Muscle Service Station

By Josef Howard

Let me start this by telling you that I'm not from around the Midwest. I grew up in New York and lived there all my life until a year ago. My lover is a stock trader and last year he took a job at the Chicago commodities exchange and moved us both to the Windy City.

I'm a model. You've probably seen me before in print ads for alcohol and cigarettes. I'm usually shot with my shirt off, because I have a really sexy torso, even if it isn't beefy like a bodybuilder, just muscular and lean with a light dusting of dark hair. My face is my best feature. It's angular and rounded all at the same time. I have deep dimples and a cleft in my chin. My eyebrows and eyelashes are unusually thick for a nineteen-year-old. I have a olive colored complexion, and it makes my practically permanent five o'clock shadow look extra sexy. Everywhere I go I attract attention, and I've never been turned down by any man I have propositioned.

I stopped in this small town because my Miata was running on fumes. "Town" is a stretch - it's just a welcome sign, a feed store, a few houses, a tavern and this gas station. The gas station looks so old I was afraid it might be abandoned.

It's my lover's fault that I was out here in Smallville. Jeff grew up in the Midwest. He was raised on a farm in Iowa. Moving to Chicago was no big deal for him. For me it was still cow town. Sure it's a big city. It's got tall buildings, subways, traffic and pollution, but most of the people there are hicks. The only decent theater is an occasional traveling show, and the restaurants are a good year behind the trends in New York or LA.

Jeff had driven home for a surprise visit with his parents on the farm and it turned out they weren't home. Worse yet, his car broke down and he was low on cash. I could have sent some by FedEx, but he insisted I drive out to meet him. Told me that with his parents away this was a golden opportunity for us to make love all over the house he grew up in, and that got me bothered enough to give in. Jeff's got that naturally beefy look farm boys get. He has long, sandy hair and a toothy grin that just begs for a blade of grass. I have always been a sucker for pure beef. When I pulled into the station I ran over one of those rubber hoses that ring bells inside when you drive over them. I sat in my car a minute or two. No one came out, and I didn't see anyone inside the office, so I decided to get out and pump my own gas. I was only about twenty miles from Jeff's parent's farm. I was feeling real horny and desperate to see him.

I had the nozzle in my gas tank before I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see this beef stud behind me. He was stripped down to the waist and smudged with grease, about six foot four and twice as wide as I was. His pecs stood out about four inches from his rib cage and his nipples another half-inch beyond that. I had never seen anyone as muscular as he was, not even at the half naked muscle boys at the White Party in New York. I glanced down his torso at the rough ridges of his abs and caught my breath when I saw the bulge in his pants.

"I'll do that," he said. He took the nozzle from me and started to pump gas.

"I guess I thought it was self service," I said. I didn't. Actually I had thought they were just lazy and I wanted to get back on the road before the end of the millennium. But now I just wanted to make small talk and stare at this stud. Like I said, I had always had a thing for muscle men. This one was big beyond my wildest imagination! His thighs completely filled the legs of his extra baggy work pants. I could see the lines of his quads and the flare of his hamstrings. Through a couple tears I could see dense light hair against his deeply tanned thighs.

He wasn't shy about looking me over either. I had been driving with my shirt off, like I do a lot in the summer. It's kind of a turn on for me to excite the other drivers on the road, the girls and the boys! He stared stoically at my washboard abs as I admired his swelling arms. They had to be at least twenty- five inches around and the most exquisitely formed biceps I had ever seen - tear-shaped and as full as balloons, completely filling the space from his armpit to the crook of his forearm in full, tight, smooth muscle. The amazing thing about him was that he was so lean. Usually these rural steers had a thin layer of fat somewhere, but he was so cut even his intercostals were deep crevices.

I had a boner in my pants about as stiff as a bat. It was pressing out against my tight jeans and I wanted badly to touch it. "Say, where's your rest room?" I asked him.

"'Round the left side of the station."

The metal door on the side of the station was unmarked and open. Standing about two-foot from the urinal, dousing it with his fire-hose sized dong, was a man just as big as the attendant out front. Seeing me at the door staring at him didn't make him the least bit bashful, either. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he grabbed his hose around the middle and directed the spray all around the urinal as he grinned. Either touching it or giving me a show started making it hard. Incredibly it sprouted a few more inches and thickened as it straightened out. Eventually his erection cut his water off and he turned to face me, his dick dribbling a milky mixture of piss and precum.

We faced off and stood about two feet apart. He squeezed and milked his incredible hard-on once more, until I pushed his hand away, grabbed it myself and said, "I'll do that." He closed his eyes and thrust his groin forward. His pants fell down further around his knees, revealing a pair of prodigious thighs that rivaled his friend out front. His hand strayed to the thick nipple at the edge of his enormous pec. He shuddered. I didn't know if it was my hand on his prick or his finger on his nipple that shook him up.

My own prick was so hard now it was soaking my pants with precum. I pulled open the button fly on my jeans as I knelt in front of him, opened my mouth as wide as I could, and pulled the first few inches of his mammoth cock into my mouth and to the back of my throat. He spread the fingers of his free hand out over the crown of my head, like Michael Jordan gripping a basketball, and yanked me down further on his dick. A combination of the force of his arm and my deep-seated desire to bury that cock as deep in my throat as I could, got most of the rest of it inside my mouth.

Tears welled in my eyes, and my nose started to run as he fucked my face, but the feeling of a foot of tube steak slipping and sliding its way around down my throat was just too sensational to even think about resisting. As my nose neared the fuzz of his groin my hands brought my straining dick to a splashy eruption. It sprayed on my stomach and jeans and all over his soiled khaki work pants. He grunted and tightened his grip on my head, determined to turn my full attention back to his swelling dick.

It was harder and hotter than ever. I wanted badly to make it cum now. I wrapped one hand around the top of his scrotum and milked and pulled down on his balls. The other hand I twisted around the very base of his cock -- on that last four inches I couldn't consume -- and slathered it with the saliva that dripped out of my mouth. My eyes bulged as he force-fed me his dick. His abs were clenching and thick veins that started there and snaked down his groin to his thunderous thighs were popping out. I felt my dick thickening again at the sight of him and the anticipation of his impending climax.

Suddenly, with a loud, deep-throated bellow, he pulled my head into his groin with both hands. His dick drove deeply down my throat and my lips closed the gap to his pubes. Half way down my neck I could feel his dick head throb as it jerked and spit cum in my throat. After his first shot he yanked my head back by the hair, sliding his dick back into my mouth so I could taste it, then drove it forward, squirting cum as it slid all the way down again. By the fifth volley I fell off his cock coughing, but harder than a brick myself. His final shots matted my lanky hair and dribbled down my face and neck.

He was anything but sated. He lifted me to my feet, backed into the stall yanked me backward after him. Behind me I could feel the heat of him and hear his heavy breath. His hand explored the crack of my ass, then I felt the head of his dick rub between my ass cheeks, find my hole and enter. I have never had such a monster cock up my ass before! The head of it felt like a fist. The first few inches stretched and rubbed the inside of me like no man's prick ever had before. I desperately wanted him to punch that cock all the way up fast, but he kept me from pushing back. Working his thick cock completely around my chute with his fist, he pushed in slowly, deliberately. When he had me completely filled I was so ecstatic I barely wanted to breathe. His long, slow fucking motion kept my attention completely riveted to my ass. I was barely aware of my own throbbing dick. Even with my eyes wide open I didn't see the other attendant until his hard dick poked me in the face.

He lifted my head by my hair, opening my mouth wide enough to get his dick inside. My lips clamped down on it involuntarily and I inhaled it halfway down my throat before he had a chance to force it. The two of them fucked me at both ends, sometimes in unison, sometimes out of sync. When one of them slowed a bit, I sucked harder or pushed back to egg them on. I must have cum three times without anyone touching my dick. Each time I felt it swell up, shiver with electricity, and squirt juice in long, full spurts, but was always distracted again by the giant strokes up my ass or the hot tube of flesh drilling my throat. Both of them came several times too, never needing a pause to recover.

Eventually we fell back onto the toilet seat. I sat on the lap of the one with his dick up my ass, and the other one let his rock hard dick slid out of my mouth. It slapped up tight against his abs. He thrust his hips forward slightly a couple times and it shot cum straight up on his chest. He wrapped one hand around its head and jacked, twisted the other hand around the base, and wrung a couple more spurts out of it, as his hairy, goose-egg balls jumped inside his scrotum. He soaked his forefinger in cum and touched it to my lips. I opened my mouth and he rubbed it along my gums.

"What are going to do with this one, Jack?" he asked his friend.

"You think he's Minotaur material?" the one with his dick up my ass asked as he ground his groin into my ass harder.

"He's already gorgeous."

"Looks a little scrawny to me, Gene."

"It'd be really hot to see him go through it."

"What are you talking about?" I said, through weak and swollen lips that could barely mouth words, although it was becoming quite clear what they were talking about.

"We're talking about this," the one in front of me said as he flexed his arm. His biceps bunched up under tight skin like a water balloon ready to burst.

"And THIS!" the other one said as he ground into my ass again. My sphincter involuntarily clinched around the base of his dick and I could feel cum squirt up through his dick and out into my guts. As the hot foamy excess cum leaked out around his dick, the heat of it started to make my dick swell again.

I know most guys would kill to be like the two them, but I was not "most guys". I was already so good looking I could have anyone I wanted, including guys who looked as spectacular as they did, and I because I could fit into a 40 regular I could make more money in a day then these grease monkeys did in a whole year. I didn't want to BE them; I just wanted to DO them.

Jack, the one fucking me, effortlessly lifted me off his foot long dick, and handed me to his friend, who pulled up his pants and tucked me under his arm like a doll. As we stood at the threshold of the rest room, I struggled. "Don't get any ideas," Gene said. Then he gripped the doorknob and twisted. It snapped off in his hand. He squeezed it. The metal popped and crackled like a tin can as he crushed it to the size of a golf ball. "I figure your neck is a hell of a lot more pliable than a metal doorknob. What do you think?"

Inside the garage he set me down on an old metal kitchen chair. He tied my feet together and my hands behind my back, but he spread my knees wide and wedged a steel pipe between them.

Jack had his back turned to me at the workbench. Over his shoulder he asked my captor, "How much should we give him?"

"Oh, I think pretty boy needs to go all the way," Gene answered.

"Randy's going to be jealous!"

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Gene grabbed another steel pipe, held it up in front of my face and twisted into a loop like it was a twist tie. "Right now this is only a necktie," he said. "If you don't behave, it'll be a noose." He dropped it over my head.

Jack turned around. He held a syringe so large it looked like a grease gun, with a long fine needle. "Hold his knees apart. I'd hate to slip." He pointed the thing at my groin and I struggled. The needle pierced my scrotum and I jerked a little, even though the steel pipe and two strong arms held my legs tightly apart. The pain was excruciating at first. Then I began to feel the warm fluid from inside the syringe fill my scrotum. When it couldn't stretch any further to accommodate more fluid, I felt the liquid wash back into my pelvic cavity. It felt like it filled that too. When the syringe was empty, he stepped back.

"What did you put in me?" I asked.

"Tell him," Jack said.

"It's something the local university developed to make our bulls extra large. It's a recombinant DNA bovine growth steroid. It shouldn't have any particular effect on humans, but it does."

The warmth began to spread from my groin throughout my body. My balls started to feel odd. It wasn't just that they were floating in all that fluid. It felt like they were swelling.

"Farmer's son up the road was a bodybuilder. He gave some of it a try. Randy liked its effect so much, he tried more. Got his friends interested in it and before long lots of us tried it."

My balls really were swelling, right before my eyes. It was a good thing my knees were propped so far apart, because they kept growing until they were as big as softballs. They stretched the skin of my scrotum tight and bumped up against each other, which actually felt quite sexy. Then my dick started to swell, not get hard, just bigger and puffier, until it was about a foot long, arcing up over my balls and draping down along the seat in front of me. It was thicker than a beer can and firm and veiny. I could tell it would be really huge when it was hard.

I didn't have to wait long to see how huge. Suddenly it felt like all the blood in my body was rushing into my dick. I had never gotten a hard-on that fast before in my life - and what a hard-on. It grew another six inches as it reached for the sky. The head was as big as an apple.

I looked up at my captors and saw both of them staring at it, obviously hot and bothered.

"A normal dose will build you up like Gene and me."

I felt precum well up from the base of my new dick and slowly inch to the top. It burbled out a piss slit wide enough to accommodate a penny, and it felt almost as good as coming.

As I stared at it, hair started sprouting around my groin. Then I felt like someone was lifting my chair up. My ass muscles were growing. At my lower abs, where my newly thickened pubic hair stopped, my abs began to get chunkier and stiffen. The effect rolled up my stomach like a tsunami. My lats began to spread. Since my hands were tied behind my back, I had to bend my arms to make room. When I looked down again, I could no longer see my abs, because my pecs were too large to see over.

"The dosage we gave you was more generous. Only Randy has had a dose that potent. You see there are some side effects when you take that big a dose. Some people don't care for them, but personally I like them."

The two of them were so excited watching me grow they were both jacking their dicks with both hands. Occasionally one would drool spit on his tool and work that in too. A few other men in town began to gather behind them.

Again it felt like the chair was raising my up. This time it was my thighs that were growing, getting so thick they nudged my gigantic balls up on top of them. My shoulders widened until it felt like I was balancing a two-by-four on the back of my neck. They had to be six feet wide. My biceps stretched and swelled also. My forearms thickened. I tugged lightly on the thick, triple-tied ropes that held my hands together and they snapped like cheap string. Then I grabbed the ends of the steel pipe wrapped around my neck. It untied as easy as a shoelace. I stretched my arms and flexed. My arms were like watermelons!

As the growth effect neared my feet, I felt my calves explode into super- sized, diamond-shaped chunks of muscle. A twist of my legs and the ropes around my ankles snapped too. I stood, but the transformation was not over yet. More hair was growing on my chest, arms and legs. My muscles were still stretching and swelling. I felt a sharp pain in two places on my forehead, then felt something bony burst through my scalp - horns!

When it all stopped I could tell I was bigger than either of them were. Hell I was bigger than both of them put together. I was phenomenally muscular and lean, but not at all like a bodybuilder - more like a man-bull. My waist was way thicker than before, but still flat, packed with dense rolls of muscle. In comparison to my inhumanly large chest, shoulders and legs it was still narrow. Curious about the protuberances on my head, I touched them gingerly. I never knew bone could be so sensitive. They felt as erotic as a dick!

One of the other men who came to watch my transformation was fingering a spot low on my chest below my pecs. I jerked with delight. I had extra nipples! As he fingered each one of them I counted four new ones. He was just as excited by them as I was. He had a fantastic muscular chest, thick with light blond hair that continued down his stomach and into a pair of extra tight khaki dress pants. Then I looked in his eyes and recognized him. It was Jeff, my lover!

His blue eyes twinkled at me. He smiled. "Do you like it?"

I didn't know if he meant his transformation or mine, but surprisingly the answer was the same to both.


"It's why I got you out here. But I never imagined you'd try it yourself. You look incredible!" He punctuated his complement by devouring the head of my dick, which was only a foot lower than his chin. The sense of if inside his mouth took the wind out of me. He foamed around his lips and spread his saliva a few inches below the head. My cock tensed and swelled at his touch. Nothing had ever felt so good before!

Two other spectators stood on either side of me and continued the tit play Jeff had begun. They must have been farmers. Both of them wore what would have been baggy overalls, drawn tight now around their thick thighs. The bibs were unbuckled and draped down in front. Jack stood behind Jeff and reached his arms around front to undo his pants. He pulled them down. Jeff raised his legs one at a time so Jack could take them off. The two farmers lifted Jeff up and set him on the workbench. They spread his legs for me. Jeff pointed to his asshole and jacked his enormous dick, which pointed straight up from his groin.

I grunted and slid halfway in, but stopped, shocked at how incredible it felt! My jaw must have dropped more than I was aware, because both Jack and Gene were laughing. I plunged the rest of the way in and braced myself with my arms on the bench and Jeff's thighs against my shoulders. The pleasure was so intense I could barely concentrate on standing.

"Good, yeah?" Gene said. "Now you know why we don't ever want to stop. And the dose you got makes it even more sensitive."

I used to be a considerate top. I used to be careful not to hurt my partner. I used to stroke and caress my bottoms in time to my pokes. Now it was all I could do to keep from tearing Jeff apart. But my huge dick had him so excited I don't think he was aware of anything but the monster working his insides and his hands on his cock.

Jeff came several times as we fucked, but curiously I took a long time. Although I was more excited than I had ever been before, my climax came very slowly. I savored Jeff's hot, clinching guts sucking along my impossibly long and thick member; the static electricity in all my nipples; the muscular tightness in my arms, back, chest, ass and thighs; and incredible grin on Jeff's face and he collected an increasingly wide pool of his own cum between his pecs and down the canyons between his abs.

The final ridge of that long, slow climb, that feeling of being right on the edge, the cum collecting at the base of your dick, lasted almost ten minutes. When finally I shot, I filled up Jeff's insides in just two enormous spurts. More of my cum squirted out around my thrusting dick, and the rest I worked out with my hands on the floor. It was easily a quart, maybe more!

I leaned back against the hood of a dirty car and caught my breath. I'd always heard sex was good exercise, but fucking Jeff like that was a championship workout. I was slick and dripping with sweat, drenched in cum and happy to be both - proud of myself.

Jack and Gene offered to help clean me up. Jeff began to stir, however, and insisted on doing the job himself. As I saw him get close to me, and watched the muscles in his arm and chest bunch and jump under thin skin, my dick started to stir. Jack licked his lips. Jeff gave it a short squeeze and said, "Down, boy." He helped me up and led me out of the garage. I was still completely naked and loving it. The stares the men gave me only made my dick get more firm. I'd been called a whore before, but now I felt like I'd been made to fuck everyone I met. I glanced over at my Miata. There was no way I would ever fit in that again. Jeff led me to a topless Jeep that must have belonged to his parents. I completely covered every inch of the passenger seat. From the front and sides you couldn't even see it. Even after Jeff sat in the driver's seat, the Jeep leaned to the passenger side under my weight.

At his parent's farm, Jeff stood me on the front lawn and hosed me down. He fetched a half dozen towels and dried me off. I was so wide that I had to walk through the doors of his parent's farmhouse sideways, and I was so thick front to back that I barely fit. I was so proud, I didn't give a shit. And the discovery was getting Jeff hard again.

Not even the largest shirts and pants in the house came close to fitting me. Jeff said he would go to the supply store tomorrow and find something, but it got him wondering just how big I was. He found his mother's tape measure. My arms were over thirty-five inches. My chest was eighty. My waist was about forty, but my thighs were fifty inches around.

While Jeff was measuring I caught sight of myself in a full-length mirror. Another wave of immense, animal pride washed over me. I flexed my arms and grinned. My skin had darkened considerably to chocolate brown. My nose was flat and broad. I knew my neck had gotten thicker, but I could see that it was so thick at the bottom that it blended completely into my traps, which were high and hard. Jeff saw my cock start to climb, and held the measuring tape to it, but I brushed it away.

"I'll show you how big it is!" I said. I put a hand on each side of his waist and effortlessly raised up over it. He lifted his knees, and I slid him down on it in one movement. He was grinning again. I dropped to my knees and started to fuck him. The two of us were locked together that way until well past dusk. •

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