Jocking, The: Kai Cole

The Next Day


By CallMeCrazy

This is so wrong. I mean . . . wow.

The entire school had changed. It was now an all-male school. Two thousand guys in 9-12 grade. That was not the major change. Every member of the football team now walked around in a jock strap and cup, football cleats, white tights, and a white long-sleeved under armor tight shirt. And everyone else acted like it was normal. People told Kai that it was the normal football uniform. "Thatís what they wear every non-game day." No it isnít. No one would ever wear that. Ever. Not in public. Maybe in the privacy of a locker room. Changing into something else. Not parading around school. Until now, it hadnít really occurred to me how much of the school had been Jocked. It is way too many. Another change that Briggs had made was that now body fluid could alter a man. He still had to be tuned with the machine, but the physical changes could happen with anything he wanted. He just had to program them in. Plus, after any alteration, the man would be ready for the final change, and come willingly. Kai walked straight up to Briggs when he saw him. "How the fuck did you pull this off?" Briggs was surprised, but not entirely. He figured that somehow nothing would or could change Kai. "I donít know what youíre talking about." "This . . bullshit! Itís just not possible." "Sorry, Kai but you had better get to class." Even Kai couldnít destroy Briggsí good mood. I want to yell at him. I want to hit him. But keep shut. Donít let him know what I know. Silence is golden. He still thinks I am clueless, when I really only need a few more clues. The entire football team felt liberated. Finally, they could strut their stuff. This was how they had been programed and now life felt perfect. Except for all the non jocks in the school, but that was going to change by Friday and they all knew. The others thought everything was normal and it was, they just didnít realize how normal yet. "Iím surrounded by idiots!" Kai yelled that in the middle of Castís class. They had spent most of the hour talking about football, as everyone else was a player now. Everyone except for Kurt Dudson. He always wanted to be a jock, Kai couldnít believe they hadnít taken him. Maybe heís too easy, they want to try harder ones first. Kurt asked to go the restroom, and Cast wrote him a pass and he left. Not soon after Brock got up and left the room. Guess theyíre taking him today. Kai just sat in silence, waiting for the bell. Or really anything to get him out. He was leaving the moment the class ended. He would steal away into the auditorium, then leave. In the bathroom, Kurt was standing up, taking a piss. He saw Brock come in after him and stand at the one next to him. He did a small gesture to acknowledge him. Kurt always wanted to be friends with the cool jock, but he wasnít big enough to play. So, he followed them around like a puppy. The "Dud" they called him. When he was done, he zipped up and turned around. Brock was standing in front of him, waiting. "What-" he as cut off as Brock pushed him to the ground. He struggled as Brock forced himself onto Kurt. It took a moment before Kurt noticed that Brockís tights were on the ground, then he felt a large dick rubbing up on him. Kurt could barely struggle against Brock, as he shoved off Kurtís pants and boxers, revealing his ass. Body fluid worked after all, and Brock really wanted to get off. Kurt felt a sharp pain as his ass was penetrated. He let out a little scream which Brock cut off by kissing him. Kurt could feel the full length of Brockís manhood pressing inside of him, so warm. It felt good. Really good. The rhythmic pumping inside him was incredible. In fact, he loved the feeling of Brockís cum spraying in him. He could feel the other manís dick force out the fluid. It was a little thicker than normal. And then the pain began. Veins shot through his dick, and the once 6 inch prick became an 8 inch monster. His balls inflated like balloons. All over, the veins pumped his body with hot, jock muscle. He could feel himself becoming stronger and stupider, and he accepted it. No, he wanted it, he begged for it. His ass become two big melons, and he had to waddle to prevent his thighs from hitting. His pecs become the size of platters and his back gained so much muscle it almost made him hunch over. His arms turned into the size of legs, brimming with muscle. As the veins filled his neck, he became a resonant bass. The restructuring of the face took only moments, followed by the deep sexual haze that followed. His hair was dull brown, like his eyes. He had gone from 5'3 150 pound loser to 6'6 435 pound star halfback, running incredible touchdowns. Brock helped him up and led him to the locker room. Forget the dud, Kurt Studson- dressed in white tights, walked back into the Chem class. The football Stud. He acted like a jock, and finally was one. Kai just sighed and prayed for the bell. •

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