Little Dab Will Do Ya, A

By swapwisher

Dean was getting tired of wating for puberty to kick in- every day, and every birthday passed with no noticable chnages to his meager frame. His 5"2 120 lb frame was always a dissapointmnet everytime he looked in teh morror. If only there was a way to fast forwd puberty and get to the end result. Dean know this was a pipe dream, but at least he could dream about it.

One day, Dean got a small package in the mail. The package was in a plain brwon wrapper with no return address. Dean openend the package and found a slip of paper and a small bottle inside. The paper said the following: "Drink the contents of the enclosed bottle to make your dreams come true! Those around you will think the new you always looked like this" Dean thought this was some sort of joke- he opened the bottle- sniffed it, and slowly took a small taste.

Well I didnt go blind or die, Dean thought to himself. What the hell, He thought as he drank the contents. Its probally only water anyway. A few minutes after drinking the bottle, Dean was struggling to stay awake. Dean drifted off to sleep dispite his best efforts. While Dean slept, the changes began.

When Dean awoke, he felt rather sluggish. He struggled to clear his head and focus. As he sat up in bed he caught his reflection in the mirror on the wall from his bed. He did a double take, and then phinced himself to make sure he was awake. Staring back at him was a muscular, older, tanned hunk. Dean bolted out of bed- and ran to in front of the mirror. He slowly rubbed his hands over his six pack abs and broad pecs. He grabbed a tape measure to check his new height. 6'3" is what the measure said. Dean ran to the bathroom and stpped on the scale- 200 lbs it read. "Oh my God", Dean blurrted out loud. That stuff really worked. Dean became very turned on by his new body- so much so he felt his dick awaken in his shorts. Soon Dean was sporting a mean tenet in his shorts- Dean dropped his shorts and was in total awe at the cock he saw before him. His new cock was think and very large- Dean measured a total of 9 inches.

Dean started rubbing his new monster cock- the wave of pleasure son consumed him. after a few minutes of this- he exploded in total extacy. His load shot clear across the room. Dean was so happy and so thankful for the strange package he had received. •

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