Muscle Pumping: Massium

Muscle Universe


By Growing Slowly

Zach and I continued to drift through the emptiness of space as we continued to explore the awesome size of one another's bodies. We had biceps the size of medium planets and our pecs each were bigger than the even Jupiter. I'd go into detail about our cocks, but there is little to compare such massive erections to so we simply just enjoyed them. Years probably passed but its hard to tell from our massive size. Our bodies were perfectly proportioned yet so massive that even if we had been normal size, we could beat out any bodybuilder easily.

Currently, I reached out and ran my hand over Zach's huge eight pack before stroking his enormous cock. I felt it swell as a smile passed over Zach's face and he reaced out with his thickly muscled arms and wrapped them around me in a loving embrace. We snuggled closely together, our huge muscles rubbing against one another and only turning us on even more. Pretty soon we were kissing again. As time passed, we released from one another and Zach looked at me and then down at his own huge body. It was easy to see that we were evenly matched in size and strength which made the strange look in Zach's eyes easy to read. He wanted to be bigger than me, to be the dominant force between the two of us. No matter how much our love had grown, the rivalry still existed and all I could do was smile.

"So, shall we see just who is the biggest?" Zach asked as he began pumping and flexing his muscles.

I watched lustfully as his moved his stomach muscles almost like a belly dancer would, except that his abs were each a solid slab of muscle that only made my mouth drool in wanted to feel it shift and flex. I extended my hand out and did so for a moment before pulling my hand back as I saw the serious look on Zach's face. It was obvious he wished to carry on the contest that had given us the awesome physiques we had now. I just stroked his cock flirtingly before moving back and looking him in the eyes again.

"Fine then, we each consume as much as possible and the biggest at the end is the winner. So, should there be any limits?" I asked curiously.

Zach's gaze turned from me as he slowly rotated around to look out at the stars around us. I watched the swollen muscles of of his back with great lust, and looked down at his awesomely muscular ass. I had already clutched it before but just seeing it made we want it more. Our time of pleasuring each other was over though. Zach's sole intention now was to dominate and I couldn't let that happen. I'd worked so hard before he had started all of this. I had earned my original muscle and he just got his from the gas that had changed us into the titans that we were. Now it was going to start again and it wouldn't end until one of us was the biggest.

"The only limit I see is when there is nothing left to grow with," Zach said with a mischievious grin.

Zach and I turned away from one another and went off in seperate directions. It may have taken some time to some people, but it was only seconds to us before wer reached new stars systems on opposite sides of the galaxy. I didn't even look around before I began inhaling as I neared the sun of the system. I felt my muscles tighten and swell as I took in more fuel. As I was now alone to consume an entire star, my body just kept expanding, my own biceps were now bigger than gas giants. I loved every moment as my body just kept on swelling bigger and bigger, every muscle bulging with continually increasing power.

When I had finished off the star, I just kept on inhaling and drew the planets towards me like a living black hole. I no longer needed to move towards objects, I could just draw them towards me as I kept growing bigger ang bigger. As the worlds were sucked into my greedy waiting maw, I began to simply flex and pump my muscles. I rubbed my constantly swelling body with glee, uncaring whether I won or lost. All that mattered was that I had this awesome body and no one could stop me from making it even bigger. I just closed my eyes and continued to inhale. I had now grown beyond the size of even a star, every muscle on my godly body now capable of crushing a planet on its own. I wasn't interested in crushing anything though, only growing.

As I quickly polished off the star system, I just remained in place and continued to inhale. I knew full well that my inhaling was now powerful enough to draw whole stars towards me because I was bigger and more massive than even them. Soon, I felt my body beginning to swell faster and I consumed more stars and worlds. My body was bigger than whole star systems now and glowing faintly from the energy of the suns. My growth had become a constantly increasing one as I just kept drawing whole systems towards me, making me bigger and bigger and bigger. It was a feeling that I just couldn't help but enjoy as I rubbed every last muscle that I could on my own body. I loved the swelling feeling, especially on my massive slab-like pectorals which I bounced as I kept on swelling.

My growth had seriously gotten me aroused and I now stroaked my monsterous cock. I felt my massive rod also continued to sweel more and more and I loved the feeling as I ran my hand along it. A shiver ran through my hulking form and I began to jack off to my ever growing muscles. I would have smiled, but that would have kept me from taking in more fuel for my constant growth. The one thing that I really enjoyed was that as I grew, I could feel my cock growing bigger and thicker also. As my swelling continued, I shot my load and just kept growing.

It really was amazing how large I had become as I looked towards the direction Zach had gone in. I could now see his own swelling forms, every muscle getting bigger by the moment with each bit of fuel consumed. As I watched his own growth while mine continued, I wondered just how far it would all go as I noticed that I could now see the rest of our own galaxy before us. What I also noticed was the fact that we were slowly drawing our whole galaxy towards us as we consumed more matter. Our growth only seemed to accelerate with our ever increasing size and our ability to take in more fuel. I watched as whole suns suns now entered me to become part of my bulging body.

I began to flex again and rub my muscles, feeling my hardened cock grow even harder if that was possible as I watced Zach do the same, his own massive monster cock also swelling with contantly increasing arousal. Our own bodies were turning us on immensely and we were loving every moment of it. The more we swelled and flexed, the less of our own galaxy was left as it poured into our two forms, the matter packing tightly into every muscles making us denser and denser, giving us even more pull as we drew more and more towards us.

Time passed and our galaxy was gone, leaving to hulking muscle gods each half the size of the galaxy floating in its place. I looked over at Zach and he winked back at me before we started inhaling again, drawing parts of other galaxies towards us. I felt my body's swelling continue again and I just enjoyed the blissful euphoria of my ever increasing mass. As I did so, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Zach did the same and began to fantasize about his amazing body as well as my own even as we both continued to grow faster and consume even more.

We had both now become larger than entire galaxies which only made taking other ones in even easier, making our almost perpetual growth quite enjoyable as we just kept drawing in more and more. It was almost unbelieveable that this had all been caused by nothing more than some strange gas, but it was well worth it now and I planned on winning this little rivalry and putting Zach in his place once and for all. I was the biggest before and I would be so again, not matter how much I had to consume to do so. Every planet, sun, and galaxy was nothing more than a means for me to get even bigger and to just keep doing so until I won. Zach started this whole thing with the massium but I would joyfully end it with the most awesome body in the universe, if there was a universe left after we were finished.

More time passed and the the growth never ceased. All I that mattered to either me or Zach was to be the biggest. What was becoming apparent though as we grew beyond the size of whole clusters of galaxies was the fact that we were going to run out of fuel pretty soon considering the rate of growth kept increasing as our size simply kept boosting our intake or matter to fuel the continual growth. Zach seemed to become easily aware of this as he started trying to inhale as deeply as possible, his muscles now expanding and swelling even faster. That sight would have aroused me more if it weren't for that fact he was gaining an edge. I noticed he was getting bigger than me now and immediately did all I could to match his own rate of growth. His edge on me still existed but now we were growing at the same rate rather than him getting continually larger than me.

As with all good things, ours came to an end as the final galaxy was taken in by the both of us. When the last bit went, there was nothing left oddly enough but white emptiness. Within that white emptiness sat two huge human forms packed with inhumanly massive amounts of muscle. I looked over my own body as Zach did with his and we enjoyed our unobstructed time to get to know our now gargantuan bodies. I flexed and pumped my muscles trying to make them look as large as possible. Seeing this, Zach did the same with a triumphant grin and did the same as we floated their facing each other. Every muscle he brought up was bigger than my own because of his sudden change in growth rate earlier.

"Looks like I win in the end," Zach said arrogantly and pounced his larger pecs.

"Looks like it, so now that we've got nothing else to do, want to have some fun?" I asked with a flirting grin as something occured to me as I eyed Zach's massive physique.

Zach returned the grin not knowing of my own schemeing intentions and he moved in aggressively. He could afford to be so now that he had apparently ensured his victory and therefore dominance. I smiled back as I felt him wrap his huge arm around me and squeeze almost tauntingly and he looked deeply into my eyes. I stared back and then we kissed deeply as I ran my hands over Zach's massive frame. As our huge pecs rubbed against one another, I felt Zach's massive cock rub against mine as we both became more and more turned on by what we were doing. From there it became a two man orgy as we explored one anothers bodies again.

As we both apparently lay exhausted by the man on man actions, I floated their looking enviously at Zach's larger frame. I deserved to be the largest and Zach knew it. I had been the biggest before the massium and now I would be so again. I closed in on Zach whose eyes only fluttered open for a moment before he closed them and grinned as I began rubbing his massive abs and chest. I enjoyed rubbing and caressing his huge muscles, but I would enjoy it even more when those muscles belonged to me. I licked my lips temptingly and then pressed them against Zach who happily let me do so. He was so tired he was completely unaware I was inhaling while our mouths were locked together.

With every passing moment, I could feel Zach's body shrinking as my own added on new mass to it. I was loving every moment of this as I just kept on inhaling, taking away as much mass and size from Zach as possible while he was still unaware of what was going on. I think he only became aware of it though my even expanding pecs began to press up against him. His eyes shot open in surprise and I released my grip on him. We floated apart and I now let Zach look at my newly increased size. I was even bigger than he had been and it didn't help the fact that all that mass and size had come from him. He looked down at his now shrunken muscles and then looked at me. All I could do was smile back triumphantly and flex and pump my newly gorged muscles. My freakish size when compared to him now just made me even happier.

"What happened to you? Theres nothing left to feed on!" Zach demanded as he looked jealously at my body and ran his hands over his own.

A look of shock came over Zach as he looked down at his now shrunken body. It was now all too obvious where I had gotten the additional mass and size from. I just smiled, knowing Zach wouldn't know how I had done it but merely that I had robbed him of his size.

"Looks like I'm the winner. Time to claim my prize," I said with a greedy look in my eyes as I reached out.

My large hand landed upon Zach's shoulder and I pulled him into a strong embrace before kissing him again. As we did so, I felt Zach's now smaller cock stiffen but I could care less about that now. All I wanted was to be the biggest, most absolute muscle god. So, I began to inhale again as our mouths remained locked together. Zach's eyes widened in realization as he tried to pull away, but I merely brought one hand up and held him in place. The other arm was easily stronger than him now to be used on its own.

I felt Zach struggle and squirm as he shrank more and more and I just kept getting bigger. Pretty soon, its was obvious that Zach would never be able to get any of his muscle back as I was nearly twice his size and twice as wide. I just kept flexing my muscles again and again against Zach's ever diminishing size. When I thought him small enough, I released him and looked down at my now awesomely swollen physique. It was an amazing sight for me as I looked down at Zach. He was nothing compared to me now and I realized that I enjoyed my own massive size quite more than his, even when we were of equal size.

"Looks like there can only be one," I said with a smile at the small cliched saying from Highlander before inhaling again.

Zach responded with shock and panic as he started to try to get away from me. His escape attempt was to no avail as I drew him closer and closer with a greedy look in his eyes. Once within my reach, I pulled Zach mouth to mine and began again. As I felt my body expand ever more with new muscle I just kept going until finally Zach had shrank to the point where he entere my gaping maw and became the final piece of fuel for my body. With Zach gone, I looked down at my body and began to flex and rub it. It was like nothing ever before. I was a true muscle god with a universe's worth of mass and size packed onto my frame. In the luxury of my now permanent free time, I began to jack off and simply smiled in complete bliss. I had won. •

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