No Limits



By Corwin

Jonny sat in the lab. Behind him, two mice wrestled and played. One was large and powerful, the other smaller. The large mouse easily dominated the smaller, but the tenacity of the smaller mouse was apparent. Jonny ignored them. The video tape was recording and he could examine the tape later if need be. He was more interested in the results of his experiment than the nitty-gritty details at this point. In the back of his mind, he knew it was his only hope, but he drove that thought away.

He stared at the scrapbook he was putting together. The Sunday paper had praised his masterful performance on the field, leading City into it's fifth straight undefeated season. Below the fold State was trumpeted for it's performance, especially Ken Walters, who the paper said "was a one man football team." The comparisons between State's star player and Jonny were inevitable.

Jonny scanned the articles from the rest of the week. Each built upon the previous. The expectations about the clash of the two undefeated teams and their powerhouses filled each article. Expectations were high. Jonny involuntarily flexed his pecs and lats, the sound of his shirt ripping his only realization of the tension he was feeling.

He picked up another stack of articles. The first was from three weeks before. It was a news article about a small earthquake felt in the town. The National Geologic Survey said the quake was centered on State's campus and they speculated about an unknown fault that had become active. The second article was from a week later. Another quake on the same fault, this one a magnitude 4. People in town had felt that one as a minor bump. The third article was from a week later. This one was a 4.9 quake on the fault. The National Geologic Survey was unable to explain why the quakes seemed to be a week apart. The fourth article was dated this week, a couple days before. The article had begun to refer to the "old faithful" quakes. This one was a magnitude 6.5.

Jonny turned and looked at the large mouse. He shook his head, imagining the force unleashed in one of the quakes, hoping that his fears were unfounded. He turned and looked at the newspaper photos of State's football team. The first showed Ken striking a bodybuilding pose. Each successive image showed a larger, more muscular player. The final photo, taken in the locker room after last week's game showed a behemoth of a man. Ken was solid muscle, beyond any other man in the room. Jonny had only seen one man larger, and that was when he looked in the mirror. His eyes darted to the photo from the week before, trying to estimate Ken's phenomenal growth. He felt a shudder travel through his body as he tried to estimate how big Ken would be for tomorrow's game. Only the squeak of the mice disturbed him. The large mouse was trying to subdue the smaller.

There was a knock on the door. Jonny turned as Josh walked in. The freshman player was responding to the growth formula almost as well as Adam had. He was far larger than any other of the new players. Jonny had always been a bit detached, playing the role of star and role model for the others. In many ways, Jonny had only thought of them as sources of formula to enhance his own growth. Still, the site of this young man, his smile beaming at Jonny caused butterflies to stir in Jonny's stomach. Without realizing it, Jonny smile back.

"Hi Weed," said Josh. "Hope you don't mind me stopping by." Josh looked around. "Are you busy?"

"No. Not really. Just waiting to see how an experiment turns out."

"Oh," Josh looked around. "Well, I, er, well, I know that you were planning on getting together with all of us guys tonight."

"Ya," agreed Jonny, building up his confidence. "Thought you guys might want to experience Weed-power before the game tomorrow," and give me a last chance to grow, he thought.

Josh smiled and seemed to blush a bit. "I, well, I thought, if you didn't mind, well, maybe I could experience a little bit now."

Josh looked at Jonny with puppy-dog eyes. Jonny's heart seemed to flutter. He stood up and stepped toward Josh. Jonny towered over the boy. He looked down at the smaller guy, his eyes soft and caring as he saw the unbridled passion in Josh's eyes. Jonny moved his mouth over Josh's and kissed him passionately.

Jonny suddenly felt confused. He had always treated his other teammates as playthings, something to use to grow bigger. They didn't seem to mind. They got to worship and play with his godlike body -- to test his strength and feel the sinewy hardness of his physique. He liked Josh -- he was a good kid. But where did this sudden passion come from? Sure, Jonny had felt vulnerable thinking about tomorrow. He was tense about the game and the kid known as Superboy. His guard was down, but could he let someone in? These thoughts and feelings washed over him as he tasted Josh, tongue-wrestling the boy with fervor he'd never experienced before. It felt right.

Josh raised his hand to Jonny's bicep. His hand was so small compared to the large, firm muscle. Jonny felt Josh caress the bulge, testing it's hardness with his hands. As they kissed, Jonny raised his arm and flexed the huge peak. Josh's hand squeezed hard, barely able to cover the rock-hard mound with his hand. Josh moved closer and Jonny could feel the large, hard bulge in the boy's pants. Josh sighed, signalling his desire for the muscle man.

Jonny stopped kissing Josh. He looked at the boy, realizing what a handsome and desirable man he was. Jonny smiled. He put his hands under Josh's arms. Jonny's grin took on a slightly evil tone as he lifted the man like a rag doll. Josh's look of surprise quickly became one of lust as he rubbed his hands over Jonny's massive arms. Josh looked down and began to kiss the powerhouse holding him in the air.

Josh wrapped his legs around Jonny's waist as the powerful man held him. Josh squeeze, feeling the impenitrable hardness of Jonny's abs. Josh squeeze Jonny's mountainous arms, felt his powerful chest and waist. His lust for his hero was evident in the passion of his kiss.

Time slowed as the men kissed, experiencing the power of each other's body. Jonny was orders-of-magnitude larger and stronger than Josh, but the younger man's body was still effecting him. Reluctantly, he pulled back and lowered the man to the ground.

Jonny smiled at Josh. It was no ordinary smile, but showed an understanding of the other man's desires and a willingness to fulfill them. Jonny grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

Even though Josh had seen Jonny's chest before, he gasped at the sight of the huge pecs that hung inches over a perfect eight-pack. Josh stepped forward, wanting to worship this man-god, but Jonny stopped him. Jonny grabbed Josh's shirt, and like his own, pulled it off. Josh felt so small, but his fears vanished as he once again saw the understanding in Jonny's eyes. Jonny moved his big hand over Josh's pec. Josh flexed and Jonny squeezed, humming his approval.

This was too much for Josh, who dove at Jonny's body. He began licking like an over-eager dog at the massive muscle. Jonny raised his arms and he caressed Josh's body. Josh found the sensitive area in Jonny's deep armpit. He licked and sucked as Jonny growled his contentment.

Josh's hand moved over Jonny's rippling body. He put his hand into Jonny's pants, and felt the huge mound made by his massive member. Jonny pulled Josh closer to him, and Josh's hard mound pressed into Jonny.

"Looks like we're both getting pretty excited," snarled Jonny.

"Uh-huh," wimpered Josh, continuing to clean Jonny's musky pit with his tongue.

"Let's see, boy," command Jonny. He pushed Josh away and began to pull down his pants. His massive rod slipped out of his shorts and smacked against his abs and between his pecs. Jonny flexed his globe-sized pecs and crushed his massive man-meat between them.

A slivver of drool slipped out of Josh's mouth as he stared at the monster organ. He opened his pants, and his 15 inches slapped up just below his pecs. It was slightly thicker than Jonny's but not nearly as long.

"Nice meat, boy. Mind if I suck it."

"Yes sir, please," replied Josh.

Josh knew what to expect. Jonny would deep throat his meat, and Josh could worship his master's body. Jonny liked to be in charge. Josh didn't care. The physical sex was enough. He told himself the emotional stuff was unneccessary. It was just baggage. The sex was just fun, nothing more.

Jonny came over. He moved to Josh's meat, then stopped. He placed his face in Josh's goin and sniffed. He stuck out his tongue, and licked around the sensitive parts of Josh's manhood. A shudder went through Josh's body. Jonny licked down and found Josh's egg-sized balls. He opened his mouth and began to suck. Josh couldn't help but let out a groan.

"Oh, Jonny!" cried Josh in surprise. "Yes, oh that feels so good."

Jonny sucked a little harder. He felt good pleasuring Josh. Every time before, it had always been about him. He liked the experience of making someone else happy.

Time seemed to stand still again as Jonny's only concern was Josh and his happiness. He worshipped the younger man's body, playing with his sex organ and fingering his butt. As Jonny became more attentive, Josh responded with sounds and spasms of pleasure.

"Jonny, why? You never..." Josh cried.

"You don't like it?" asked Jonny, feeling the Josh's hard muscles as Josh flexed in appreciation.

"I..." A tear ran down his face. "It's what I've wanted since the first time I saw you."

Jonny smiled.

"I didn't think you were interested."

Jonny's smile became more serious. "I guess I never realized. I guess..." Jonny paused. Did he want to admit it? He felt his heart reach out to Josh. "I guess I'm scared."

Josh looked at Jonny. "Why? What could possibly scare you?"

"Losing," admitted Jonny.

"But that can't happen!" Josh protested.

Jonny shook his head. "State's team is good. And Walters, well, I think I know why they call him Superboy." Jonny turned away. "I think someone found a way to make him stronger than we are."

"No way!" said Josh, jumping up and grabbing Jonny.

Jonny looked at the ground. "Would anyone still want me if I weren't the biggest and strongest? I've been pretty rotten to people. Using them. I mean, I've done some things I'm pretty ashamed of now."

"I know," said Josh. "The guys talk. They tell stories about you and Adam during your freshman year. Some don't like the way you use them, but you've changed. Everyone sees it. The other seniors tell us the stories. They say you've mellowed over time."

Jonny let out a soft laugh. "I'm sure they'd like to see me get my ass kicked."

"Some of them, sure. But not all." Josh put his hand under Jonny's chin and made the big guy look him in the eyes. "Not me."

Jonny looked into Josh's soft eyes, and his heart melted. He pulled the man toward him and hugged him. Jonny held Josh close and Jonny's fears melted. "Josh, will you make love to me?"

"Isn't that what we were doing?" asked Josh, laughing.

"No. I was sucking you. Now, I want to love you. And I want you to love me."

Josh looked at him. "But, you never let anyone..."

"I know. Do you know why? Because if I did, then that person would get to be as big and strong as me. Josh, I want to give you that gift."

Josh looked at Jonny in disbelief. "Yes," he said, kissing Jonny.

With no effort, Jonny picked Josh up, then held him in his arms. He carried him to the far side of the room and placed him on the floor. Jonny lay next to him, Jonny's face at Josh's cock and Jonny's at Josh's. The two men began to pleasure each other, feeling the other's muscular legs and butts while their tongues and mouths pleasured the other's huge man meat.

Josh felt Jonny's finger penetrate his rectum and press against his prostate. The electric energy of the huge muscle man and the joy he was feeling overwhelmed him. Josh felt his balls retract even as Jonny pulled against them with his other hand. With explosive force, Josh shot his load into Jonny's eager mouth.

As he climaxed he felt Jonny's body begin to tighten. Jonny rolled on top of Josh and held him down with his weight. Jonny's cock exploded with the force of a cannon as his jizz flooded into Josh's throat. Josh swallowed as fast as he could, but had trouble keeping up with the force and volume of Jonny's explosion. Jonny came for 30 seconds, feeding his spunk to the smaller boy. When Jonny finally stopped, Josh was dazed.

Jonny got up. His body was red, and as he flexed, his muscles seemed to expand as if after a good workout in the gym. "Oh ya, feel that power man." Jonny knew that he was growing, but he couldn't worry about that. Josh was his concern now.

Jonny walked over to the lab bench, ignoring the sounds of two mice fighting. He pulled out three syringes of liquid. He went back to Josh. He stuck one syring in Josh's arm, then one in his own. Jonny watched as Josh's body began to balloon up. His arms swelled with new power, his pecs becoming as large as medicine balls, his abs a perfect washboard. Jonny too felt bigger and stronger, but Josh's growth was nothing short of amazing. Jonny went to bench and poured glasses of protein supplement.

When Josh's growth began to slow, Jonny gave Josh the last syringe and fed him protein. Josh's growth accelerated once more. Every muscle in Josh's body exploded with size and power. As his back, glutes and legs thickened, Josh seemed to rise from the ground. He drank glass after glass of supplement as Josh grew into a muscle-clone of Jonny.

After several minutes of growth. Josh stood up. He flexed his arms. Jonny stood next to him and flexed. Josh's arms were now the same size and thickness as Jonny's.

Josh's expression was wide-eyed. "I'm fucking huge! I feel, man, I feel amazing, like I could do anything." Josh ran his hands over his body, then over Jonny's. "Punch me, Weed. Come on, give me your best. No pulling punches, either. Hit me with all you got!" Josh flexed his eight-pack and smacked his hand against them.

Jonny pulled his arm back and laid into Josh's flexed abs. There was a loud crack. Josh stood there, unmoved, his hard muscle repelling Jonny's powerful punch. "Dude! I did it. I'm like superman now. I'm like you." Josh grabbed Jonny and pulled him close, kissing him.

"Josh, will you come back to my room and be with me tonight?" Jonny asked.

Josh smiled. "You mean share my new bod with my creator? I'd like nothing better."

Jonny smiled. He walked back to the bench, and saw that the large mouse had now totally cowed the smaller one. Jonny smiled. The large mouse looked bigger than before and paraded around the cage as the small mouse shivvered in the corner. Jonny took two syringes from the bench.

"More fun for tonight?"

"No. These are for tomorrow."

"Weed, there's no need to worry about that. No one can match you and me on the field." Josh said.

Jonny threw him a spare lab coat. "I hope you're right." Jonny put his own lab coat on and the two left the lab. •

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