Resident Muscle


By Growing Slowly

I stared up at the ceiling as I slowly woke up, groggy from my time of endlessly pleasuring myself. My cock still shot up, an erect tower showing just how much i loved my new muscle. It still throbbed and pulsed, pumped up with blood; what surprised me was just how big it had gotten. My cock was now way thicker and longer than it had been before I had fallen asleep so I guess that meant that all of my body adapted to whatever I threw at it. I raise my hand and stroked my thick cock, not caring for the fact that I was being watched. It was their fault in the first place for even making the virus and I was still pissed about the fact that they had pried into my personal life, holding me here on the fact that I'd just as soon have some fun with a guy instead of a girl. If they wanted to watch this, let them, because I was going to enjoy the situation no matter what. I spent several hours just lying there, stroking my pusling cock and feeling my muscles, flexing them as I did so. I had never been this big before and I loved it.

Being able to grow is a truly empowering feeling because I just wanted more even as I continued to explore my muscles over and over again. Its hard to get tired of something you've never had before so now that I had some real muscle, I was savoring every last inch of it. But there was also a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that seemed to be urging to lift again, even though I was enjoying my current size. I realized that my body had unlimited potential and its was almost demanding that I start pushing it even more. Realizing I couldn't really resist such an impulse because I wanted it just as badly as the virus that wished to make me larger. Such an urge is impossible to deny so I sat up and walked across the room to my weight set again. I started working out, going slowly at first, but pushing harder and harder.

My skin was glistening with sweat by the time I finally become exhausted and couldn't lift anymore, I dropped the weight back down I had been using and sat down on my bed for a moment. I sat there breathing deeply for several moments, recovering when I felt the stretching sensation again. I stood up and ran over to the mirror and watched int awe as my muscles began to swell. I give a small moan of pleasure as I rubbed my hands over them, feeling them getting bigger and bigger. It was like feeling a ballon being inflated while your hand, but there was something solid here. It was all pure muscle mass, being spurred on by the virus to be big enough to make me able to lift the weights easily. I rubbed my pecs, feeling their firm shape and size. My posing trunks began to get a little tighter as my cock grew hard from the excitement of my body packing on so much new size. I grinned at my reflection and began to flex even as my muscles were still swelling. As I did so, I noticed that they seemed to get a little bigger before the growth slowed to a stop and the image of a medium weight bodybuilder now stood before me.

"God, this is hot," I muttered to myself as I rubbed my newly enlarged abs and then moved my hands up to my chest, giving the large bulging slabs of muscle a squeeze.

I knew this worship of my own body was being monitored but I didn't care. All that mattered was the fact I was big and going to get bigger. I wondered how far I could get before they tried to stop me, so I tempted fate and moved over the the weights again. I tested them and then stacked on enough new weight to make it hard for me. With my renewed energy from the growth, I began lifting, making the sweat really pour out. What seemed odd though was that I wasn't hungry and I wasn't thirsty. All my mind was filled with was the urge to lift more, lift harder, get bigger. Was that me or the virus talking?

As I considered that, my body seemed to mechanically go through the excercises all on its own. By the time I realized I was working out without even paying attention, I had finished as was sitting the weights down again. My huge new muscles kept me upright this time as I felt the stretching coming much sooner than before and my muscles start swelling again. It was a sight to behold as my body pumped up and up and up with new size. I definitely felt heavier and I then noticed I was taller. My whole body seemed to have lengthened slightly, almost as if making room for more size. I grinned at that though as my chest pushed out to even bigger proportions with the rest of my body. I rubbed and flexed, watching my form litterally packing on the pounds right before me. As I felt my muscles still growing, I heard a moan emit from the speaker in the ceiling.

"Is someone there?" I demanded as I looked up at one of the chamber's cameras.

"Oh shit! I thought that was off," a panicked voice said over the speaker.

"Bill, is that you?" I asked as I recognized the voice of one of my only associates within the whole Umbrella research facility.

"Um yeah, sorry Josh, Its my job to monitor you," Bill answered back over the speaker.

To say Bill and I were just associates was maybe a bit of an understatement. We've eaten lunch together every day since we started working here and always chat about our seperate projects. He was in a different section of Atlas virus research area, advanced speciemen montoring as I recalled. Which now made sense because that is the only area I could now be within the facility. It wasn't marked on any maps or diagrams, but everyone knew it existed. That area was where they ran tests with the Atlas virus on bigger animals that they brought in. It reasoned then that Bill, having some seniority over the other the lab assistants, would be the one monitoring me.

"So, how long have you been watching me?" I asked now more calmly.

"Since your first growth when Bragginoff left for the day," Bill answered.

"Where are you precisely?" I asked as I stood there calmly.

Rather than an answer, a hiss and the sound of machinery came as a section of wall lowered to reveal a who knows how many reinforced pains of obviously bullet proof glass behind which sat Bill Thame at a control console no starting at my thickly muscled body. I knew he was checking me out just by the look in his eyes besides the fact that they were focused on my pecs rather than my face. I bounced them, making him look up and turn red in embaressment.

"Um, sorry man, I didn't mean to stare. Its just that that you look so awesome with all that muscle on your body," Bill said as he watched me from behind the glass.

I grinned and decided to put on a show for him. I bounced my pecs after I had finally finished growing, first bouncing the left, then the right, then moving on to bouncing both. Bill just sat there watchin, almost mesmerized by their immense size and the way they moved. I flashed him a smile and started flexing my pecs, really showing off their size. Veins bulged from my body as I stood there showing off as much as possible for him, flexing my muscles slowly and seductively. The way he watched, I could tell he was loving it. It was also clear that he wanted to do more than just watch, but we were seperated by the thick panes of glass.

"You like what you see, Bill?" I asked with a grin.

Bill simply just nodded instead of really giving a reply, watching my biceps mound up as I flexed them.

"How about we get a little closer?" I asked temptingly.

"No can do, only the Doctor can do that," Bill said in saddened tones as he continued to watch my massive form flex and ripple temptingly.

"Too bad, I can tell how you're watching me you'd like to do more than just watch this," I said mischeviously, doing a most muscular for him.

Bill just seemed to watch me longingly as I kept up my routine a little longer before I walked towards the barrier. I stared at him through it and smiled warmly at him as I bounced my pecs again. Bill continued watching and I could see a very visible bulge in his pants.

"Its looks like we're going to become very good friends, aren't we Bill?" I asked him, keeping that warm smile on my face.

Bill just nodded as his hand moved to the bulge in his pants. I flexed again, though doing so more and more, never tiring. My body had a limitless supply of energy to show my muscles off, which was all the better for me because I loved showing it off. Now that I had an audience, I was really going to enjoy this because it meant there was still someone out there who knew I existed and maybe even cared about me. It also meant I might eventually be able to find a way to escape if I could keep growing and really showing off. Bill was obviously into muscle which could lead to some fun as well as freedom. •

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