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Maddox was unhappy. This, in itself, was not unusual. His level of unhappiness, however, was.

He scanned the report on the screen again. It just didn't make any sense. It defied logic and reason and made him question the sanity of whoever at the Agency had sent this package. He was not averse to unusual assignments, quite the opposite. He was the guy the Agency sent in to uncover hard truths, unbelievable truths... but this was... beyond unbelievable.

He pulled the loose sheets off the printer and twisted back around, stacking them neatly before beginning to reread what the glowing screen in front of him had told him.

Scott Maddox wasn't dumb. He was, in fact, extremely intelligent. You had to be to make it in the Agency's Elite Corps. You had to be smart, and you had to be strong, and you had to be a big badass motherfucker -- with consummate manners to fit in at any diplomatic function, an eye for beauty to appreciate the finer things in life, and a body that would do what you asked of it every time, without fail.

You also had to be attractive, because people like attractive people and trust them more than, well, unattractive people. And Maddox knew he was that as well, from his pedicured feet to the top of his blonde- haired, blue-eyed head 6-feet 2-inches above, he was good looking. Oh, hell, he was gorgeous. He used those azure eyes of his well, and that mouth of straight white teeth with it's dimpled killer smile. He dressed to complement his well-trained muscles. His clothes were tailored to his frame and hand made to cling in places that left little to the imagination of exactly what he was packing. He knew that a big dick, like his, put other men at a disadvantage (whether they realized it or not). He knew that when he walked into a room, he would get some attention, and he would earn it, and others would fear and respect him. He used everything to his advantage to get the job done.

Because failure was not an option.

"Oh, this is fucked up," he murmured, his voice soft and deep. He was flipping the pages as he scanned the project brief and the notes left by what had to be the two most insane or ingenious geneticists the world had ever produced. He had met Dr. Carlos Martinez once. His crystal clear and perfect memory brought up the old man's face, his alert eyes and the jowls hanging off his cheeks and the hunched over posture he had. The other man, Dr. Jerald Lassiter, he knew only by reputation. He wondered how good a man had to be to deserve such a reputation. And those rumors, but rumors usually proved to be true.

After the initial definitions of genetic enhancement, most of which were hardly new to him, particularly since he owed some of the man he was today to earlier experiments along the same lines, the old `perfect soldier' routine which inevitably ended badly for one side or the other -- either the initial guinea pigs lived up to and surpassed expectations, became unmanageable (to put it lightly) or they became little more than vegetables, their metabolism so screwed up that they either burned out or bulked up too big to move -- and here it was rearing it's ugly but not unexpected head again. His own enhancements (he preferred to think of them as natural developments) had all been fairly small and done over a series of years, each building on the other, allowing him to be a little bit stronger, a little bit more handsome, a little bit less inclined to get tired without sleep or to become fatigued after hours of intense physical exertion. Some of them were the result of experiments like those that Martinez and Lassiter were doing -- he himself had access to some early serum that had helped him surpass his previous records for bench press and bicep curls, pushing his ultimate pump over the 400 lbs. limit on each arm -- and some had been less than legal.

He wanted to be perfect. He had to be for his job. People, governments, maybe entire civilizations depended on him. And he'd do whatever it took to get there.

But this time they wouldn't use soldiers, it said. This time the initial trials would be performed on civilians! Which was, he thought again, fucked up. What poor saps would they possibly enlist into this ridiculous mess? And why would anyone volunteer for it?

Then he thought, sure, why not? People will do anything for money. He knew that well enough.

The approach was interesting, and well thought out. Martinez and Lassiter had done their homework. Of course they had. Some of the theories were interesting. He flipped back to the lab work, reviewing the chimp tests, the impressive results, the proof that the theories were more than theories, leading up to that first test subject, and then...


At least, nothing officially official. But that was where he came in.

He read on, past the ending, into the real beginning of the story, the part where the Agency took its observation underground, in the field, watching, and waiting...

Transform was initially deemed a failure after the disappearance of Dr. Martinez, when in fact it succeeded beyond the wildest expectations of anyone connected with the project and continues to change and increase in potency and power.

The original intent was that men injected would develop increased strength, size and stamina for extended field missions so that undercover plans could be carried out by the men alone without additional tools, weapons or vehicles to weigh them down. Their bodies would realize such intense muscular development and cellular skin enhancements that even the need for body armor would be decreased due to the mass and density of the tissue.

Such mass would also, subsequently, increase strength upwards of ten-fold.

Since the formula would heighten all male attributes including libido in addition to strength, etc., the formula also had a built-in trigger that would allow the men to find sexual release in each other if they were on long duration missions. In addition to turning any fully-grown man into a super-strong, super-sexed, superman, Transform also altered the body chemistry to make a

Transformed man capable of living for extended periods without any protein supplements other than his or his compatriot's sexual emissions. He could literally live off semen. Transform would also, unfortunately, render a man sterile.

Since the formula completely reconstituted a man's genetic structure, long-term effects were unknown. Transformed men may live for extended periods of time without any physical deterioration since they were designed to regenerate cellular structure (including muscle) at an incredible rate. It is doubtful they could be considered immortal, but they would certainly be super-mortal. Since their skin and muscle tissue is more or less impervious to weapons of any but the most drastic sort, hurting or maiming or killing a Transformed man would prove exceptionally difficult.

Transform was not tested on humans until Subject One, but as soon as it was released into its intended target, it began very quickly to morph into something like a virus that released a man's physical body into his total control. Also, the growth process accelerated massively with each new man, and increased even stronger when two or more Transformed men engaged in sexual acts, exchanging sperm in any form including contact of the skin, ultimately allowing men to grow far beyond normal human boundaries and realize new skills.

"New skills," Scott whispered, his brow creasing. " I wonder what...?"

His brain was trying to wrap itself around what it was reading. He tried to imagine what a guy would go through, how he'd manage to come to grips with changes so drastic that they changed literally everything about him, including sexuality. What a mind fuck that would be. But becoming impervious to weapons would be worth that. Besides, he'd left behind any of his own sexual prejudices and predilections long ago. It was all good. He continued reading:

Sexuality and sexual release and satisfaction for a Transformed man cannot be easily described in terms applicable to normal men. With each Transformation, the physical sensations associated with sexual and sensual actions seem to grow stronger and stronger, stretching out from the penis alone to encompass every inch of a Transformed man's body. Observation suggests that this, too, is controlled by the individual.

Orgasms are deep, full, long-lasting, mind-numbing affairs that seem to go on for however long a Transformed man wishes them to. He can ejaculate copious amounts, releasing a seemingly endless supply that his testes produce in abundance. This may be a natural effect of the serum since the semen production might need to be the only sustenance available. He will sometimes release a flood of lubricating pre-ejaculate almost as soon as he becomes aroused. He can also release this on command. The eventual development of twin penises amplify the affects even stronger.

Scott's mouth fell open, and he mouthed, "Twin dicks?" He read that sentence again to see if he read it right. Then he read it again. His hand was absently rubbing his own ample cock under his pants.

A Transformed man's orgasms - or even the simplest acts of caressing or kissing or petting -- deliver depths of pleasure beyond the capability of normal men to comprehend.

Scott was becoming seriously aroused by all this. He couldn't take his eyes off the pages, now.

A Transformed man is exceptionally physically attractive. He becomes bodily perfected as a by-product of the overall conditions under which Transform was designed to work. While each man is as physically distinct in appearance as he was before Tranformation, his face, body and muscular form are all improved to an extent that would make him appear Godlike in everyday surroundings. His natural appearance, absent imperfection of form, comes to define male perfection.

These conditions can be lessened to some extent during the morphing process. It is also possible for Transformed men to become "ugly" or "scrawny," but retaining a weakened-looking state for long periods may be difficult owing to the overwhelming size and strength of the muscle tissue.

"Holy fuck!" Scott's eyes narrowed as he continued reading. He leaned back a little, unzipping his fly and digging inside his tight pants, pulling his swelling dick out for some cool air. He used to get annoyed by this. It seemed like a natural side effect of all these attempts at improving the male animal -- their libido would increase as well, growing stronger and hungrier as their body grew bigger and better. Maybe it was something so intrinsic to men that it couldn't be helped, but becoming a slave to desire was something he used to wish could be lessened.

He had to admit, however, that the rewards more than made up for the inconvenience. The bigger dick, and its stronger sensations and thicker loads, were exceptionally gratifying. And when he was alone, like he was now, he felt no guilt about relieving any built-up pressure.

Transform becomes so ingrained into the cellular and genetic structure that it can eventually be transmitted not only through fluids, but also through scent and touch. A Transformed man regains the pheromone attractants natural to all species but, as in all other Transformed aspects, these pheromones are incredibly robust and absolutely controllable by the subject. They refer to this as `Sex Scent.'

Once released into the air, however, it loses much of its potency over distances as short as 20 feet. Proximity is important outdoors to attract and Transform another man. Men exposed to dissipated Sex Scent will still feel an increase in libido, but certainly less pronounced than direct exposure.

In an enclosed space, however, the potency is dramatic and instant. Any man, Transformed or not, struck by the scent will become immediately aroused to an extent that instantaneous erection and ejaculation is likely. Transformed men retain some antidotal reaction to each other's scent, but they can recognize the individual smell of another Transformed man as uniquely as looking at their face or testing a fingerprint. As mentioned, Sex Scent can carry Transform within it. As in all other physical aspects, a Transformed man controls Transform's power and may withhold it from their own Sex Scent.

By now Scott was shaking his head with disbelief. This had to be a joke. Someone -- someone very high up to have his access code -- was seriously fucking with him. Pulling his own genetically enhanced leg. But he continued reading and started stroking. The story was too good to stop now.

The Touch is an additional sensual, sexual and Transforming power manifested to varying degrees. If a Transformed man uses The Touch on any normal man, depending on the power he gives it, the man would be instantly thrown into an orgasmic state of sexual ecstasy stronger than anything a normal human male has ever experienced. The Touch may be applied as gently as a brush of a fingertip, but it will deliver full potency in an instant. It appears to react like a sort of sensual feedback, as if the subject is feeling not only the pleasure of their own body, but that of the other subject's body as well. Since a Transformed man's pleasure capabilities are amped higher than any scale can measure, receiving the Touch could potentially send a normal man unconscious from the intensity overload of the sexual bliss delivered. A man may also be Transformed via The Touch.

Another power is referred to as The Voice. A Transformed man's voice is naturally much lower and deeper than an ordinary man's because of his size. The vocal cords are stretched longer, they are thicker, the voice box more resounding, etc. However, an additional pleasurable effect may be fed into a Transformed man's voice that enters the pleasure centers of the mind through the ear and has an intense sexual affect. An ordinary man cannot be Tranformed using The Voice, but he can be easily seduced, brought to erection and even made to orgasm simply by using a few words laced with The Voice.

Scott put the papers down and sat back in his chair. This was incredible, if even half of it was true! His mind came back to one phrase he read, `because of his size.' He'd realized some growth after the hormone injections, both muscular and overall height, but all these other side effects were incredible! How big were these Transformed men? He closed his eyes as his hand firmly tugged on his fat, hard cock. He could feel himself approaching orgasm, so he eased off. He needed the energy for his workout, and he always got off stronger after a hard pump to his muscles anyway.

He shuffled through the pages until he came to a sort of Table of Contents for what a Transformed Man would realize after exposure, so to speak. If the previous passages were unbelievable, he didn't have words for these pages. His eyes were drawn to certain passages, containing certain words that caught his interest more than others...

Super Orgasm -- A Transformed man can literally ejaculate at will. No stimulation is necessary; he can control his entire body so he can control what it does. However, this form of orgasm is not as intense as one realized during sexual acts. The entire orgasmic release has been heightened like everything since a Transformed man's body, specifically the skin's nerve endings, become so sensually accentuated that almost any physical contact may feel like an extended orgasm. Additionally, a Transformed man may ejaculate for minutes or even hours if he desires, extending the sexual act indefinitely due to his unlimited strength, stamina and physical control. A Super Orgasm occurs without warning and usually in groups. It is a shared experience and is usually so powerful that the men engaged will be literally thrown apart under the force of the pleasure and the blast of sperm ejected.

Morphing -- A Transformed man has complete physical control of his body. His "normal" height may vary between 16 and 20 feet, but he is also able to shrink himself to a more acceptable height when in public, masquerading as something of an average man, although his physical beauty and muscular size would still make him stand out in a crowd. A Transformed man can change any aspect of his body, from hair length, color, thickness and style to skin pigmentation to eye color to penal length. There are no physical limitations so far observed, but he cannot apparently grow larger than his "normal" height and muscularity. Transformed men can also assume the appearance of any other man, including each other.

"Handy," Scott murmured. "No wonder the Agency..." His words trailed off when he saw the next entry.

Additional Penis -- As a result of the super saturation of masculine features, a Transformed man develops a second penis that hangs alongside the original. It is, in every respect, exactly as large and long as the original, but it is always uncircumcised. He may morph it into a circumcised specimen at will. The second penis may be shrunk inside the pubic hair to an extent that it appears to disappear entirely. A Transformed man retains the usual two testicles, albeit overlarge and overactive.

Prehensile Penis -- A normal man's penis behaves in a fairly predictable way; it is flaccid, or it is erect. A Transformed man's penises take on additional capabilities because new muscles apparently form within them which allows them to work almost like a monkey's tail. They can bend and flex and stroke each other. A Transformed man literally perform anal sex on himself. The subjects refer to this change as a Muscle Cock.

Augmented Anal Flexibility -- A Transformed man's anus takes on some additional capabilities, as well. It can act like a mouth to suck another man's penis (or his own, as desired) inside and pleasure it. It can also open wider to take in as much as necessary. This may also be another muscular side effect, as the Transformed man begins to manifest muscular control where none existed before.

Flying --

Scott blinked. Hard.

Flying -- A Transformed man behaves in a way to suggest that he has the ability to suspend himself in the air as if he is flying or defying gravity. After an initial `launch,' the subject most often appears to be "swimming through the air." The actual methodology and specific biological or genetic changes to account for this feat are not yet fully understood.

"Fucking flying? As if two pricks weren't reward enough." He flipped to the next page, anticipating even more unbelievable shit. He read:

The act of being Transformed is extremely pleasurable. It appears to feel as if your body has become a penis being pleasured in the most intense of ways. One feels alive and powerful and deeply aroused and satisfied. The process may last only seconds, or it may last days -- it is entirely up to the man or men Transforming the subject. They have complete control over the process and may decide to give only part of the package or the whole thing at once.

Certain men in the population are Triggers. They may introduce new powers and capabilities, or they may only increase the muscular size and overall height of the ultimate Transformed man. In certain cases, new capabilities are not transferred for no apparent reason.

In particular, an adolescent or teenager who has not reached full maturity will realize the effects of Transform to a degree over and above that of a fully-matured man. Because their body is going through its own changes, Transform supercedes and overruns the direction their maturity may have taken and instantly matures them into fully Transformed men of incredible physical beauty and innate sexual talent.

There was more. Plenty more. And all of it as mind-bending as what he'd already consumed. He hadn't even opened the binary files which, he presumed, probably had pictures to back all this up. They would never have sent him this if it weren't verified.

It was obvious that someone had either infiltrated this, what, cult? Club? Tribe? And had reported all that he had seen and, presumably, felt while in their midst. It had to be someone who'd been Transformed. Scott's suspicions started circling around one man in particular, and he was piecing that part of the puzzle together when he opened the binaries and a flood of full-color, print-ready, high- quality images spilled across the two monitors on his desk. Close- ups, full-bodies, front and rear, side to side, top to bottom, the images covered every square millimeter of undoubtedly the most perfectly developed man Scott had ever seen.

Things bulged. The things that bulged bulged. Huge muscle everywhere. Tight shots of flawless skin without blemish or wrinkle. More shots of the man performing impossible feats, bending his ultra-flexible body in ways that were absurd if not obscene. Comparison shots to show just how big "big" was -- and it was so far beyond Scott's interpretation that he didn't... couldn't believe it.

Then there were shots of the man's face, and beautiful was a term that could hardly begin to approach his features. And somehow, even though he was beautiful, he was also extraordinarily masculine. One straight-on shot showed the man looking directly out from the screen, and Scott could swear he could feel... something coming back from that still, digitized image.

And there they were. Two dicks. They were huge, they were long, and they were perfect. He looked for signs of the muscle they supposedly held inside, the fibers of power that allowed them to act and react independently, but they just looked like dicks. Big, fat, huge dicks.

So now he had the background, the dossier on the mission -- but he still didn't know what the mission was. The file said there were at least 24 of these men, and presumably more each day if the process were as easy as the file pointed out. Unstoppable Supermen with impenetrable skin, 20 feet high and stronger than any hundred men combined, capable of disguising themselves in almost any form, and apparently so sexed up that the most logical place to find them was in the porn industry fucking everything that moved.

They could be anywhere, because they could be anyone.

Was he to eliminate them? That seemed a terrible waste. From what he read, they had not done anything violent... yet. Mostly they just seemed oversexed. In the extreme. But to bring such a force under the Elite Corps would be perfect. He imagined himself as one of these men, and what he could then do. The flying alone....

Perhaps infiltrate them? Discover their secrets? But the Agency had those. They were right there in front of him, in full-color and in great detail. And they apparently already had one of the Supermen in custody, or at least as a willing conspirator. Why not simply use him? What would they need Scott Maddox for?

Unless this information had not been given to them willingly.

He glanced at the clock. 3AM. One hour before the next download. Then he looked again at the pictures, the bulging arm, the muscle-fat chest, the wedges of brawn along the leg, the huge dicks. "Gym time," he said, laughing slightly. He bent his own formidable bicep into being, watching the 20-inch peak press against his shirtsleeve. "Sorry baby," he told it, "looks like you and me have a ways to go." He smiled as he got up from his chair, thinking of the days to come. •

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