Switched at Birth


By robertschaefer932

By Jack's 14th birthday, he was 6'3" tall and weighed 265 lbs. As usual, his age wasn't keeping up with his shoe size since he now wore a size 16 shoe. Jack graduated from grade school and began high school. He was one freshman that wasn't going to get stuffed in a locker. For one thing there were probably only a couple of guys in the school as big as Jack who could even attempt it. Also, the lockers weren't that big!

When Jack got his weightlifting set for his 11th birthday and started pumping iron intensely, his muscles exploded in size and strength and he soon needed more weights. All he had to do is ask his parents for more weights and they bought them for him no questions asked. As they added more weights and benches and racks, Jack took more and more stuff out of his room to make room until the only things left were the weights and his bed. As Jack got taller, he ran into problems with the ceiling in the bedroom. One day, while doing a military press, he hit the ceiling with the barbell and took out 2 chunks of plaster. At that point, he moved his weights down to the garage where there was no ceiling. Mr. Miller had to park his car outside from then on. He did this without question! Jack also asked for and got an air conditioner installed in the garage to keep him cool during the warm months.

Tommy wasn't really relishing the idea that Jack would be in the same school with them. Tommy had it pretty easy for the past 3 years, not having to go to school with Jack while he was getting big. Jack liked to throw his weight around! At least Tommy had gotten a break each day from Jack while they were in different schools. Tommy had a small growth spurt given his genetic disposition and at age 17, was 5'5" tall and weighed about 120 lbs. He was glad he'd grown up to be a little taller than his father, but he was still hoping to grow a few more inches. He was still very skinny. It kind of amazed him that his younger brother weighed more than twice as much as he did. He was somewhat envious of Jack. Tommy wished he was tall and had big muscles like his little brother did.

One day, Jack had just gotten out of the shower. He had dried off and had a towel wrapped around him. He didn't have a big mirror in his room so if he wanted to check out his muscles, he had to do it in the bathroom. He was flexing his pecs when Tommy walked in. Tommy said jokingly, "Damn, Jack. You've got bigger boobs than a lot of girls." Jack smiled and grabbed Tommy by the back of the neck and lifted him off the floor. He pressed Tommy's face into the space between his pecs. "How many girls can do this, Tommy? How many girl's chests are this hard?" Jack asked. Jack then whipped off his towel, displaying his 13" hard dick. Jack always got hard when he checked out his muscles. Puberty had been very good to Jack. Jack put Tommy's face down in his crotch area. "How many girls got one of those, Tommy?" Jack asked. "For that matter, how many guys? Do you? I don't think so!" Tommy said, "Damn, you're hung!" Jack said, "I ought to make you suck me off. I could you know." Edward's eyes got real big. Jack laughed and he said, "Don't worry, I won't." . "I could make you do anything I want. I'm so much bigger and stronger than you. I weigh more than twice as much as you do. Remember the old saying, `He who has the muscles makes the rules'!"

Shortly after school started, Tommy and some of his friends were messing around in the hall. It may have looked like they were fighting but this was the way the acted all the time. Jack came walking up and saw what he thought was a fight between his brother and some other guys. Jack grabbed 2 of the guys by the neck and lifted them up. They weren't huge guys, just kind of typical high school kids, about 5'10" tall and 150lbs each. Jack said, "Are these guys giving you problems, Tommy?" Tommy was embarrassed that his brother had intervened. "Put them down, you giant moron. We were just goofing off!" Tommy said. Jack immediately set the 2 guys down. "Sorry guys," he said.

One of the guys said, "Who are you, big guy?" Jack said, "I'm Tommy's little brother, Jack." The guy looked at Tommy and said, "No way! You're really brothers? Is one of you adopted or something?" Tommy said, "No." The guy said, "How old are you? About 25?" Jack laughed, "No, I'm 14. I'm a freshman. Today is my first day in high school." The guy said, "Holy cow! What are you, about 6'2/250? Jack replied, "No, more like 6'3 and 270." The guy looked at Tommy and said, "And you're like 5'4/110? And you 2 are really brothers? What happened, didn't mom give you any vegetables, Tommy?" The other guy said, "Damn, Tommy, your little brother is a foot taller and 150lbs heavier than you are! He's like double your size!"

With that, Jack grabbed Tommy by the waist and raised him up over his head and laid him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "I'd say my big brother is about 120 puny pounds." Jack patted Tommy on the rear end with one of his big hands. "Isn't that right, big bro?" Tommy didn't say anything. He was embarrassed being picked up by his little brother in front of all of his friends. One of Tommy's friends said, "I hope you go out for football!" Jack said, "I don't think I will. It would cut into my weightlifting time.

Jack quickly settled in at high school. The school had a very well equipped weight room, but most of the time it was very crowded after school, so Jack preferred to work out at home. The workouts continued to give him good results. Unlike most people, Jack never reached a plateau. The more he lifted, the bigger his muscles continuously got and the stronger he got.

Jack really wanted to go out for wrestling. He liked the idea of beating up on guys and winning trophies for it, but by the time the season started, he was way past the 275 lb. limit and there was no way he was going to try to cut weight. Jack wanted to be as big as he could possibly get.

One day, shortly after school started, Jack made a stop in the Men's Room between classes. As he walked in, he saw a real little guy being roughed up by a couple of bigger guys. They had their backs turned to the door. One of the guys had on a black sleeveless leather vest. He was kind of skinny, but he had lean, muscular arms. Jack said, "Hey, leave him alone." The guy in the sleeveless vest said, without looking at Jack, "Stay out of this, jerk!" Jack walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and stared at the middle of Jack's chest then his eyes moved on up to Jack's face. The guy got a wide-eyed look on his face. Jack grabbed both guys by the neck and lifted them off the floor, one in each hand. They gasped for air with Jack's big hand crushing their windpipes. Jack said, "I said, Leave him alone!" With that Jack threw the one guy up against the wall about 10 feet away and at the same time threw the other guy in the opposite direction into a stall. The guy hit the wall and fell to the floor in a heap. The other guy flew into the stall and ended up standing in the toilet. Jack looked at the little guy and said, "Are you alright?" The little guy replied, "Thanks a lot. You really saved me!" Jack said, "No problem, Lets get out of here."

When they got out in the hall, the little guy reached out his hand and said, "I'm Andrew Smith. You really saved me from those goons. I really appreciate it!" Jack's big hand completely enveloped Andrew's small hand. Jack said as he shook Andrew's hand, "For a minute, I thought you were one of my brothers. You look a lot alike. They're kind of little too." Andrew said, "You know what. I thought you might be one of my brothers too. They're real big. Not quite as big as you though. One of my brothers is playing offensive lineman for Notre Dame!" Jack said, "Wow. Playing for Notre Dame! That's really neat. Maybe you'll get a big growth spurt and you'll be playing for Notre Dame someday too." Andrew said, "I wish!" Jack said, "Well, I've got to get to class or I'll be in trouble! See you around Andrew!" Andrew said, "See you later." For the next 4 years, whenever Andrew and Jack would pass in the hall, they always spoke to each other.

One thing Jack did to give himself more time to lift weights was to get his brothers to do his homework for him when it was some kind of assignment like a term paper or project that he wouldn't have to know for a test. Jack would walk into their room. He'd say, "I've got a term paper. Who's going to help me with it?" By help, he meant `Do for me'. If nobody answered, Jack would walk over and grab each of them by the shirt and lift them into the air and press their backs against the ceiling. "OK," Jack would say. "Which of you little guys is going to help me with my term paper?" If nobody volunteered, he'd say "If nobody volunteers, I'll let go and you'll fall! Then whatever's not broken by the fall, I'll break myself!" Whether he would have or was never determined because one of the little guys would always volunteer, usually Tommy! They knew it wouldn't do any good to tell their parents because they couldn't discipline Jack anyway! When Jack got his volunteer, he would then toss his brothers across the room to the bed, like they were pillows!

Tommy and Edward were very smart so it was not difficult for them to do the assignments. One would have thought that with their superior intellect that they would have been able to come up with a way to use their brains to beat Jack's brawn, but they never did. Perhaps that has something to say about the superiority of brawn over brains?

By Jack's 15th birthday, he was 6'4" tall and weighed a little over 300 lbs. His chest was a massive 58", his biceps were 20" and so was his thick neck. Jack had very broad shoulders capped by basketball size delts holding up his slab of beef size arms. His feet had grown another size to 17. Jack was now more than twice the size of anybody else in the Miller house. He outweighed his father and brothers by at least 170-180 lbs. And he was at least a foot taller! Mr. Miller pretty much gave up trying to discipline Jack after the incident with Bob Kurtz. Luckily, Jack was pretty easy going and didn't really cause any discipline problems.

Jack never had a problem with crowded halls at school. People naturally moved out of his way as he walked down the hall to avoid being crushed by the behemoth!

One day, Jack and Tommy were coming in from school. Mrs. Miller had a group of ladies over from church in the living room. Mrs. Miller called out to Jack & Tommy, "Come in the living room boys. I want you to meet the ladies." Jack and Tommy looked at each other and rolled their eyes, but they went in to the living room. "Ladies," Mrs. Miller said, "This is Jack and Tommy. Jack's the big one. He's our baby and Tommy is our oldest son." The ladies looked at the 2 boys standing there and gasped. Tommy was about 5'2" tall and weighed 110lbs. Jack was 17 inches taller and about 200lbs. heavier than Tommy. They did look like of odd standing next to each other.

One lady said, "Jack's the baby? He's huge! He's so much bigger than his brother!" Mrs. Miller said, "He's a big one, that's for sure. He likes to lift weights and that makes his muscles even bigger! I can barely keep him in clothes. They know me by name at the Big `n Tall Shop!" One of the ladies said, "Oh, my nephew lifts weights too. He's not as big as Jack, though. Maybe you know him Jack, his name is Peter Thompson?" Jack replied, "Uh, no I don't know him."

Mrs. Miller said, "Show the ladies your muscle Jack." Jack said, "Awe, Mom¼" Mrs. Miller said, "Go ahead!" So Jack rolled up his sleeve. The ladies all gasped. Then Jack flexed his 21" bicep for the ladies. They all gasped even louder as the mountain of muscle rose up off his arm. "Mercy!" said one of the ladies. "He really must be strong!" Jack turned from side to side to give them a full view of his bicep.

Tommy said, "Can I be excused?" He was a little uncomfortable standing there like a statue while the ladies all fawned over his brother's muscles. Tommy always felt inferior to Jack physically although Tommy was a lot smarter than Jack. Jack was so big and Tommy felt so tiny standing next to him.

Mrs. Miller said, "Go ahead, Tommy. Jack, why don't you show the ladies how strong you are." Jack said, "Awe, Mom¼" Mrs. Miller said, "Go on now." Jack looked around the living room. About the only heavy thing he could see was the couch that had a couple of ladies sitting on it. Jack went around to the back of the couch, squatted down, put his arms underneath it and stood up, raising the couch off the floor with the ladies still sitting on it. The ladies screamed and held on for dear life! Mrs. Miller said, "Jack, put the couch down!" Jack gently lowered the couch to the floor. "Sorry," Jack said. "You said to show off my strength!" Mrs. Miller said, "But you frightened the ladies!"

Jack said, "Well, what about this?" Jack saw a fire place poker. Jack went over a picked it up. He'd never bent metal before. He grasped the poker with both hands and began trying to bend it. His biceps exploded out to full size, stretching his shirtsleeves to the max. Luckily they had lots of elastic in them. Jack applied his immense strength to the poker. Jack's face turned red and he began sweating. Jack was thinking that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. What if he couldn't bend it? That would sure be embarrassing! Suddenly, the poker began to bend. The metal squealed as it bent. Jack got a big grin on his face. He was amazed by his own strength amazed sometimes! Soon the poker was bent in a horseshoe shape. When he got done, the ladies all applauded, except for the 2 on the couch. Those 2 ladies were still in a state of shock from being lifted into the air!

That night, Mr. Miller was in the living room when he saw the bent fire place poker bent into a horseshoe shape. He took it into the kitchen where Jack was eating one of his many snacks. "What's the meaning of this?" Mr. Miller asked. Jack smiled and said, "Are you really going to try to give a hard time to a guy who can bend a fire place poker with his bare hands?" Mr. Miller swallowed and said meekly, "No I guess not." With that he turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

Jack continued to grow both in height and muscularity. On his 16th birthday, he was 6'6" tall and weighed 330 lbs. Jack had to start watching his head when he went through doors after he hit his head several times. One time, after whacking his head on a door frame, Jack got mad and ripped the door from it's hinges and broke the door in half! Jack held the record in the school for the bench press. He could bench 600 lbs. routinely, but Jack still hadn't made his goal of benching double his body weight, but he was close.

Jack routinely got one of his brothers to take his measurements on the 1st of each month. It was a memorable day when the 60" tape measurer wasn't long enough to measure his chest. There was hardly a month that went by without some growth being recorded. Jack would usually gain a couple of pounds every month along with increased size in his chest, biceps and legs.

When the boys got in high school, their parents would pay them $5.00 for each A they got on their report cards. Edward & Tommy were basically straight A students and would get 30-40 bucks each quarter. Jack wasn't nearly as smart and the only A he ever got was in PE. He tried to talk his parents into paying him something for each inch that his biceps grew, but they wouldn't. One day, the boys were sitting on the bed upstairs counting their money. Jack lumbered in and sat down between them. He grabbed each boy in a headlock and flexed his biceps. Jack said, "I'll let you runts go for 10 bucks, each!" Each boy's head was almost completely enveloped in Jack's huge forearms and biceps. The boys in their pain threw their money up in the air at Jack. Jack released them, bent over and picked up $20.00 off the floor and said, "Thanks a lot little boys! I need a new weightlifting belt!"

Tommy got a little angry that Jack had taken part of their money. He said, "That's our money, we earned it. If you spent half as much time studying as you do lifting weights, you might earn some money too!" Jack smiled at Tommy. He walked over and grabbed him by the shirt and carried him into the bathroom and stood him in front of the mirror. Jack took off his shirt he was wearing and then took off Tommy's shirt. Jack stood there with his hands on his hips, looked at their reflections in the mirror. Shirtless Tommy looked like a toothpick sanding next to shirtless Jack. Jack said, "Tommy, my boy, What do you see in the mirror?" I see a big 6'6" 340lb. muscle stud man. And standing next to him I see a scrawny, puny 5'5" 125lb runt of a boy. Damn, I weigh almost more than 3 times what you do! The runt has about 10" biceps and the muscle stud has 22 inch biceps." Tommy tried to walk away, but Jack put a big hand on Tommy's bony shoulder and held him in place. "Don't walk away. I'm not finished yet! How big is that caved in chest of yours? About 34 inches I'd guess. Do you even buy clothes in the Men's department or do you buy them in the Boys department still? Look at this." With that Jack flexed his chest. "62 inches of muscle. I'm basically twice the man you are! So don't even dream about telling me what I should do!"

Tommy said, "Man, you're nuts!" Jack said, "You want to see nuts, I'll show you nuts!" Jack yelled. With that he whipped off his shorts. Jack's dick was an almost fully erect 14". His balls were the size of grapefruit! Jack got aroused by showing off his body in comparison to Tommy. His dick was almost as thick around as a beer can! "Have you ever seen a more perfect physical specimen in your life? And I'm only 16! I've got a couple of years of growing still to come! I may top 7 feet! Can you imagine that! Almost 2 feet taller than you! If my muscles keep growing like they have been, I could be the strongest man in the world someday!"

Tommy laughed, "Did you drop a dumbbell on your head or something? Jack replied, "You're just jealous because I got all the height and muscles in the family." Tommy looked up at Jack. He almost had tears in his eyes. Tommy said, "You know, you're right. I always dreamed of growing up to be big and strong. Here I am 5'4 and 110lbs. Lot of good all those vegetables I ate did! Hell, I'd be happy with just being average size!"

All of the sudden, Jack felt bad for the way he had treated Tommy. Jack said, "Tommy, I'm sorry. I was just being a show off. I love being big and strong and I like to show off. I know I get carried away sometimes." Tommy said, "That's OK, big guy. You know the saying, `If you got it, flaunt it.' And boy! Do you got it! You are really built like a Mack Truck! You got more muscle in your little finger than I've got in my whole body."

Jack looked in the mirror and put his arm behind his head and flexed his bicep, "You're right there, Tommy boy! Sometimes I wonder how come I'm so big and everybody else in the family is so little. Sometimes I do feel like a giant freak around you little guys! But then I think about how great my muscles are the and the bad feeling goes away." Tommy laughed, "I'm glad the bad feeling goes away. That's all we need is a depressed giant with huge muscles running amok, flipping over cars and tearing down buildings with his bare hands." Jack laughed at that idea. Tommy said, "Maybe you could just take it a little easy on Edward and me. It's not easy having King Kong for a little brother, you know." Tommy reached over and punched Jack on the bicep. "Ow! That hurt!" Tommy said and he massaged his hand. Jack laughed, "Like punching a rock, isn't it? Tommy said, "I think a rock would be softer!"

Jack said, "You can keep your money, you earned it." Tommy said, "No, I'll take you shopping and we'll get that weightlifting belt you need." Jack smiled, "Really. You'd buy it for me after all I just did to you?" Tommy said, We'll call that my contribution to your gigantic muscles." Jack said, "You guys helped make me the man I am today. Remember when you used to sit on my back while I did pushups?"

Tommy said, "You know, I've always really admired your huge muscles. I remember the times you let me touch them. I just love measuring day, you know. One time, I touched them while you were sleeping. I only did it once. I was scared you were going to wake up and be really mad!"

Jack laughed, "Do you want to touch them now?" as he flexed a bicep in front of Tommy's face. "Sure, if you don't mind!" Tommy said. Tommy put his hand on Jack's bulging 22" bicep and ran his hand over it. Jack flexed his chest and Tommy tried to put his arms around it, but they only went about ½ way. Tommy said, "That is so cool. You're a fucking monster. Your body is as hard as a rock!" Jack said, "You can touch my muscles any time you like. We'll call it repayment for all the torment I've put you through over the years."

Tommy laughed, "You did torture us, but you always took it easy on us little runts. You never really hurt us. You're so strong, you could have snapped our bones like twigs. You know, actually, I kind of enjoy it when you lift me up. I feel that powerful hand on my body and you lift me up like I'm a feather. I could feel the power in your big hand and if you had wanted to, you could have snapped my neck. I know I'm a lightweight but there are not too many guys who can pick another guy with just one hand. It's even cooler when you do Edward and me at the same time. I sometimes can't believe how strong of a man you are! Like when you bent the fireplace poker!" Jack smiled, "Actually, I enjoy lifting you guys up too. It really makes me feel powerful and dominant. Sometimes, I can't believe how strong I am either!" Tommy said, "I've never done it before, but maybe I could come watch you work out sometime. I'd like to get to see those big muscles in action!" Jack said, "That'd be cool. It's awesome. When I'm benching 700 lbs. they get so pumped!"

Jack crossed his big arms across his massive chest and looked down at Tommy and smiled and said, "You know, just because we had this little talk, doesn't mean I still won't pound your ass every once in a while. I have to keep my little brothers in line you know!" Tommy looked up at Jack and said, "It just wouldn't seem like home if Jack the giant wasn't beating up on his little brothers!" Jack said, "When you go away to college in September, be sure and come home once in a while for a beating!" Jack punched his hand with his other fist. Tommy laughed, "I'll be sure and mark my calendar!"

When Jack's 17th birthday arrived, he was 6'7" tall and weighed about 350 lbs. He wore a size 18 shoe now. His biceps were 24", chest 65", waist 42", thighs 30" and calves 22". Jack didn't have a freakishly small waist, but had a waist that was in proportion to the rest of his body. When Edward measured Jack one day, he noted that Jack's 30" thighs were bigger than his 28" waist! And in fact, Jack's biceps were almost as big as Edward's waist!

It was a sight to see Jack sitting in a desk as school as well as being uncomfortable for him. His massive shoulders stuck out into the aisles and his long tree trunk like legs stretched out in front of him, capped off by his huge feet in the aisle. People going down the aisle would have to veer around Jack's massive shoulders to get by and watch their step to avoid his legs and feet. One day in a very boring class, Jack fell asleep. He had slid down in his desk as far as he could. His big chest prevented him from going down too far in the seat. When he woke up, Jack took a deep breath, yawned and stretched. Unfortunately, since he was kind of wedged into the desk, there wasn't much room to stretch and when irresistible force (Jack's muscles) meets immovable object (the desk), something's going to give and in this case the top of the desk bent forward and the backrest bent backwards. The metal squealed loudly as it bent.

Everybody in class including the teacher turned to look at Jack. The teacher said, "Mr. Miller, what are you doing?" Jack stood up and said, "I think my desk is broke." The teacher came and looked at the bent desk. "If you can't fix it, you're going to have to pay for it! You wouldn't have these problems if you weren't so fricking big!" Jack said, "I think I can fix it. He picked up the desk with one hand and studied it to see where it was bent. He put one hand on the top and the other on the backrest and began pressing. Jack's biceps bulged and strained at his shirtsleeves. Slowly the desk began to bend. Then all of the sudden, it collapsed like an accordion with a loud crash! Now the desk was not only bent, it was crushed beyond recognition. The class laughed out loud and cheered. Jack raised the crushed desk up over his head and like you might hold a trophy over your head. When the teacher finally restored order, he said to Jack, "Well, Mr. Muscles, what do you have to say for yourself?" Jack grinned and said, "They sure don't make desks like they used to?" The teacher scowled at Jack and said, "Report to the principal's office for destruction of school property! Jack protested, "I can't help if I don't know my own strength!" but his protest fell on deaf ears. Jack went to the principal's office and got 2 weeks of detention after school. Jack didn't like that. It would cut into his weightlifting time!

That same day, in the parking lot at after school, a student was trying to change a flat tire. He'd never changed a tire before and didn't really know what he was doing. He didn't have the tire jack set up right. As he was changing the tire, the car slipped off the jack. It slipped to the side and fell on the student. He started screaming in pain. Most of the students started panicking and running around. Just then Jack and Edward came out of school to get into their car and go home.

Jack went over to the back of the car. He'd never tried to lift a car before. He bent over and put his hands underneath the car and lifted. His biceps bulged and his chest heaved but the car didn't budge. Jack stood back for a second, planted his size 18 sneakers firmly on the ground and put his hands underneath the car again. This time, he grabbed his wrist with his other hand and lifted again. His biceps inflated to their full 24". Jack took a deep breath and lifted. Just then, one of the girls on the parking lot said, "You guys should help him!" A couple of guys stepped forward. Just then the car raised up off the ground and freed the kid who was trapped. As Jack stood up straight with the car, his shirt (which he liked to wear a size or 2 too small to accentuate his muscles) ripped. The sleeves and the back both ripped. Jack looked at the guys who had come to help and said to them, "That's OK, little fellas. I've got it."

The guy who the car had fallen on stopped screaming and looked up at Jack with amazement! Everybody else just stood there wide-eyed. Nobody had ever seen a man lift up a car by himself before, including Jack. Jack took a step sideways with the car and set it down so it was not setting on the student. The crowd broke into a loud round of applause and cheers! The students crowded around and patted Jack on the back. The principal came out and thanked Jack. After the ambulance left, Jack said to the principal, "You know, it wouldn't look to good to have a the school hero in Detention for 2 weeks!" The principal said, "OK. You're right. We'll let it go this time. Just be careful with those big muscles, Jack. Use them for lifting cars off trapped people, not crushing desks!" Jack gave the principal a salute and as he did, he flexed his bicep a couple of times, and said, "Yes Sir!"

Jack got his picture and story in the local newspaper for his life saving feat. When the reporter for the paper interviewed Jack, he mentioned that a lot of people have lifted cars off of people in emergencies, even women have lifted cars off their children. The reporter said it had to do with the adrenaline rush. Jack smiled and said, "Follow me." He led the reporter out to the parking lot and then Jack proceeded to lift up the back end of the first car he came to. The photographer snapped several pictures. Then Jack set the car back down. Then he did it again to the next car in line. Jack flexed his bicep and said, "This ain't no fucking adrenaline rush! This is real muscle!" For some reason, the newspaper did not print that quote!

One year, Mrs. Miller decided that they should have a family portrait done for their Christmas card. The first problem they ran into was that Jack didn't have a suit to wear. You can't exactly buy a size 66 extra-extra long suit off the rack at K-Mart. If Jack was going to wear a suit, it would have to be custom made and since he was still growing, he'd probably outgrow it before he wore it again. They were able to find a dress shirt that fit fairly well so it was decided that all of the boys would just wear shirts and ties instead of suit.

The photographer had a heck of time trying to arrange the family. Jack was so big and everyone else so small, it looked like a scene out of Gulliver's Travels! Jack was now 16" taller than his father, and 14" taller than his brothers in addition outweighing them by about 225 lbs. or so. In fact, Jack was so big, he almost weighed as much as his father, Tommy and Edward combined! Even if he knelt down, he still dwarfed everyone else. At one point, Jack was kneeling in the middle and everybody else was standing. Jack said, "What about this shot?" With that he spread out his arms behind everybody and stood up, and as he did, lifted them all off the floor. Mr. & Mrs. Miller were sitting on one arm and Edward and Tommy on the other. The photographer snapped some pictures. While they didn't use that picture for the Christmas card, it was one of Jack's favorite pictures.

One day, Jack was walking home and passed the park near his house. There was a wrought iron fence that ran along sidewalk. As Jack walked, he came across a little kid with his head stuck between the bars. The kid started to say, "Hey Mister!" when he noticed how big Jack was. Then he said, "Wow, you're big." Jack laughed and said, "Yes I am." The kid said, "Can you help me, I'm stuck!" Jack said, "Sure." Jack went over to the fence. Jack said, "I'm not sure if I can bend these bars, but I'll try." The little kid said, "Sure you can. You got big muscles!" Jack laughed again. He knelt down, grabbed the bars and pulled one side and pushed on the other. The bars bent and the little kid was able to remove his head. He said, "Thanks Mister Strongman!" and ran away.

Jack figured he better try to bend the fence back in to place. He squatted down and started to bend the bars back, he saw a flashing light and heard a short siren. A police car pulled up and a cop got out and walked up behind Jack. "Step away from the fence, Sir. You're under arrest for destruction of city property." Jack looked up at the cop from his squatting position. Jack saw what was probably the shortest cop on the force. Jack thought, "This guy never would have made the force if they still had a height requirement!" He couldn't have been more than 5'5" tall even in his shoes. Jack stood up slowly. The cop's eyes went way back in his head as he looked up at Jack. The cop looked straight ahead at the lower portion of Jack's massive chest and Jack's bulging biceps. The cop stepped back, put his hand on his gun and grabbed his radio with the other and requested "Car 1419, needs urgent back up at City Park by the fence." The cop stepped back behind his car, and told Jack to "Stand right there and do not move!" Jack said, "I didn't do anything. A little kid was stuck in the bars and I bent the bars to get him out." The cop said, "Yeah, right. And I guess you're superman. If I shoot you, bullets will bounce off too?" Jack replied, "No, but I am really strong. I'll show you." Jack took a couple of steps to the front of the cop's car. The cop pulled out his gun and said, "Step back Sir!" Jack ignored him and leaned over and lifted the front of the car off the ground. The cop got on his radio and said, "Have the back up expedite. The suspect has my car lifted up off the ground." Jack set the car back down and said, "See!" The cop pointed his gun at Jack and made him lie down on the ground. Jack heard the wail of sirens in the distance. When the back up got there, they tried to handcuff Jack. The cuffs just barely fit on his big wrists and they had to string several sets of cuffs together to get his hands cuffed behind his back due to how far apart Jack's arms are because of his broad shoulders.

Jack was really starting to get worried. He really didn't want to go to jail. Just then the little kid runs up with his mother and says, "There he is Mommy! That's the big strong man who bent the fence so I could get my head out!" Jack said to the cops, "See, I told you so!" So the cops un-arrested Jack and took the cuffs off. One of the cops said to the first cop, "What'd you mean on the radio by `the suspect has my car lifted off the ground'?" The first cop said, "He did. I saw it with my own eyes. He lifted up the front of the car like it was nothing!" The cop said to Jack, "Can you do it again?" Jack really wanted to deny doing it to make the 1st cop look bad, but he couldn't resist a chance to show off his muscles so he lifted up the end of the car again. One of the cops said, "Damn. If he can lift up a car like that, imagine what he could have done to us if he'd wanted to." The first cop said, "Now you know why I called for back up!"

Jack had to do more of his own homework his Senior Year. Both of his brothers had gone away to school on academic scholarships. Who could imagine why they'd want to go away to school! Jack kind of missed having those little guys around. There was nobody there on the 1st of the month to take his measurements! Jack did manage to eke out a C in most of his classes, except for PE, which he got an A.

Soon Jack turned 18. His feet hadn't grown any more in the last couple of years so his age finally caught up with his shoe size. Jack stood 6'8" tall and tipped the scales at 375 lbs. He had a 70" chest and his biceps were 26" His neck was a massive 24". He could bench press 720 lbs., still not quite double his body weight though.

It was during his senior year of High School that Mr. Miller began to regret that Jack hadn't played high school football. The other boys had gotten academic scholarships so he didn't have to spend much for their college education. Jack wasn't going to get an academic scholarship and for that matter, he wouldn't get into the best schools with his average grades. Jack could have had a football scholarship from just about any school in the country, based on his size alone. Jack did get a few college football coaches inquiring if he'd want to play college ball even though he didn't play in high school, but Jack was undecided on what to do after high school.

Jack graduated from High School in the Spring. Several students had family pictures taken in front of the school. 2 of the groups were kind of odd looking. The Millers all gathered around Jack for a picture. Jack, the graduate, towered over all of his family by over a foot and a half at 6`8" and weighed 3 times as much as anybody else. Right next to them the Smith family gathered to take a picture with their son Andrew. In the Smith family, all of the children (except for Andrew) were at between 6'4" and 6'7" tall. The kids weighed between 250-300 lbs. Andrew was the runt of the litter at 5'3" tall and 125 lbs. In that picture, the graduate was dwarfed by the rest of his family. Even though he was in the front and center of the picture, you could barely pick Andrew out of the picture!

Jack looked over at the Smith family getting their picture taken and Andrew looked over at the Miller family getting their picture taken. Both boys thought the other boy had an unusual looking family! •

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