Resident Muscle


By Growing Slowly

I walked calmly down the hallway nodding to my fellow coworkers as they moved about to their takes. The dominant color that was both worn and within the hallway was white with an occasional steel door or window. It was a very bland environent, but then again genetic and viral research facilities often weren't ment to be aesthetically pleasing. This one in particular is owned and operated by the massive multinational Umbrella Corporation which was also driven home by the occasional circular red and white pin some of the upper level scientist wore on their lab coats. I had no pin, I had no life for that matter; I spend twevle hours of my day within this wreched facility doing viral research for one of the Corporation's top doctors, Wilhem Bragginoff. Currently we've been studying some miserable viral strain thats been in Umbrella's possession for some time. Its called the Atlas Virus for some reason, though I'm still not sure why; all I do know is that they are serious about keeping it from getting out.

"Drake! Where the hell have you been?"

I turned to face the old, vicious features of Doctor Bragginoff. His steely blue eyes could make anyone wither before them except most likely the Umbrella Board of Directors. Bragginoff had full reign over the entire facility and I had the misfortune of being his lab assistant. I'm not even a full scientist and yet I'm working for the head of the facility. It really grinds on my nerves because of just how much of an overbearing control freak he is. I put up with it thought because I'm sure to get promoted if I do all I can.

"Sorry, sir, I was just retrieving those samples from earlier today," I answered back with the apologetic tone all assistants developed to keep their bosses from exploding at them.

"Ah, well then, get back to work," Bragginoff said in an almost deflated tone as he turned and walked back down the sterile hallway.

I felt the urge to make a face at his back, but resisted it as I looked up at the ceiling and directly at one of the constantly present security cameras that were always monitoring the hallways and corridors. No free thought or emotion could ever really be expressed in the presence of those machines since someone had been caught on tape and fired for insubordination before. So I kept myself in check and began the journey back to my own research lab within the most advanced portions of the facility. I passed through the airlock doorway and into the labs where I could hear the squeaking of the test rats. I took up my clip board and began to do my usual checks. I moved along each case, checking the progression within each rat. Every speciemen was administered the virus at a different time and I could see quite some difference in the rats first administered the virus. Their bodies bulged with unbelievable size and strength, filling out their forms. Others were beginning to make that progress also, especially those who used their exercise wheels.

I marked down my observations and then moved on to the my other examinations but not before marking the largest rats for termination. Doctor Bragginoff had made it quite clear that all Atlas virus test subjects had to be killed before the virus had time to completely mutate the genetic structure of whoever it was inhabitting. So far, we had done a good job, though it was obvious there was still far to go in the research before we even dared to do any human testing. What mattered right now was just getting it through the lab rats. I pause for a moment though as I spotted a vial clearly labelled Atlas Virus Sample. I looked on in horror at it being left out so easily, even if the virus was not capable of being airborn; leaving the vial out left chance of it falling and shattering, leaving glass shards coated in the virus so that it could spread into some unknowing host's bloodstream.

I walked over to the offending vial and placed on a rubber glove before picking it up and begin to carry it back over to the containment area. As I did so, I suddenly noticed a wet spot on the floor just as I stepped on it. A flash of panic went over me as I slipped, throwing the vial into the air and hitting the floor hard. I heard a shatter and then groaned as I placed my hands out push my self up. I felt a sharp pain in my ungloved hand and raised it in shock. Glass shards stuck out of my hands and small amounts of blood poured forth as I looked on in horror, realizing I was infected. A sharp pain then shot through my head and my chest and I screamed out loud before passing out from the sheer amount of pain I was experiencing. I'm not sure how long I was out, but when I woke up I was wearing nothing but a pair of red posing trunks and inside of a white circular room with nothing but the basic necessities and a very large weight set.

"Where am I?" I asked aloud, not sure if I'd get an answer.

"You are in containment chamber beta, I'm afraid you've been infected with a very nasty virus," A voice answered from a speaker in the ceiling.

I suddenly look down at my hand an so not even any evidence of any cut. It was almost as if the glass had never pierced my skin, though I know it had and that my body now pulsed with the Atlas virus. I then looked down at my body and realized that I actually had some muscles on my oringally average build. I actually smiled and flexed them testingly, watching the muscles bulge with size. I have to admit, for a supposed disease, the Atlas Virus wasn't so bad minus the searing pain when it first entered your body. I don't think I've every felt so good in my life, especially now that I'd actually packed on a small amount of muscle. My build now looked very athletic.

"How do you feel?" the speaker now inquired.

"I feel great, in fact I don't think I've ever felt this good before," I replied honestly

"What of your physcial development?" the speaker asked curiously.

"I love it, I've always wanted to be a little bigger," I said, lying about the fact that I actually longed to have a body packed with muscle.

"I'm afraid you're going to get bigger, there is nothing to prevent it. However, since we here at the Umbrella Corporation take care of our employees, I assure you that you are in good hands," the voice now said.

"I take it I can't leave this room?"

"No, you're infectious and since you are the first human in ages to be infected, we wish to study your development. Consider this your new job within the Corporation. You let us study you and your pension is quadrupled once we find a way to cure you," the voice said calmly.

"How am I infectious? This virus isn't airborne," I stated flatly.

"Yes, but we are aware that you have bisexual tendencies. We cannot permit your seed to enter another male. The Atlas Virus can only spread in that manner; it thrives in the semen of its host," the voice said blandly.

"Wait, how did you know I'm bisexual?" I demanded angrily.

"The Umbrella Corporation makes it its business to know about our employees. We have to make sure that anything they work on cannot be spread. Thus, you are stuck here, but getting paid for it until we cure you. I suggest you get used to the fact your body is going to be suffering some severe changes as the Atlas Virus takes it course," the speaker said calmly.

I merely nodded and began to walk around the room. The large weight set didn't make sense at first when I considered my current build but then remembered the test rats. I was definitely going to get even bigger and to be honest I loved the idea of it. What got to me though was how Umbrella could strip away my rights like this and get away with it; I had no family currently and my 12 hours work shifts prevented me from having any real relationships which made me nothing but an anonymous employee of Umbrella. I was nothing but a test subject to them now and I was sure there was no cure. They were trying to keep me from freaking out over what was happening to me, the fact I had a virus running through my blood, mutating my body even as I stood there.

They assumed I'd freak out but the only thing I was concerned about is how long they would let me live. Maybe they thought I had forgotten about all the times I'd signed the termination orders for the test rats before their bodies had been fully mutated by the virus. I've always been nothing but an asset to them and now I was a guinea pig for some twisted viral research. I felt used more than any person should but I gritted my teeth and accepted my current situation. If I was going to grow some muscles, then by god, I'd grow as much as possible.

I walked over to the weight sets and noticed that a bench press had already been with some medium weights, obviously heavy enough for someone with my new build. I laid back and began to pump out rep after rep, feeling my body pushing me to go as long as I could. When I was finished, I stood up feeling almost drained when I couldn't do another rep. I then felt an odd stretching feeling in my arms and chest and looked down. To my utter astonishment, my chest was litterally swelling out before my eyes and as I raised my arms, I noticed them inflating with newfound power and size. I couldn't believe what was happening but I was loving it as they swelled up to impressive proportions before stopping. When my grow subsided, I reached up with my hand felt the massive muscular slab that was my pec. I then temptingly bounced it and then flexed, feeling the muscle turn rock solid. The bulge in my posing trunks swelled slighlty as my new size aroused me while I rubbed my not much bigger biceps. I flexed again and then realized that a mirror was in the room. I walked over and realized how much bigger my arms and chest were in comparison to the rest of my body.

"God, this virus is unbelievable, " I said as I massaged my own pecs.

I turn back towards the weight sets and began going through an unbelievable number of workouts I'd never though I'd use. I only knew about them because I had often entertained the notion of working out, but had never really gotten around to actually doing so. Now with this awesome new lease on life, I had the chance to become something more, to become the guy that every stares at in awe if I should happen to survive this encounter with Umbrella. I ignored the fact they were watching me though as I pushed every muscle on my body until I couldn't do another rep. So, I lay there exhausted for a few minutes, unable to budge at all when I felt the stretching feeling again and suddenly sat upright with newly gained energy. I walked over to the mirror this time and watched as every muscle on my body began to pump up, bulging with even more size. I also gaped at the veins now beginning to appear across my body giving my a somewhat vasular looks as my muscles got into proportion with my arms and chest; a nicely developed six pack becoming visible.

"This is fucking hot!" I said as I began to flex every possible muscle I could and do poses I had seen in bodybuilders do.

What really surprised me was the the bulged in my trunks was even bigger than before and I wasn't even fully hard yet which meant something had also increased in size. I lowered a hand down and rubbed my bulging manhood, even then feeling it grow even bigger. It was an awesome feeling matched only by the fact that I looked like an amateur bodybulider now. I coulnd't likely match some of the guys I'd seen but I was making progress. I grinned at my own increase mass and began to feel my own body in ecstasy. It was like nothing I'd ever felt or had before and I could take it even farther. For now though, I was content to explore my current size and pulled off my posing trunks to reveal a much larger cock than I had had before. I wrapped my hand around it in pleasure and fell back on my bed as I began to jack off my tool and using my other hand to continue to explore my muscular body. This was definitely going to be the best time of my life. •

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