Muscle Emails


By Bazorba

“Oh geez, not more of them! It’s going to take me forever to get through them all”

Josh sighed as he looked at his email program with all the latest emails from all the “get paid to read email” programs that he belonged to. Most times there was so many of these mails delivered that he could not leave it for a few days without the mail close to overflowing the box and it would take 2-3 hours to go through it all. While he did think that the end result of payout is a nice thought, the work that he had to go through to get to that payout was sometimes very frustrating.

As Josh looked at the time, he realized that he better hop to it and get to the gym so that he would have enough time to get a good workout in before he had to come home and get ready for work. The gym as usual was uneventful, with no one talking to him at all. Lots of cute built guys were there, but they paid him no mind, not even to say “hi”. This was a source of disappointment for Josh, because even though he was gay, he felt that even a friendship with one of these guys would have been nice.

Josh finished his workout and went to the locker room to get changed to go home. As he looked in the mirror at himself, the reflection was not a very stunning one. Josh was trying to reshape his body after getting fed up with being fat for most of his life. The workouts were starting to help, but it would be a very long time before he could even resemble the body that he wanted desperately. He wanted muscles…huge, powerful, hard muscles. The kind of body that tears clothes and makes heads turn in shock, and it was something he dreamed of for years.

After Josh got home, he decided to log onto his email and see the mounds more mail that he had gotten in his absence. Usually, he didn’t really read the emails, he would just scroll down to the paid link and click on the paid link to credit his account. However, there was one email there that caught his eye. He clicked on the paid link and went to the site, and there in the page banner was the slogan ‘Live your fantasies via email”. This intrigued Josh, and he decided to jump in head first and register, not having a clue what was in store for him. When the confirmation email came, he clicked on the link and was whisked to the registration completion page where he was asked to fill in his personal information…and his fantasy. At the field where he had to input his fantasy, he wrote ‘I want to be a freaky massive bodybuilder’; unsure if that was the correct wording to use. Josh then hit ‘submit’ and the form when to wherever it was going to go. As it was time to get ready for work, Josh left the computer and got ready and went to work.

When he got home, he went through the usual emails, a couple from friends, some porn spam ads which he had no interest in, the typical paid email… and then he found a couple of emails from the site that he had visited earlier. When he clicked on the paid links, it operated just like any other program, but when the banner said ‘Your account has been credited’, he felt a warming feeling all over his body. “That was strange” Josh said to himself, but he paid it no mind. He went to bed wondering if that site could really do what it said it could.

Josh woke up the next morning feeling slightly energized. In the bathroom, the mirror told him that his gut wasn’t as pronounced as it was yesterday, and that his facial features didn’t sag as much either. He chalked it up to the workouts were finally beginning to work their magic and went on with his business. The emails came and clicked on, those special emails caused him to feel the warming feeling that he felt last night. Josh still didn’t know what it was but it felt good, and he just went on with his day. The gym was primarily the same, only he felt things were easier and he was able to stretch himself further and go for longer distances on the cardio equipment. He was quite pleased about this and went home feeling great.

This was the usual pattern for Josh for the first week. At the start of the second week, he decided to make some changes to the stuff he did at the gym and start adding some weights to his normal routine. This was venturing into some new territory for Josh, as he had never really worked out with weights before and was scared of injuring himself. He was quite surprised at how strong he was and how large his muscles pumped up over the course of the session. “Just the normal pump” Josh thought to himself, dismissing it as beginners luck. With that, he went home, got ready for work, and went on with his day.

After Josh got home, he went on with his normal routine of checking his email. When he clicked on the links from that strange site, there was an intense burning in his muscles that left him frazzled. After that, Josh decided to go to bed. Dreams of lifting huge amounts of weight with enormous muscles filled his head all night, promoting a rock hard erection when he woke up the next morning

When he woke up, Josh went to the mirror to check himself out, saddened that the dream was not a reality. However, there was a startling realization when he looked in the mirror after his eyes had focused. His muscles had actually gotten bigger over the course of the night. The muscles on his chest not only had firmed up, but were beginning to take shape. Same thing could be said for the muscles on his arms, and elsewhere on his body. The amount of fat on his body was also reduced dramatically, while not totally gone, there was much less there than there was yesterday. Elated at had what happened, Josh began to flex in the mirror, showing off the muscles that he did have. For the rest of the day, Josh felt his muscles whenever he could, amazed at what happened. •

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