Little Friends


By Mreyes8230

The rain is falling and I just arrived to the office. Stupid traffic is enough to make anyone insane.

My name is Joseph Mcgill and I am a scientist working with nano technology and robotics with the military. I have been working on a system that when introduced into the human body would help make the body’s different organic systems heal faster and work efficiently. It my belief if we would be able to help our soldiers to be improved.

As I walk into the office I see on the monitor that the lab is going full force. I smile and know that my technicians are working very hard. I go to the end of the hall and take the elevator to the lower level. It took me years but I was able to have an enormous area beneath my rather ordinary office building. All it took was some properly placed nanos in the water when meeting with the brass and the next thing you know I have the Army Corp of Engineers working on my laboratory.

The elevator doors opened and I survey the room. The technicians do not stop what they are doing they continue with their assigned task. Of course that is what they have been programmed to do. You see each one of the staff have been recreated to be more efficient. I continue to my real office and personal lab and close the door. I turn the lights on and boot up my systems. I go to the large cylinder in the corner, key in an entry code, and large hiss sounds as the tube opens. There it is Unit DAV01. DAV01 stands approximately 5’10” and 210 lbs. His sandy brown hair is shaved short into a crew cut. His blue eyes stare straight ahead. He is stands upright looking straight ahead unaware of my presence. As I take in this incredible man I look at his chest. Off course the chest is hairless the nanos have made sure they were removed. His nipples are round and sticking straight out. I continue down and savor his six pack and follow curvatures to his cock which lays flaccid against his muscular thigh His muscles have been enhanced to look like a body builder. I go to the panel and start the diagnostics routine.

In a monotone he says:

Unit DAV01 Active, he says to no one in particular Unit DAV01 System operating with in specified parameters Unit DAV01 Ready for Instructions

Very good DAV01, I say.

Come and sit with me. DAV01 steps from the cylinder and come to the chair which directly in front and sit down.

As I stare at my creation I cannot help and think back two years ago.

I walked into my conference room where General Schmidt and General Raferdy where waiting for me.

I began, “Good Morning Generals”, “I hope you both a nice trip” “How have you both?!!” “Shut the Fuck up the General Schmidt interrupted.

General Schmidt continued: I do not know what strings you pulled to get us here or how you convinced the undersecretary to this bull shit! But I am going to tell you now that I am against this Sci-Fi crap. When I am done here I have every intention of rejecting your funding request and remove you from the defense department.

General Raferdy added: I have to agree with the General. This proposition and funding request is beyond anything we have encountered. You are expecting us to have faith in something that has never been done. Further I find your smuge attitude toward our protocol upsetting. Jumping to the front of project development just the undersecretary felt it was relevant is unbelievable.

They did not know that I had met with and introduced the undersecretary to my “Little friends” two days ago. As we shook hands and the delivery was made.

As he sat as his desk and we chatted about my project and how I felt it was beneficial to the country. He started to get uncomfortable; he thought there was a bug in the room since he heard buzzing in his ears.

I continued to talking as if nothing was happening all the while the indicator on my watch started to receive telemetry from the nanos.

The undersecretary got very quiet and stared out from his desk looking confused as if he was trying to hear something but could not quite understand.

I smiled and looked at watch. Twenty minutes! Not bad.

Mr. Undersecretary activate funding program 0001.

UNDERTSTOOD, he said softly

Mr. Undersecretary activate Personality program 0199152.

Again he softly answered, UNDERTSTOOD!

And as if nothing happened he continued normally and said, “Your project is critical for the country and I am herby granting priority funding status”, additionally I will have two of our generals from the funding committee inspect the laboratory.”

Now while he was talking he stood up and walked over to me. He began to remove his clothing. Then he began to stroke himself. I could see thin grey lines running throughout his body.

I started to get hard just watching my creations work.

When he finished talking his eyes became wide and he realized what he had said and done. What the fuck, what have you done to me, you bastard!!!

I stood up and looked him over. The lines had traveled through out his body.

He screamed “GUARDS!” before I could activate the final phase.

The guard on duty stormed into the office and was stunned to the undersecretary standing in the middle of the room naked and with a hard on.

I was on the floor and pretended to be knocked out. The undersecretary could not speak because I was able to turn off his speech.

As the guard touched my neck to see if I had a pulse my “Little friends” made contact with his skin.

The guard helped me up on to the couch and asked if I was alright all the while looking for the pesky bug buzzing in his ear until he stopped talking and moving. Now here was this beautiful guard on one knee in front of me with a blank look on his face.

I got up shut the door and locked it

Unit UND001, activate! The undersecretary stood ram rod straight and in a monotone said, “ready for modifications, master”

UND001 you will not remember this incident. Further as far as you are concerned our meeting was productive.

You will proceed with insuring that all requirements as met and that funding will begin as soon as possible.

Now come over here. The undersecretary stiffly walked over to me on the couch where was I was sitting and the guard was kneeling. Bend over the chair unit UND001. The undersecretary did as instructed.

Now I turned to my newest acquisition.

Unit identify your self!

The unit answered: I am UNIT DAV001.

Access programming diagnostics, code 00334!

Accessing, he said

Unit DAV001 ready.

Unit you will now belong to me and be my private guard. You will answer to me and only to me. Understood

Unit DAV001: Understood!

Unit DAV001 when I give you the command you be able to act normally but you will not be able to resist fucking your boss in the ass. I want you to be as forceful as you can.

Unit DAV001: Understood!

Unit DAV001 you are no longer heterosexual but homosexual. Further you will be totally in love with me as you master.

Unit DAV001: Understood!

Close programming diagnostics, code 00334!

Unit DAV001 ready

UNIT UND001: you will make sure that UNIT DAV001 is lost in combat and that his family is given all right and privileges awarded someone lost in action.

Unit UND0001: Understood

Now when I command you will be normal again but unable to move. As UNIT DAV001 approaches you, you will begin to get hard and start to stroke your self. As he pounds you ass you will start to realize that you love cock and that you want something shoved up your ass all the time.

You will go get a butt plug and wear it. You will realize that you are gay and start to frequent local gay establishment.


The undersecretary started first; “What is happening…… the guard continued I don’t know sir but I know I have to fuck that ass of yours.

Are you crazy! At ease solider!!!! All the while the undersecretary started to feel a tingling in his cock. The guard approached closer and said I cannot stop!

The guard approached the round ass of the undersecretary and massaged it. The undersecretary let out a moan and much quieter asked for him to stop!

The guards by this time had taken his clothes off; and was rock hard. He came up behind the other man who by know was moving his ass to meet the guard.

At this point I noticed that the guard was hesitating. UNIT DAV001 status!

I cannot do this!!!

I will not do this!!!

I was stunned, he was fighting the nanos. I went to my watch and increased the functionality of the nanos in his system.

I increased their over all influence from the 45 GHz to 100 GHz

The guard shook violently and grabbed his head. He let out a soft moan and collapsed on the floor.

The undersecretary was still leaning over the chair and grating his ass. Desperately try to get it full.

The guard looks out and starts to say: READY! READY! READY! READY! READY! UNIT DAV001 completely functional… and stood up. Walked over to the undersecretary

UNIT DAV001: Proceeding with initial instructions. UNIT DAV001: Will Comply. The guard then proceeds to savagely pound the undersecretary until he came. Once the guard had cum, He extracted himself and walked over to me. He knealt down I wait your orders master.

I never received a better blow job.


The General banter brought me back to our meeting. “Yes General I am listening.” “May I give you some refreshments?” The general walked over to the buffet and pulled some bottled water. He threw the other bottle to the General like to fools playing a tag team game with me.

I smiled as they each drank the bottle. They continued down play and smugly talking to me like a little boy all the while they were looking for the pesky bug that was flying the room.

I asked to be excused to make a call and left the room. When I returned, I found the hard nose generals 69’ing on the conference table. I laughed out load!

They did not stop off course I allowed them to cum first which they swallowed greedily.

I announced Units attention! The Generals sprang from the table and stood ramrod straight.

So I received all the funding required and with the exception of the general’s desire to have only attractive guards with them. (which they were more than happy to bring across with my “Little Friends”). •

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