Muscle Evolution


By Muscl4life

Ian checked for his email account once more – there were 20 new messages there, and every single one of them showed a different level of mockery about his recent published theory on Mankind Evolution. Ian just erased all of them and got in his car for another day at his laboratory on the local university facilities.

Ian Taylor was not a prestigious scientist, he was not the cleverest student on his class, he has not a major break though on his researches, he just published one lousy, poorly based article in one low circulation science magazine a couple of weeks ago and since then everyone seems to be an expert on human evolution.

The article was not even very original – it just suggested that, maybe, mankind would evolve into a different stereotype than the one we usually imagine; instead of the weak bodied, big headed, big eyed humanoid figure, the man of the future could be in fact stronger and muscular than he is nowadays. To emphasize his argument, Dr. Taylor compared the data of the first walking primates such as the Homo Erectus with Homo Sapiens, and concluded that, although the increase of the brain mass and more complex nervous synapses, there was a significant increase on the muscle tissues, the strength on the individual and muscular potency – not to mention the height growth, since the average height of the fossils of those specimen also meant that walking erect contributed to height increasing. In sum, what Ian suggested was maybe instead of losing muscles due to more powerful mental capabilities, maybe the man of the future could also get more muscular and stronger, maybe even take a different way of the one we expect!

Anyway, the article had a very bad effect on Ian’s career, he wasn’t noticed before, but now he was mocked and his colleagues all treated him with a condescending look, they simply had no idea where did he get these “minor importance theories” – but Ian knew it ever since his puberty – Ian was always a short, thin, weak, pale, unhealthy looking child but his parents and everybody else told him that it would change once he get older, truth is puberty came and went by, but Ian did not change very much – He is 32 years old, 5’4” 155 pounds of a flabby, unhealthy structure, he was already going bald and his body was almost hairless, his chest was flat and his shoulders were narrow, his hips were low and wide, his body was in fact an example of the “future man” role model on his article.

Despite the quality of his writing, Ian had a strong mind about his theory, mostly because of his secret project – he believed that a strong combination of new generation of anabolic steroids, sexual hormones, and glandular stimulation via chemical inductors, would allow him to “develop” into a stronger version of himself – for over six months, Ian has been injecting genetic modified lab mice with those chemicals obtaining great results, the average size of the male rats increased almost 50 percent and the muscular tissue and potency also revealed a great increment as well – the scientist knew the mice were genetically modified – usually known as “super mouse gene” and he just “borrowed” them from the lab in order to proceed with his plans.

The super mice started producing huge amounts of those substances, and Ian used the lab to extract those genes and implant them in other generation of mice, and so he proceeded over the past moths – and today he had achieved something he had only hoped in his dreams – the 10th generation of male super mice were actually 4 times bigger and almost 16 times heavier than their already genetically altered forefathers, and to keep them secretly in his home was not an easy task, especially because they now were so big and strong, which often lead into breaking their cages and causing the biggest messy on his basement. Ian concluded his “evolution” experiment was secure enough to enter a new stage – today the analysis of the secretion produced by the male “hyper” mice as Ian called his rodents, was actually the highest concentration of anabolic inductors and hormones ever achieved by a single organism – if compared to human standards, each rat produced over 150 times more anabolic inductors than an athlete, for instance.

Ian arrived home and noticed something was wrong – there was this van parked at his front door and his door had been forced. He rushed and noticed this man sat on his living room. “Mister Taylor, I am glad you are here at last! My name is Edward Blake, I work for the ChemTech Laboratories!” “What are you doing in my house? How dare you break into my home?” Ian exploded in anger quickly noticing that his basement door had not been forced, yet. “I was sent here, because of your recent article, mister Taylor, we got interested in your theories, so we did a little investigation on you, nice work you’ve done with those big rats huh? That’s why I am here, Ian, we are willing a chance to work for us!” the man said casually. “You what? Couldn’t you use another method? Ever heard of email?” “You are not following me here, Ian, we are willing to give you a chance, but not the way you can possibly think!” Suddenly, the door opened from the inside, and two huge men dressed in dark clothing appeared carrying the cages with the hyper mice. “WHAT?” Ian tried to cry for help, but he was overpowered by another henchman and immobilized – “We are taking your experiment to a better place, Dr. Taylor, I hope you don’t mind!” Edward said with a mockery tone – “don’t try to tell on us, because we have the proves of your felony, so be quiet about this, and maybe we can talk to you later!”

As soon as they arrived, they vanished, leaving Ian tied in the kitchen in some kind of rope, which diluted in about one hour after they left. The scientist rushed to his basement, and everything was gone, they took just every note and animal they could find. Dr. Taylor cried of anger and sadness, he dream was so close to become truth – he punched himself heavily, cursing his small size once more. Suddenly, Ian had an idea, he checked for his upstairs fridge – he remembered he had actually kept a sample of the latest batch of hyper mouse secretion on his own freezer. He rushed upstairs and laughed as the tiny vial, the last of the powerful, substance, remained with him. Ian had no more doubts, this secretion was actually the most powerful, the latest production of the biggest hyper mouse, it was indeed his only chance – Ian grabbed the syringe and shot himself in the thigh.

The pain was actually unbearable, he felt his entire body burning and stretching from within, Ian felt his muscles pinching and twitching, and suddenly he couldn’t breathe anymore, he looked everything fading into black and then he passed out. When he woke up, he was in a hospital bed – his neighbor found his body laying down on the kitchen and the door appeared to be forced. Ian looked at his body and --- nothing had changed – he was still the same wimpy loser, although he felt like his body would enormously huge and muscular now, nothing had changed. Eventually, they released Ian and his life was supposed to regain normalcy, but it didn’t, the doctor quit his job and remained at home, vegetating in his misery, it had been over a month since the incident and Ian still couldn’t understand what went wrong, apparently the common freezer couldn’t keep the properties of the secretion.

It was almost 4 a.m. of a full moon night – Ian sat at his sofa and zapped through the channels, when he saw this infomercial of another revolutionary equipment for working out, the same story of every one of this adds, but this one featured a very good looking fitness model, with his glistening naked torso bouncing up and down as he explained the wonderful features of the new appliance.

Normally, Ian didn’t get aroused by that kind of thing, he preferred more instigating things, such as porn moves, but this night he felt different – he was aroused by that guy, his cock was already harder than he ever remembered, he started jerking off like he hadn’t done in quite some time, feeling his cock hard in his hands – his tiny five inches long cock, but he was so turned on, he could swear it was a little longer that night. Ian watched the announcer describing the benefits of the product, while showing off his incredible muscles, which were supposed to be obtained only working out five minutes a day, and got each time hotter and more excited about the muscles of that guy, wishing his experiment had worked out.

Ian was on the verge of cumming, when he felt the familiar burning sensation, his muscles all got sore and then it hit him again, Ian’s eyes widened as he watched his own chest filling with muscles inside his baggy T-shirt soon his nipples were pointing through the fabric, and his shoulders were also getting thicker, wider and rounder. “It is working! It is working!” Ian mouthed in disbelief as his muscles grew stronger by the second – he looked at his thin legs, and they were growing as well as his upper body, his thighs were getting thicker and struggling for more space inside his pajamas pants, the soft fabric soon was being stretched beyond it could ever handle and Ian’s thighs erupted to life, ripping the clothing around them, while Ian just moved his legs to get a better view of his growth.

Then came the abs, the once flat horrible stomach now looked even better than that guy on TV, the rugged chiseled packs popped out, deep and cut, soon Ian had a 4-apck, which grew wider and rounder, then a powerful 6-pack, bigger and stronger, and more ripped than anyone in any infomercial, as well as his butt, who became rigid and round, and he felt each muscle getting completely ripped and veined.

Ian looked at his arms, which felt strangely heavier, just to notice they had grown so massive, they looked almost too big for his size, but then it all changed, because his muscles grew even more powerful and thicker, his skin became so thin, and completely covered in thick powerful looking veins, increasing the look of his muscles. The shoulders were amazingly round and big, Ian could almost tell they were bigger than any professional bodybuilder – his biceps swollen so drastically enormous, they bulged and flexed with the mere movement and the man loved to see them bulging and getting even freakier. Suddenly, I an noticed the room seemed different – he noticed that his clothing, or the shreds of his clothing – hanging on him – “OH FUCK!”

Ian Taylor noticed for the first time, his muscles weren’t the only thing growing on him tonight – he had also grown a lot taller too! He could feel his bones stretching, augmenting, as his new muscular mass filled his augmented figure, quicker than it could expand, and so there was more mass to accommodate, and Ian kept on growing taller and taller, wider and more muscular by the second – he doubled over with every blissful feeling of his growth, enjoying such wonderful thing, when he looked at his cock – he hadn’t even cum yet! And his cock not only felt bigger, it was BIGGER! A lot bigger, it was over 12 inches long now, and surely 7 inches wide! The balls had swollen to the size of lemons and they hung down on his thighs. Ian was marveled with his achievements, he couldn’t even wait for more, and started jerking off again, to feel the increased intensity of his muscle growth, he moaned and screamed in ecstasy, his skin felt like being pinched by one million pins, that’s when he noticed he had body hair – dark, thick and shiny – growing through his skin, where once he was smooth and pathetic as a wimpy, now a nice lay of manly hair covered his skin, only increasing his looks, making him look more muscular, and more powerful. Even his head, the once shiny surface was being reforested with a new powerful, cascaded, hair, which soon filled his head and reached for his shoulders. All the time his muscles kept growing as well, and he got even taller, his muscles expanding amazingly and his hands growing abnormally wide, bony, veined and hard. His neck became so thick, and hairy, and his arms, a real dark forest grew underneath his pits, and his chest became a living shelf of muscle with huge hairy nipples, perfectly framed by more thick hair increasing the depth of his muscle cleavage.

Ian looked at himself growing, his legs were also covered with hair, especially his groin became so thick haired only his balls and his huge cock could be seen, his look was wild, savage, powerful!

Ian grabbed his cock and gave a few powerful strokes, he almost roared in anger and excitement – he came fiercely all over his living room, reaching his chest, the TV set, the opposite walls, the ceiling, even the front door over 10 feet away – the doctor kept on cumming for over minutes, sat on the couch, stroking his huge phallus with one hand, while he liked his flexed biceps- they were so hugely developed. “FUCK YEAH! I MADE IT!” Ian said with his new basso profundo voice – he had to check the results.

The man who filled the bathroom mirror was absolutely masculine! He stood at amazing 6’9” tall by at least 3’5” wide! His face was square and rugged, with a strong jaw line and, high cheekbones and a mean look due to the three day growing beard framing the pink lips – his hair was dark brown and reached the back of his enormous V-shaped back, his muscles were massively built, the scales read 370 pounds, but then he was sure bigger than that!

Ian flexed his biceps and measured the peaks at 32” fucking solid inches, his chest couldn’t be less than 70” inches and his thighs were 41” inches each, but his cock didn’t get any smaller than 15 inches in a permanent semi-erect condition.

Dr. Taylor watched his augmented figure and went downstairs, trying to look for any clue who could lead him to those who stole his life work. He was mad, and he wanted to get even with the bastards! He found a little plate unnoticed before, it was a little piece of paper tore in four parts, a little plastic bag for shampoo with the name of a health club, and there was an address there, maybe he could have a few more clues there.

“WATCH OUT BLAKE! I AM COMING FOR YOU!” Ian said as he got into his car, almost tearing the door off, and speeding down the road. •

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