Payback Time at Lincoln High


By johnd7102000

Tommy was always a skinny wimp. In the fifth and sixth grades, he tried to play sports with the other boys, but he was an embarrassing failure every time. He lasted one season in little league baseball - never got a hit and threw the ball like a girl. In gym class at school he was always the very last one chosen for the team. He wanted nothing more than to be big, strong and athletic, but his body just wasn't there. He envied the strong, athletic boys. The ones who were chosen first for the teams. The ones that the other kids looked up to and followed around. Even in sixth grade, certain boys stood out. They were starting to develop some muscles - their arms, shoulders, chests and legs were noticeably bigger and harder than Tommy's.

By eighth grade, the more athletic boys really began to stand out as they entered puberty. Mike and Steve were the two biggest, strongest, most athletic guys in Lincoln High School's eighth grade class. Tommy was one of the puniest and weakest. Mike and Steve could do 100 pushups, 25 pullups and more than 200 situps. Their abs were hard as rocks and looked like washboards. Their shoulders, chests and arms had blossomed with muscle with the onset of puberty and the raging of their teenage hormones. In gym class, they usually did three sets of 40 pushups, three sets of 15 pullups, and 100 situps. After they were finished, their muscles were buffed out and the veins were noticeable under their fat-free skin. Tommy, who still looked like a 10 year old, could barely muster two pushups, five situps and no pullups at all. Although Tommy was 5'9" tall, an inch taller than Mike and Steve, his body was pathetically weak and scrawny. At 14, the same age as Tommy, Mike and Steve's faces still looked like boys, but their bodies were starting to look like men - the strong, muscular men that they were destined by their genes to become. They had developed pubic hair and a slight brush of hair under their arms. They were far and away much stronger than the other eighth grade boys and compared to Tommy they looked like gods. Mike had black hair, brown eyes, a strong square face and jaw, a thick neck and beautiful dark tan skin. His heritage was Italian and he was proud of it. He looked as tough as he acted. Steve was blond and had clear, sky-blue eyes. His face was very handsome - strong cheekbones and jaw, and very bright perfectly spaced white teeth. Tommy, on the other hand, could be described as skinny and plain. Scruffy brown hair, brown eyes, kind of gawky features although not ugly. And besides having a scrawny body, Tommy's posture was terrible. He always looked like he was leaning forward when he was standing, his shoulders rounded.

Tommy would stare in awe as Mike and Steve did pullup after pullup, their lats flaring out with each rep. By pulling up their bodyweight rep after rep with their buffed, strong arms and lats, their young muscles got bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. Tommy could only wish that he had strong enough arms and lats to pull up his own skinny body. Since he didn't, his lats never got any exercise and his back was puny and weak. The strong get stronger and the weak stay weak.

Steve's body looked especially beautiful when he did pullups. With his broad shoulders and narrow hips, his lats looked like muscular wings. When Steve was ready to start a pullup with his arms fully extended, Tommy could see the individual fibers in his biceps, separated like strong cords. Then when Steve willed his biceps to pull, those fibers contracted up into a hard ball of muscle, the flexed cords still showing, and his lats popped out and exploded with power as he effortlessly pulled up his body. After a set of pullups, Steve's arms and lats were gorged with blood, the muscle fibers bulging and striated and the veins pushing out against his thin skin. Steve looked like a young Nordic god. Tommy so envied Mike and Steve's muscles that at times he almost cried.

Mike and Steve had no time for Tommy. All through grade school, they had laughed at his feeble efforts to play on their teams. To them Tommy was like a bug to be stepped on - to be pushed around, humiliated and ridiculed. And they were so much bigger and stronger than Tommy - and the leaders of all the boys too - that there was nothing Tommy could do about it. He just had to take it. Mike and Steve didn't physically bully Tommy too much. They didn't beat him up - although either one of them easily could have beat the crap out of him with one hand tied behind his back. Once in awhile, Mike would wrestle Tommy to the ground or twist his puny arm until it hurt, just to remind him who was boss. Or maybe punch him in the chest, just hard enough to really hurt. Picking on Tommy was just a fun activity for the strong boys, kind of like a sport. But like the sport of hunting, it is a lot more fun for the hunter than for the hunted. Mike and Steve got off on using their growing young muscles to dominate Tommy. To them, Tommy deserved to be pushed around because he was such a puny, weak, wimpy excuse for a boy. His feelings were irrelevant to these dominant young bucks.

The mental bullying was just as bad. One day after Mike and Steve had pumped up their muscles doing pushups, pullups and situps, they took off their shirts, came up to Tommy and started flexing their muscles in front of him. "How do you like these arms, wimp Here, feel a real muscle," said Mike as he pushed his flexed arm right next to Tommy's face. Tommy could smell the sweat rising from Mike's shredded, glistening muscles and his sweaty armpits. Tommy put his hand on Mike's right bicep and in shock pulled it away quickly. He had never felt flesh that was so rock hard. The bicep wasn't huge - after all, Mike was only 14 years old. But it was definitely round and bulging, and it was hard and ripped. Tommy touched the bicep again, this time feeling the fibers of muscle tensing at the strong boy's will. Mike's bicep was harder than Tommy thought human flesh could get. "Hey, wimp boy, flex your muscle. Lets see how you stack up." Embarrassed, Tommy slowly flexed his arm. There was hardly any change from his unflexed arm to his flexed arm. His flesh was soft and squishy. Mike grabbed Tommy's flexed arm with his hand and squeezed hard. Tommy grimaced in pain as Mike's strong forearm and hand literally crushed Tommy's little bicep. "Wow, Mike you are fucking strong! Please let go! You're hurting me!" Mike kept his iron grip in place for a few more seconds, kneading Tommy's spongy bicep like bread dough. "Puppy fat and flab, you pathetic wimp! My 10 year old brother's got a way bigger muscle in his arm than you got. Maybe I should send him over to beat the shit out of you just for laughs. Hey Steve, wouldn't that be a kick - a 10 year old beating the crap out of a 14 year old!" Tommy grimaced at the thought of this and realized that, genetics being what they are, Mike's little brother probably could beat him into a pulp. He felt doubly weak and inferior. After a few more crushing, painful squeezes to Tommy's sorry bicep, Mike smiled triumphantly and slowly relaxed his powerful hand, satisfied with his display of brute force. Tommy was stunned. "Let me try that on you," said Tommy. "Be my guest, freak show," said the stronger boy. Tommy grasped Mike's flexed upper arm and squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn't make the smallest dent in Mike's bicep. He even tried it with two hands with the same result. Steve thought this was hilarious. "Hey Mike, you're stronger than two of him! Tommy, you're a sad sack of shit. See ya wimp." At that, Mike and Steve strode away, walking in kind of a swagger the way guys do when they've just shown how superior they are.

Tommy couldn't believe what had just happened. Again he got humiliated by Mike and Steve, but the shock of feeling Mike's hard bicep and experiencing first hand just how strong Mike's muscles were and what brutal power they had (his bicep still hurt) kind of turned Tommy on. More than anything, he wanted a body like Mike's. That night, Tommy checked out his body in the mirror and mentally compared it to Mike's. Pretty pathetic. Age 14, height 5'9", weight 115. Not only was he skinny, but even at 115 pounds, his muscles didn't have any definition. He was flabby. He probably had more fat than muscle on his puny body. Mike and Steve were about an inch shorter than Tommy but weighed about 15 pounds more and it was all muscle. Their skin was paper-thin and the fibers of muscle stood out in bold relief. Because Tommy had more fat than muscle on his body, Mike and Steve had at least 30 pounds more of muscle mass than Tommy. Tommy's neck was scrawny. Mike's was thick and strong. Tommy's shoulders were basically not there. Just bone where the arms hung from. Mike and Steve had mounds of muscle fibers popping out from their shoulders. Tommy's arms were thin but at the same time soft and fleshy. No muscle tone. In contrast, all the pushups and pullups had turned Mike and Steve's arms into sinewy, corded muscle. When they did pushups, Tommy could see their triceps popping out like snakes. Even relaxed, their arms were lean and muscular and their forearms writhed with power when they made a fist. Mike's powerful forearms had literally crushed Tommy's little bicep.

Tommy's chest was so flat that the pecs were invisible. Just a breastbone with a covering of slightly fatty skin. Mike and Steve already had firm, round pecs that pushed out proudly from their chests, the muscle fibers and veins visible under their tan skin. The strong boys didn't really lift weights yet, but Mike and Steve bragged at school that they had used a friend's weight set recently and that Mike had benched 135 and Steve had benched 125. Tommy had tried a bench press at one of his friends' house and could barely do 40 pounds. Mike was more than three times as strong!

Tommy tried to do a lat spread, but there were no lats. He actually had an inverted V - his hips were wider than the places under his shoulders where his lats should have been. Both Mike and Steve were developing slabs of muscle under their shoulders from all the pullups they did. Wide, strong shoulders with big lats tapered to narrow hips and tight, muscular waists. He knew that Mike's abs were hard - like armor. He remembered one day when Mike dared another boy to punch him as hard as he could in his stomach. The boy, who was pretty strong himself, wound up and punched as hard as he could, but his fist just bounced off Mike's abs - they were like a brick wall. (The guy hurt his hand and Mike laughed.) Tommy punched his own abs and felt how soft they were. If that kid had punched Tommy that way, Tommy would be in the hospital!

Finally, Tommy checked out his legs and calves. Skinny like a chicken's. His thighs were weak - he had never tried to lift weights and probably could not have squatted with more than 50 pounds. Because he didn't play sports much (just in gym class, when he was chosen last), Tommy's endurance and leg power were crap. He got tired after running only about 100 yards. He remembered one day in gym class when the class was running around the school track. Tommy was exhausted after one lap and Mike came up next to him running fast and strong - not even breathing hard. Mike's legs pumped like a locomotive, the quads and calves showing masses of muscle. Mike edged his strong shoulder up against Tommy's weak, wimpy body, pushing Tommy to the side easily with his power. Tommy stumbled to the ground and Mike burst into an effortless sprint, laughing hard. "See ya freak boy." Those words hurt Tommy a lot and Tommy remembered them as he surveyed his puny excuse for a body. God I wish I had muscles, he thought. Tommy was a good student - a lot better student than either Mike or Steve. But he would have gladly traded his intellect for a strong, muscular, athletic, buffed body.

After that day, Tommy couldn't get his mind off muscles. Every time he saw Mike and Steve, he checked out their growing, muscular bodies and dreamed of the day that he would have muscles too. But at least for now, they were the jocks and he was the wimp. And they sure let him know it day in and day out. They loved to tease and dominate the skinny, freaky wimp. Tommy started reading muscle magazines - Flex,. MuscleMag etc. He couldn't believe the size of the huge bodies, and the strength that those men possessed. Jeez, he thought, these guys make Mike and Steve look like wimps themselves. He read all of the articles that talked about how so-and-so had been a skinny beanpole and through lifting and eating right had gained 80 pounds of muscle in a year and was now Mr. Stud. "Hey, that's me," thought Tommy. I want to make Mike and Steve pay for all the shit they've given me. So, after a month of whining, he convinced his parents to buy him a set of weights near the end of his eighth grade year.

Thinking that great things were about to happen, Tommy bought a 250 pound weight set, complete with a bench and rack to hold the heavy weights he knew he was going to lift. He began lifting in earnest, following the directions to the letter. Three times a week at first. Eat a lot. Take protein powder and vitamin supplements. He read the muscle mags cover to cover and became an expert on the workout routines and necessary nutrition and supplements to make you huge. But he was ultimately disappointed with his progress. After a month, his bench press had gone from 40 to 45 and his curl from 25 to 30. He could still only do a few pushups and managed one pullup. From all that food and supplements, his weight had gone up only two pounds, and he seemed to have the same amount of fat. He continued his efforts through the summer, never admitting to any of his friends that he was desperately trying to put on muscle. At the end of the summer he had put on a total of five pounds. He still looked and felt weak and wimpy - not anything like the huge guys in the muscle mags that he was hoping to become. His bench press had gone up to 60 and his curl to 35. Hardly great progress, but he decided to keep at it during the school year. Meanwhile, Mike and Steve came back to school as ninth graders more muscular than ever. They had lifted a little over the summer - for them it was just a diversion - and had each put on 10 pounds of solid muscle, now weighing in at 145. Mike was now benching 160 and Steve 140. Their attitudes hadn't changed - if anything they were more aggressive and dominating towards Tommy. Their raging hormones were in high gear. It was going to be a long year with these two cocky muscle studs pushing Tommy around and humiliating him.

The first day of class in ninth grade, Tommy met a new student who had just immigrated to the United States from the part of Germany that used to be East Germany. His name was Gunther and he and Tommy hit it off immediately. Gunther spoke good English and was a good student. Both he and Tommy shared an interest in computers and science. The most striking similarity was that Gunther was just as skinny as Tommy. His family had been very poor in Germany, so he didn't have a lot to eat as a kid. Plus he never had time to play any sports because he had to help his father in his shop. So he was just as much a physical wreck as Tommy. Gunther was about six feet tall, but weighed only 120, the same as Tommy. He didn't have any fat on his body at all, but he was skinny as a rail. Tommy thought he had good bone structure though, and his posture was great. Gunther had big, blue sparkling eyes and light brown hair that was cut very short. He had striking Germanic features - Tommy thought that he would actually be handsome if he weren't so frail and skinny.

In gym class that first day of school Tommy and Gunther tried to blend into the woodwork, but it didn't take long for Mike and Steve to spot them. "So Tommy, you found another skinny wimp for us! Double your pleasure, double your fun!" said Mike as he gave a high-five to Steve. Obviously, they were looking forward to tormenting both Tommy and Gunther during the year. "Hey Tommy," said Steve, "you look a little bigger. Did you work out at Gold's this summer Mike guffawed in response to this." "I worked out a little," said Tommy, not revealing that his lifting and desperate attempt to gain muscle had totally consumed him all summer." "Hey, check out our arms, wimp face. We worked out a little too. See what some real men's muscles look like." At that, Mike flexed his arm in Tommy's face and Steve flexed his in Gunther's. This time Tommy didn't grab Mike's arm to feel its hardness like he had done last spring. He was embarrassed for his new friend and he could see that Mike's arm was bigger, stronger and harder than ever. "OK, freak face, flex your arm for us," said Mike. Tommy slowly flexed his right arm and a small lump of bicep appeared - the result of his entire summer of lifting. The little lump was insignificant compared to Mike's big hard ball of muscle. Mike reached up, wrapped his hand around Tommy's arm and squeezed hard with his strong fingers, the muscles in his forearms bulging as they contracted. Mike's powerful hand easily crushed Tommy's little bicep, and as Tommy winced Mike smiled with a look of total superiority. "Still feels like mush, you miserable wimp. You're pathetic. You're always going to be a wimp, Tommy-boy, and we're never going to let you forget it." Tommy again felt weak and inferior, and after Mike released his powerful grip, Tommy and Gunther turned around in shame and walked away. "See ya later, nerds" said Mike and he high-fived Steve again.

The gym class was the last period of the day, so rather than showering, most of the boys just headed for home. Mike and Steve were still sweating from their pushups and pullups and their muscles really bulged under their thin, tan skin, with the muscle fibers and veins showing clearly. They had been talking quietly to each other during the class, glancing occasionally at Tommy and Gunther, but fortunately they left them alone. However, when class was over, Mike and Steve came over to Tommy and Gunther, their shirts off and their bodies hot and buffed from the workout. Tommy noticed that each of them had a big bulge under his shorts. Tommy remembered seeing their cocks in the showers. Both boys were well endowed - Mike's cock was big and thick. Even limp it hung down a good four inches and his balls were big and loose hanging. Just the sight of Mike's corrugated abs, the diagonal cut of muscle separating his crotch and his abs and that teenage- hormone-raging thick Italian cock excited Tommy every time he saw it. He had to do all he could to control an erection in the showers when Mike was there. Steve's cock wasn't as thick as Mike's, but it was perhaps a little longer. His blond pubic hair, hot abs, narrow hips, and firm round butt would make him a 10 in any male contest.

As Mike and Steve approached, Mike said "Hey wimp boys, how would you like to make yourselves useful?" Without even waiting for an answer, Mike wrapped his arm around Tommy's neck and started dragging Tommy to the door. Tommy resisted for a moment, but instantly Mike flexed his bicep and squeezed hard on Tommy's neck, so hard that Tommy thought Mike's arm felt like a steel vise. Even though Mike was only playing, the force of his arm was so strong that Tommy could hardly breathe. "Sure, Mike," said Tommy, "whatever you want." Tommy was used to giving in to Mike's demands. He knew he didn't stand a chance against all that muscle. Gunther stood there confused about the whole episode, but went with the others as Mike and Steve led them away from the school.

Finally, they got to a patch of woods and entered through a narrow trail. After another five minutes, they left the trail, walked through the woods for a few minutes and entered a small, secluded clearing. Mike and Steve stopped and took off their shoes and shorts. They had never put on shirts after gym class, and their bodies were still pumped and sweaty. Their cocks sprung out as they removed their jock straps and it was clear that they were horny as hell. "Ya know, me and Steve got real horny pumping our muscles in gym class and we decided that you and Kraut-boy here would help us with that. Take off your clothes, nerds," Mike said with an attitude that showed he and Steve really didn't care what the weaklings thought about it. As Tommy and Gunther took off their clothes, Mike started flexing his muscles, showing his baseball-hard biceps, the cannon-ball mounds of striated muscle capping his wide shoulders and his firm round pecs that proudly pushed out from his chest. He hit a most muscular pose and the muscles of his traps sprung out from his strong, thick neck. He did a few squats, pretending that he had a heavy weight on his shoulders, and his quads became huge masses of corded muscle. His abs were so hard beneath his paper-thin skin that Tommy could see the muscle pushing on the skin, the thin tan skin gently rolling over the pulsating muscle as Mike commanded his muscles to flex and relax. Tommy noticed that the more Mike flexed, the bigger and harder his dick got. It was now sticking almost straight up and must have been about eight inches.

Tommy and Gunther still weren't quite sure what was going to happen. Tommy himself had the mixed emotions of fear and lust. He feared what Mike and Steve might do to them, but he was really becoming aroused watching Mike's hot body as Mike pumped his muscles into a god-like state. Mike's Italian muscles were massive and powerful. There was nothing gentle about Mike. He was all man and loved to prove it on the athletic field, using his powerful boy-man muscles to totally crush any other boy who dared challenge him in any sport. Tommy remembered all those times when he had fantasized about Mike's muscles, wishing that he could touch them and also wishing that his flabby muscles could look like Mike's. Often he had thought about feeling those corrugated abs, feeling their rough hardness. He dreamed of punching Mike in the abs, knowing that his feeble punch would be met by the strong young boy's brick wall of hard, muscular armor. He dreamed of again feeling the power of Mike's bicep, the cords of muscle that bunched up when flexed to form solid rock. He had wished he could put his hands around Mike's oak tree legs, those legs that mowed over guys on the football field and that enabled Mike to run fast and strong for distances that Tommy could never dream of covering. Now those muscles were pumped up and ready to force Tommy and Gunther to do whatever their owner fucking pleased.

After Mike had gotten totally hot and sweaty from his flexing, he announced "OK, now you two are going to give us a blow-job, and you better do it right or these muscles are going to crush your puny excuses for bodies. Tommy, you're going to do me, and Adolf here is going to do Steve." At that Steve stared at Gunther, his beautiful blue eyes and handsome face taking on a sinister look. "Yeah, you Kraut bean-pole, Im going to enjoy this a lot." Steve started flexing his muscles, which instantly expanded under his flawless skin. He was not quite as bulky as Mike, but his muscles were equally intimidating and very beautiful. His blond hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, wide shoulders, narrow hips and perfectly formed muscles got him voted the most gorgeous guy in the class last spring by the eighth grade girls. As Steve started to grab at Gunther, Gunther bolted away, but Steve was much too fast and strong for the tall, skinny German. Steve wrapped his strong arms around Gunther and pulled tight, his lats and delts exploding with power and almost crushing Gunther's fragile rib cage. Steve then easily picked up Gunther as if he were a toy and threw him to the ground. "Show the Kraut who's the boss, Steve. Kick that wimp's skinny ass," yelled Mike. Steve's sky blue eyes and handsome face became even more menacing and he leaped on poor Gunther who was trying to stand up after being so forcefully tossed on his back. Steve effortlessly wrestled Gunther to the ground again, pinning Gunther's arms above his head with such power that Gunther's feeble resistance was hardly noticeable to Steve. Steve was so strong that he grabbed Gunther's two arms with his powerful right hand and pressed them down to the ground with almost no effort, even though Gunther was pushing up his two arms with all the force his pathetic body could muster. Steve laughed at the feeble effort and rubbed his left armpit forcefully on Gunther's nose, the sweat rubbing off on Gunther's nose and face. "Smell that sweat, wimp-boy Did you ever work out enough to get a sweat like that I don't think so. Not too much sweat and muscle on you computer nerds. You don't get these kind of muscles pushing computer keys." At that, he flexed his bicep right in Gunther's face. Finally, Steve let up a bit and let Gunther start to get up, but as soon as Gunther got to his knees, Steve pinned him again. Then Steve rolled Gunther over and pinned his arms behind his back a couple of times, lifting up until Gunther cried out in pain, just to show that he could control him at will. As Gunther lay on his stomach, Steve used his strong arms to flex Gunther's legs back and forth, showing that Steve's muscular young arms were stronger than Gunther's rail-thin legs. By this time, Gunther was totally exhausted, but Steve was not even breathing hard. He pinned Gunther again and brought his crotch up to Gunther's face, rubbing his hard cock on Gunther's face. Gunther was forced to smell the muscleboy sweat coming from Steve's blond pubic hair. Steve was now playing with Gunther the way a tiger might play with a weak animal before the kill. Gunther's reed-like arms were no match for Steve's boy-man biceps and triceps - massive, strong and hard from thousands of pushups and pullups and recently some weightlifting. His bulging young muscles easily crushed the bean-pole-skinny, weak boy into submission time after time.

Although Tommy was sorry that his friend was being beaten so badly, he couldn't help but get aroused watching Steve's powerful muscles conquering the weaker boy. Here was another example, he thought, of survival of the fittest. The strong pick on the weak and the weak can't do anything about it. It happened to Tommy and now it was happening to Gunther. From prehistoric times to modern times, the strong boys rule the weak boys. Darwin was sure right. Tommy watched Steve's lats flare out with slabs of muscle as he effortlessly pinned Gunther time after time. Steve's lower back muscles were thick and strong. He easily lifted Gunther off his feet and threw him to the ground. Several times after Steve had pinned Gunther, he held Gunther's scrawny arms against the ground and thrust his hips up and down against Gunther in a fucking motion, rubbing his big, hard cock against Gunther's skinny stomach. Tommy stared in awe at Steve's writhing back muscles that bulged like sinewy muscular ropes. Steve's crea my white ass contrasted beautifully with his darkly tanned muscular back. Every time Steve pushed his huge cock against Gunther's little stomach, Steve's firm young glute muscles in his ass contracted forcefully as he flexed them. They pushed out powerfully against his thin white skin, forming a beautiful roundness in his ass and creating a big dimple on each side of his ass-cheeks when he thrust his cock forward. He had absolutely no fat on his body, and even his ass was solid, perfectly formed round muscle, protruding proudly from his narrow hips. Tommy could only imagine the power of those ass muscles pumping that cock into someone's mouth or ass. Steve's shoulders were wide and striated with big muscle fibers. The contrast with Gunther was stunning - Gunther was so thin that his bony arms hung straight down from his bony shoulders with just skin covering the bone. Steve's shoulders were capped with cannon balls of powerful, hard, youthful muscle. Never before had Tommy seen the unconquerable force of muscular power and the timid feebleness of absolute weakness contrasted so vividly. Seeing the dominance of Steve's big, buffed muscles over Gunther's puny skin and bones excuse for a body was overpowering to Tommy and his cock got even harder.

Finally, Gunther was totally exhausted and humiliated. He had been completely dominated by a boy his age but who had a god-like body that could totally crush Gunther's pathetic skeleton-body as if Gunther were an eight year old. Gunther cried out, "Please stop, I can't take any more." "Are you going to obey orders now, Kraut-boy?" said Steve. "Yes." "Say yes SIR, wimp," sneered Steve. "Yes, SIR, Steve, SIR, I will do as you command." At that, Steve relaxed his iron hold, sat up on Gunther's scrawny chest and flexed his arms in a display of youthful arrogance and physical superiority. Steve smiled the smile of a victorious warrior, flashing his gorgeous teeth. Tommy was struck by the beauty of Steve's handsome face - his sparkling blue eyes, his blond hair, whiter-than-white teeth and the radiant glow on his face from the light workout his muscles had just received from pulverizing Gunther. But you can't tell a book by its cover. That beautiful stud had used his powerful young muscles to completely humiliate Tommy's new friend. Now Tommy and Gunther shared another thing in common. They had both been humiliated and dominated by the strong boys.

Mike brought Tommy back to reality by putting his powerful hands on Tommy's shoulders and ordering, "OK, wimp-boy. Time to service my big cock. Get down on your knees and get to work." None of the boys had sucked a cock before or had their cock sucked by anyone else, so this was going to be a new experience for all of them. Mike's cock was ramrod straight from watching his friend so completely dominate the skinny German. Mike got off on physical domination. He loved to see it and to do it. Tommy slowly got down on his knees and stared at Mike thick eight inch cock and his powerful body. Although Tommy was a little scared, his lust overpowered his fear. He was now going to be able to worship his childhood idol - able to feel Mike's buffed young muscles and to taste his thick Italian cock. Tommy's 7-1/2 inch dick stiffened in anticipation.

Tommy started gently licking Mike's shaft, while at the same time feeling Mike's hard, athletic legs and calves. Tommy's tongue went up and down Mike's thick rod, causing Mike to moan with pleasure. Then Tommy pulled Mike's big balls into his mouth, one by one, slowly sucking and caressing them with his tongue. Tommy could smell the male sweat of Mike's crotch. Tommy always got turned on by the smell of sweat, and Mike's sweat had the great smell of a real jock's. Tommy's hands explored Mike's corrugated abdominals, so hard and sexy to the touch, and Mike's round, firm ass, so athletic and powerful. Tommy thought he had died and gone to heaven as he moved his tender hands over Mike's big, strong body. Tommy started putting Mike's shaft into his mouth, at first just sucking on the head of Mike's cock and tickling it with his tongue, but then taking several inches of the young jock's thick rod into his mouth. After a few minutes of this, Mike started grunting like an animal. His sex drive started over powering every other feeling and he lost all thought of anything else. His cock throbbed with pleasure. He grabbed Tommy's hair with his powerful hands and thrust his cock down Tommy's throat as far as it would go. Tommy was startled and began to gag, shaking his head in an effort to tell Mike to stop. But Tommy's welfare was not even a blip on Mike's screen as Mike's strong hands and arms forced Tommy's quivering mouth back and forth over Mike's thick, steel-hard cock. Mike's only thoughts were of his huge cock fucking Tommy's little throat and of his big, muscular body completely dominating the puny wimp. Mike pumped Tommy's head back and forth on his cock and Mike drove himself into a sexual frenzy. His strong ass rammed his cock into Tommy's face again and again as he grunted with animal lust and pleasure. Then suddenly, Mike pulled his cock out of Tommy's mouth and it exploded, shooting huge gobs of teenage cum on Tommy's face with such force that Tommy could feel the pressure of the spurts. Mike shot at least 10 huge spurts and Tommy's face was completely covered with Mike's sweet jism. This was all too much for Tommy's stiff cock, and Tommy's dick exploded also, shooting load after load of cum five feet away. Tommy had never felt more sexual pleasure in his life.

Gunther didn't enjoy his experience as much as Tommy did. After Steve had finished crushing him, Gunther lay battered and exhausted. But Steve was fresh and pumped, flushed with his victory and hornier than ever. His 9 inch cock stood up straight and hard. Before Gunther even had a chance to recuperate, Steve roughly pulled him up to his knees and rammed his huge cock down Gunther's skinny throat. Gunther immediately started to gag, but Steve couldn't have cared less. Steve proceeded to fuck the shit out of Gunther's face. Once in awhile, Steve pulled his cock all the way out of Gunther's mouth, enabling Gunther to catch a few breaths of air. At one point in desperation, Gunther bit Steve's cock with his teeth. Steve landed a bone-crushing blow to Gunther's shoulder. "Do that again, Kraut, and that punch will be on your head! " Just for good measure, Steve hit Gunther's other bony shoulder with another powerful punch that would have knocked Gunther over if Steve wasn't holding him up with his other strong arm. Gunther realized that he was too weak and helpless to fight back and just had to take it. Steve's beautiful round muscular ass pounded his big cock thrust after thrust into Gunther's throat. Finally, Steve's whole body started to quiver and he yelled loudly. His cock exploded in Gunther's throat and gush after gush of jism surged into Gunther's esophagus. When he was finally satiated, Steve pulled his still-hard cock from Gunther's mouth.

He looked at Gunther with his beautiful eyes and said "Hey, man, that was fun!" obviously not even considering what Gunther thought about it. Gunther was there solely to service Steve, and Steve got himself serviced very well. Needless to say, Gunther didn't cum.

Having gotten their rocks off, Mike and Steve matter-of-factly put on their clothes and left. "That was real fun, wimp-boys. Well have to do it again sometime," called Mike as he and Steve swaggered away from the clearing. Tommy and Gunther sat for a long time in the clearing trying to comprehend what had just happened. Even though Tommy had secretly enjoyed the experience, he knew that Gunther was angry and sad. Angry at the strong boys who so easily dominated them and sad because he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Finally Tommy said Gunther, "why don't you come home with me? We can talk this over and I want to show you something." Gunther was only too glad to go home with his new friend. Tommy and Gunther now had such a common bond that they knew they would be best friends throughout high school if not for life. •

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