Pumped Up, Pumped Down

Vin was a body builder. He had been since he was 12. At 22, he looked like a real stud with sculpted abs and pecs. He enjoyed people worshiping his hot physique, and would average 2-3 blow jobs a day. He was terribly narcissistic, and treated less beautiful people like dirt.

That all changed last month, when Vin was lounging in the shower after a long swimming work out. He started to slide off his Speedo, but his hand ended up inside the suit, so he started to jack off. A couple scrawny dudes entered wearing black shorts and t-shirts.

"That dude's got enough muscle for both of us, Ty," the taller dark haired college freshman said.

The blond speaking louder, said to Vin, "Hey, mister, looks like you could use a good blow job. Would you like me and Jim to help you out?" he paused and added, "no charge of course. Man you are built!"

Vin smiled, and motioned for the two to come over.

The two young men knelt on either side of the muscleman, pulled down his Speedo, and started licking. They were noisy cocksuckers, it almost sounded like they were talking with something in their mouth, except the words were gibberish. But the fluctuations of their tongues were so enjoyable, Vin didn't complain about the noise, he just tuned it out. Then they started to take turns sucking, Vin closed his eyes, leaned back and enjoyed the ride. He must have come a dozen times. He felt so exhausted, he nearly slid down the shower wall.

"Well, Ty, I think we drained him."

Vin opened his eyes, and was startled to see to well muscled men getting to their feet. The were dressed in skin tight black shorts and shirts, just like the scrawny guys had been. Blond and black haired, had Vin just not noticed how built those two really were? He started to raise his arm to his head, and froze.

His hand was attached to a totally unmuscular arm. He started to examine himself in terror. His muscled guns were now toothpicks, and were his legs. His pecs and shoulders were shadows of their formerselves. It was as if the last 8 years of bodybuilding had never happened. He looked up to see the pair exiting the shower, they glanced over their shoulders and laughed.

Vinnie signed up for summer camp muscle training that year. He'd lost his definition, but at least he was still lean and toned. He was going to participate in intensive carb loading, and high protein diets. As he stretched with the other camp participants, he froze. There in a black t-shirt with white letters emblazoned on it proclaiming, "MUSCLE CAMP COUNSELOR" stood Ty.

The camp leader spoke into a mic, and the PA boomed out, "Gentlemen, we're fortunate to have as counselors this year a couple of world class body builders, Ty Lott, and Jim Salem who will teach you how to get massive muscled bodies like they have created through careful diet and hard work!" Jim came running up from behind Vinnie as his name was called. Under his breath, Vinnie silently cursed. •

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