Only Way to Grow, The

By Anonymous

When I was young all I wanted, was to grow up and be a massive muscled man. I would often dream and wish that this could happen.

One night whilst dreaming, a man appeared in my dream. He had the perfect body and told me that I could have it, but I of course would need to grow into it, and respect it.

I chose to accept it , and he then told me that staring from now I will grow to be an extremley well muscled guy.

He did however mention one thing, having this body would draw alot of attention, and would leave me feeling etremely horny, the more stares I would get the more horny. And if I jacked off then my muscle and myslef would grow faster then normal.

Going through high school was ok I started to show some bulk, it was'nt until I was about to enter college that I grew heaps more.

All of the weaker kids were lusting over my body, they would try and brush past me so they could touch me, or just smell the sweat on my body after a gym session.

Having this body and having people wanting to touch me, really set me going. I could not wait to have people share it and the amount of other hunks that wanted to wrestle with me, put me in a state of extreme desire.

I could not wait any longer, I found the cutest guys and had them blow me, and the immense feeling that was felt was amazing, I could feel my muscles growing with each guy I let suck me off.

I no time I was growing like I had never before, muscles were getting bigger and harder all over my body. And more and more guys were lusting over me.

I was constantly filled with the desire to have guys adore me and the bigger I got the more horny I felt, I was basically, hard all day long.

I couldnt stop there I had to have more, I would go to the gym and have huge guys take me into the showers and we would get all wet from the showers and I would then strip off and let them go to work on me, the power that they had was begining to be no match for me.

I was getting bigger but my taste for more muscle, was too much.

Finally I settled on my perfect body. My muscles were enough to turn on any guy. I never stopped having guys blow me and now that I have grown into my new body I can start to return the favour to all those who helped me.

And I can respect that. •

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