No Limits

The Game


By Corwin

Jonny and Josh arrived in the locker room three hours before the game. Normally, the coach discouraged his players from working out before a game, especially a game as important as this one, but Josh wanted to show off his new power.

He and Jonny accompanied the coach into the weight room. Josh wore just a small pair of shorts that he borrowed from Jonny. None of his clothes fit anymore. He flexed and stretched his massively muscled body as the coach stared in awe. The coach was thrilled to see that the freshman could match every one of Jonny's maximum's.

Jonny watched Josh showing off with a sense of pride. "Couldn't leave you without a star player next year, could I coach?"

"Let's just concentrate on winning today, OK guys," reminded the coach as he watched Josh benchpress the equivalent of a Mack truck.

"Not a problem," said Josh as he completed his twelfth rep. "You've got two muscle powerhouses on a team of supermen. State doesn't stand a chance."

Jonny wasn't so sure.

As the three left the weight room and walked toward their team's locker room, they passed the locker room used by the visiting team. State's team had just arrived and the player's had begun to prepare for the game.

"Man, Superboy, we should have called you Hulk. You are freak'n huge." Then the sound of laughter.

"Don't let it bother you," said the coach. "We've taken them for the past four years, and we'll do it again this year."


Mark arrived in his office several minutes before game time. Normally, he would join his spouse Scott to watch the game with their friends Adam and Brett, but he had received a message from Jonny about an experiment that his student had run.

Mark logged into his computer and brought up his e-mail. He turned on his portable radio to listen to the game. The commentators were talking about the expected clash between State's star player Ken Walters and the invincible Weed. They were wondering whether Jonny had finally met his match.

Mark read the message from Jonny. 'Doc. It looks like the experiment was a success, at least on mice. As we discussed, I isolated the growth formula from subject P and injected it into one mouse. In the other, I injected the counter formula. A video is at the link below. See you after the game. Weed.'

Mark started the video. It showed two mice, one large, the other small. Jonny had obviously time-lapsed the film, as the mice seemed to be on speed as they jumped all around the cage -- the big mouse chasing and intimidating the smaller. Jonny's hand could be seen giving the small mouse an injection, and when he put the mouse back, it seemed emboldened, confronting the larger mouse. The larger mouse climbed on the smaller, continuing to dominate it. As Mark watched, he began to notice changes. The smaller mouse seemed to be filling out, becoming bigger an more muscular. As it was, the larger mouse seemed to be shrinking. The large mouse was having a harder and harder time with the small one. Soon, both mice seemed to be the same size. The once small mouse continued to advance on his opponent, which seemed confused by its now smaller size.

"And here come the teams!" The radio interrupted. "Man, will you look at Walters. He's even bigger than last week. This is the first time we'll see him side-by-side with Romero." There was a pause. "I don't believe it. Walters actually looks as big or bigger than Romero! Look at the size of his arms! That jersey is fitting him like a second skin. His shoulders are more massive than the pads. How could they protect him?"

"From the looks of him, I don't think he needs protection." said a second announcer.

"They are about to toss the coin, but there seems to be some disturbance on the field. It's Walters. He seems to be saying something to Romero."

"I think he's taunting him, Jack."

"The other players seem to be trying to keep them apart, and their coaches are screaming at them." There was a pause. "Jack, are you seeing what I'm seeing."

"You mean Josh Martin? He looks as big as Romero and Walters! Looks like City has two powerhouses now!"

"Well, this promises to be a very interesting and rough game."

"Yes it does.. and there is the toss. State wins it. And the game is about to begin."

Mark turns his attention back to the video. The once small mouse is now huge, and the large mouse has become small and weak. It is shivvering in a corner, totally afraid of the mouse it had once tormented. In the corner of the screen, Mark sees two syringes being lifted off the table. Suddenly it dawns on him what Jonny is planning. He grabs the radio and his coat and runs from his office.


As the game began, the two teams lined up on the line of scrimmage. To the observers, City's team looked like giants compared to the ants of State. The exception was State's one-man team, Ken "Superboy" Walters. As he got into position, it is clear that he easily rivaled the biggest players on City's team -- Jonny "The Weed" Romero and Josh Martin.

Ken eyed Romero with an evil grin. As they faced off, Walters said, "You're going down. My new body is way more powerful than you." Just to make his point, Superboy bounced his pecs and flexed his arms. The Weed heard Walter's jersey rip, unable to contain the massive player's huge muscles.

The ball snapped and the play began. City's defensive line stormed State's offense, but that was expected. The ball was quickly passed to Superboy, and Ken knew exactly what to do. Using the power in his massive thighs, Ken launched himself into the air toward the end zone. Like his namesake, he seemed to fly as he used muscle power to defy gravity.

Jonny was prepared for this move. Ken had used it in games before. Jonny knew that Ken could leap the 100 yards, and knew how to stop him. Jonny launched himself, forcing his powerful legs to propel his muscular body toward Ken. Two massive men, close to two tons of muscle power, flew toward each other on a collision course. The crowd became silent as they anticipated the impact. When the gladiators hit, the sound of the clash seemed to rock the stadium as impenitrable muscle crashed into unstoppable muscle.

When the echo of the collision faded, a cheer went up from the State fans. Jonny 'The Weed' Romero's unstoppable muscle had been stopped by the power and mass of Ken 'Superboy' Walters. Jonny hung onto Ken's waist, trying to crush and stop State's powerhouse as the two continued to fly toward an inevitable State goal.

Ken landed in the goal as State went wild. In less than a minute, Ken had scored the first goal and overpowered the biggest player on City's team. Superboy tossed The Weed off of him as he throw the ball to the ground.

"Finally met your match, haven't you Romero!" shouted Ken as Jonny started to pick himself off the ground. Ken flexed into a crab most muscular pose, and his football jersey ripped as invulnerable muscle popped through the fabric. Ken prolonged the life of the jersey by controlling his flex so that the fabric ripped and tore around him slowly. Jonny began to wonder just how big Ken was. More and more incredibly hard, striated muscle became visible through rips in the arms, chest and back. Finally, the fabric could take no more and fell from his body, revealing his ripped, tight physique. "Look at this body! Not only am I the state bodybuilding champion, I am the most powerful man around!" Ken stood upright and walked over to Jonny. He flexed a bicep in Jonny's face. "You crushed this muscle once. Try it now, wimp!"

Jonny tried to walk away, but Ken stopped him. "I SAID TRY TO CRUSH IT!" he ordered.

Jonny put his hand over the massive mound. Jonny's popeye-like forearms burst into muscle and vain as he applied a pressure that could crush steel. His fingers couldn't even begin to dent the hard flesh he now felt. Jonny's fingers began to turn red as his forearm cramped trying to crush the muscle that was harder than any substance he knew of. Ken laughed. "Give up? I can't even feel that, and I'm not even flexed as hard as I can. Not like the last time, is it Romero? I've changed! I'm the one with the power now!" Jonny felt the muscle below his sore fingers tighten. It swelled and push his hand out as Ken bounced and expanded his mountainous upper arm.

"My turn! FLEX!" Demanded Ken as he pushed Jonny's hand off of his arm as easily as someone would shoo away a fly. Jonny stared at Ken, contempt in his eyes. "I said flex," said Ken, smashing a fist into his hand in an obvious effort to threaten Jonny.

Jonny raised his arm and forced his massive bicep to rise. Like Ken's, the muscle pushed his fist aside as it grew to its mountainous size. Ken smile stretched from ear to ear as he put his hand on the mound. Jonny fell to one knee as Ken's vice-like grip crushed into his powerful muscle as if it were clay. Ken laughed as he continued to crush his arm as Jonny tried to get away. Jonny had never felt such pain.

"Let him go!" Josh was running toward them like a train, screaming. Josh dove at Ken. Even though Ken had not been prepared, Josh bounced off Superboy's body as if he had run into a wall.

"Heh. Your boyfriend come to try and save you, huh Romero?" Josh was up and took a swing at Ken. The punch hit him in the chest, and Josh's hand cracked as if bone were breaking. Ken grabbed Josh with one hand and lifted him off the ground. "Best leave this to us real men, boy!" With a toss, Josh went flying 110 yards through the air and crashed into the stands on the other side of the stadium. He didn't move.

Jonny watched in horror as his friend lay at the other side of the stadium. City's team and coach went running for him, and the team doctor was coming on the field. The referees were approaching Jonny and Ken. Jonny took a play from Ken and lept as hard as he could toward Josh.

"Ya, go help your boyfriend Romero! This game's not over yet and I'll have lots more time to have fun with you!"

Jonny landed next to Josh as the coach and the doctor approached. Josh groaned and tried to move. "Stay still, Josh. I got you." Jonny picked up Josh's limp body and carried him toward the locker room. On the other side of the field, he saw two referees yelling at Ken as the coach handed him a fresh and patted him on the back.

"It's OK Jonny, I'll be fine. Let me play. You can't take that creep alone. You need me," protested Josh as Jonny laid him on a bench in the locker room.

"Just take care of yourself Josh. Let the doc here give you a once over." Jonny walked over to his locker and took out a folded towel. Inside, he felt two cyliders. "I'll handle Superboy."

The doctor and coach were beside Josh, checking on him. Jonny stepped behind some lockers and took out two syringes. He jabbed them into his leg and emptied their contents. As he pulled them out, he felt dizzy and had to steady himself on the locker.

"You OK weed? Looks like that guy did a number on you too. You want me to look you over when I'm done with Josh."

Jonny stood up and began to walk toward the field. "No, that's OK doc. I feel fine. I better get out there."

When Jonny got back to the field, his team still had possession of the ball. The score was 7-0, and City had managed to get a couple of first downs. Jonny went back in, and Walters targeted him.

On the first play, Jonny was given the ball and plowed through State's defense. Though he was fast, Walters was faster. He made the first down, but Walters jumped into him and forced him to the ground.

As Superboy held Jonny down, Jonny began to feel something. It started where Ken touched him, and snaked through his body like an electric charge. Jonny didn't know what to expect, but the jolt he was getting from Ken was like a star going nova. Jonny felt power exploding in his body, and Ken's muscles were the source. He grabbed Ken and held onto him, extending the touch as long as possible.

Ken forced Jonny to let go and got up. He seemed dazed. Jonny felt a little stronger, but he knew that it would be some time before he'd match Ken's power. Luckily, the game had just started.

Play after play City pushed down the field. The team had never had this much trouble before, but Superboy was succeeding in crushing The Weed every chance he got. The clock ticked down, as Walters battered Jonny with his superior strength. With each battering, though, Jonny felt the power transfer from Ken into his body. Each tackle made Jonny stronger and faster. He knew Ken was getting weaker, but Superboy had so much power that any loss was negligible. Jonny felt it in Ken's touch, which after ten plays was still as vice-like, still as strong, still as electrifying as the first time. The quarter was half over before City managed to score, tying the game at 7 all.

State wasted no time scoring again. Once Superboy had the ball, he crushed City's defense and ran toward the end zone. Romero was behind him, but couldn't keep up with the speed and power of Walter's legs. In a final effort to stop Ken, Jonny lept at him with full force. Jonny knew his strength, or he thought he did. He jumped with full force and found himself propelled like a rocket toward Ken. He slammed into State's player with a huge crash that surprised both men, but it wasn't enough to stop Superboy. Jonny grabbed Ken by the waist and again felt the power flowing into his body. Ken kept running, not slowing at all. Once in the end zone, he grabbed Jonny's hands and pried them from his body. Again, Jonny lay looking up at Ken's perfect physique.

"Ya, keep trying Romero. There isn't anything you can do to stop me. I'm way stronger than you'll ever be. I've got the bod, the muscle and the power. But you keep trying. It's fun watching you fail." Ken went back to rejoin his team.

Jonny smiled, flexing his forearm. It wasn't any larger, but he could tell, it was more striated. The muscles looked denser, and each fiber appeared thicker. Jonny felt like the energizer bunny -- more power than ever flowing through him. "Maybe I can't stop you yet, but soon," he muttered.

State stopped City from scoring any more touch downs for the rest of the first half. Play after play, Ken 'Superboy' Walters trounced any opposition City tried to muster. His incredible leaps blocked field goal attempts. He withstood not only Jonny's assaults, but even multi-man attempts to tackle him and bring him down. Ken's one man football team scored two more touch downs as City was only able to run down the clock during the times they had possession of the football.

With every play, Jonny gained more and more of Ken's strength. He felt his muscles change. They were getting denser. He felt heavier and stronger. Jonny found it easier and easier to keep up with Ken, though Ken didn't seem to notice. Even though Jonny was getting faster, Ken wasn't getting any slower. He also didn't seem to be getting any weaker, which confused Jonny. In the lab, the serum transferred power from one mouse to the other. The same thing should be happening here. Even though Jonny was getting stronger, Ken's body was as impenitrable as ever.

The gun sounded the end of the first half. The score was State 28, City 7. State's fans anticipated their first victory over City in any number of years. City fans seemed dejected, but hopeful that the second half would turn things around.

Mark was waiting for Jonny in the locker room. He was talking to Josh, who seemed to have recovered and was eager to return to play. Mark gave Jonny a skeptical look.

"Hey doc! How are you feeling big guy?" Jonny went over and punched Josh in the shoulder.

"Hey yourself," said Mark.

"The docs say I can play in the second half. I can't wait to bring that overblown putz down! You and me Weed -- no way he can take both of us."

"I don't know Josh. Walters seems pretty unstoppable," said Jonny.

"Do we need to talk?" said Mark, interrupting.

Jonny nodded and he and Mark found a quiet corner as the coach began a pep talk for the rest of the team.

"You took the formula, didn't you?" asked Mark, not sounding very happy.

"Had to. You see what we're up against out there!"

Mark shook his head. "Didn't I teach you how unethical it is to experiment on yourself. Who knows what the side effects might be!"

Jonny laughed, looking at one of the few men more muscular and stronger than him. "Ya, Mark. You'd never use an experimental drug on yourself!" Jonny said sarcastically.

Mark was going to protest, but thought better of it. "Fine. So I'm not the best role-model in this area. But Jonny, you're my student and I do have some obligations toward you. Besides," Mark scowled, "I like you. You've turned into one hell of a man."

"Ah shucks dad," Jonny quipped.

"And what about him," Mark motioned toward Josh. "He seems to have changed too. Did you give him the formula too?"

"No way! Doc, I know it may be hard to believe, but I, well, I connected with Josh. There's something about him. I..." Jonny paused. "I think I may love him."

Mark could not contain his surprise.

"I just did to Josh what happened between us three years ago. I shared myself with him, and he kinda grew. Beside, the team will need someone to take my place next year."

Mark looked at Jonny, then looked at Josh. "Well, this is a surprise."

"Ya, for me to. But, can we talk about that later. There's something else..."

"Ya?" asked Mark.

"Doc, the formula. It's not working right." Jonny pulled off his shirt. He bounced his pecs and flexed his triceps.

Mark's eyes widened. "What do you mean. You look ripped -- way more cut than before!" Mark placed his hand on Jonny's bicep and squeezed. Mark felt his body adapting, becoming stronger trying to dent the super dense muscle. "Damn. And a lot stronger too!"

"Ya, I think so! I feel amazing. But it's Ken Walters. He seems

just as strong as ever. He should be getting weaker, but he isn't!"

"Are you sure?"

"When I touch him, I can feel his power. It's overwhelming! His body is hard as a rock, and surging with energy. I FEEL it! He should be getting weaker as I get stronger! But the energy is as powerful and strong as the first time I touched him."

Mark thought for a second. "Do you have any idea how strong Walters might be?"

"Well, you know those earth quakes we've been having? I think Walter's is causing them. When I gave the serum to the one mouse, he seemed to have a seizure or something. I think the same thing is happening to Ken when he gets the serum. If he is, then we aren't having real earth quakes. It's the dude's body hitting the ground that's causing them. He'd have to be pretty damned strong to simulate a quake."

Mark continued to think. "How do you know the serum isn't working? If Walters is as strong as you think, he's probably holding back on the field. He might be getting weaker. It's just that he has so much power, you haven't noticed yet."

The coach had finished talking and the team was about to return to the field. "I hope you're right, Mark," said Jonny, putting his jersey back on.

The second half began pretty much like the first. City had possession of the football, but Walters dominated the field. His might and power over-powering the entire City team. From the sidelines, Mark was impressed that any single man could be so powerful to outmuscle his enhanced men.

City succeeded in running down the clock, but failed to get a first down or a goal with only 3 yards to go. State once again had the ball.

By now, everyone knew what to expect. Ken Walters was given the ball. "Time for Superboy to fly," he said as he lept into the air powered by massive rippling quads. Jonny and Josh launched themselves after the massive man. Jonny's thigh muscles now had an astonishing amount of power, and he heard a distinct rip in the cloth around the muscle as he forced power into it. His thighs were like rocket engines as he sped toward Walters. Josh's legs, once Jonny's equals, were now substantially weaker but still strong enough to lift him in pursuit.

Jonny crashed in Walters and held on. He began to love the feeling of his body growing stronger and stronger as he held the unsuspecting Ken. Josh crashed into the two seconds later.

For the first time, Ken realized something was wrong. He wouldn't make the end zone. Instead, he landed ten yards shy, stopped by The Weed and Josh Martin. Their landing was less than perfect. Ken lost his balance and fell to his knees, ending the play.

Ken jumped to his feet and stared at the two City players lying next to him. "What the fuck?" asked Ken, perplexed at being brought down.

Jonny just smiled, got up and walked away. Josh was right behind him.

"Told you we'd get him," Josh bragged.

Ken easily completed the touch down on the second play. It would be the last touchdown State would get during the game.

Jonny's strength continued to increase. He managed to gain 50 yards during his next play before Superboy brought him down. Jonny felt the powerful surge of energy transfer from Ken's body into his own. He also felt something different. As he held onto Ken, he felt Ken's power begin to wane. His fingers began to dent into Ken's muscles and Ken had a tougher time fighting free of Jonny's strengthening grip. When Jonny stood up, the side of his pants ripped wide as his muscles grew and stretched. Jonny felt a tightness in his skin as it stretched over his growing, super-dense muscle.

Jonny scored a second touch down for City with some help from Josh, who ran with the ball and tossed it to Jonny before Ken could tackle him.

During the next play, Ken once again tried to leap the length of the field. Jonny easily grabbed him. Ken tried to shake Jonny free, but couldn't. Jonny held tight, feeling more muscle energy flow from State's star player into his body. Ken and Jonny crashed into the field, a leap of only 85 yards. Ken's legs tried to absorb his landing, but the force he used to propel himself and the added weight of Jonny were now too much for his once-powerful thighs.

The team of Jonny and Josh succeeded in stopping Ken, who seemed to be getting slower and weaker. The frustration showed on his face every time Jonny approached and brought him down short of his goal. He couldn't understand how Jonny was now almost as strong as he was. It only dawned on him when he failed to flex out of his jersey that not only was Jonny stronger, he was weaker.

"Something wrong, Superboy? That shirt too big for your body now?" Jonny taunted. He finished with his own crab pose that sent his shirt ripping and cloth flying in every direction. His massive thighs and calves ripped through his pants, revealing thick, hard muscle over his incredible body. The crowd hushed as Jonny stood nearly naked on the field, a speciman of pure male muscle. He walked over to Ken and grabbed his arm, feeling more power transfer between them. Ken tried to break away, but Jonny's grip was now too strong. Only the end of the third quarter caused the Jonny to let Ken go.

The coach made Jonny put on a spare jersey and pants, but it didn't matter. With each contact with Ken, Jonny's body grew. The fabric was no match for his muscle, and had no hope of containing his body. While Jonny's clothes strained and stretched, Ken began to have the reverse problem. His once skin tight uniform began to get baggy. When given the football, he could no longer leap the length of the field, and had problems getting even 30 yards. He tried to avoid Jonny, who now easily overpowered him. After each tackle, Ken seemed smaller and Jonny larger.

At the beginning of the forth quarter, City trailed State by a single touch down. City's fans had come to life, and State could hardly believe what was happening to their superstar and their chances for an undefeated season. Petrowski had appeared on the sidelines and was glaring at Romero.

"What's happening to me?" pleaded Ken when he noticed Petrowski.

Petrowski shrugged. "Try and stay away from him," was his only advice.

"I am trying, but he's too fast or I'm too slow. Can't you do something?"

Petrowski just shook his head.

"Where's Perkin!" cried Ken.

"Gone," was all Petrowski would say. In truth, Perkins had left for his lab when he realized something was wrong. Cowards always run. He had told Petrowski he was leaving to try and salvage what he could from the experiment. Unfortunately, Mark had recognized him and had seen him leave. The missing person's report filed on Perkins noted that his lab had been ransacked and his notes taken. Perkins was never heard from again.

City had the ball and now had a decisive command of the field. The former superboy looked pathetic in his baggy clothes. Once unstoppable, now every City player managed to overpower Ken. Though he was still as large as Petrowski, Ken felt tiny. He hated it. He watched helplessly as The Weed copied his signature move and lept the length of the field to tie the game. There was nothing Ken could do to stop him.

With five minutes left in the game, State had their last chance to score. Whatever was happening to Ken, he was still their best hope to acheive victory. For some reason, Romero was leaving him alone, and State succeeded in slowly advancing on City's goal. Ken fought with all his power and might for every yard. Even if they couldn't score, they still could deprive City of an outright victory.

Ken's body was sore from being tackled by City's players. His mind had difficulty accepting that these men who were once so much weaker than he were now his equals. As they approached, he would stiffen his body and try and throw them off, only to find their muscles invulnerable and his lacking.

It was the final play of the game. Ken had struggled and fought to get his team within 3 yards of the goal. It was his last chance. The ball was snapped and the quarterback tossed the ball to Ken. Ken saw an opening and ran. Out of nowhere came Jonny Romero, who appeared in front of him and stopped. Ken tried to swerve out of the muscle hulk's way, but Jonny was too fast. He grabbed Ken around the waist. Ken fought to get free, but Jonny's grip was too strong. He pushed against Jonny, who felt like living titanium -- his body hard and unyielding.

Jonny grinned, feeling more powerful as Ken's body came in contact with his. "Up, up and away," Jonny quipped as he lept with Ken. In the air, Jonny pried the ball from Ken's grip and held it. Jonny's chest expanded with power absorbed from his rival. His legs were like redwoods, and the largest uniform City had exploded off his body as Jonny's muscles demanded more room. Ken's once tight uniform flapped in the breeze as they flew through the goal posts. The officials didn't know to call it an interception or a fumble, but it didn't matter. City had scored.

Jonny landed just shy of the bleachers. The force of his landing caused the stands to quake and shake, and several spectators screamed 'Earthquake!'. Jonny tore the baggy jersey off Ken. His opponent still had a championship physique, but nothing to compare with The Weed. Jonny held Ken until he felt the final bit of power drain out of him, leaving Ken with the body he had when they first met. Ken's bodybuilder physique looked so small now. Jonny dropped him.

"Better get to the gym, boy. I'm thinking of competing next year, and there ain't no way that skinny body of yours can compete with these muscles." Jonny walked away as Ken stared at the massively hulking figure.

Josh ran over to Jonny, and Jonny picked him up and hugged him. "Jonny, what happened? You're so fucking huge!"

"Just more of me for you to enjoy," said Jonny, kissing Josh as they walked off the field.

The End. •

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