Andrew's Prequel


By sl97aq

On Sunday, Andrew's father took him to the Company Gym to work out. Andrew was nervous since it was his first time in the gym, but it was empty except for him and his father. "Don't worry," said Andrew's father. "It won't be long until you can beat me in the bench press, or any other exercise." "I'll look forward to that," agreed Andrew. "So how do I begin?" "Just watch me son," replied Mr. Pearson. "I'll show you how it's done." He slowly picked up a pair of 50 pound barbells and begin lifting them slowly, one arm at a time, keeping his elbows at his sides as he did so. "Is that all you can do dad?" Andrew teased him. "You wnat me to do my max, giving you something to shoot for?" Mr. Pearson asked Andrew. "Just say the word, and I'll show you just how much the "old man' can lift." "How much should I start with, as I copy your motions?" Andrew asked, amazed that his father picked up 100 pound barbells in each hand effortlessly. "Start with the five pound ones," Mr. Pearson replied, motioning with one arm. Andrew was amazed that his dad could point with one arm so casually, even while holding a 100 pound barbell in that hand. "Pretty impressive, isn't it?" Mr. Pearson smirked. "Good to know I still have my strength, even at 35." Andrew watched closely as his dad brought up his arms slowly, and then copied him, as Mr. Pearson held his arms up to his chest. Then they did the barbell curls in unison. They both had to stop at 12 reps. "Good job Andrew," said his dad, breathing heavily. "Very well done for the first time. I think you will be a natural at weightligfting." "When do you think I will be able to lift you?" Andrew asked, grinning. "Maybe in a few years," said Mr. Pearson. "Once we start you on the bench press, we will watch it climb until it gets up to 230 pounds. First, we have to use the machines, and small weights, to get your form right. Also, we will have to get your stabliizer muscles strengthened so that you won't have to stick to just machines. Let's try some more exercises now." Andrew's dad took him through the various machine and free weight exercises one by one, and was pleased with Andrew's form. After the workout, they both got showered and changed, and then they headed outside. As they were walking to the car, Andrew looked back at the gym, and smiled as he looked forward to all the hours he would spend in there. •

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