By Richard Jasper

ONSET: The Origins of Sexuality Based Human Morphology

By Rand Kupernyk, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biodynamics University of California at Merced


Prior to the onset of the 21st Century, human morphology was diverse but in no obvious way tied to sexual orientation. People were tall, short, skinny, or muscular, regardless of gender or ethnicity, the variations in size the result of genes, diet, and activity. Within reason, human shapes were malleable but the more technologically sophisticated the society the higher the incidence of body dysmorphia, everything from obesity to anorexia to muscular hypertrophy induced by anabolic steroids or other agents such as human growth hormone. As the most technologically sophisticated society of the early 21st Century, the United States had the largest incidence of every type of body dysmorphia.

It is apparent now that the incidence of body dysmorphia correlated strongly with a rapidly escalating tendency toward physical violence. War has been with us throughout human history but by the beginning of the third millennium more and more violence was being generated by individuals engaging in mass slaughter. Hard though it is to imagine it now, by 2003 suicide bombings occurred throughout the world on a daily basis.

In retrospect it is apparent that humanity was in the grip of an extreme hormonal imbalance ? a severe case of testosterone poisoning. What might have happened if this state of being had continued is one of the great unanswered questions of our age. Suffice it to say that by the end of 2003 the prognosis was not good.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the changes that occurred in human morphology in 2004, the first year of the Onset. Areas addressed include physical attributes, sociodynamics, political and economic ramifications, among others. Interspersed with the overview sections are excerpts from a number of first-person narratives, recounting individual experiences with the Onset.

Physical Changes

It is belaboring the obvious to point out that the Onset was most obvious with gay men. Gay men ? regardless of age, regardless of their location in the world ? gained weight and/or muscle mass beyond all previous experience. In the United States the average gay man gained anywhere from 100 to 300 lbs. of solid muscle. Before the Onset, the average adult gay male in the US was 6 ft tall and weighed about 180 lbs. After the Onset, very few gay men weighed less than 250 lbs., many weighed between 500-600 lbs., and the average weight was estimated to be about 350 lbs. (Obese gay men who weighed 300 lbs. or more before the Onset tended shed fat and gain muscle in direct proportion; only a very few of these men actually gained weight and cases of extreme weight gain were very rare.)

Strength gains for gay men were likewise prodigious. Men who had never exercised before were suddenly able to bench press at least twice their bodyweight; many, including some of the biggest, were able to bench 4-5 times their own weight. Prior to 2004 no one had ever benched 1000 lbs. By the end of that year Don Janicek, a 45-year-old gay powerlifter, set the world record by benching 3000 lbs. at a bodyweight of 500 lbs.

For straight men, of course, the trend was pretty much the reverse. Weight loss of 50-100 lbs. was typical. Before the Onset, the average adult straight male in the US was 6 ft tall and 180 lbs. After the Onset, the average 6 ft straight male was 150 lbs. and very few straight men less than 6 ft tall weighed more than 200 lbs. This shrinkage occurred uniformly among straight men who weighed more than 200 lbs., regardless of whether they were muscular, obese, or somewhere in between.

Women were not affected by the Onset, nor were children or adolescents, although it became apparent that male dimorphism would manifest itself at about age 20.

General Atmosphere / Social Dynamics

To say that the changes wrought by the Onset created havoc would be understating the case. Men of all ages began experiencing extreme changes in appearance and behavior. Gay men who had routinely been vilified in the west as effeminate, unathletic, unmanly, etc. (despite the fact that the majority were no different than straight men in these attributes) were suddenly huge, muscular, physically powerful, and intimidating. Straight men who had been huge, muscular, physically powerful, and intimidating were suddenly quite a bit smaller and less powerful than they had been previously. Straight men who had made heroes of professional football players, wrestlers, and bodybuilders suddenly began to transfer their appreciation to tennis players and swimmers.

By the spring of 2004 the changes brought about by the Onset were being reported in the media. Openly gay Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, a big bear of man to begin with, stunned everyone by entering and winning first place in a national bodybuilding contest, weighing 300 lbs. of solid muscle. Actors long-rumored to be gay, e.g., Tom Cruise and John Travolta, could no longer pretend otherwise once they passed 250 and 300 lbs. The National Football League fell apart when 2/3rds of the team members dropped 50-100 lbs. and refused to play with the other third of their teammates who were just as big as before, if not bigger.

There was sporadic anti-gay violence throughout the world but such incidents tended to be short-lived, especially after the first high profile cases of gay-backlash incidents. When it became clear that the average gay man was now at least three times as strong as the average straight man there was very little incentive to engage in the time-honored sport of gay-bashing.

Likewise, antigay activity among adolescents dropped off sharply when it became apparent that once they reached maturity formerly adolescent gay men would be significantly larger and stronger than their straight siblings.

That gay men were now easily identifiable by their physical characteristics meant they were easily identifiable for other gay men, as well. Gay men who had previously been isolated from one another found each other out, quickly. Needless to say, closeted gay men were no longer able to stay closeted. Any number of gay-straight marriages were exposed. In response gay men created a nationwide network in support of men who were physiologically-outed by the Onset. •

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