Pumped Pump

I will never forget my first time having sex. It of those defining moments that one can never forget. To understand my story you have to know somethings about my life up to that point.

I was always the fat kid in school that everyone kicked around and made fun. I did just fair in school and was not a stand out in anything I did. By the time I got to be 14 and going to High School I was the invisible kid. This is not the worst thing in the world, but not the best way to get the girls who were looking better and better to me as I went through puberty. When I I was about 50lbs overweight and had a terrible case of acne. Girls did not notice me at all, except to ignor me.

After my freshman year in high school summer loomed ahead of me. I couldn’t work yet as I was and my parents were going off for two and half months to Europe for my fathers work and couldn’t take me with them. My grandparents were to old to keep me so my Mom and Dad signed me up for a camp.

I thought it was just a normal camp where you canoed and such, but it wasn’t...it was for high school boys who were interested in bodybuilding. Something anyone looking at me could tell you I was not into that. However, upon arriving and seeing the instructors and some of the other boys that I might just like this. I don’t have a gay bone in my body, but seeing the older muscular boys was exciting. I had had dreams of having a better body, but not the desire to put out the effort to get there. Here, I saw the opportunity for motivation and time to do just that.

My first week was miserable. I was so out of shape that I every part of my body ached, but I did lose about 10lbs of fat and could tell my muscles were hardening. The day went like this. We got up:30 and ran a ten mile course (I couldn’t do this first week). Then:00 we’d have a large breakfast. In the morning we would work out in groups for a couple of hours in the gym with weights, have a snack, play somekind of running sport. In the afternoon we’d have a large lunch and then workout another body part for a couple of hours with the weights, and then do some other sports. Three times a day we’d take a protein/muscle drink. We also took creatine and some other muscle growth supplements.

By the week I was beginning to get into it. My soreness was going away, and I was getting stronger. One of the great things was that none of the boys, even those in great shape teased me, only encouraged me! This was first in my life.

After three weeks of this I could really tell a major difference. I had dropped about 25lbs of fat and could now run the 10 miles each morning with only minor discomfort!

After the first month of the camp I was looking even better, having dropped another 10lbs with some extra work on my part. The staff had me on a real strict diet and were watching me closely. Some of the boys who had been very underweight had put on about 10-15lbs and were looking good as well.

My muscles started to really show by this time as I had lost over 35lbs of fat. My bodyfat measure that had been around 42% when we started was down to about 19%. When I started my arms measured in at around 11.5 inches, chest 40, and waist 36. After the first month of hard workouts and all the supplements my arms were now up to 13.5 inches, chest 5inches and waist was down to 33inches. I really put myself into the routine now that I had seen these results.

By the end of the month I could really tell a major difference in my body. The sunshine we had been experiencing had tanned my body, my acne was gone, and I had lost another 15lbs of fat while maintaining my weight in muscle gain! My body fat count was down to about 6%. The weight I was lifting had risen dramatically as had my measurements. My arms were a solid 15 inches; chest was up to 48 inches and my waist had shrunk to 30 hard inches. Due to my low bodyfat measurement all my muscles really stuck out of my now thin skin. My abdominals were a prominant 6 pack, my arms had become veined and straited with muscle. My biceps and triceps and forearm stood out from my arms, when I flexed them. A huge bump looking like a large orange or small grapefruit formed on my arms. My former skinny shoulders now looked like softballs had been put under the skin. My pecs stood out proud and strong. I still had one more month of camp!

In that last month I continued to work out and do everything that was told me to do. I could not believe the difference in my body and attitude toward life. I was feeling more confident and secure in myself. I also found myself getting horny and having to jack off at night. I wasn’t the , and many times I could hear several boys at night moan when they shot off their loads. I was really hoping to meet a nice girl to go out with when camp was over.

On the last day of camp all the boys put on a show for our parents who came to get us. My folks couldn’t believe the difference in their boy. The biggest surprise was they didn’t know that it was bodybuilding camp! I had really transformed myself. I was now 15 with 16.5 in. arms, 51 inch chest, and a 30 inch waist. My legs had really grown as had my shoulders, back and other body parts. I was awesome!

One of the first things we had to do when I got home was buy me a new wardrobe. All we wore all summer were gym shorts and athletic shoes. None of my old clothes fit me anylonger, especially my shirts. I remember when were going home I had a t-shirt on. In fact, it was the same one that I had worn to camp. I streched and ripped out the back and sleeves!

The term sophmore means “wise fool,” and that is just what I was when I went back to school. I bought clothes that would show my new body off. I wore the first day a tight t-shirt and shorts. Everyone was astonished. Boys just stared, and girls would come up and ask if they could feel my muscles.

I joined the weight lifting club, wanting to continue my training. There were usually one or two girls around watching the boys pump up their muscles. I noticed one in particular, Sally. She wasn’t beautiful in the classic since, but had large breasts and had beautiful hair.

After a couple of weeks we finally met. I was running home from school (a short 5 miles) and asked if she would join me. She said she could run that far, but she’d follow me in her car!

We got to the neighborhood we both lived in and she stopped in front of her house and invited me in. We only lived a couple of blocks away so I excepted. When we went in we discovered her parents wouldn’t be home for a while so we sat down on the sofa. She placed her hand on my bare leg and rubbed it. I felt a stirring in my pants. Then she leaned over and began kissing me.

Believe me, running pants are not good if you want to hide your erection. The little nylon pants just tented up big. She placed her hand on it and I just about lost it right then and there! She reached down and pulled off my t-shirt and ran her hands over my hard, muscled body. She said she had never seen such muscles and asked me to flex them, which I did. She almost was having an orgasm as she felt the hardness and size of my arms. In fact, she could get both her hands around it! She felt my pecs as I flexed them for her and she ran her hand down to my stomach tracing my 6 pack with her fingers.

I got harder and harder.

Finally she pushed me down crawling on top and continued to kiss me, I kissed back. Her hand wandered down to my hard dick, and she started rubbing it, then stuck her hand in under my waist band and grabbed hold. I was beside myself! She pulled them down and began to jack me off!

I couldn’t believe this. Here, I was in a beautiful girls house getting my dick stroked. I thought it couldn’t be better, was I ever wrong! She took her pants off, rolled me on my back and sank my dick right into her! WHAT A FEELING! She bounced up and down for a while and then rolled over putting me on top. I continued to pump her until I shot a huge load into her. It was very intense!

It was both of our first time ever to do this, it was great! We continued to see each other for a while and then broke up. •

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