Patient, The

By theardes

Ray Mortun is broght in to the hospital with infere concussion. His wife Sylvia is contacted and Dr.John Callahan is sighned to the patient.

Ray has a far more than average built. His 1.97 body carries huge pecs, wide shoulders and big arms, all packed with muscle. Dr. Callahan never had a patient this big and heīd nver thought about a patients body as much as he did about Rays. He liked men, especially big men, which means tall, taller than his average 1.73 built and he had a crush on muscle, big muscle.

Ray lay in the bed, eyes closed, his consciousness still gone. Callahan stood at the end of the bed, his eyes on Rays beautiful face, his short golden-blond hair, prominent nose, full lips and the manly cleft in his chin. The blanket covered half of his chest, still showing the cleft between his pecs, his big arms on the blanked, his strong hands...

Callahan sighned. This guy was gorgeous, he was a dream come true and he was married to a young and beautiful woman. Sylvia had been in the hospital twice a day to look after her husband and she really, really cared - Callahan could tell.

A cough! He turned and looked at a consciouns, scared and confused looking Ray. The patient looked arround the room and his eyes came to a stand on Callahan. The doctor looked at him, surprised and pleased:"How do you feel?" He began to sweat a little as Rays steel-blue eyes pierced his body.

"Please...Tell me...Who am I?"

Callahan stood frozen.

Ray seemed to have lost his memory for he was not even able to identify Sylvia as his wife nor did he seem to show any interest in getting interested in her. She left him crying, confused and angry.

Callahan was also confused. Ray really seemed to enjoy his visits. He felt Ray taking in his body with his eyes and tried to act calmly:"So you do a lot of sports?"

Ray looked at him, then a look of confusement came over his face:"Eh?"

Callahan pointed on Rays big arm: "To get muscles like that you must have trained a lot."

Ray looked at his arm as to see it for the first time: "You like it?" He flexed it, looked at the biceps bulging and rising and then looked at Callahan.

The doctors mouth stood open just a moment too long before he gathered himself and calmed down. But Ray had noticed.

Above his bed was a grip to help him move his body up. Before the doctors daily visits heīd use this grip to pump up his biceps. Heīd slowly raise himselpf up, using one biceps at a time. The blood rushed into it and he felt it swelling. He loved to see the doctor gulp as he flexed the muscle for him.

But it only lasted for a short time because Sylvia took him back home to improve his memory. Callahan joined him on the way down the parking lot while Sylvia got his clothes. Rayīs eyes were wateres with tears:"Why canīt I stay here? I know you better than I do know her." Callahan wanted to respomd, but Ray continued:""Fine with me." He nearly cried. "But please, just leave me alone!" He got into his car and slammed the door. Callahan tried to talk to him but he refused.


Christmas, New Years Eve - A whole year passed

Dr. Callahan walked down the underground car park. He pulled out his car key and stopped aware of a huge frame that had appeared in the shadows. It was a man, but damn he was HUGE. He looked to be almost 2m tall with sweatpants loose around his waist, but thight on his quats, calves and basket.

"John?", the shadow called out.

"Who is this?", really irritated.

The man stepped closer, as the shadows crawled over his body they revealed the black sweat pants and sneakers. He wore a skin thight red muscleshirt, his abs making hills under the mountains of his pecs. His bare arms flexed and moved as he went forward. On top he wore a hat turned around. He had a beard, a harder chinseled face but it had to be Ray.

He had put on a lot of muscle and had at least doubled his wheight. His eyes were on Callahan as he turned sideways and flexed his biceps. Callahan gulped as the muscle arrose. It was the size of a soccer ball. His chest jutted out like a shelf over his brick wall abs and the bulge in his pants also dented the fabric.

Callahan felt his mind go numb and a stirring in his groin as his dick started to get hard. He took in a breath as Ray flashed a smile.

"I put on 80kg of pure muscle since our last meeting. Iīm not that skinny weakling you pushed away anymore!"

Callahans mouth opened:"What? What happened with..."

"Sylvia? Well, letīs say we didnīt get happy. That hit on the head showed me that I wasnīt happy and where I could be happy. The marriage with her is over...I began to work out like a maniac afer you pushed me away. She couldnīt understand my reasons and when she asked and I told her it was all for you - we broke. Like what you see?" He flexed his biceps again.

Callahans head spun as he reached out and put his hands on Rays chest and biceps, feeling thier size and power:"I didnīt push you away. I thought of you beeing confused for the moment, but loving Sylvia as much as she loved you."

Rays eyes widened:"You mean...?"

"Yes I do, for I was dumb-strucked when I first saw your handsome appearence. You were all and more Iīve ever wished for, but I wasnīt sure you Your muscles were big enough then, bigger then they needed to be, for youīve got the looks and character that donīt need compensation."

Rays eyes watered.

"But that doesnīt mean I could ever get enough of muscle mass at all", Callahan said and squeezed the muscles under his hands. Ray put his arms around the doctor and held him there as Callahan held onto Rays muscles. He gave the doc a slight kiss:"Wanna come home with me?"


Rays flat was small, but clean. Callahan wasnīt able to see more as Ray put his arms arround him once again and pushed his mouth on the doctors lips, who opened his mouth to let Rays strong tongue slip inside. Thier hands were all over each others bodies: Rays hands exploring the firm runners body, while Callahan tried to take in Rays big pecs, his wide shoulders, veiny biceps, abs and down to the growing cock.

He defenitly liked, what he felt.

Ray grinned, stepped back and pulled the shirt over his massive torso. John sucked in a breath as he faced Rays massive hairy chest. He reached out and put each hand on one pec. He felt the hair the mass and the rippling power that was inside. Eyes closed, mind low his head came forward and his lips made contact with Rays chest.

Ray groaned and put his hand behind Johns head, guiding him as the doctor explored the powerfull chest. His groaning increased as Johnīs mouth found one of his nippels and started sucking.

Johns hands were on Rays wide shoulders, round and full. He sucked the nipple and his hands moved down on Rays arms. As Ray flexed his biceps, John dropped to his knees, feeling the soccer size of Rays strong muscle. John felt Rays reaction on his chest and stepped back to look at the outline of Rays cock, which strained the matrial of the sweats. Ray grinned and blushed a little.

John smiled also and started to unbotton shis hirt. Ray stepped up to him and pushed the shirt off. The he put his hands on Johns belt and raised him to his feet and loosened his belt. Then he opened Johns pants and pushed them down as they both got rid of thier shoes.

John stepped out of his pants and pulled of his socks. His dick denting his boxers, he stood, feeling small and helpless like a little boy in front of this man.

Ray moved slightly, his muscles moving under his skin as he put his hands on Johns body.

"Nice bod. Youīre really hot."

John smiled: "The musclegod speaks to his worshipper."

Ray put on a smirk and then his face hardened, he pointed on his pants. John, on his knees, put his hands on the sides of Rays legs. He felt the quats underneath and then pulled the pants down.

Rays big cock was only contained by a small jockstrap. John had a slight difficulty getting the pants over Rays over-sized quats and then over hard, diamont-shaped calves.

Ray stepped out of his pants. Johns face was at his calves and only slightly above the ground as he looked up and took in Rays massiveness. Ray seemed as big as a titan, a god and John felt small, so small next to the big man.

Ray raised his right foot and John used his theeth to pull the socks off. Then he kissed Rays feet.

The blue jockstrap had a hard time as Rays meat expanded.

John liked rays feet and then looked in disbelief at Rays cock. Ray grinned:"I worked out like a madman to give you these muscles." He flexed:"But I had to take some stuff, Testosterone, HGH, whatever - other parts of my body grew as well, and it is all muscle."

John kissed Rays calves und went up his legs. He licked the quats, feeling Rays power and ended up with Rays cockhead on his lips, only the material of the jock seperating them.

"Take this boxers off!",Ray ordered.

John obeyed, his dick leaking pre-cum. He also took of his socks and stood naked before Ray. Comparing his slim built to Rays big mass got him really excited. He started to shake a little from the tension.

Ray turned arround and John faced his rear. Johns hands were on Rays ass. "Like the rest of him,"he thought,"massive and muscular."

He looked up and noticed Rays wide back, reached up and felt the hills and valleys.

Ray pushed down his jock, turned arround and faced the kneeling John in all his massive glory. His cock, easy 28cm, touched Johns face, his heavy balls hanging low under it.

John stroked it, pulled back the foreskin. As he aw Ray leaking pre-cum he took the cock into his mouth and sucked. Rays hands were on the bac of Johns head, oushing his tool down the doctors throat while his head was thrown back in extacy.

He felt the climax built up in his testicles, travel into his abdomen and then into his bullcock and out of his piss-slot. He groaned like a bull and rammed his tool inside John as he released his seed.

John drank and licked Rays spunk.

Ray pulled out and let his slippery cock slap his abs. Then he pulled John up, picked him up in his strong arms and kissed him as he left the room, sharing his spunk with John in thier mouths.

Ray carried John into his bedroom where he lowered him on the bed. John used his ellbows to stabilise himself and looked up to Ray, who stood, breathing heavily, muscles twiching and his cock still shining wet with Johns salvia and Rays seed.

"Iīve waited so long for this."

His cock grew again.

Johns heart raced:"Iīve an idea." He stood up and turned his back to Ray, who understood and held John by his waist as John lowered his ass on Rays cock. Slowly and gently Rays tool slid inside.

Rays head spun, this was extacy. But as John teased him by doing it slower then necessary, the animal inside the musclegod awakened. It soon filled Rays head: Pure lust, thirst, dominance. With a roar Ray pushed John down and buckled his hips to shove his manhood inside. Then he closed his eyes, held John thight and leaned his head on Johns neck as he pumped his ass.

Johns eyes were wide open, as was his mouth. His dick twiched and he shot his load on Rays bed:"Fuck me hard!, he wispered,"Be strong, be the man, the god you are!"

Ray let the animal take over, pushed John on the bed, so he was on his feet and started to ram him like a bull. He groaned again as did John as he felt himself climax again.

As his seed flowed into John he collapsed on the smaller man, who was totally covered by the giants bulk. John felt the sweaty muscleman push into his back and nearly came again.

Ray pulled out, cleaned his cock and then he took John in his arms again and they kissed.

"Dr. Callahan, could I get an appointment tomorrow?" •

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