Jocking, The: Kai Cole

Just a Thought


By CallMeCrazy

Kai spent the night reading over his parentís files, and finding nothing useful. He was having trouble staying awake, so would burst into song whenever he felt himself drifting off. La la la. This sucks. I need some luck. All these files talk about bending reality. Thatís not what the machine does . . . except that I guess it bends the reality of the person. Could you expand something like . . . speak of the devil . . . Briggs? Worked at the plant. For a summer, six years ago. I never knew that. So, he knew my parents. Thatís rather odd. Would explain how he has access to the chemicals though. Hey, they tried to experiment with expanding the bend. They needed something more powerful as a base for reality. So they began creating a new chemical. They had used XAP6 but were trying to upgrade, make a XAP7. No chemicals listed . . .and the files only go to six months before. Yeah, they were going to be late cause it was back up day. The accident happened on the last day. Any research for the season was done, and mysteriously all the files are destroyed. I wonder if that stuff was XAP7. No . . the prototype of seven had been made before the back up. It was thinner and green. Probably a good thing they changed the color. So, what? Is Briggs playing with XAP8? Or even nine or ten. I suppose, who knows how long that stuff was in the making. They erased the previous seasonís files . . .at least my parents did. Grr! What? . . . the effects of XAP6 can be prevented by adding . . . to the person. What? They blanked it out. Data recovery to the rescue. Uplog file . . revert to date . . . six months before. . . .added . . . TAN1. TAN1 prevents the affects of the XAP. It can be added to the individual, the only know affect it has is altering the color of the personís hair. It tends to exploit multiple colors ranges that were previously unaccessible. So in other words it gave the persons streaks. Oh! Huh! Mom and dad werenít gonna let it happen to their kid, were they. TAN1 has been tested on one subject, and reactions were positive. Further success is suspected. TAN1 . . .TA1 . . .TAI . . .Tai. Fun, so a chemical was named after me. What does the N stand for? Shit, the sun is coming up. Better get to school.

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