Close Call with a SUPER KID

By Muscleluvr1956

It was the Sunday afternoon beer-bust at the San Francisco Eagle. I'd arrived just as it started, and elected to buy into the bust, rather than drink cocktails as I usually did. No idea why I chose to be different this particular Sunday - just decided it would be the thing to do. There was also food today - hamburgers, hot dogs, chili, potato salad, Cole slaw the works... all being sold by one of the many motorcycle clubs to raise money for their annual run. I was enjoying my first weekend off in over 3 months, and had every intention of enjoying it to the fullest.

It was a big crowd... as was always the case when a club was involved in the beer bust... lots of hot men, in various states of undress... I snagged a plate, a big cup of beer, and found a spot on one of the speakers to sit and eat. I wolfed down my food, and tossed the plate into a nearby trashcan. Someone passed me a joint... I took a couple of tokes, then a bar back came by and asked me to get off the speaker... I could sit on the sawhorse in front of the speaker, but not on the speaker itself he said... so, I moved to the sawhorse... there were a couple of guys standing behind me now, and lots of action in front... a guy with longish hair and a full beard, wearing jeans and boots - no shirt, walked by and groped me as he did... he kept walking, but he turned and looked at me...

Someone passed another joint, or maybe it was the same one, I wasn't sure... someone offered to get me a refill on my beer... I gave 'em my cup... while I was awaiting the refill on the beer, here comes the long-hair guy again... this time, when he approached, he knelt down in front of me, and started undoing the buttons on my 501s... he reached in, pulled out my cock, and started to suck... He wasn't my type, but damn, he could suck cock! WOW! This man was a virtuoso of cock-sucking - an absolute wonder... he brought me to the brink almost instantly, then backed me back down... took me to the brink, then backed me back down... all with just his mouth... I couldn't believe how good this man was... someone handed me a joint again... my beer refill arrived... I took a swig of the beer... my cocksucker was still going strong... and still very, very, good... finally, I guess he'd had enough - he brought me all the way to climax... I nearly collapsed from the intensity... while I was leaning against the sawhorse, he stood up, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, kissed me, and said, "Thanks - nice dick!" and walked away... I was left speechless with my now flagging erection dripping the last of my load onto my pant leg...

The two guys standing in front of the speaker behind me were thrilled! One of them, who'd been watching over my shoulder the entire time, said to me, "Damn, I'd think you could die and go to heaven now, having had a blow job from Al Parker!" Al Parker? The porn star? I turned at looked at the guy with a questioning look. "C'mon, you didn't know that was Al Parker?" He was genuinely shocked that I had no idea who'd just given me the blowjob...

I figured I'd go check it out - I couldn't believe that man as Al Parker - I wasn't particularly a fan of Mr. Parker's videos, I only knew he had a legendary cock, but he wasn't exactly my 'type', so I rarely paid any attention to his pix or magazines... but I did know what he looked like... I weaved my way through the crowd, and sure enough, there he was - and damn, it WAS Al Parker! I decided I had to thank him - just so I could say I'd spoken to him... I mean, the man had just given me the blowjob to end all blowjobs, and I'd not said a word to him, not even a 'thank-you'. I owed him that much, at least. So, I approached him... before I could say anything, he looked at me and said, "Sorry, I don't do seconds..." He laughed - I hoped it was meant to be a joke and not some catty remark... I just said, "I just wanted to say thanks = that was the best I'd ever had. Stupendous. Really..." I couldn't think of anything else to say, he was just staring at me like he was expecting something more... one of the guys he was talking to started to laugh... then Parker started laughing, and I saw they were passing a joint... Parker took a toke, and handed it to me... I took a toke, and said, "thanks. Thanks, again." I turned, and walked off.

I ran into a couple of buds that were with the MC hosting the beer-bust today, so I stopped to chitchat. They told me there would be a slave auction later... wanted to know if I was gonna stay for it. I said I would if I didn't get lucky. I told them about Al Parker... they were envious... I didn't mention the later encounter which made me feel uncomfortable... Since these two were with the hosting club, they weren't drinking, so I left them to go get another refill on my beer.

As I walked away, I saw him. The Adonis of My Dreams... a god amongst men... he was fending off the advances of a drunken old leather queen - he looked as though he wanted to be anywhere but standing where he was, trying to keep the old queen's hands off his sizeable pecs... I couldn't move... it was like I was frozen to the floor... then, he turned, as though he'd heard someone call his name - he turned in my direction... he looked at me - I thought I detected a spark of recognition in his look, and then he smiled. I almost melted, right then and there. I'd never, ever, seen a man who looked like him - the body of a god - the face almost of a little boy - and a smile to melt glaciers... I was in lust, no, make that love... but I couldn't move! I didn't have to. The Adonis turned to the old leather queen, said something, and walked away... right towards me. He approached, with his hand out to shake... I was able to at least do that - I shook his hand, and immediately was impressed with his grip - so strong... I noticed that he was shorter than I initially thought, but he was built - his physique would rival Lee Priest or Francisco Bautista... He said, "I'm John Lawson." I stuttered, "Uh, I'm Hank Sorenson."

"Nice to meet ya Hank. You're the one I want. Can we leave?"

Had I just heard what I thought I'd heard? Forget the assumption that I was just going to go with this man because he was an Adonis - that much was a given, but HE wanted ME? Huh? I'm only an average looking guy, with an average looking physique, nothing special... I've never had much difficulty getting the better looking average guys, but the real lookers, the real gods, those guys were almost always out of my reach... and this man was telling me that HE wanted ME! I was struck dumb - I couldn't answer at all... it was like my brain was short-circuited... I managed to nod a 'yes' though... he put his giant muscular arm around my shoulder, and started to guide me towards the inside and out the front door...

All the while, I was in shock. Absolute shock. First, I'd gotten a blowjob by a porn star, and shared a joint with him... now, I had this blonde Adonis telling me that he wanted me, and we were leaving together. I must be dreaming...

"We really should go to your place, if that's OK" said John.

I managed to recover enough to say, "Sure." I had a roommate, but he wouldn't be home, he worked afternoon-evening shifts - and was off on Friday/Saturday only... he always worked on Sunday. We'd have privacy. I didn't have a car, didn't need one... but I was one Bart stop away from my house... so we headed up to Market street to catch the Bart train...

As we walked, I was beginning to regain my composure, but it was still difficult - he kept his mighty muscled arm around my shoulder the entire way... his heavy pecs bouncing with every step - his mammoth thighs flexing and bouncing as he walked... this man was a dream come true... we got to the Bart station, caught our train, and rode the single stop... we got off, and walked the three blocks to my apartment. Once we got upstairs, things changed.

"So, Hank, you a top or a bottom?" John asks... no messing around, just right to the point.

"Uh, actually, I'm versatile. I can do either."

"Sweet! Into muscle-worship, then?"

"I dunno, never had the opportunity."

"Well, then, here's your chance. On your knees, faggot!"

I laughed. He didn't crack a smile... "I said, ON YOUR KNEES - FAGGOT!" He was serious!

OK, I'll play along... I got down on my knees in front of him. He walked over, and rubbed his crotch in my face. "Undo my pants - with your mouth." I reached up, and grabbed the waistband in my teeth... I pulled, nothing happened... I pulled again, and the waistband came unbuttoned.

"Good, now undo the rest..." Fortunately, his cut-offs were made from 501's so that meant button-fly - no nasty little brass zipper... I just kept pulling, and sure enough, the other buttons just gave it up... the cutoffs fell to the floor - he was wearing a jockstrap.

"Stand up." I stood up. He reached out with his arms, and hugged me close... he started to kiss me - he whispered, "You take orders well - I'm not sure I liked that though..."

"You're really, really, hot. Perhaps the hottest man I've ever been with, ever." Was all that came to my mind, and unfortunately, out of my mouth. Not a cool thing to say to the man you'd JUST gotten in the door, but it was too late to take it back.

"You think so? I was thinking the same about you!" said John.

I pushed him away and gave him my most mock-incredulous look... was he nuts? Or did he need glasses that he'd left at home? Before I could come up with a snappy reply for his remark, he said, "Where's the bedroom... let's get this show on the road!"

I was thinking this guy is a bit on the odd side, but I liked him nonetheless... I mean, what's not to like, muscles for days - baby-faced beautiful, and apparently hung like a horse, if the size of the bulge in his jockstrap was to judge... I didn't say a word in reply, I just gently directed him down the hallway towards my bedroom.

He walked in, sat down, and took off his shoes and socks... then he lay back down on the bed. I was busy taking everything off - since I didn't wear underwear with my jeans, I was down to bare skin immediately. I lay down next to him. He looked at my already erect cock, and grabbed it. "Nice! I want it." And he dove down on me and started to suck... there was a problem though - he didn't seem to know what he was doing... he was raking his teeth on it (OUCH!), just obviously not talented in this area at all - well, no one's perfect. When I complained about the teeth, he said, "Oh, shit, yeah, I shoulda known better..." he sat up, and asked, "So, wanna fuck me?"

I didn't answer, I instead, put my arms around his ample torso, and pulled him down onto me... we were all hands and kissy face... we continued like that for another couple of minutes... every time I'd start to reach for his crotch and that jockstrap though, he'd relocate my hand to his pecs or his abs, or a bicep or something... but I could feel his cock getting erect - and it appeared that I was right - it was huge... but I didn't quite understand his reluctance for me to touch it... but I figured it would likely add to the excitement, if he denied it to me for a bit... I figured I'd follow along...

He asked again - "Wanna fuck me? I'd really like you to fuck me. Will ya?"

I rolled us over and since I was now on top, I reached over and opened the drawer on the nightstand - I was groping for condoms and lube... I found what I was looking for - the condoms were attached together in a string of three - so I tore one off, opened it up, and asked him if he wanted to put it on me... he didn't... so I put it on... While I did that, he pulled off his jockstrap... his cock was enormous! Easily a 10 incher, and nice and fat too... he looked like he'd shaved his pubes a few weeks before... I wasn't sure how best to approach his ass - despite the fact that I had a good foot and half on him in height; he had me beat in every other dimension, including weight - by a mile! I figured that doggy style would be too impersonal, so I decided I'd toss his legs on my shoulders and mount him face to face... I reached over to the nightstand again and grabbed a bottle of poppers - I handed them to him - figuring he'd want to use them for the entry... I started to lube him up, and he moaned, his dick got bigger and fatter, hell, just looking at that cock of his was about to get ME off... before I shot my load, I figured I'd fill him up... so I did. The look of surprise on his face was kind of a turn on, like he felt I was much bigger than I looked, maybe...

He still held the poppers; he'd not taken the top off yet... I took them from him, and opened them up while I continued pounding his ass... watching his abs flexing with me - his pecs heaving as he breathed - his mammoth biceps were flexing as he fondled my butt and my nipples... I took a whiff of the poppers - then tried to pass them off to him... he didn't know what to do with them, so I grasped his head, held the poppers under his nose, while holding one nostril closed - not an easy thing to do, with just one hand! He breathed in the poppers - it was obviously his first time with them... he was shocked at what they were doing to him... he wanted more... I obliged...

We continued like that for what seemed like hours... snorting poppers, me pounding his ass... he had the nicest ass I'd ever had the pleasure to fill... damn it was hot... up over him, looking through his tree-trunk legs down at his cobblestone abs, his pillow-sized pecs, his python like arms... it was just such a vision - I couldn't bring myself to cum - it was as though if I actually came, I'd awaken from this dream... because it HAD to be a dream... we finally did shoot our loads - seeing his mammoth cock shoot was just too much - we shot simultaneously... god, I was in love.

"Oh, man, that was something else! Can I do you now?" John asked.

Amazed that he was already interested in going a second round after that marathon session, I pulled out, and removed the condom... I collapsed on top of him, feeling his fantastic body beneath mine... we kissed, we rolled around, and I always seemed to wind up on top... his cock was getting huge again... I reached over, to the nightstand and fished around for one of the XXL condoms I kept for those special emergencies... sure enough, I still had a few... I opened it up, and slid it over his cock... I grabbed a few fingerfuls of lube, and slathered his cock... then I grabbed another few fingerfuls, and packed my ass... it was time to try and take that mammoth piece... I nestled my but down on the head... slowly, very slowly I worked it in... it was huge... bigger than any I'd ever had before... I wasn't sure I'd be able to take it. I grabbed the poppers - took a whiff in each nostril, then a whiff orally too... enough to blast my brain into completely relaxing my ass... it did the trick - soon, I was sliding that giant piece of meat all the way in... I was resting my ass on his nuts... wow! I couldn't believe I'd taken that giant piece up my ass... I began to pump my legs and get a rhythm going - he immediately started pumping from below... it was hot... in no time flat though, I felt his mammoth cock spasm, I felt his entire body go rigid, and he shot his load... again, so did I - all over his chest...

We continued like that for the next four hours... fucking each other, each time it got better... he was fast becoming the best sex I'd ever had - period.

We were finally taking a break, lying in each other's arms, making small talk... suddenly, he got a look - sort of a panic... like he'd come back to the real world from somewhere far away. "Uh, Hank, what time is it?"

I looked at the bedside clock, "6:15" I said.

"Uh, I should get going, I've got school tomorrow."

Figuring he was a student at UC Berkeley, I asked, "Oh, yeah? What's your major?"

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I don't have one yet, I'm only supposed to be in the 6th grade!"

He wasn't stupid - I couldn't see that he'd been held back that much... it had to be a joke... but nonetheless, out of my mouth comes, "How old are you?"

"I'm 11. How old did you think I was?"

I was so shocked, I didn't even know how to react - but this explained a lot - his inability to suck cock - his not knowing about poppers, his rather glaring inexperience in so many ways... it all made sense now! I was repulsed while simultaneously turned on by the thought of an 11 year-old with such a physique... I managed to say, "Uh, well for starters, at least legal age - you were in a bar for chrissakes! Look at you! What 11 year-olds are built like that? How'd you get a body, not to mention a cock like that at only 11? Huh?"

"Do you watch TV? Ever see that show, 'SUPER KIDS'?" I was on that show - I was the first kid on the first show that aired - when they shot me up, the whole crew went apeshit... tried to stop it, but I understand that they gave the drug to the crew to shut them up... the show's a fake... they give all us kids a drug of some kind... makes us spaz out for about a half hour, while we grow huge and strong... afterwards, we've got huge sex drives, and we're queer... like it or not. It's not a bad life, but we had to move from LA up here to San Francisco - the attention I was getting at school was too much... we moved here, and I just skipped a few grades... I'm pretty smart, see - now, here in San Francisco, I tell everyone I'm 16, so now I'm a High School Junior, but I'm really only 11."

"Huh? You mean that show with all the muscle boys? That show is fake?" I was shocked - I wasn't a huge fan of the show - the muscle boys kinda creeped me out... never understood if it was a jealousy thing, or a true revulsion for what these little boys had done to their bodies... now John is telling me that the whole thing is faked - that the kids are drugged! It made sense... The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to get my hands on that drug! Damn, that would be HOT! I'd love to have muscle-mass like this kid - this 11-YEAR-OLD KID; I'd just been fucking for the past 5 hours!

"Uh, ok, John, if you need to get home, you better do it. By the way, why aren't your parents worried sick about where you are?"

"I only have a Mom - my daddy died when I was really little, and Mom works on the weekends... she won't be home until 10P. I don't have any brothers and sisters either. Oh, and don't worry - I don't 'kiss and tell' - no one will know we've slept together, unless you tell them. I've been doing this sort of thing since I became a transform."

"Transform? Is that what they call it?"

"Yeah, there's hundreds of us now - even a few little girls... they've done a few dozen adults too - but from what I've heard, the adults get super horny after their injection - they don't spaz like us kids..."

That drug was getting more and more attractive by the minute. "Uh, John, besides the drug turning you queer, is there any other side-effect?"

"Other than Mom and I having to move, and everyone in school thinking I'm some sort of freak, and the increased sex drive, and it turning me queer, no, there's no other side-effects."

"Uh, John - before you leave, is there any chance you can get me some of this stuff?"

"The drug they shot me up with?" He asked, incredulous.

"Yeah." I said, nonchalantly.

"No. The folks running the show are in LA. This is San Francisco, in case you hadn't noticed. Then there's the fact that I'm just 11."

"Yeah... right... um... uh, can you write down the names of the guys who do the show for me?"

"Yeah, I guess, but you could just watch the thing and get the contact info off the end of the show."

"Oh yeah, right..."

"Listen, Hank - I really need to get home before my mother does... I need to get out of here."

"Uh, yeah, sure..." I said, walking him to the front door... when we reached the door, before I opened it, he leaned in and planted a big wet, sloppy kiss on my lips.

"It was terrific - I'd like to do it again sometime... mind if I call you?"

"Uh, John, no offense, but you ARE underage... if anyone found out - I'd be imprisoned for a very long time..." I felt bad - the look of rejection on the kids face cut me like a knife... but what could I do? I couldn't sustain a relationship with an 11 year-old boy!


The rental car was starting to overheat as I cruised along the grapevine into LA... I pulled off the road to let it cool off and grab a bite to eat and something to drink.

It was a small DQ-like burger & ice cream stand... when I pulled in, I noticed a huge man at the window placing an order... I parked, got out of the car and walked over to the window behind the muscle guy. I could see he wasn't the usual variety Muscle Beach type... he was way bigger than any pro bodybuilder I'd ever seen... maybe he was a 'transform' like John was...

The guy got his burgers and fries, and walked away... he went to a small van, marked "St. Nick Productions" parked just beyond my car... there was another guy in the van with him - another guy that was just as big and muscular. They were sitting in the van and eating... good; I'd have a chance to approach them. I ordered a hot-dog, a soda and some onion rings. I got my food and went back to my car... there were some picnic benches under the overhang on the sides of the building - one such bench was almost directly in front of the van where the two muscle guys sat munching their lunch. I took that table. I sat there, facing their van... looking intently at the two of them while I munched on my food. It was obvious they were a couple - they were oblivious to me, and everyone else around them... I knew that St. Nick Productions was the production house that produced "SUPER KIDS", so these two guys were exactly the sorts I was looking for - especially since it was evident that they'd become transforms them...

I finished my dog, and was munching the second or third onion ring when the guy in the passenger seat of the van became aware I was watching them... he pointed at me with a french-fry while saying something to the driver... the driver turned to look out the windshield for the first time... I figured this was my opportunity. I stood up, grabbed my soda, and wandered over to the driver's window, "You guy's with 'SUPER KIDS'? That's one of my favorite shows," I lied, "When do you suppose they'll find some real men like you guys to showcase? Huh?"

The two big guys just sorta laughed... the bigger of the two, the driver, held out his sizeable paw, "I'm Dave Turillo, this is Roger Lewis - I'm a cameraman on the show, Roger does lighting..."

"Oh, wow! That must be really something getting to see those amazing kids do the things they do..." before I could finish that sentence, I was interrupted by the sound of squealing tires, car horns and a horrific crashing sound...

I turned around just in time to see what had happened - a car, turning into this place, had been rear-ended by a pick-up traveling too fast... the car had been pushed into this joint's big sign post, and looked almost like an accordion... the truck was sitting sorta sideways behind it - the driver slumped over the steering wheel... while I was taking this scene in - another car piled into the rear of the pickup! Still another swerved to miss, rolled over and crossed three lanes, to land upside down on the median! Geez, this was going to turn into a major pile-up!

I'd not even noticed that Dave and Roger had jumped out of their van and ran to the scene... I stood slack jawed as I watched Dave grab the Buick that rammed the pick-up, pull it backwards, then lift it and place it gently in the parking lot, while Roger grabbed the rear bumper of the pick-up and did the same thing... Dave returned to the original car, crunched on the sign post - he ripped off the passenger door with one hand, and while he was doing things inside the car (which I couldn't make out) Roger had run across the highway, and was righting the rolled car in the median! The ease with which these two men, no SUPERMEN, were manipulating these multi-ton vehicles was astonishing... I'd never seen such a display of power... the other patrons at the restaurant were all standing around slack-jawed as we witnessed real-life Supermen performing feats of strength that should be completely impossible!

Almost immediately, ambulances arrived on-scene... the drivers of the vehicles were all OK - though the car that was first rear-ended, it's driver had two broken legs and possible internal injuries... the two supermen returned to their van to the applause of the restaurant's patrons (mine included). Dave, completely composed, and not even breathing hard, looked at me and said, "Now, where were we? I believe you were talking about how cool it is to watch those little kids do their superhuman lifts or something like that?" He laughed. So did I.

Twenty minutes later, I'd managed to wangle an invite to a taping of the show, and hopefully an opportunity to get a dose of whatever was creating these supermen...


The taping of the show itself was uneventful. It was not done before a live audience - in fact, it's a closed set. This is because when the kid arrives at the show for the taping, he's not yet been given the drug... there were two kids that would be on the show the day I visited... the host of the show, Gary Ross - a kind of sleaze ball game-show/radio announcer type, with helmet hair and a fake smile did the injections...

When I'd arrived at the studio, I was met by Dave and Roger - they immediately introduced me to a squat little guy that reminded me of Danny DeVito... he sorta had the personality of the asshole, Louie DePalma that DeVito played on "Taxi"! Anyway, this little guy asks me if I wanna get shot up and made to be a "big'un" like Dave and Roger! I couldn't believe my ears! Of course, I agreed... the little DeVito clone, who, by the way, was the host's dad, Bill Ross, was going to inject his son after the two kids got their injections... the son's transform was going to figure in the show they were shooting tonight. How cool was this? Not only was I going to (indirectly) be a part of the show, but I was also going to get the shot myself! I was going to become one of these supermen!

Anyway, the kids were cute - both kinda geeky. The first kid to get the shot was even filthy... didn't look like he'd had a bath in a week. He was just a baby at only 5 years old, and I believe his name was Daryl Hickman or something like that... his Mom was with him. The kid didn't handle the drug very well - he went into these violent spasms - almost like an epileptic seizure - his mother practically had to be sedated! The second kid, well, he didn't want to go through with the shot after he saw what the first kid had gone through - but the first kid told him that despite how it looked, it felt REALLY good - there was nothing to be afraid of... the second kid was a geeky looking boy of about 14 or so, Harlan Sommers I think is what they said his name was. Harlan's Dad was, I think, trying to get the nelly and geeky looking kid to 'butch it up' a bit - if what John had told me was true, then the Dad was going to be in for a rude awakening!

I didn't get to see the second kid's reaction to the drug - and all I knew about the drug was that it caused almost immediate horniness in adults - and that was info I'd gotten from one of the kids who'd taken it - Dave, Roger and Bill hadn't said anything to me about what to expect...

I was ushered into a dressing room by Dave... Roger and Bill were already there. Soon, Gary showed up. Bill tied off his son's arm, swabbed the shot location, then filled the syringe - he ran the shot into his son, and untied his arm... he then came to me... he seemed in a hurry... he tied me off, swabbed my arm, and after filling a second syringe, he jabbed it into my arm, and pushed the plunger in... it hurt like hell! He yanked the needle out, handed me a cotton ball, and ran like hell out of the room... almost immediately, I was overwhelmed with an amazing erection... just absolutely amazing... it just kept getting bigger and bigger... I noticed that Gary, the helmet-haired host was already jacking himself... having started to remove his clothes... I ripped off my t-shirt, popped the buttons on my 501s, which I stepped out of immediately, and grabbed my now very large member and started to wank... DAMN! J/O had NEVER felt like this! Soon, though, it wasn't just my dick that was swelling - I watched in amazement as my arms, legs, chest, every single body part besides my toes and head began to expand with huge, superhuman muscle... even my fingers were getting thicker and stronger... the feeling was just so overwhelmingly sexy... almost before I could react to any of this it became apparent that I had to BE WITH SOMEONE... the nearest body to me was Roger... I reached out, and grabbed him by the neck; pulling his face to mine... he grabbed my dick and assumed the whacking duties... I was busy sucking face and ripping his clothes off! At some point, I remember being aware of Dave and helmet-hair going at it as well... damn, this was HOT!

Some three or four hours later, the guys were ready to shoot the show... but only after a long clean up was done in that dressing room - in fact, it's a good thing Gary didn't have to wear anything more than posers during his segment - as none of his clothes would have fit, and everything in the dressing room was covered in cum!

The first segment shot was the two kids who'd been transformed - they tossed around a giant wrecking ball in a game of 'catch'... the 5 year-old dropped the ball twice, but I guess they'll just edit that out... the wrecking ball should've weighed something like 2-3 tons... it was about 6.5' in diameter... the mounting ring had been snapped off earlier by Dave... making it safe for the game of catch. Dave, Roger and I tossed it around ourselves before they brought the kids out for their shoot. It was cool... the thing weighed virtually nothing! Beyond it's awkward size, it was like playing with one of those giant beach balls! I couldn't wait to see just how strong I really was! But first, I had to watch the rest of the show being taped...

It took something like 8 takes before helmet-hair (I really should stop calling him that - the man has a divine body, and an asshole to bring tears to your eyes!) could get it right - he kept popping wood every time they'd try to shoot - it became evident that it was because of Dave, Roger and I on the set. We had to leave so the segment could be shot...


I remember the night that show aired... I'd just moved into Dave and Roger's they were at the studio offices that evening... there were some government types who showed up - one who would even become a member of our little extended family, but that particular evening, he (and his buddies) were there to shut the Ross' down, and haul everyone away to jail for using untested, illegal substances on American children...

Needless to say, that was over 15 years ago - the show was then, and still is, the #1 show on TV - commercial or cable... nothing like it has ever come close... sure, there have been a couple of imitators - one particularly raunchy one that was built around forcing puberty on kids... the yuk factor far outweighed the inferior results they got from just eating the muscle-cane, which is now available world-wide... and is being grown in tropical regions around the world... it has since been discovered that the alcohol produced from fermenting the cane doesn't facilitate muscle growth when ingested, but it does however, allow for a considerable boost in strength - nowhere near as big a boost as recieved by those injected with the drug, or even the temporary boost given those eating the raw cane itself, but a boost nonetheless. The early, unsubstantiated claims by Gary and Bill Ross about MuscleCane's disease fighting abilities have proven to be viable... MS, MD and Parkinson's have all but been eliminated - often all that is necessary is for the individual to drink one of the many liqueurs made from the cane... but most prefer to actually get the injections - opting instead for the giant musculature so common now...

MuscleCane (a trademark and product of Ross Industries in partnership with St. Nicholas Studios) has revolutionized the world. Everything from housing to fashion, transportation, food, entertainment, you name it - MuscleCane has irrevocably changed everything. The best, and most important change however has been in society as a whole... you see, the unavoidable side-effect of homosexuality after an injection has prompted across-the-board acceptance of homosexuality as a lifestyle... there are a few religious zealots who have issues, but society at large gave into their lust for muscle, and the unavoidable homosexuality now associated with them... the percentage of homosexuals to the population at large is now a whopping 40%... world populations have stabilized as a result... the entire world, China being the sole exception, is now at or near zero population growth... In 2019, when Pope Mary I and Vatican VII decided (under pressure from transform groups) that homosexuality was no longer the abomination they'd taught for so many years, all but the most zealous of religious fanatics relented and gave in.


So, what's become of me? Well, we've added some more individuals to our group home - for a total of 16 now. Early on, we discovered that it was best if we had an even number... that way we can pair off every night with a different partner... I now lead a somewhat unconventional life (at least in the context of the pre-MuscleCane years), but for these days - it's a perfectly normal lifestyle. I love my men more than anything... yeah, I have my favorites... I'm somewhat biased towards John Lawson - if it weren't for him, I'd never have gotten into this lifestyle, and wouldn't have been on the ground floor of a product/movement/lifestyle choice that revolutionized the world. Yeah, I'd say I have a pretty good life.

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