By Also_KnownAs

Chuck grinned. Man, it was all too easy -- but he still managed to get off on this every fucking time.

Being the man he was now, or whatever it was that he was because he felt like so much more than just a man, had not grown any more "normal" even though he hadn't been the man he was before he'd been changed for months. He could still remember what it was like before, because his body still delivered such intense shots of sexual and sensual pleasure almost constantly that every act, every utterance, every movement reminded him how big and beautiful and powerful he was now.

He looked down at his body, scanning across the gleaming bronzed skin at the cables of thick muscular brawn that pulsed and throbbed with incredible potential across every inch. He was so strong that there was nothing, literally, he could not do. No feat of strength was beyond his abilities. If he wanted to, he could be Clark Kent, pretending to the outside world that he wasn't really Superman, couldn't really fly, didn't really possess the strength to crush cars with his bare hands, stop trains, punch through steel like it was paper.

But he could do all of that, and more. But whatever the power was that swam through his blood and lived in every cell of his body, it wasn't driven to destroy or wage war or punch the shit out of anyone who looked at him sideways. More likely, he'd take the guy with the pea brain and the big mouth, ram his dick up his ass, pump him full of Transform and watch him become another mountain of muscle with the sort of towering masculine beauty that would make other men swoon and cream their jeans if he just glanced their way. He knew what would happen, because the guy would be like him, seduced by his own desires, willing victim to the overpowering sexual need that burned through him like fire and made every movement an unconscious seduction.

Chuck would rather fuck than fight. It was just the way it was.

The kid was damn cute. Lots of potential. Chuck watched him race through the coffee shop as he stood outside under the sun, feeling its fine heat bathe his naked skin, soaking in the warmth and light and health raining down from the heavens and soaking inside his flesh. The dude had a nice ass. And he packed it very neatly inside those Wranglers.

Sometimes it was just too easy.

He licked his long, talented tongue across his palm and left a gleaming coat of slickness there and applied his hand to his tool. He could be so much bigger than this, and merely thinking the thought made him ache for the feel of growth, that deep sexual throbbing pulse of growing strength and size that exploded along his thick muscles and tingled across his silken skin. He expanded slightly, just to taste that power, his frame swelling out slightly all over until he stood two inches taller and looked several pounds heavier with fat, firm brawn. He smiled and the shadow of whiskers on his chin darkened until he possessed a black goatee and thick mustache.

He wondered if the dude would even notice these changes, or if he was so blinded by Chuck's flawless and powerful form that the fact that he was even bigger now and wearing a neatly trimmed set of chin pubes that made his smile even whiter would go completely over his head.

Maybe it would just feed the fantasy.

Out in the world, among the men not changed, the ordinary men who could not do what he could do so effortlessly, this was more than ample. Now six inches past six feet high with a body (were it not hiding the compact weight of his true form) that would tip the scales at around 275, with a 51-inch chest and 28-inch arms. His waist was only two inches bigger than his fucking biceps, and the thickness of his vascular thighs rolled around each other as he walked. His ass was round and firm and high, and his shoulders stretched a yard across, easily.

He stroked his hardness, savoring the deep waves of total bliss enveloping his compacted form. They traveled through him like quicksilver, those shocks of complete sensual pleasure, lighting him up from inside. His nipples hung off the ends of his round chest globes like invitations. The dark curls that spread across his bronze flesh glistened like spun glass. Every inch of his body, every millimeter, was capable of delivering sensual satisfaction of such intense erotic power that any man who touched him could be brought instantly to multiple orgasm. He was an ultimate tool of masculine sexual power. There were only a handful of men like him walking the earth.

But there would be more, and soon. As he glanced upward and saw the kid leaning out his window, still clad in his white T-shirt and blue jeans, with a look of total joy and a little fear in his eyes, he thought, `And there'll be one more in about an hour.'

He smiled. `Maybe two hours.'

::Where are you?:: It was his friend and lover Frazz, speaking into his head from who knew where.

::Where the fuck do you think I am? I'm about to get a nice blow job and a fresh piece of prime, firm buttcake.::

::What's his name?:: It was the voice of another of Chuck's lovers, this one a young -- make that very young man called Adam. Of course he'd consider that first. Adam was always extremely polite and courteous, even when he was drilling your ass.

Chuck grinned and the humor came through in his answer. He was still looking up, still stroking off, still primed for pleasure. Because he always was. ::I didn't actually ask him.:: He could feel Adam's disapproval. ::Yet. Don't worry, I'll get to that. Believe me, he doesn't look too unhappy with my breach of etiquette.::

::So where are you?::

Chuck walked toward the shop, using his free hand to open the door while he continued pleasuring himself with his other. ::Why? What's the rush? You boys on fire or something?::

::Aren't I always?:: Chuck could feel Frazz's lust pouring over his words like chocolate syrup. He was a huge muscular monster of a man, his skin so dark he was almost black, with almond-shaped eyes and a ready, open smile that looked pornographic no matter how innocent he tried to act. He had a clean shaven head and a clean hairless body.

Like Chuck, he had been Transformed, and was now another example of the perfected male form, overwhelmed with muscle and ready to fuck the whole U.S. Marine Corps.

Frazz had been a towering figure of prime masculine flesh even before he met Chuck, but what he was now had amplified his beauty, strength, size and sex drive a thousand fold over what he had been. His whole genetic structure, every strand of DNA, every follicle of hair and every cell of skin, every fiber of muscle lining his primed, hard body had been cleansed of impurities and rebuilt. He was so much better than he had been, and so much more, that he was a different man altogether.

At least physically. Mentally, he was still Frazier, still the swaggering blowhard with the stinging sense of humor and the hands that performed miracles wherever they touched. But his eyes still twinkled with mirth and his smile still showed that, for all his bluster and ego, he was just a little sweetheart inside.

Adam was something else altogether. More than a man, Adam had been created from the essences of two other Transformed men, a sort of clone born of cells and sperm and grown to maturity in a matter of days, at least physically. He was still growing every day, more huge and more beautiful with each tick of the clock, born with an innate control of his entire physical structure down to every fiber of muscle and every follicle of hair erupting like a dark, curling forest on the mountains of his chest. Sometimes Chuck thought he could see Adam developing just watching him. He was male perfection in fast motion, a boy becoming a man becoming a superman as the hours passed.

Chuck was amazed every time he looked at Adam. He seemed to be growing every minute. His frame was stretching to accommodate his swelling collection of muscular beauty, brawn that was double that of Chuck or Frazz because he wasn't being changed from something else, his genes didn't need refining, his body wasn't going to go through a process of rebirth. This was his first birth, born as a fully Transformed man, and gifted with more of everything from the start. It was all developing by the day, and the boy seemed totally oblivious to his affect on his friends.

In Adam's eyes, everyone was beautiful, and he loved them all. He would love them all if he could -- and the thing was, he probably could. All at once. Everyone everywhere. With just a touch of his hand or the scent of his power, he could make men fall into states of sexual ecstasy from which the only recovery was to grow as huge and beautiful as Chuck or Frazz, so their bodies could cope with all the sensual and sexual masculine power flowing into them.

It's what Transform did, what it was for. To make supermen.

And it gave them control. Absolute, total control over every aspect of their physical form. And when they grew, as they all did, their bodies became overwhelmed with muscle and size. Fat, bulging masses of power that flexed and swelled, hugely powerful and perfectly developed. The men would grow taller as the muscle packed itself on, their bodies expanding to allow Transform to build them bigger and bigger. They doubled in height, and grew stronger. Then taller still, and stronger, and bigger. Fifteen feet high. Sixteen. And then came The Sharing where all the men who had been gifted with the power came together in an explosion of lust and growth and sex and beauty, and they all grew to their ultimate height.

But they could also compact themselves smaller, when desired. Total control. Tell your body what you want, what you need, and it was there at your command.

So Chuck's foot-long erection (he knew how big he was, down to the millimeter, even if to Tommy he owned something like 14 inches) was only a whisper of what he truly possessed -- and what he could give another man with a simple touch of his hand, passing the Transforming genetics to him and making him over into his perfect self.

Frazz spoke again. ::We were just curious, that's all. What's this wonderboy look like?:: Chuck sent out a mental picture of the kid whose name he didn't know. It was a fully formed, 3-D video with surround sound that appeared to his friends as if they were there with him. This was another capability that manifested, the mindspeech, the mental sharing between Transformed men. Their brains eventually changed like their bodies did, reopening old abilities or opening up channels to new ones. They were evolving by leaps and bounds, their perfect selves still perfecting.

Frazz growled a pleasurable moan and Adam sent out waves of love, as he usually did. Adam loved everyone. It was just his way. And the purest expression of love, as far as he knew, was fucking. Neither Chuck nor Frazz had chosen to change the boy's mind about that just yet. Chuck realized there was a danger, or he thought there probably was, so he and Frazz kept a close eye on Adam. But the boy never seemed to mind. Because he loved them.

At the moment, he and Frazz were deeply in love. Adam was deeply in love with Frazz's ass, and Frazz was deeply in love with Adam's monster cock. The term insatiable didn't even begin to approach the sexual appetite of a Transformed man. Total control meant total satisfaction -- but losing control had its appeal as well.

::Nice,:: Frazz said approvingly. ::Need any help?::

Chuck was mounting the stairs. The deep throbbing waves of bliss that rained through him were growing stronger because he allowed them to. His dick was harder than ever and spitting out a flow of thick, clear precum that smelled like raw sex. ::Don't think so, but thanks.:: He stood before the kid's front door. It stood slightly ajar and he pushed it open with his foot, moving inside and tossing his shorts to the floor. "Hello? I hope I'm not too early."

"What?" Jesus, the kid's voice actually cracked! How old was this little man?

Chuck shook his head and let a sideways smile light his features. "Nothing." He followed the sound of his voice. "What's your name?"

"My name?"

Chuck rounded the corner and stood in the bedroom doorway, his head nearly grazing the frame. He leaned against the entry, crossing his legs at the ankle and grinning with sexual intent. He ran his hand up and down the solid inches of his lathered prick, while the other hand played with one erect and very plump nipple. "Yes," he said, his voice like soft thunder, "what's your name?"

The kid was sprawled on his bed, still dressed, but his fingers were tugging his fly down. He looked almost like an anxious little puppy getting his first bone. When his own thin but long tool popped out, it looked as hard as Chuck's whole body, and his chest, beneath the cotton shirt, was just beginning to show the muscle inside. "Tommy." He grinned back. Tommy had dark blonde hair, straight and hanging across his eyes. He had a boy's face, with not a whisker in site, and blue eyes with long lashes. His nose was very small, which made his sensuous mouth look larger than it was. "What's yours?"

"Chuck," he said. And he heard in his mind Frazz say, ::God damn, boy! You sure you don't want any help?:: Chuck was leaving his channels open so that Frazz and Adam wouldn't just see what he was seeing, they'd feel it, too.

Still, as the song says, there ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

This was his first conquest since leaving IGE -- the Institute for Genetic Enhancement. It was a sham, created just to lure more men into the brotherhood, and it had worked for a while, but it became clear that Transform was too much to control, too big to corral. So the men of IGE had gone their separate ways, some teaming up, others simply disappearing.

This trio had spent a few days enjoying each other, and watching Adam continue to grow. He was now a robust 15 feet tall, still shorter than Chuck's 20 feet of muscle and Frazz's 21 feet. But Adam's growth was phenomenal, because he wasn't growing merely taller but more muscular as well. It was fucking amazing watching the kid's body continue to get bigger and stronger. Just watching him bulge his bicep -- or was it biceps (the cut on the head was so deep it looked like he had a set of them on each arm) -- was enough to set Chuck's dick to spurting. And he was just so fucking cute! He was becoming a true heartbreaker who would probably best even Joseph, another Transformed youth who Chuck considered easily the most beautiful man he'd ever encountered.

They had no plan. They had, instead, a competition. Of course. Because one way or another, everything became a competition between him and Frazz.

"Well, Chuck," Tommy said, sitting up and poking himself in the chest with his erection, "you just gonna stand there looking gorgeous or are you coming over here so I can suck you dry?"

Chuck's grin turned positively immoral. "Well," he said with no undue modesty, "you can try."

Tommy climbed off the bed and walked toward him. His dick was standing up straight and firm and fat as his loose jeans slid off his hips. He wasn't wearing underwear.

Tommy had never seen such a beautiful cock before. Maybe in some picture on the Net. Maybe in a dream. But never in the hot hard flesh and within his grasp. Chuck watched the kid zero his attentions in on the thing like that same dog after that bone. He was practically salivating. "Too big?"

Tommy tilted his head. "I won't know until I try, will I?" He smiled and met Chuck's gaze.

"Tell you what, Tommy. You take me -- all of me -- and suck me until I cum... and swallow the whole load, and I'll grant you a wish."

"A wish?" The doubt and sarcasm dripped off his reply.

Chuck just smiled and nodded. "Yes. A wish. Think of me like a genie. Except instead of rubbing my lamp, you need to suck my cock and make me cum."

Tommy eyed the giant dick. It looked about to fountain any second. "And I only get one wish?"

He reached forward and lifted Tommy's face, placing his fingers gently beneath his chin. His answer was soft and filled with promise. "You'll only want one."

Tommy's brow furrowed slightly, then he shrugged and began to formulate his attack. Chuck's dick looked 14 inches long, standing straight out and pulsing eagerly. It looked to be as thick as a beer can. Tommy could feel its heat from where he kneeled, squatting before the god in his bedroom and the monster of his godhood.

::That's hardly fair,:: Frazz sent. ::The least you could have done was give the guy a fighting chance!::

::You don't think I'm not going to grant his wish whether he succeeds or not, do you? Jesus, I can hold off cumming forever, even if this guy's the world champion of head.:: He could feel Adam's pride. He must have thought the same thing as Frazz, but the boy would have just touched Tommy with his fingertips and given him the gift without asking. ::Don't worry, Adam. You'll meet Tommy soon.::

Tommy started at the base, applying his slick tongue to Chuck's massive erection and licking up the inches of the fat shaft. A wealth of salty precum filled his mouth and he swallowed eagerly. While it was true that Chuck could hold his erection indefinitely and keep his balls from pumping until he decided he wanted to pump, he was also, at his core, a human male with sexual drives -- although his drives were about a thousand times more powerful than Tommy's -- that liked attention. And he could tell already that Tommy was a young man with no small amount of attention to give.

::Jeez, this kid's serious.::

::Shut up Frazz, you're not making this any easier.::

::Easier than what?:: Poor Adam. He just didn't get the whole anticipation/pay-off thing. He was pure pay-off.

Tommy placed his grip around Chuck's root and sucked his thick helmet inside his warm, wet mouth. His tongue was quite a talented little tool, itself, and he even used his teeth to good advantage. Chuck closed his eyes and felt Tommy's touch to his toes. He wanted very much to start growing right then, to feel his muscles expand and swell, but he kept a rein on himself. He wasn't even letting a thread of Sex Scent out, not yet. He wanted Tommy to be all Tommy without Chuck's overwhelming sexual powers to spur him on.

He could have, if he wanted, begun releasing the potent pheromones his body now produced, flooding the small room with a sexual scent so strong that Tommy would be moaning in ecstasy and spewing like a fountain. He could even lace the scent with the very chemical that had turned him into the super sexual, super masculine, super muscular being he was now. Transform swam through every cell in his body, and it was so strong that it only took a whisper of it to change another man completely.

Or he could have transferred the power through his skin, touching Tommy's cheek with his fingertips or kissing his lips tenderly and making him over in a matter of moments to become a being like him, with physical and sexual capabilities beyond anything Tommy could imagine.

But Chuck was what he had been even before the transformation of his body months ago. He was a horny bastard who loved fucking. He enjoyed it. He enjoyed doing it, and he enjoyed having it done to him. And he loved blow jobs. And Tommy was proving right now that he loved giving them.

And he was doing an excellent job on Chuck's joint, even as huge as it was. Chuck was aiding his lover's exercise in cock stroking by releasing copious amounts of the sweet, clear precum that acted as a super slick lube. Tommy seemed to be swallowing almost as much as he could pump, which only amplified his pleasure. Chuck reached up to pinch his own nipples and, in a moment of concentration, he did allow himself to grow, swelling his chest outward and dropping his fat nipples into his fingers. Even that small rush of muscular growth was enough to send shivers of deep sexual bliss through him. The growth process itself was like the truest, deepest orgasm imaginable.

Feeling your body begin to swell with power, to expand outward, growing stronger and bigger every second, was heaven.

But whatever Tommy was doing was a close second. •

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