home gym and so he went downstairs to the basement and immediately started working out. He worked out nearly twice as hard and long as usual before he became aware of the time. He checked himself out in the mirror, not too bad, but he’d still get beat up the two jock jerks. Gary went to take a shower. Stripping off of his clothes he turned on the shower, jacking off his dick. It wasn’t fair that to go along with all those muscles, both of those jerks were massively endowed. While Gary had an average 6 inches both of those jerks had 8 inches and balls to match. He had to admit those two did give him some nice fantasies. Speaking of fantasies, Gary looked down at his body. “What the? What’s going on here?” Gary cried out, his body was definitely beefier than before he went into the shower. As he stared at his chest, he noticed it was still gently swelling. Gary quickly went out of the shower but before he tried to towel himself off, he noticed that he was already dry. “What the hell? Were those pills hallucinogens or something?”

After a few minutes Gary reasoned out that it had started after he had gotten into the shower… plus the fact that he was completely dry when he got out. He decided to test his idea. Gary climbed the stairs to the kitchen where a plastic gallon container of drinking water sat on the counter. Unscrewing the cap, Gary hauled the water up to his mouth and started to drink. Even with the large gulps of water he was taking in, Gary wasn’t feeling full at all… just strangely turned on. Before he knew it, the plastic container was empty. Gary could feel the growth in his muscles as his body absorbed the water. Gary smiled… bulking up this summer will be easier than he thought.

Over the next few weeks Gary switched off between working out and drinking water, he didn’t want to seem too suspicious to people. But even while being careful he couldn’t help indulging himself with a bit more water than he had planned to drink. His muscles continued to grow while he took the water pills. His parents were still away and Gary couldn’t wait to see the looks on Scott and Brent’s faces.

However, Gary forgot that Scott and Brent wouldn’t be the only ones training. One day, when Gary was out jogging he looked over to see Scott and Brent wrestling around. Scott looked up and pointed to Gary… “Whoa… I see the little fags been working out.” Brent called out. Gary couldn’t believe how much they had grown, definitely roid work. The two walked over to Gary, who could see that he wouldn’t stand a chance against them. The two proceeded to beat up Gary, unlike before though he did manage to fight back and get in a few good hits. Back at home, Gary’s mouth was tight on the hose… still bleeding and bruised up. His blood was on fire; he hated those two so much now! His hand twisted on the knob, allowing more water pressure. His body swelled and swelled, the arm holding onto the hose bulged with biceps. His rage seemed to add to his growth, his wet shirt twisted and stretched tight over his bulging chest and widening back. He didn’t even notice that his jeans were ripping away at his legs, his crotch swelled with mass… but unknown to Gary, the two jocks had sneaked into his house....

"Well, what do we have here?" •

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