Clothes Make the Man

By F.R.Eaky

Striaght from the adage, if you only stood in another's shoes... So come on, what a fantasy most of us had had right? We see someone we'd like to be as tall or built as, and wondered what it would be like, and if we wore their clothes could we feel what it's like to be in their size body.

I was just walking around the area of my new vacation home, when it happened. The house was willed to me by my great uncle. It was a big surprise. I didn't think he even knew who I was. At any rate, I was now the proud owner of his vacation home, set in the hills of Tennessee, with a barely locateable driveway, a LARGE living room with ENORMOUS fireplace and bear skin rugs, a masterbedroom with a double king size bed, private bath with antique bath tub and hot tub, and the whole house has fifteen foot ceilings! What decadence. Kind of makes me feel small. Well that's not so hard to do; I've always felt small. I'm not mind you. I'm five foot eight. Now that's not a basket ball player, I know, but it's not short short either, besides I've come to find that there are some advantages to being smaller. Course, there were disadvantages too. I was always picked on by my brothers and cousins. See, the tall gene just skipped me. The rest of my male relatives were all six one to six three, and jocks to boot. I never developed into anything sportstacular. So I was the brunt of all the jokes and it was even worse when they realized I was homosexual. Daily tuanting, towel snaps, swirlies, bruises. I'd sit alone a pray that it would stop; that they would grow up or out of the phase. I never wished anything bad on them, they weren't really mean and evil, just uneducated. Eventually it subsided. The pranks only mildly pick up at family gatherings. Of course, at 37 the jokes were beginning to get very tiresome. However, I could get away from the stress, now that I had the house.

So anyway, there I was walking the property line, enjoying the scenery, the crisp air, the sounds of wild life, when all of the sudden I fall through a hole in the earth! I didn't see it ahead of me, it just gave way when I stepped there. The darkness began to lighten up a little and I could see I was in a cave, but there were markings - man made- carved everywhere. Some looked like indian statues of some sort. I was so in awe of this discovery that I hadn't noticed torches coming to life. Eventually the cavern was alight with the blaze and the statues seemed almost life like. I could feel this breeze coming in and out of the cavern, in a pattern like breathing. Studying the statues I began to realize, they were breathing! Their stone stomachs and chests rising in rhythm with the current. Then their eyes fluttered, and mouths began to move. Terror gripped me such that I'm sure I soiled myself and I tried every angle of every wall of the cave to climb up and out. My new sanctuary is just up and out of this cave, why can't I get to it! Please, I just got a place to find solice, don't take my life now...

I felt a hand upon my shoulder and I jumped back and 180 degrees around with a shriek that only most women could produce coming out of my mouth. I glared at my would be attackers, spiritual they may be, and although I wasn't a scrapper by any sense, I would be one in my last hour. There were Native Americans surrounding me. Where did they come from? Where did the statues go? They approached me, smiling, and gently but firmly grabbing my arm, lead me back to the center of the cave. All of them were mid tall, like my family, with ebony hair flowing down to their waist, a rainbow of hues from reddishbrown to olive, and tan, and deep brown eyes that could bore into your mind as you dove into their gaze. I knew they knew I couldn't help but look at their lithe, but cut bodies and in what I thought were my last moments, desire a peek at their treasures underneath the cloth.

"It has been a long time since we had any visitors." Spoke one man "Let alone any who are worthy of gifts. We had feared the end of the world. We do know our tribe is long gone. No web of life remains of it, of that we are certain. So we welcome any who are living, and care for the earth, humankind, themselves in a dignifed way. We were the shaman of our tribe, marked as such by birth."

I'm sure they were. Each had a design on their right cheek a cross between a natural birthmark and a tattoo. The designs were very interesting to look at, but I was being talked to and I soon realized I needed to listen.

"You have been very kind to your family, Coel, very kind indeed. Lo, they have spent years teasing and taunting you, making fun of your choices, your imperfections, and they never stopped to realize what gifts you bring to them. You on the other hand, still talk with them, treat them with respect, and appreciate what gifts they do ocassionally bring to you, and have never desired to take vengence upon them. We therefore see fit to grant you the following spells: This yellow powder will grant you the youth of a person of your choice and that age you shall remain. This green powder will give you the ability to grow and match a persons height of your choice. You can keep making selections until you tell the spell to out grow it and then the spell will wear off and that height you shall remain. Red powder will be able to take the physical abilities of several people of your chosing, up to fifteen, and combine the best of all of them together and give them to you. Powder of the sun, orange will mix your facial looks with those of one who you feel is better looking and make you thus more handsome, if you wish. Nightshade, purple powder will give you anything someone else has in proportion to your body. Sand, the powder whose looks decieve, will cause one spell to influence another. Take these and use them wisely, remembering these two things: one, you must have something personal from the people you wish to become like and two, you must wear it somewhere on your person for at least three days in order for the spell to become permament. Go with our belssings and remember to continue to give the respect that has brought you these gifts.

The cavern became very smoky and when the it all cleared, I was standing in the living room of my new vacation home. I ran up and down the stairs searching for Greg, my lover of fifteen years, throughout the house. Can't miss him: six foot, gymnast built, jet black, feathering hair short in front, long in back, deep brown eyes and a smile that says "I'm happy, your desirable, and make love to me" all at the same time. Eventually I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and I saw a note.

"Coel, a family emergency has come up. I've gone to LA to take care of it. I'll meet you back here at vacation time in three weeks. Greg."

Funny, I don't recall seeing this when I reappeared here and searched the kitchen. I must have over looked it. Well, if he needs me he'll call me. I wonder what's happening with the shamen, what do they do as those statues?

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

"Coel! Coel, are you out here? Coel, where are yuh..wha.. ahhhhhh!"

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

What to do with these powders... I knew exactly what to do with these powders. I'd been the runt amongst the family and now I wasn't going to be. Yet, I can't make myself an easy target so they always fight me to prove myself. I don't want to fight them, just make them not desire to pick on me, pranks or challenge. What's the answer...easy, go overboard! Starting my drive back home, I tried to think of a plan to use this stuff. I can't just find something and use it then and wait. That would be to noticeable too soon and if I have to take something personal, people could find out who took it quickly. I've also got to do this on the bulk of my vacation and that is a week away. Two weeks away and Greg and I finally get a nice vacation together, well, or at least two weeks of it. I've got four weeks time saved and he has two...won't he be surprized when he joins me. But where to get the stuff? Suddenly it hit me, or rather my copy of Muscle and Fitness did. The Mr. Olympia was this weekend and not too far away. I turned the car towards that direction and slammed on the gas.

I got to the auditorium...hmmm I need a plan. By sheer luck I happened to see a newsreporter take off his jacket and leave it on the hood of his van as he went in. My feet never ran so fast as I flew to the van grabbed the jacket and sure enough, there was his press pass. Running back to my car, I popped the trunk open and, yes! I did indeed still have my camera packed from my last trip. Photography is a hobby of mine. Greg knows that and the shots I have of him! I ran with my camera bag and the press pass to the back stage entrance. The man at the door greated me with "Well, your paper is getting here a little late isn't it. I mean the Ms. Fitness is already throught the prelims." I laughed and nodded grabbed the camera and ran for the pressroom. Actually, I changed direction and headed for the locker room. The Mr. Olympia wasn't starting today, but most of the contestants had already taken up locker space. I picked the combination locks for over and hour, thank god I wasn't caught, and began the search process...Hmm I need a good balance for this. These are gonna be the ones I want to get my strength and muscles from. I realized some of my idols were no longer competing, but they were however in attendance and at a local hotel. Trying to think very fast and sly I sized up the competition and grabbed the posing briefs of the following competitors: Greg Kovacs, Nasser El Sonbaty, Paul DeMayo, Lee Priest, Gunter Schlienkamp, Jean Pierre Faux, Mike Mattarazzo, and Roland Kirklinger. Stuffing the breifs in my bag, I ran out the auditorium and headed for the exhibition hall. Once in the exhibition hall, I contiuned my search stopping at every suppliment booth I could find. My treasures were there: Manfred Hoberel, Bruce Patterson, and Frank Sepe. Manfred and Bruce just happen to have their bags sitting at the sides of the booth and both were gonna go swimming after they got through with their duties. When the crowd packed in to see them, get autographs and find out about their product, I swiped their trunks. I did the same thing with Frank Sepe, but I stole a shirt of his instead.

Next I located the hotel all the competitors and dignitaries were staying in, to get the rest of my find. I played dress up again and switched into a bellhop's outfit. Grabbing a bouquet of flowers from off the hallway table I ran to the lobby with the flowers in front of my face, stuck my hand out to the clerk and in as hetic a voice I could muster announced, "Sir, I need the key to the bridal suite, I was supposed to place this arrangement there for the groom before they arrive."

"Oh god, they'll be here any moment. You newbies are a pain in the ass. Uh..damn, we don't have the secondary key here. Alright, take the set of pass keys. The one marked with BS on it is the bridal suite key. Deliver those and hurry back, those keys aren't supposed to be outta my hands. Go. GO!"

I smiled behind the flowers and quickly grabbed the computer listing of registered guests. With the keys and print out I made my way through the rooms and promptly grabbed the swim suits or posing trunks of the following dignitaries, special guests, of visiting body builders: Segio Olivia, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Frank Zane.

My task completed I stopped back by the main desk, dropped of the keys, proclaimed that it was my break time and I'd be back in ten, walked outside, sloughed off the coat and headed for the airport. Yes the airport, for I needed some other items too.

First I headed towards New York and the Guiness Book of World Records Museum. I paid for a ticket very late in the evening and began my search. After rushing through the museum I finally found him, Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever recorded, well that won't last long. The guard was making the rounds of the place informing every one that the place would be closing in ten minutes. After he passed by, I gingerly went over to a display case, picked up the glass, and took out Robert's shoes. Before I arrived I did some quick site seeing and had one of those bags that tourists usually carry, large and stuffed with brocures, maps, etc. I took the inner brochures out, placed the enormous shoes in the bag and reappiled some maps and stuff on top. I got a lttle turned around with the rush and thrill of this heist. Scaring me at first I was ever so thrilled after. Taking a wrong direction towards the back of the museum, I walked into another room and ran smack into a new exhibit on loan from a Natural History and Archaeology Museum...sandals believed to be those of Goliath. I'd seen the front page headline in the Weekly World News at the convience store, but I never thought it would be real. I stood there gazing and drooling at them for the longest time.


"Wha! uhm yes."

"Sorry to have startled you sir. The museum is now closed." "Oh I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I get so interested in reading all the little plaques, I must not have heard you come around and announce."

"That's okay. So do you find the sandles interesting?"

"Well yes. It's curious. They look very old and are huge, almost dwarfing, Mr. ah Widling?"


"Yes, Wadlow. Dwarfing Mr. Wadlow's shoes, well at least making them look a tad small. It's hard to believe in Mr. Wadlow let alone someone as tall as Goliath and yet here's possible proof. It makes one feel strange concerning their faith too. I mean is this proof the Bible is real?"

"Yes, it has given lots of people things to think about."

"Well, how about you. Do you believe these are Goliath's footwear?"

"What as opposed to a replica or a fake? I dunno. I did see the report. The sandles they found have been dated back quite a ways and it was this size. Did they actually send us the real pair... I don't think so, but even if they made a replica for us, these are still Goliath's shoes, I mean who would wear them? Old Robert over there couldn't fill these shoes."

That was all I needed to hear. Walking towards the exit, I made a confused look on my face and headed towards a closet door and opened it. When the guard came over to correct my embarrassing error, I put my foot slightly out and tripped him. Grabbing the edge of the door, he tubbled into the closet pulling the door on his fingers. As he jerked his hands towards himself, I feined tripping due to his fall and collided into the door slamming it shut. It was locked.

"Damned tourists!"

"Oh, god! I'm so sorry. Are there a set of keys somewhere or a custodian, the door is locked."

"I know that! Yes, there is a custodian. Go to the lobby, make a right and go throught the authorized persons only door, take the steps down to the basement, hang a left and his is the third door down."

"Alright. I'll be right back."

I ran back to Goliath's case first, of course, picked up and stiffed the giant's shoes in my bag. I ran to the Lobby dropped the bag by the front door and got the janitor. The guard was miffed but not too crabby. The custodian was amused beyond belief. I played the embarrased guest to the hilt. Apologizing for the trouble profusely, I gave both gentlemen a twenty dollar bill and told them to go have a dinner on me whenever time allowed. Both men eventually calmed down a little and both were now chuckling. Smiling they waved goodbye through the glass windows as I carried my bag to the airport. Next stop, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, ooh Greg is gonna kill me for this. We had planned on taking a trip here together sometime soon and swore it off until we both could go, but I had something in mind right now. If a freak I was going to be, then a freak in all ways I would be. I slept that evening when I arrived and bright and early the next morning, I ran down to the sex museum. Greg and I had read about this place and thought it would be an amusing tour to take. Was it ever! The woman with largest breasts, the girl who'd been whipped the most, the gal who gave the most blow jobs, the man with a split dick - Ouch! The man with two heads and not on his shoulders neither. Hmmm the fantaies flooded my brain and I could has creamed several times, but I remained focused. Then I found it. The area dedicated to the man with the longest Johnny Tom. I don't know if it really was true. I didn't think the measurement would be that big. I actually doubted it looking at some of the photographs, but he was listed at twenty-six inches long! I drooled, I fantasized, I stole! For amongst the items on display were a pair of his briefs. Another swipe and off I flew to home.

I got in early Monday morning, just enough time to freshen up and head into work. I called out for Greg, no answer. Okay well, I'll start the fun without him. There was however a note from Steve a friend of ours who does light maintance work for us occasionally. He was here over the weeked and put in our new ceiling fan and repainted the ceiling as well. He wrote he had a date right after work Saturday so he borrowed some soap etc and the shower. He'd also pick up his work clothes later. Damn, a chance to see Steve in the shower. Strong germanic looks, thin muscle build, cut pretty well and staring up to six three and electric blue eyes. Not to take the place of my man and mate, Greg, but definitely late night dream material. When I stepped out of the shower, I stepped onto Steve's work clothes. Picking up and moving them to the hall, I thought for a moment went back to the bathroom and searched for the black shoe polish. Taking the shoe polish, I started dabbing and dyeing Steve's work sneakers, that we covered with paint, but these shoes just came into my plan and I needed them dark. Setting them aside to dry, I went into the bed room and pulled out a pair of Greg's dress/work shoes. Laying my loot out onto the bed, picked up the briefs from ___________ a new body builder phenom and sprinkled the yellow powder on the briefs and me. Watching in the mirror, I could see my hair line become thicker again, a few lines around my face became smoother, my face and whole body seemed to be full of more bounce, elasticity and I felt charged. I was psyched, I was young, invincible and immortal again yeah! You know that feeling one has when in their twenties? I was a young college boy again. I didn't think I'd feel this different, it was amazing. I didn't look bad for a 37 year old. Most people thought I was in my late twenties, but now I looked damn good for a 37 year old, when I reach 100, Dick Clark eat your heart out! I was so full of pep and vigor. Damn! what a rush. Next I grabbed the shirt from Frank Sepe and put it on sprinkling it with the orange powder. I'm not a bad person to look at, but there were little things I would have like to change, a slightly narrower nose, squarer jaw, maybe fuller lips, and boom! I was getting that right now as Frank's features and mine mingled. My hair also came in even thicker yet and grew down all around to just below my ears. Then I watched in confused a bit as my hair went through a series of colors, adjusting in both hue and saturation. It finally settled on a brilliant but not loud red. "It must be what you get when you mix a dark brown or black with a blond", I thought and stared at my new face with my eyes now a sultry piercing glance but still with my bold green and framed by a feather, whispy thick mop of red hair. I was going to fill the briefs with jizz and I had to wear them for three days.

I shook myself back to reality, placed on some dress socks, and turned towards Greg's shoes. Stepping into them I sprinkled them with the green powder. Greg wore a size ten and half to eleven shoe depending on the company. I wore a size eight and half to nine. The shoes were so roomy, feeling quite odd to my feet that there was a small amount of space to slid back and forth in. I remember having secretly tried on his shoes before, wishing I could physcially fill them. Then it happened. I felt this sensation in my feet as if I were trying to stretch them. It tingled. It hurt! It felt orgasmic, as I realized the shoe was gettting small, tighting around my feet. No! my feet were getting bigger filling up the shoe and then the strech, pull, and pain sensation moved up my shins, my thighs, oof! my middle, my arms and neck. I turned around the room and looked around. Things looked a little different, but not to much. I began to notice as I went to the closet and rumage through Greg's clothes. I could reach striaght out to the rack and not a little up. I didn't need to do tippy toe to reach the hat rack; I could do it flat feet. Small change, but one that felt good anyway. I found a pair of slacks and a shirt that went well with the shoes and the shirt of Frank's, got dressed, and went into work.

The next three days at work were cute. Everyone thought something was different but they didn't now what. Many people told me, "You look good. Working out?" Some of the girls at the office figured out one part. "You dyed your hair didn't you. Weren't you usually a blond? Don't worry though, it looks great very natural. I never would have known you dyed it, if I hadn't known you. Wish my dresser could do as well." The only person who it made no differnece to was my boss, Jason. He wasn't always my boss. Actually I started with the company two months before him, and I usually helped him with many mistakes and errors he made. He made me his lacky in many ways and neither I nor anyone else could say anything about it. He was intimidating and that was the real reason why he got promoted over me. Nobody wanted to piss this six ten guy off. He came in barking at me on Monday because I was five minutes late. I shouldn't have f**ked over the job that was needed this past weekend. I didn't really. He showed me how he presented it and it was him who botched the job. He finished his chewing out by throwing me a pair of his shoes and asking me to take them to a shop to have them shined. Inside I smiled broadly, "Oh yes I'll have them shined, but you won't be wearing them."

Thursday morning I pulled off Greg's shoes and marveled at my feet. They looked bigger and I flexed them up and down and rubbed them for a while. I took off the briefs, happy I could change my underwear, and got out of Frank's shirt that I had worn for three days. Luckily deodorant and a decent selection from Greg's closet kept that knowledge at bay from everyone. Stepping out of the shower I pulled on some briefs, a shirt, socks. and some pants that looked a little long for Greg, but he liked them anyway. Walking into the laundry room, I pulled out Steve's dyed tennis shoes, a size twelve, and put them on. Again the stretch feeling took hold of my feet and I felt so sexual growing into and filling Steve's big shoes. Even more so as I watch my body become three inches taller and I felt my dick trying to stretch and grow with my feet and legs too. Three inches, only three inches taller, but I found there were places I had to duck to get into at only six three. Anything on a normal sized shelf or counter was a breeze to get into, but it was starting to become a bitch if I wanted something in the lower cupboards. I felt big, almost important. I headed into work with a spring in my longer step and a smile. Once again everyone was eyeing me not sure what was different. They were used to me at six foot now so now another three inches wasn't that much to different. The only change that was noticed were my shoes and by you know who.

"Good God Lord Almight, Hendricks what the hell are you wearing to work!"


"Don't pardon me. This is a professional company what makes you think you can just come in here wearing sneakers that have been painted black! We have an image to maintain. Are you a total boob!"

Suddenly, without warning to the rest of my body, I sprung up and attempted to get into Jason's face. "Excuse me. I have had ingrown toenails removed the last two days and can't wear hard dress shoes. I can't afford any type of new shoes right now, so I ruined a pair of $120 nikes and dyed them black so it would fit in better. I did this for the company and this is the thanks I get?"

I don't know what shocked him more, the fact that I stood up to him or the fact that I stood up to him and was only seven inches away now as opposed to fourteen. The back of his mind noticed and he unpuffed his chest and stepped out of my personal space a bit, but the concious mode was still playing catch up. He studdered a bit and finally said, "Well, okay. That was..uh...I guess, keen thinking and a good attempt. Say, uh...could you drop my shoes off back with me, that is, whenever you have the time...uh, thanks." I think this felt better than what I would see when my brothers and cousins finally see me. Thursday and Friday at work were heaven and Saturday was spent joyfully playing basketball, it's so much easier now that the basket is closer.

Sunday morning, bright and early, I sit up in bed admiring my new self. Looking down at the foot of the bed and seeing how my legs stretch so much farther than I remember. I lifted the covers just a tad and brought my legs up to me and took off Stephens sneakers looking at my size twelve feet. They look so huge to me and I had to laugh inside when I realized that even at twelve these feet were small compared to quite a few individuals. Getting up I went to take a bath, letting a cold shiver run up my spine as I sat in the tub while it filled up with water. a I beamed with an inner pride as I realized I could no longer lay completely flat in the tub. It wasn't a personal pool anymore but a tub. I can recline back with a tub pillow and read without sliding down. This moment had me caught up and I got turned on by my new size compaired to the tub and I took a uh, rhythmic moment to revelle in it, course I had to change the bath water later. Toweling off, I grabed some athletic clothing got into my car and headed for the clothing stores, Big&Tall, etc. Chosing a couple of dress clothes in a taller size, I then headed for the sports section an picked the largest set of sweats and shorts, etc. I could get.

"Are you hoping to grow into all this?" the store owner chuckled. "You look about early twenties I would think you're pretty much done."

Yeah, he's around six six. Only three inches taller than me and he acts condecending. In my mind I'm placing my hand on my forehead with my thumb out the side my index finger sticking up and the ring finger next to it sticking out and saying in a loud voice "And you are three demensions." Instead however, I look at him, smile, and say with as much sincerity as I could muster, "Oh I know I'm done growing. I had an accident when I was thirteen, a sharp blow to the back of my head, and I stopped growing. Made me the runt of the family. All my brothers, of which I have six, are between six seven and six eleven. In exchange for teasing me every now and then and because they feel bad that the accident happened they have me go out a check clothing stores, etc. for them and pay me to do it. So, now I just checked out this store and it was fine until you made that comment. Ooo, big mistake. Very large mistake. I mean they all need new shoes right now, and Gil, he's six ten but has played football so he's like an extra extra long triple wide coat and needs three new suits for a weekend long job interview. Yeah, but they won't be stopping here. Have a nice day." The look on his face said it all, "I know I have just lost around 2,000 dollars in commission." It felt so good, until I got to the doorway.

"Excuse me sir."

I turned around and there was another gentlman there with the clerk who helped me, and that clerk looked exceptionally nervous.

"You have forgotten your change."

Stepping forward to see what he was talking about, he presented me with some money and a small envelope, which later I would discover was the ammount I paid for the clothing plus a one-hundred dollar gift certificate.

"Please pardon us sir, this gentleman won't be with us, ah, hasn't been with us for long and was a little nervous in handling his last, first, customer. We would be more than happy and gracious to service your family. As a matter of fact even though most clothing outlets state that six and half feet tall is where one usually needs to begin buying tailor made clothing, it can actually start around six three. Extra large short sleeve dress shirts and t- shirts don't have quite long enough sleeves even though the torso may fit and small, although not minor details such as that. We could assist you with any tailoring problems you've experiened or pleasantly refer you to someone who can."

"Thank you. That is most considerate. I may rethink my opinion. You have earned your place in this company with a great amount of wisdom I can see. Tell me, I have some friends who, shall we say, spend their lives out on the basketball court. Do you tailor for any of them who are on the tall side as far as that sport considers?"

"We have catered to individuals who don't play basketball even though they are able to look down upon it."

"Excellent. My friend is thinking of getting a new wordrobe soon. I may tell him to stop by."

"If he need us too, here is our card, tell him we can come out to his house in case our shop is too small."

He smiled as if making a slight joke. If he only knew. I nodded at him politely picked up my clothes, walked to the car, and proceeded to drive home. On the way home, I drove by our local arena to see the announcement of "Tall Day", well I was six three now, one inch taller than what most of the Tall Clubs international start at so I thought, I might not seem too out of place if I stopped by, and was I ever glad I did. Walking inside the arena I saw that there was a basketball tourney going on for charity ending with a celebrity match between NBA star Shaqueille O'Neal and Koren NBA wish to be, Michael Ri. The announcer and referee for the match was a gentleman whose name I can't remember, but I do recall that he was here to promote the circus that would be coming to town in two weeks and that he was billed as eight foot four! This would be perfect. I have nothing between my bosses shoes and Robert Wadlow's and I don't know if I could take going from six ten to eight eleven in one shot. I used to work as a harker for this arena back in college and I wondered if my old boss was still here. I went back to the workers station and checked. He was there and he remembered me too. Kept commenting on how he wish I could have stayed there permemently and how the kids of today don't work worth a damn. He looked up at me a commented, "Well it finally hit you huh? You were one of those late bloomers. Well you look good. Nice and tall. Course you know you'd look awfully small compared to the guys we've got in here today." We talked for an hour or so walking around the arena stopping in front of the guest quarters.

"Well this is where I get off. I better go check and make sure they have all the refreshments and stuff for half time out and ready. You can go ahead and take the 'old servants way out' hee hee. I'll radio security and let them know you used to work here and were visiting friends. Oh, here. These were over stocked last year and we're just giving them away, you deserve one as well as anyone." He handed me a team sports bag and yes, the logo had changed this year so these bags were obsolete. I took one, thanked him, left, and headed striaght for the guest rooms. Once there, you know what I did. I promptly took a pair of shoes from each of the towering guests. I nodded to the security guard on the way out, hopped in my car and headed home.

It was about noon and I ran into the bedroom placing all my new clothes in a suitcase along with toiletry items, house cleansers, and linens and towels. Then I packed a box full of kitchen utensils, plates, silverware, spices, some pillows and a few other things to make the vacation house seem a little more like home. Once packed, I sat on the edge of the bed with Jason's shoes in my hands and the new clothes on my body. They fit very loose and so did the shoes as I put them on, a size seventeen and a half. The pain was intense as my feet started to grow, stretch, fill, expand, but I could feel my dick getting aroused by the fact the shoes were becoming nice and comfortably snug. Then the pain racked my shins and thighs and hands as my body traveled up another seven inches to six foot ten. I watched folds in the shirt and pants unfold and pull flat as my body expanded and reached filling out the clothes that once overwhelmed them. I watched as my knees moved up over and out and away from the bedside because my legs we getting so long. I looked at my hands and thought they were huge. Letting out a yell of victory I stood and smacked my head right into the new light and ceiling fan Steve had installed a week ago. Ouch! But, I just conked my head on the fan. I have to duck the fan! I have to duck, just a little bit, through doorways. Oh yeah, I love my new body. My dick sprung to the occassion with me. I hadn't noticed it too much during the last week of growth, but it had done some, not much, but some. I'd say it was somewhere between nine and ten inches long and I gave it the wacking of its life with my new hands. I ran my hands up and down my torso, then bent and rubbed my legs the whole time I stoked imagining that each stroke would make me taller. In no time I released a good wad all over the bedroom floor. I stood there, breathing heavy, turning to look in the mirror at myself and had to stoop a little to see my face. Mmm...I gotta get going before I spring to life again. Walking, no strutting, out of the house I got in my car. I fumbled my wallet while pulling out car keys. Having opened to reveal my driver's liscence, I gave it a good look. Well this is going to look funny if I get pulled over: Coel Hendricks, age 37, five foot eight. Scrunching into the car, I drove off for the DMV. Once there I walked in, taking my place in line. Soon I began to feel like someone was watching me and quickly I realized most people in the place were. Some stares here, some smiles there, and few glances of fear as some quickly looked away and of course I was now getting asked how tall I was and if I played basketball. All this attention towards me and now only because I'm tall. My turn at the counter came up. Approaching it, the girl behind it looked up and dreamily said, "Haaaaahhhhh-ee." I flashed her a smile and said, "Haaaaaah-e to you too. I have a problem and was wondering if I could get it fixed?"

"Oh sure. (on the house) What is the problem?"

"Well, somehow the information on my card is incorrect."

"What's wrong with it? Let me see. Oh! It says you're only five feet eight inches tall! That's not right, you're waaaay past that aren't you?"

"Uh, yes I am." "Uhm, (what's your shoe size) uh, how tall are you?"

I know I couldn't really exaggerate my height, but I knew how I would be in the next few days, so I looked down smiled and told her, "I'm seven two."

"No problem, let me send this over to the card people with the correct information. You won't need to have your picture redone, it's already on file, but you know what, your hair was so different maybe you ought to get the picture redone too, this haircut here made you look old."

"Ah, okay, Thanks."

After getting my new liscence, I went to the grocery store and bought a month's worth of food, pilled it into the car and headed for the house. I spent most of the night unpacking, not that it tired me alot. I wasn't muscular, yet, but just because of my size height wise it seemed the bags were a little lighter than usual. The big problem was that I was begining not to like the lower cabinets as I had to kneel down to get to them and I was starting to have to put my head down on the floor still, in order to see what was in them. I got everything put up in the fridge, cupboards, bathroom, and bedroom except for the linens. Walking throught the livingroom I caught a glimpse of the fireplace, then looked down on the bearrug and the romantic in me gave way. Dinner was marvelous as I ate it, by myself in candlelight in front of the fireplace with a roaring fire, drinking wine, and butt naked on the bear skin rug with a satin sheet around me and some body pillows to put my head on. Everything was perfect except for the fact that I couldn't take off Jason's shoes just yet. I spent Sunday and Monday evening in a drunken, daydream state sleeping on the living room, while Tuesday was spent cleanning the house and walking the yard to see if there was anything there that needed to be tended. Now, I was used to moving this body, but I wasn't used to how I should use it. I bent in the back instead of the knees far too many times. After a nice long and hot shower, which standing struck me in the chest and not the head, I collapsed into the bed just barely noticing that even though an antique and dble king, lengthwise it just barely fit me...Snooze.

Wednesday began with a start or rather a loud pounding I flew from the bedroom with a sheet wrapped around me and headed for the front door. Through the peephole I could see a couple of gentlmen in nice suits standing outside and one of them produced a card sized thing with something metal on it. Oh shit, it's the police. Okay calm down, you can get through this.

"Good morning."

"Good morning, Mr. Hendricks this is the police department, may we talk with you?'

"Yes sir, one momement. I just barely heard you knocking and I just woke up, I need to put something on real quick."

"That'll be fine Mr. Hendricks just hurry please."

I ran back to the bed room grabbed my treasures placed them all in one bag...oh god! Jason's shoes. I prayed that having put them on so late Sunday wouldn't cause a problem. I took them off and held my breath.....nothing happened. I was still six ten. I placed Jason's shoes in my suitcase and took the rest of the stuff to the back boot room. There was a floor to ceiling cabinet there for dishes, napkins and silver. I stood on the counter, opened a cabinet, placed it up and back on the highest shelf I could reach and closed the door. I ran back to the bedroom grabbed a pair of sweatpants and walked back to the door in bare feet and pulling a shirt over my head. They were watching me through the window as I came in, I know, so I kept my pace calm and slow opened the door smiled and apologized.

"Sorry that took a little while. I just got in three days ago and I've been cleanning, fixing, so I haven't really felt the need to change clothes etc. and I forgot where I had placed my clothes or what I had or hadn't unpacked."

"You often forget where you put things in your house Mr. Hendricks?"

"Oh, well I just got this place about a week ago, and I just started vaction this week so this is only my third day here and I haven't got used to it yet. Besides it's just a summer home so I won't be used to it completely even after I've had it for a while."

"I see."

One officer looked at the other who walked up and looked up at me from behind.

"You're a tall drink of water aren't you?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so."

"Do you have your liscence on you?"

"Uhm, not on me right here, it's in my bedroom. Want me to go get it?"

"Yes, please if you don't mind and your wallet too, if that's okay."


I saunted back to the bedroom grabbed my wallet and saw my credit card. The credit card I placed everything on can place me at the scene of some of the crimes if they are really hunting me down. The master card, I took it out broke it in two and dropped it behind the dresser drawers. Walking into the living room, I handed the officers my liscence and wallet.

"Are you actually seven foot two?"

"No, not really, I'm seven foot even. I just sort of forgot when I filled out the ID form the last time and went ahead and used what they billed me as in college for psyching the opposing team out."

"It's okay, Mr. Hendricks, most people lie about height and weight on their liscence. I don't see any credit cards in your wallet Mr. Hendricks do you have a credit card?"

I grabbed the wallet with a questioning look. "Yes, I have a Master Card, it should be in my wallet."

"Have you been to New York or Amsterdam lately?"

"No, last weekend I received papers that this house was willed to me by my Great Uncle. I spent the whole weekend filling out papers and tax forms and then trying to find out what was needed to be repaired, what the boundary lines were.....I figured my lover and I could get away here for the two weeks we have on vacation and I'd spend the first two cleanning the place up. Last week was spent at work. What's up with New York and...."

"Amsterdam, Mr Hendricks. There was a burglary at a museum in New York and then one shortly after in Amsterdam. There was also a theft this week at an arena all had transactions with your master card in or around the area. Why haven't you noticed your card missing before now?"

"I don't normally use my card, I usually prefer to pay cash for everything. I just don't use it that often."

"Did you use it anytime around here?"

"No, I...well, yes I did. I used it to get gas Sunday morning when I left to go back home and work."

"I think we can pretty much say you're in the clear. It's pretty evident that you lost your card, probably at the gas station. Besides the gentleman we're looking for is a short, balding blond, around five eight or so. Your a little think haired and tall for that description. Was probably some freak who found your card and masqueraded as you till the card ran out."

"We'll let you know if we find the perpetrator, Mr. Hendricks. In the meantime, check your bank records and other personal documents to make sure the culprit doesn't try to tamper with anything else."

"Alright, thank you."

I escorted them to the door, and then casually walked back to kitchen, catching a glimpse of one of the officers looking at me through the window. I looked at my wallet, shook my head and put it in my pocket, then got a bowl of cereal and had a bowl staring at the ceiling as if I was pondering the bad luck that had just befallen me. When I was sure the coast was clear, I got my stash, placed it back in the bedroom and then took out Shaquille O'Neal's tennis shoes and put them on. I think I was getting used to the rush and the changes as they happened, that and of course it wasn't as big of a change as I had the last time, this one going from six ten to seven one. For the next three days I read books, did some excersizes, jacked off and tried hard not to think of the next step til Saturday. Saturday, that morning was a rush. I placed on Michael Ri's shoes and went through an eighth inch growth spurt to seven foot nine. Once again the stretching, the pain, the turn on, meeting doorways top to chest, needing to sleep sideways on the bed and that wasn't working, looking at chairs, plates, and thinking "Geeze is the world small! No it's not, I'm freakin seven foot nine!" Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Tuesday, time to switch the shoes and put on the circus gentleman's. Oh-ah, up up up to eight foot four. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday- Friday, time for new shoes again, Mr. Wadlow's. My feet were only slightly smaller that his now, I couldn't believe it. Placing them on I grew to eight eleven and then ran and grabbed an encyclopedia that was in the den, preparing for the next and last step. Looking up cubit, I discovered there was some discrepency on exactly what the measurement was but it was estimated to be between 18 and 22 inches and a span was nine. Looking then to a bible I read that Goliath was thought to have stood six cubits and one span. This places him somewhere between nine foot nine and eleven foot nine. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I continued doing exercises noticing that at almost nine feet I could start touching the celiling. I had to be carfeul too because even without muscle mass, my weight was enoguh to make the house shake. I was starting to completely out grow the largest of the sweats that I had bought. There'd be no pulling or stretching to make them fit now and today's last step of growth would leave no hope; I would be wearing double kingsized bed sheets for loin cloths then, or naked which ever I prefer.

Getting up Monday morning, I gave my self a rub down or was it a feel up? I took a bath, sponge one that is cause I couldn't even sit in the tub now, and it was about to get smaller. I grabbed the sandals and walked into the living room. I stared at the couch for a long time. The last three days it had become my favorite chair, while the floor had become both my couch and bed. Some discomforts, but the pleasure of my being big and the thought that my relatives would crap their pants, pressed me on. I sat on the couch laced the sandals on my feet. Wow, even though I was an inch under nine feet tall, there was room to grow in these shoes. As soon as I laced them up, I stood up looked down at me feet and said, "Out grow them." I thought my feet were on fire as they started this growth spurt, the growth, the pull, the stretch, all at once, nmmnnnn and it's starting up my legs again, and my hands. This was intense and numbing. I began to see black dots obscure my vision; I felt the room spin a little. Agony only intensified as my feet went past the shoe size and kept swelling. The laces seemed like they were cutting into them. Oh shit! The laces will stretch a bit and the leather sides with the lace holes will just move out, to the side, and lay flat. My feet are gonna have to bust the laces to outgrow these shoes instead of the splitting the sides. How much growth will that take? My mind raced with the possiblities and so did my head too. The brain was cursing at itself for what it had done telling the hands to rip off the laces and stop the growth. However, the hands were to busy checking the crotch area, as that head had come to life enjoying the growth and the pain and spewing lubrication out left and right as if it would help. Just when I thought I would black out I heard, snap snap snap! My growth stopped, the laces were busted. I opened my eyes and saw here was almost no room between my head and the ceiling. My hose went into overtime and sent cream pouring down my pants leg. Before walking over to where the growth chart wall was that I had been using for two weeks, I looked down at my feet and carefully lifted one off a sandal and placed it next to the shoe. I had out grown it. That sandle what once was four times my size was now four to eight sizes too small. Making my way to the chart, I creamed several times realizing that I had to duck the ceiling beams because I stood taller than their placement. I stood straight, and tall, againts the wall and making a mark at the top of my head, backed away to see that I stood elven feet nine inches tall! I guess old Goliath was ten nine and now I was a foot taller. I got my self cleanned up, put on another pair of sweatpants which now looked like somewhat tight running shorts that only hugged my butt checks and not one bit of leg, and then ate breakfast. Man, I think I can take a whole cow on by myself. Rearranging the furniture so I could use the small set of steps up to the hall platform as the back of my chair while the floor was my seat. I made it so it still looked presentable if I wasn't there, but left the enitre floor open in between for my feet and legs if I were.

After that was done I decided why stop, let's keep it going. I went back to the bedroom, grabed my treasure bag and the red and sand powder. One by one I slipped into, as well as I could, the posing trunks or swimsuits of Greg Kovacs, Nasser El Sonbaty, Paul DeMayo, Lee Priest, Gunter Schilenkamp, Jean Pierre Faux, Mike Mattarazzo, Roland Kicklinger,Manfred Hoberel, Bruce Patterson, Segio Olivia, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Frank Zane. I was tall and slim, but at my height, my skinny legs were still larger than most of these gentlemen's waists. I managed to get them up to around my knees, well actually my knees to the top of my calves, with as many briefs as I was putting on, it was a little difficult to get them all bunched at the same level. Sprinkling the red and sand powder onto my self and the trunks I called out, "Let this influence my height." Not that I needed to be any taller, but hey I might as well go for broke, and beisdes, atheletes are usually a little taller than what they would have been if they were just couch potatoes. Excercise does improve your body. Suddenly I felt very stiff, and I felt my blood pulse, it was so loud I could hear it. I couldn't move, but luckily I could see my reflection in the hall mirror. First the trunks began to glow and flash and colors began to swirl and mix until it seemed they were being torn into little squares and then sewn together like a quilt. Eventually the formed a brand new pair of trunks that actually fit me. Hot damn, not only do I get big muscles now, but the spell created some posing trunks for me too! At least I have one item of clothing now.

I saw the veins in my neck jump out, expand, fill out like snakes crawling in and out of my skin. My body became a road map showing red rivers and the veins seemed to slink their way down my arms, back up and across my chest, down my torso, around my legs and stop at my feet. Next they seemed to pulse with the flow of blood and slowly I began to see my body get thicker with each pulse, and this wasn't the muscle. I was still thin and trim, but it seemed at the joints, around the ankle and wrist areas I could especially tell, I was getting thicker, as if my bones were becoming larger, and then I noticed my calves started blowing up, as if they were a balloon. I could hear the stretch of skin, the tear and rebuilding of muscle and sinew, I watched as the veins bulged larger and the calves got bigger, more cut, freakier. grown bulls, no longer calves. And these bull claves struck out with a fury onto my quads by lashing them down with connecting cables of spun steel, support cable for the golden gate bridge and as they were lashed down, the thighs began to pulse and with each pulse inflate: pulse, thicker - pulse, stronger - pulse, cut - pulse popping hams - pulse, spreading legs apart - pulse, squeezing my balls! - pulse, fighting each other for room on my body because - pulse, each one was becoming - pulse, twice as big as my waist - pulse, each taking over and - pulse, bubbling out - pulse, and firming - pulse, one check of my ass! Oh God! I gonna eject three gallons of man milk, I know it! Uh... Next they bloodvessels worked their way back up to my mid section and I thought I felt I was getting a massage. Some where, maybe in my veins, were invisible fingers rubbing me down, modling my flesh: A stroke and I could see my abs extend a little; a rub and I could see some faint lines forming down and across my stomach; a knead and I could see my abs bubble up with some clearly cut lines and definition; a grope and my abs were a massive six pack; a soft caress and the six pack became a hard eight. But the hands didn't stop there, the moved down the lower part of my back and pushed deep and hard, spreading from the back out to my lats and with each deep push and rub I saw my back become: thick, v shape, broad, wide, expansive, movers of arms suspending them parallel with the floor and then the hands moved their way to my chest: rub up, my chest became thicker; grope, crescent moons began to form; feel up, my chest began to stick out; nipple pinch, Lord! it's beginning to barrel; smack down, Ugnnnn! it grows up, out, and wide helping push the arms out further; nipple nip!, OH FUCK! it expands such that I think it'll topple me over as I'm too top heavy. My chest is barreling like oil tankers. But I'm not done yet as the veins work their way down my shoulder to my arms and blow the forearms, traps, tris and bis up to tremendous proportion. They litterally blow them up. I could feel it! Whispered breeze, my arms are average no longer toothpicks - a soft kiss, a baseball begins to form - the blow into an ear, I have gymnast arms - the blow and suck of a hickey, there's a football forming - the bite of a lover steaming down your neck, Ughh no, not now don't blow as my arms expand to volley balls! - The blow for a job down under, Ah ah ah ah, uh, not yet my arms are like huge dodgeballs - Hot and heavy breathing of passionate love during sex, Wuhah! ah, as big as frigate cannon balls! Auh! huh! huh! huh! I spewed. If the trunks hadn't been on I would have shot a good forty feet I'm sure. With each blast from my hose, I watched as the last group, my neck, got thicker, wider, stronger, going from pencil neck to thicker than my head. I looked at my self and then down at my trunks, so much milk bath that the soak up was clear around to the back side as well.

I was so huge, I was enormous, I was massive, I was a freaking GIANT! My lats and arms we so big, I couldn't imbrace myself. Walking over to the growth chart, I couldn't move by placing on leg forward, I had to roll my legs out of each other's way. The chart confirmed what I believed had happened, since I could feel the ceiling boards with the top of my head, I was now exactly twelve feet tall three more days to go and I'll have completed everything and will welcome my lover to his vacation.

The days couldn't go fast enough for me and yet I wanted them to last forever so I could just sit and admire my new self. Grabing the last of my treasures, Wednesday morning, I slipped the trunks from the Amsterdam museum on as far as they would go, the bottom of the calves. I grabbed the last of the powders, purple, dusted myself and the trunks. I watched the trunks expand and crawl up my calves, around me knees, and up my now quivering thighs, until they fit nice and snug around my crotch, and then it began. I felt something like a tugging sensation, except it tickled more. Ungh.... you know...uh uh uh....that area right at the bottom of the shaft where it connects to your balls....whoa! and thah - ah - aht to your small space between the sac and hole. Oh my god! Stop! It kept getting rubbed so smoothly, yet so hard, I felt the tingle all the way up to my lower lip. Aheee....I....I'm gonna spew and this time I will blow a hole in the wall. I will send a torrent of cream so big it will threaten to overtake, flow, and become the stream out back. What have I done? This is gonna get big to handle... With each stroke I watched as the pouch in front of me began to hold larger and larger items. Pump- necatrines and a hotdog. Stretch - oranges and banana. Stroke- Whuh! Zucchini and coconuts. Pull- It's a friggin snake. Tug- oh! an anaconda! Glide, stroke, tickle, brush, quiver, shake, pulse, throb, suddenly it all subsided. There was this huge bulbous mass that those briefs could barely contain. I pulled them down ever so gently to my knees and watched in amazement as my now gigantic member hung down nearly to there as well. Three fourths the way down my thigh and as tick as my wrist I swear. I looked at it. I stared at it. I salavated at it and watched as it suddenly began to grow back to life, long, hard and proud of what it had become. I grabbed a tape measure and quickly found out hanging limp it was 27 and a half inches long and growing. It grew and enlarged, engorged, became thicker becoming as long as my legs I swear. It finally met me face to, uh face? at 51 1/4 inches long. I promptly opened my mouth and went to town on it and myself: mouth to head, hands to balls large enough to bowl. In the end, exhausted, elated, tired, and in extacy I filled the living room with enough juice to turn it into a swiming pool. I feel asleep lost in my thoughts and overcome with new sensations.

I woke up the next evening, having slept through the entire day and something else, Greg's arrival. I saw that the living room was clean, I had been washed and clothed with a tight pair of grey running shorts that left almost nothing to the imagination, and there seemed to be candle light out side. Opening the two deck doors, I slid myself out, stood up, and walked to the edge of the yard where the candles were. There on the ground were plates of food, two portions one for someone average and one for my current type of appetite. Next to this there were two large sheets and two large comforters laid out with all the pillows the held. Greg popped out from behind a tree yelling "Surprise!"

"I thought I was gonna surprise you. The growth took a lot out of me I guess. I slept for a whole day."

"It's ok, lover. The night it what is more fun."

Greg peeled off his shirt, pretended to push me on my back, as I reclined looking at him. He grabbed a plate and slithered up my abs and chest sitting in its crevice with his legs hanging off between my neck and shoulders. He picked up some spare ribs, and lowered his arm to where the ribs dragged across my chest and then was brought to my lips. Gently, I nipped at the ribs while Greg bent down and licked the bar-b-que sauce that trailed my chest. I had several entrees and courses this way. When the meal itself was done, Greg took out a can of whipped cream and placed a dallop in his hand. Slowly he rubbed some on one of my nipples, then he rubbed some on the other. Finally he took off his shorts, rubbed some on he member now throbbing hard and purringly said, "Flex your chest for me."

I did and everytime I brought those mounds together, Greg shoved his meat in between the crack, slidding and glidding with the cream and licking off my nipples. Soon, he laid himself down prostrate on my torso and began grabbing and pinching by nips, gropping and feeling my lats and abs, then flipping on his back, began to stroke at the package inside the running briefs which were already straining to hold back what it contained. He stroked and stroked, moaning each time he heard a small rip and made sure I wouldn't reach down and free it. Evenutally, my member rose to the occassion, breaking through the fabric and standing tall. Greg, pulled it down towards my legs and proceeded to back into it with his derrier.

"Greg! What are you doing. That'll kill you, rip your insides to shreds!" "Coel, you're worth more gifts that you recieved, and I got a couple of extra for you."


Greg pushed himself on to my prong a little bit and I felt something quiver.

"Now push into me deeper."

I couldn't help myslef I grabbed Greb with just my finger tips letting them slide and glide over his taught body and gently pulled him down further. A moan, escaping from his lips, ran through my ear and made my staff rush with more blood.


I pushed harder, felt a twinge, and realized the swoon was so great because it felt like my schlong was heavier.

"More!" a deeper voice yelled.

I pushed Greg on harder and harder, further and further, sure that this would be the last bit of sex my love and I would have. This would be his end. But somewhere along the way of pushing him down, down, down, a pair of hands reached out and grabbed a hold of me and I heard Greg say, "This is far from over. I want it all inside me now!"

I looked out and then up on the face of my lover. He pulled me closer to him and I grabbed all the more to be inside him and I watched his form rise higher and broader into the night. I looked at his immense body and felt small once again. I was with my larger lover, my mate, and nothing would change that. My growth would npt seperate us, and I creamed for hours inside his checks. He grabbed me, laid on his back and placed me on his chest with a tape measure in his hands. As he had looked up to me, I now looked up to him, and I measure him to be exactly twenty-one feet four and one fourth inches tall. I laid down on his chest and stroked it up and down. My member becoming hard again. But soon I was being moved, by something from underneath. Glancing down I saw it, his gargantuan member springing to life, as big as mine was before but in proportion to his new height. Picking me up, turned me around and caused the most, buringind, painful, blissful, overwhelming sensation as his protruding prong packed my ass. Further and further it went in, causing me to laugh, to cry, to moan, to scream, to bay at the moon, all the while he held me, and held me, and pushed me up and down until I noticed I moved or swayed due to being bumped and not by force of hand. My feet were planted firmly on the ground. I had grown again! Greg flipped the tape measure out and went to town showing me that he had an incredible ninety -two and a half inch snake, but it was nothing compared to the one hundred sixty four and half inches long or thirteen feet eight and half inch anaconda I was sporting on a new thirty eight and a half tall body. Ramming me up the ass, Greg moaned with pleasure everytime I oohed in delight and pain. After he was through there, he laid me on my back, jumped on my torso and tried literally do a pole dance that didn't end until both of us sent a torrent of cum flooding the valley. He slapped my ass, yelled tag and raced to the creek where he grabbed a ten gallon bucket, so small in his hand now and threw water on me. I reached my hand in the creek and splashed him. We lied as well as our giant bodies could fit in that creek and washed each other off with slow, light caresses. Then sauntering off we laid down on the sheets, curled up as best we could with the comforters and went to sleep looking at the stars, Greg huddled close and almost on top of my chest. At dawn's first light the scene was still the same except he was down to six foot again and I was twelve foot.

I found out later, as Greg slowly grew to reach about seven foot tall, that he had fallen into the cave shortly after the spirits had transported me back to the house. We made that house out permement home since it was the only place I could fit. We put in a couple of new rooms and added to the ceiling a bit to accomodate the winter and our passion. There's two new tubs in the house, both fifty foot deep one for bathing and one that's a hot tub. Also added we a couple of guest rooms. Well, I had to have the family reunions at my place so I could attend and not ruin family's furniture, besides some family members descretely stay for a few extra days because, well let's just say they had a few things in their closets.

I quit my job, since I was now traveling as the world's tallest man and that was another surprise, Jason, he seemed to enjoy the new me as well, or at least he tried to. Greg takes him in the back all the time and whips him and tells him when he learns he can then get the pleasure of seeing me.....I don't think he ever will, at least if Greg has anything to say about it. •

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