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This is Part 1 of the story of Andrew.

Andrew was a normal-sized kid for his first 10 years, even though his father was 6 foot 3 and 230 pounds. His father was a Vice- President of a big company, so he promised to provide Andrew with a complete home gym when he started growing.

Andrew began to grow bigger when he entered Grade 6 and began to hit puberty. He was about 5 foot 6 and 150 pounds at the end of Grade 6. His father kept his promise and gave Andrew a complete home gym on his 12th birthday. He began training Andrew in the proper weightlifting techniques.

By Grade 8, Andrew had crossed the 200 pound threshold and the 6 foot height mark. He was the biggest kid in the school and got top marks in gym class. His gym teachers arranged for him to join the football team when he entered high school. By the end of the year, the high school coaches scouted Andrew, and were very impressed.

In high school, Andrew was one of the biggest kids in Grade 9. He and his friend Steve, who was close to his size, were the only Grade 9's put on the football team. Andrew now had access to the school gym as well as his gym at home.

By Grade 11, Andrew had reached a height of 6 foot 5 and a weight of 275 pounds. He was now the biggest student in the school, and he and Steve were on the front line of the football team. Andrew regularly broke through the opposing team's front line in games, sacking the quarterback. Or he would leap up, and intercept the ball, smash through the opposing players, and run the ball all the way down the field for a touchdown. He simply ran over anyone in his way, and caused many opposing players to leave the field on stretchers.

Andrew's athletic skills earned him tremendous respect and admiration from his team, coaches, students and teachers. However, this was only part of Andrew's appeal. He was also very academically gifted, having an IQ somewhere around 150. He tutored a lot of the football players in many subjects, like Math and Science, in which he regularly recieved 90s. However, Andrew also helped some of the students in his class get in shape by giving them workout tips. He also found time to hold a part-time job in his father's company, using his strength ( a 700 pound bench-press) to lift heavy boxes and skids.

Andrew also had a girlfriend named Carrie. She was the brother of his best friend Steve. Many girls were nervous of Andrew's size, but Carrie had known him since Kindergarden. She knew he would not hurt anyone, except on the football field. Carrie came to many of his games, as many as her girl's hockey schedule would allow. He came to many of her games as well, and they planned to go to University together. They were both Gifted and were working on Academic and Sports Scholarships. Even though both their families were rich, they wanted to pay their own way. •

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