By Richard

The nanozyme did its job too well.

It messed not only with my blood functions, metabolism, and immunological aspects, it wreaked havoc on the most important thing I had control over- the timestream adaptors in my implants.

But it's turned me into a mass of monster muscle to be admired any century I've been to.

My name is Adam Asimov. My Diety-knows-how-many-times-before great granduncle was a prophet of the Time Before.. that era before the War. The War that Ended all Wars. It started at 11:36 EST by accident..some idiot misread a message and fired off the old time missiles. Nation after nation responded. By 11:54 EST, it was all over. Almost every single record of life during the Time Before was destroyed. Isaac the Prophet foretold this in his visions.

So this is where I step in.

During my studies of energy spectrums, I noticed that some energies carried images.. like the Time Before's old.. televison, we think it was called. We harnessed it and realised we were watching actual events of then. But only sporadically. When the link between the study of photonics and silicate technology was discovered by me, how to travel through time became obvious.. almost as absurd as child's play. That's why you've never heard of this until now. Sometimes the Government does thing for the good of people, you know.

The Plague had returned. The 20th century saw the birth of the worst pandemic ever.. taking the lives of almost 1/3rd of the human population before a cure and vaccine was discovered. The name of the discoverer is lost.. the plaque on her statue in New Francisco damaged. And all her discoveries. It was up to me to go back and get this before Earth's human population was well and truly wiped out.

I was modified to be my own time capsule.. a silicate implant was in my brain, letting me access all of humanity's knowledge so far rescued from the Time Before and since then. I was able by send back anything discovered through time by pricking my finger and putting a drop of blood on the object so the computers in the Government could focus the equipment and bring it back through time to the present. The nanozyme saw to that.

To keep me healthy as possible, nanozyme was specially bred for me. It accelerated the healing process for most hospital patients. But for some reason, the Plague was immune to its properties. For me, it was bred to a supernatural degree. We would have no idea how it would react to me until I was hurt in the field.

The week before I was to leave, I received the nanozyme infusion. I felt very flushed, but thought nothing of it. At 6-1 and 204, I was in top shape…enjoying the archaic sport of bodybuilding. My ex husband introduced me to the sport, but we divorced when he met someone bigger than me. It came through on the millennia of homosexuality being granted full civil rights. What a way to celebrate.

I would not give in to the frustration, but I would work out my anger at the physiocentrodome. I used the silicate implant to find the Old Word equivalent.. gymnasium, it came up.. colloquial- gym.

The warm up did not affect me in the least. My heart was still beating along like nothing had occurred. The flush was still there, but dismissed it. For now.

So I warm up.. bicep curls. I grab the force bar, set the field to make the bar weigh my usual. I do ten reps. It feels light as a feather. Puzzled, I check the control. The force field is working right. The bar is exerting the right weight. I double it. A touch of resistance, but I get through it no problem. Once more I reset the bar to half again, And my jaw drops when I see my reflection. My arms, measuring 16.5 inches before, now look almost 18.. the veins like ropes on them. What the..? I pump out the reps… what was my one rep max, is now my ten rep average. I can't take my eyes off the reflection.. THIS is what I wanted.

Like a child, I run from machine to machine, watching myself grow with every rep. I flex and watch the others just stop and stare.. trying to figure out why I look so different after all this time. I just keep my smile to myself.

In the washskin room, I need help taking my workout gear off. I see myself in full glory.. and the word is an understatement. I thought I was lean before, but I look like a living statue now..the skin flushed red. I'm so excited I barely feel my hand scrape across the ragged edge of the bench.

"Hey, you're cut.. you need the cellular regenerator..?" says the guy next to me. Before I can respond, I look down.. and see the wound heal right before my eyes. I turn away so he won't see it, and tell him it's nothing. My mind works overtime, and I start to get what has happened.

Dressed, I run back to the lab. Well, walked as quickly as I could. My new size made my clothes tight as a drum. I grab the hypo and draw a small blood sample. In the analyser, my suspicion is confirmed. The nanozyme, bred to its level, interprets ANY injury, even at the cellular level, as life threatening, and goes to work fixing the damaged cell. My working out triggered the healing response, and I grew. Diety, how I grew..!

I felt his smile first. I looked up, and it was Richard, one of the accutechs helping with the project. I smile back, never thinking for a moment he might be actually cruise-matching me. He asked "What are you doing here this time of night..? I thought you were going to be at the Millenia Celebrations Costume Festival..?"

Shit. I forgot about that. With the divorce, I've not wanted to do anything that might have me run into Roger and his new cruise-match. "With the way you look, you might as well go as one of the Time Before tribes.. the Muscle Bear.."

Did I look that good..? I checked out the face in the reflection.. beard trimmed, moustache in place.. and now the muscles..I looked at Richard and cruise-matched him.. and he BLUSHED.. "Any ideas for a costume..?"

The poor man fumbled. I swear, he FUMBLED as he called up the ancient scrolls.. a picture of a meeting with this similarly built man like myself, seeming to be yelling, holding a cloth in six colours aloft. He was wearing skin tight body clothes. I enlarged the label on the bottom of the leg. SPANDEX. I shrugged. Maybe it was his last name.

"Can you load that in to a replicator..?" I asked. "Sure", he replied. Give me yours."

I absentmindedly took mine off to give it to him, And of course I'm in my jocksling. Without the replicator, it has no idea what is should appear as. Richard is slackjawed at my new musculature. I blow him a kiss out of sheer mischief and say "Mind doing that..? I'm getting a bit cold.." "Oh.. um.. yes..". he plugs it in, downloads the image, and gives it back to me. Before I put it back around my neck, I press the activator, and the jocksling begins to grow, covering me until I'm wearing the same clothes the man in the picture was. Richard adjusted the replicator until the clothes fit properly.."Now it'll fit you whatever your body looks like.. and all you have to do is access the databanks in your silicate to replicate any clothing you might need."

"You're a star, Richard." To thank him, I kiss him. His hands rest on my arms. What the hell, I think, and flex them for him. His kiss grows passionate. He looks down, and says ".. a second ago I could just curve my hand.. now it's flat against it!"

The flexing was enough to trigger a small growth spurt.

This was too good to be true.

I flexed my arm again, and the flush happened. Deep down, the nanozyme was doing its job, repairing and growing. Richard's eyes glazed over; his hands ran over my growing muscles. I flexed, pose after pose, the flush all over my body. Richard couldn't get enough. His hands, his lips worked overtime, exploring every new bulge. His fists pounded on my pecs. I barely felt them.

"Please.." he whispered, his hand tracing my erection. My half open eyes gave him all the answer he needed. Diety, what skill he had. I saw my reflection.. the new muscle god and his acolyte worshipping. I smiled at myself, then closed my eyes. My breathing grew ragged. I felt the beginnings of my orgasm. My hands held onto his head, my face flush with my excitement. My hips took over. I looked down and saw his head through the valley of my pecs. I was transforming into someone else..I felt more flushed, and gritted my teeth as I overloaded…Diety, here I…..

The smell was the first thing I noticed.

I opened my eyes, and realised I was standing in an alleyway. The funk of the garbage was overwhelming. How did I get here..?

"Damn, you're fuckin' hot.."

I looked down, and saw. Whoever it was, it wasn't Richard. He wiped his mouth, and got up. His hand rubbed against my abs (my abs!), got up, kissed me on the cheek and whispered "Happy Pride Day.." Oh, my Diety.

The flush. The orgasm. The nanozyme. I accessed the silicate, now functioning at full capacity. That meant only one thing. I travelled in time.

One of the automatic triggers for my time shifts is adrenaline… if I get hurt or being chased, it will automatically send me back to my own time.. sort of an emergency call button.I can't risk people finding the silicates The nanozyme must have interpreted my orgasm as a physical threat. And that was enough to trigger the time shift.

The sounds of people cheering loudly brought me back to here.. but where was here..? I fixed my clothes. Damn.. the nanozyme made EVERYTHING grow. Stepping around the corner, I saw the source of the noise. A huge crowd, lining the streets on either side as far as I could see. And there..THERE.. the statue.. in real life, waving, smiling broadly, tears of happiness streaming down her face.

I breathed a sigh of relief. The right place, the right era. And I fit right in. •

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