By MuscleMage

My names Scott, Iím a swimmer and a wrestler at Janesville High, Iím a pretty hot guy if I do say myself. Iím bi and always horny; this works out pretty well with half the school fantasizing about me. Iím about 5í11, pretty tall and weight 183, some of my friends have broken 200 lbs. and Iím just so hot after them. Iím really quite jealous that I had to work twice as hard to get to this weight and still weigh less than them. But thatís all right, I have the biggest cock in the group at 8í.

My friends and I decided to hang around the beach before working out one Saturday. Iíve just started a new supplement thatís supposed to peak your growth potential during workouts so I was a bit anxious to start working out. But seeing my friends in their tight swimsuits was good enough for me to postpone the workout. After a few races in the water one of my buddies, Jeff took out a camera. Luckily a chick volunteered to take the picture. Being the jocks we were we decided to pile on top of each other like a pyramid, me being on the bottom. As the chick was fiddling with the camera trying to get it to focus, I felt a strange pressure pressing down on me. At first I passed it off as me being on the bottom of the pyramid, but this wasnít that kind of pressure. It was like energy was being pressed into me and it was building fast. I felt some of the guys slouching like they were getting tired.

Finally the chick took the picture and we fells apart of each other. The workout was rather short as the guys were feeling unusually tired after the time at the beach. I however was working out like a maniac, the pressure had given me some kind of crazy lust for working my muscles. But I finally had to go when my friends were all done showering and had started waiting for me.

I was feeling pretty pumped at home and decided to finish my workout downstairs. The workout euphoria was insane and I nearly orgasm into my workout shorts. I checked myself in the mirror after my second shower and I stopped short, my muscles were pretty pumped and I could have sworn they were still growing. I brushed against my chest and was shocked at how swollen they were. My hands glided down to my hard abs and I noticed my biceps. I was getting worked up again and when I put my hands around my cock I thought it was a bit thicker, my balls also felt heavier than before. Definitely more sensitive I thought as I finished the best jack-off session that Iíve ever had.

Over the next few weeks I continued to workout like a madman and was gaining some serious mass. My buddies couldnít believe how fast I was growing as all of them seemed to have reached their weight ceiling at the same time. I began thinking that I had somehow absorbed their growth potential that one day at the beach. As I walked along the same beach I wondered to myself what I would look like in five years after going through 10 guyís growth spurtsÖ •

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