Switched at Birth


By robertschaefer932

This story involves imaginary bullying. If that offends you, please do not continue reading!

It was a fairly normal day in the labor and delivery ward at Memorial Hospital, until 2 mothers delivered their babies at the same time.

The first couple was Mr. & Mrs. Miller. The Miller's were a very diminutive couple. Bill Miller was only 5'3" tall and weighed 125 lbs. soaking wet. Like a lot of small men, he had sought out a wife who was shorter than he was. Brenda Miller was 5' tall and was a slender 90 lbs. The Millers had 2 older children, 2 year old Edward and 3 year old Tommy. Bill Miller was a CPA with a large accounting firm.

The 2nd couple was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Bob Smith was a former high school football lineman and semi-professional wrestler. Back in his playing days, in peak form he was 6'4" tall and weighed about 280 lbs. Like a lot of middle aged men, he'd put on a few pounds and was now tipping the scales at a hefty 305. Bob Smith was a big guy, with big arms and a powerful chest. He had something of a gut but he was a very big, strong guy. Sue Smith was big too. She stood 6' tall in her stocking feet and weighed a solid 180 lbs. She was not overweight, she was just a big girl! The Smith's had 3 older children, 4 year old Todd, 2 year old Drew and 1 year old Brad. Given their parent's genetics, the Smith children were destined to grow into very big men. Bob Smith worked in the local steel foundry.

Brenda Miller was several weeks overdue in delivery and Sue Smith went into labor several weeks early, but both delivered at exactly the same time. The babies were taken immediately to an area in the delivery room where they were checked over and weighed and got their armbands. Somehow during this process, the babies got switched. When the nurse put the armbands on the babies, the wrong armband got on the wrong baby. So when the mothers saw their babies for the first time, Brenda Miller got the Smith Baby and Sue Smith got the Miller Baby.

Brenda Miller was surprised that her son was somewhat larger than her other babies. The other children had weighed about 6 lbs., and the new baby weighed in at 9 lbs. Sue Smith was equally surprised that her child was smaller than her previous 3. The new baby weighed in at about 6 lbs. Both sets of parents were just happy that their children were healthy, however.

Both babies went home with their respective incorrect parents. The Miller's named their new son Jack and the Smith's named their new son Andrew.

As the boys grew and developed into toddlers, the Smith's noticed that Andrew was not as active of a child as his brothers had been. He did seem to be intellectually more advanced than his brothers were at his age. He began talking at an earlier age and began forming sentences very early.

The Miller's noticed that Jack had a voracious appetite. Brenda Miller was going to breast feed Jack, but was unable to produce enough milk to satisfy him, so he had to be switched to a bottle.

Jack began to grow at a rapid rate. The pediatrician said he was way above normal in height and weight. The baby charts list the top 5% in height and weight and Jack was off the charts. Given his brothers genetic tendency to be small, like their parents, and Jack's genetic tendency to be big, like his real parents, by the time Jack was 2 years old, he was taller and heavier than his 3 year old brother. At such a young age, Jack didn't really realize that he was bigger than his older brother or the significance of it.

Jack continued to grow. He was always big for his age, by the time he was 5, he was almost the same size as his brother Tommy who was 3 years older. Sometimes the boys would wrestle. Jack could always beat Edward, but most of the time Tommy could still beat Jack, but it was becoming more difficult for him, even though he was 3 years older. There were even a few times they declared it a tie. Both boys remained very close in size for about the next 5 years or so.

Some time after Jack's 10th birthday, he began a rapid growth spurt. This forever changed things in the Miller household.

The first evidence of Jack's growth spurt was when his feet began growing at a rapid rate. It was not too long before his feet were bigger than those of his 13 year old brother. During this early phase of his growth spurt, he would outgrow shoes within weeks/months of their purchase. One Sunday, Jack and the family went to church. Jack complained that his dress shoes were so tight that they were hurting his feet. His parents insisted he wear the dress shoes to church. As they walked down the aisle, there was a loud rip. Jack kept walking and there was a loud flapping noise. Jack looked down and he could see his toes sticking out of the shoe. Jack's feet had gotten so big that they had burst out of his right shoe. Needless to say, Jack got a new pair of dress shoes that week. When Jack got his new dress shoes, they were a men's size 8, which was a bigger size than his father's little shoes, which were a size 7.

Over in the Smith household, being the baby of the family, Andrew got lots of attention. As he got older, he would fight with his older brothers and they would routinely pound his ass, it wasn't done in a mean spirited way. In fact, they were very protective of their little brother. They could beat on him, but nobody else could! Andrew was very, very small for his age. While his brothers had blond hair and blue eyes, Andrew was very dark and had black hair and brown eyes. He was the smallest kid in his class.

About this time, a physical fitness expert came to Jack's school. He gave a talk emphasizing the importance of physical fitness and exercise. While this expert was not too tall, he was very muscular and Jack was very impressed by him. The expert had been a gymnast at one time and had a very lean, but muscular physique. He wore a tank top and shorts that showed off his physique. After the talk, some of the students including Jack stayed after school to talk to the expert. He even let the kids feel his biceps and showed them his abs. Jack was enthralled with the idea of having a muscular physique of his own. Jack decided he would start an exercise program at home. He would get up early every day and do the exercises recommended by the expert. He would do jumping jacks, sit-ups, push- ups and pull ups (using the shower curtain rod in the bathroom until one day he got too heavy and pulled it down!).

Jack began his program and within a couple of months was doing 100 of each exercise every day. He began to see results on his young 10 year old body. What little baby fat he had melted away and was replaced by muscle. He began to develop a noticeable golf ball size bulge in his biceps. His shoulders were broader, chest bigger and from all of those sit-ups, he began to develop a noticeable six pack abdomen.

During this time, Jack also began to grow noticeably taller. One day, he was in the bathroom that the 3 boys shared and Tommy came in. Jack looked at their reflections in the mirror and noticed that he was taller than 13 year old Tommy. Jack mentioned it to Tommy, but Tommy denied that Jack was taller, but the reflection in the mirror didn't lie. Tommy did not want to admit that his 3 years younger brother was taller than he was.

As Jack's rapid growth spurt continued, he was soon several inches taller than Tommy at 5'0 even and about 35 lbs. heavier at 125 lbs. Both Tommy and Edward were small for their ages given their parents small stature. Even though Tommy was 13 he was very short and skinny at about 4'10" and 90 lbs.

Normally, Edward and Tommy were more likely to be reading a book than playing sports, but one day, the boys were just playing around outside, like boys tend to do. Things got kind of wild and the boys began wrestling. Edward and Tommy were wrestling with each other when Jack jumped in and easily pinned Edward. Poor, Edward, he got beaten by both Tommy and his younger brother, Jack! Tommy, knowing that he was the oldest came to assist his brother. At this point, it had been several months since the boys wrestled and Jack had not yet ever beaten him in wrestling. Jack knocked him to the ground with one hand and pinned him to the ground easily. Tommy tried to fight back, but he was unable to overcome Jack's weight advantage and strength. Jack sat on his stomach and pinned his arms to the ground. Then Jack stood up and lifted Tommy off the ground with relative ease. Jack was surprised at how easy it was to lift Tommy up.

Both Edward and Tommy were amazed at the strength of their younger brother. Jack had lifted Tommy off the ground much like a full grown adult could have and put him over his shoulder. Then Jack scooped Edward off the ground and did the same thing. Jack began walking around the yard with both boys over his shoulders. Edward and Tommy were amazed at the way they were being manhandled by their little brother. They had no idea he was so strong. Jack stopped and began using his arms to squeeze Edward and Tommy around the chest. They began screaming from the pressure. Mrs. Miller came out and saw what was going on. She hollered to Jack, "Put your brothers down this instant!" Jack gave them each a little extra squeeze to their chest and dropped them to the ground like sacks of flour!

Jack raised his arms in victory. Then he flexed his biceps. Jack looked from arm to arm admiring his own 13" biceps. Edward and Tommy were amazed to see how his arms bulged. They had never seen a boy as young as Jack with such a big bicep before. Tommy was humiliated to have been beaten up by his 10 year old brother!

By his 11th Birthday, Jack was 5'2" tall and weighed 140 lbs. He was now almost as tall as his father, and about already 10-15 lbs. heavier. His feet continued their rapid growth and he now wore a size 10 shoe.

Jack began enlisting his brothers to help him with his exercises. Each day, he'd have one of them get up early and sit on his back while he did pushups. If they wanted to stay in bed, he'd just put his muscles to work and drag them out of bed. Edward and Tommy knew it was futile to resist Jack since he was very strong. Sometimes they would lay on his back and doze while he did push-ups. As Jack's muscles got bigger and bigger and he got stronger and stronger from his exercises, he soon had to make Edward and Tommy both get up and lay on his back while he did push-ups. Eventually he had them holding books for added weight.

Jack had begun to use his allowance money to buy some of the `Muscle Magazines' at the drug store. The pictures in them amazed him. The guys in the pictures were huge! Jack couldn't even comprehend what it would be like to have gargantuan 18" biceps! Jack read how lifting weights would make your muscles big. Jack couldn't wait to get a weightlifting set of his own and start building some real muscles of his own.

Jack also began puberty around this time. He had to begin to shave every day. Tommy, who was 3 years older had not yet gone through puberty yet. Tommy couldn't believe that his baby brother had to shave every day and he didn't! And Jack's voice was deepening. The boys shared a bathroom at home, but they seldom saw each other totally naked, but they frequently ran around in their underwear. Tommy couldn't help but notice that Jack was developing a large bulge. It looked like it was bigger every time Tommy saw it. Tommy could tell that Jack was way better endowed than he was, just from the bulge!

One time, Tommy was brushing his teeth and Jack came in to use the toilet. Tommy almost choked on the toothpaste when Jack whipped out his dick. Tommy had never seen one as massive before. And he saw a lot of guys naked in the shower after PE class. It had to be at least 10 inches long. And it was really thick too. Tommy stared at Jack the whole time. Then Jack became looked in the mirror and he saw Jack was looking at him and smiling. Jack said, "Like what you see, Big Bro?" Tommy quickly looked away and started rinsing out his mouth.

Jack had asked for a beginner weightlifting set at Christmas but did not receive one. Mr. & Mrs. Miller thought it was not necessary for a boy his age to work out. They did not appreciate the results Jack was seeing form his exercise program or why anyone would want to have to have big bulging muscles. Jack also asked for a weightlifting set for his Birthday. He told his parents that was all he wanted and if he couldn`t have one, he didn`t want anything. On his birthday there was a large box on the floor, all wrapped up. Jack just knew it was a weight set! After having cake, Jack got to open his presents. Of course he opened the big one first. Much to his disappointment, it was a computer, not a weight lifting set.

Jack became enraged. He stood up and picked up the computer box and held it over his head with just one hand. Jack yelled, "If you don't take this back and get me a weightlifting set, I'm going to throw it against the wall!" Mr. Miller stood up and looked at Jack. "Set that box down this instant young man!" Jack stood there for a minute staring at his father and set the box down. Jack walked over to his father and stared him right in the face. Jack was breathing very heavily and his fists were clenched and his muscles were tensed. Suddenly, he put his hand under his father's armpits and lifted him off the floor and up over his head. Considering how strong Jack was from his exercise program and the fact that his father only weighed about 130 lbs., this was not a difficult task for Jack.

Since Jack's muscles were growing, thanks to his exercise program, his shirts tended to be a little tight. As he lifted his father up, his arms bulged and the T-shirt sleeves ripped.

Jack looked up at his father as he held him up, with his feet dangling a good foot off the floor and said quietly, "I don't want a computer, I told you I wanted a weightlifting set!" Mr. Miller was suddenly afraid. His 11 year old son was able to lift him off the floor and hold him up with relative ease. Jack didn't even appear to be straining too much! Mr. Smith stared at his 11 year old son's baseball sized biceps bulging through the tattered sleeves of his shirt. He had seldom seen such muscles on full grown men! And they had ripped through the sleeves of his shirt! Mr. Miller was thinking that Jack could probably throw him across the room and up against the wall if he wanted to. Mr. Miller said quietly, "OK. OK. We'll take the computer back and exchange it for a weightlifting set. Please put me down."

Jack smiled, "Now you're talking!" Jack then lowered Mr. Miller to the ground. Edward whispered to Tommy, but loud enough for every body to hear, "Jack doesn't need a weight lifting set, he's already stronger than Dad." This earned Edward a scowl from his father. Jack came over to Edward and grabbed him by the shirt with one hand and lifted the skinny, 80 lb. 12 year old off his chair and lifted him over his head with one hand. Then Jack grabbed Edward's legs and pressed him over his head several times. Jack laughed and said, "If I don't get a weight set, I'll have to use you! But you're not nearly heavy enough for these muscles!" Mrs. Miller said, "Jack, put your brother down before somebody gets hurt." Jack gently set Edward back down on the ground. Jack looked around the room with a grin on his face. "Anybody else want a ride with the muscle express?" he asked. Tommy got a wide-eyed, scared look on his face, "No thanks!" he said.

When the boys got upstairs to get ready for bed, Tommy and Edward crowded around Jack as he stripped off his shredded T-shirt and shorts. Jack flexed his biceps and showed off his cut, muscular physique for his brothers. Both boys felt Jack's rock solid biceps. Jack felt an odd stirring within himself as his brothers touched his biceps. Edward said, "You are totally awesome man! You rule! You can have anything you want. If Dad won't give it to you, you can beat him up!" Jack smiled and flexed his biceps, "Just wait until I get my hands on that weightlifting set. These muscles are going to get really fucking huge and strong!"

The next night, Mr. Miller reluctantly returned the computer and got the weightlifting set that Jack wanted. Jack set the weights up in his room and began training earnestly. He got up early in the morning and continued his exercise program since he'd had good results with it and then lifted weights in the afternoon after school. Since the weight set was in his bedroom, Jack would sometimes lift weights late at night when everybody else was asleep. He would set the weights on pillows to keep them quiet and not disturb the others.

If Jack's muscles responded well to his exercise program, they really responded to his weight training. Jack's muscles blew up almost like balloons. Jack could almost feel himself growing as he pumped iron. In addition, he kept getting taller and taller too. In a short while, he had just about maxxed out the weights that came with his set. Fortunately, Mr. Miller was more than willing to buy him more when Jack asked.

Tommy was going through a growth spurt too, but nothing has dramatic as Jack. He was mostly growing taller, which served to accentuate how skinny he was. He resigned himself to the fact that he was no match for Jack any more. Jack was strong before he started lifting weights, but now it looked like his muscles were bursting out of his skin! As Jack continued to grow upward from his growth spurt, his weightlifting regime added depth and breadth to the rest of his body. He developed melon sized shoulders, bulging 16" biceps, his chest grew to an impressive 48" and his feet continued to grow in advance of the rest of him to a size 14. By the time Jack turned 12, he was 5'9" tall and weighed 210 lbs. A year of heavy weightlifting had added 70 lbs. of rock solid muscle to his frame. In about 2 years, he had gone from a larger than average 10 year old to the height of a full grown man and muscles that a lot of guys would kill for. And he was only 12!

Jack could have easily been mistaken for a muscular 18 year old! He was a man amongst boys in his 6th grade class. And it wasn't just pretty muscle. Jack was strong as an ox. He was benching 350 lbs. His goal was to bench twice his body weight. This was a difficult goal for him because his body weight kept increasing so rapidly.

Jack generously tried to get his brothers' to use his weight set when he wasn't using it, of course. Jack grabbed Tommy by his scrawny, bony arm one day and said, "You should try to put some muscles on your scrawny bones, big bro! You don't want to always be getting your ass whipped by your little brother do you?" Tommy replied, "Lets see, my baby brother already weighs twice as much as I do. I could pack on 50 lbs. of muscle and still be no match for you." Jack smiled and said, "Ain't it grand!"

Tommy tried to pull Jack's hand off his arm. Tommy said, "Leave me alone you big ox!" Jack laughed, "You are so dead, man!" Jack tackled Tommy and easily pinned him to the floor and straddled his chest. "Who's the big brother around here now, Tommy?" Jack asked as he pinned Tommy's arms to the floor. Jack said, "Take it back, what you said about me being a big ox!" Tommy yelled "NO!" Edward came in to the room. Tommy yelled at him, "Help me!" Edward ran over to help Tommy but both brothers combined didn't weigh as much as Jack. Jack held Tommy down with one hand and used his free hand to subdue Edward. Soon, both boys were each being held down on the floor by one of Jack's big hands. They struggled to break free, but Jack pinned them firmly to the floor with one big hand on each boys chest. The boys struggled to get free, but they couldn't over come the power from just one of Jack's hands holding them down. Jack laughed wickedly. "Go ahead and struggle little ones! You're no match for Jumbo Jack!"

After they struggled for a bit and kind of gave up, Jack said, "This is too easy. Let's see some real muscle power!" Jack grabbed each boy by the front of the shirt and stood up, lifting them off the floor. He stood there with each boy at eye level, holding them several inches off the floor. Jack smiled broadly at this display of his strength. Jack looked down and admired his bulging 17" biceps. Neither boy weighed more than 100 lbs. so Jack had no problem lifting them up. Jack regularly curled 100lb dumbells with ease. Jack raised the boys up and down a couple of times and watched his biceps go up and down too. Then Jack raised the boys way up over his head. He tilted his head up and smiled at them. "See what I can do 'cause I have such big muscles?" Jack asked. Then he raised them up all of the way over his head and began twirling them around like they were batons. He lowered them to the ground and then back up again and twirled them some more. The boys were actually starting to get dizzy! Mrs. Miller walked by the door and looked in. "Jack, put your brothers down immediately! Do you want to hurt yourself?" Tommy yelled, "Hurt himself? What about us?" Jack set the older boys back down. "I'd never hurt my little brothers. I love `em!" With that, he grabbed each of his brothers around the chest, raised them up off the floor and gave them a big hug against his own hard, massive chest. Jack pressed their faces hard into his pecs. Tommy muttered as he gasped for air, "Love's `em to death is more like it!" Mrs. Miller said, "Oh you boys!" as she walked out of the room. When Jack let go of the boys, they fell to the floor in a gasping heap. Jack stood there with his hands on his hips, laughing. He was very excited by his complete dominance of both of his older brothers at the same time!

Soon Jack celebrated his 13th birthday. His incredible growth showed no signs of stopping. He was 6'2" tall and weighed 240 lbs. He was the biggest kid in the 7th grade as far as that goes, the whole school. In fact, there were no teachers as big as Jack. Sometimes, but not often, the kids would tease him about his size or his big feet (now size 15). Most of the teasing was very good natured because the kids knew Jack could tear them from limb to limb if he wanted. Jack was already bigger and stronger than most full grown men.

When the weather was nice, Jack would sometimes carry his weights outside so he could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. One day, he left a 250 lb. barbell in the driveway. When Mr. Miller came home, he couldn't get the car into the garage. He stormed into the house and called for Jack. Jack came lumbering down the stairs still in his sweaty tank top that he worked out in. "What is it? I was just going to hit the showers?" Jack asked. Mr. Miller proceeded to tear into him. Jack stood there, towering over his father by 11" with his massive arms crossed over his huge chest. Jack weighed almost twice as much as Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller was still yelling when Jack reached down and grabbed him by the front of his shirt with one hand and lifted him off the ground and pulled him up to his face. "If it's in your way, why don't you just move it instead of coming in here an ranting and raving?" Jack said. Mr. Miller's tirade sputtered to a stop at this display of his 13-year-old son's massive strength. He couldn't believe his son was this strong! The last time Mr. Miller had been the recipient of a display of Jack's strength, Jack had to used 2 hands to pick up Mr. Miller. Now Jack effortlessly lifted him off the ground with just one hand, like somebody might pick up a coat!

Mr. Miller looked at his huge son and said softly, "I can't move it. I'm not strong enough." Jack laughed, "Why didn't you say so, little man! I'll get it for you!" Jack flexed his free arm's 18" bicep in front of Mr. Miller's face. "I've got more than enough muscle for the job!" Jack said. Jack set Mr. Miller down, and ambled out to the driveway carried the barbell into the house.

The next night, when Mr. Miller got home from work, he brought along a large co-worker, Bob Kurtz. Bob Kurtz was the biggest guy in the office, about 6'5" tall and weighed about 260 lbs. He had actually played professional football for a year and was renown around the company for his strength. Mr. Miller figured he'd have no problem disciplining Jack since he was bigger. His 13 year old son was way too much for Mr. Miller by himself to handle anymore.

When he got home, Mr. Miller called Jack down to the living room. Jack was startled to see the large man with his father. "Jack, meet Bob Kurtz," said Mr. Miller. "Nice to meet you!" said Jack as he stuck out his hand. Bob Kurtz grasped Jack's hand and gave him a very firm handshake. "You're a pretty big kid for 13 years old, aren't you?" Bob Kurtz said. "You're not so little yourself, Sir." Jack replied. "I hear you've been giving your father trouble lately?" Bob Kurtz said. Jack replied, "Oh not lil' old me! I'm no trouble at all!" Jack said as he continued to squeeze Bob Kurtz's hand even harder. The muscles in both their arms bulged out. Bob Kurtz should have noticed that Jack's bicep was a couple of inches bigger than his, but he didn't. Pretty soon they were in a contest to see who had the firmest handshake! Bob Kurtz began to grimace. Bob grabbed Jack's hand with both hands. Jack just smiled and squeezed harder. Soon Bob Kurtz fell to his knees. Soon he was lying on the floor at Jack's feet. Finally he hollered, "OK! OK! You win!" Jack said "Say Uncle!" Bob Kurtz cried out "Uncle, Uncle!" Jack released his hand. Bob Kurtz lay on the floor rubbing his aching hand.

Bob Kurtz stood up. He got up close to Jack's face and stared down at him and said, "That was uncalled for son!" Jack said, "I was just being polite. You started it anyway! You know what they say about picking on somebody your own size, don't you!" This was kind of ironic since Jack was about 3" shorter and 20 lbs. lighter than Bob Kurtz. The difference was that Jack was all muscle.

Bob Kurtz looked at Mr. Miller and said, "I can see what you mean about him being a smart ass!" Bob Kurtz grabbed Jack in a headlock. He dropped to the floor and pulled Jack down with him. Bob Kurtz had gotten Jack down on his back, and he then straddled his stomach, pinning Jack's arms over his head to the floor. "Now listen to me young man, you need to learn to respect your father and I." Bob Kurtz said. Jack said, "I think you need to respect me a little too!"

With that Jack pushed his arms up from the floor. Bob Kurtz tried to stop him, but Jack was too powerful for him. Bob Kurtz let go of Jack's hands and he lay down on top of Jack to keep him from getting up. Jack grabbed Bob Kurtz by the shoulders and gave a hard push. Bob Kurtz went flying several feet across the floor and landed on his back. Jack crawled over to him and rolled him over on his stomach. Jack sat on Bob Kurtz's back and got him in a headlock. Jack flexed his enormous, rock solid 18" bicep against Bob's neck. Bob began gasping for air. Jack let him go before he passed out.

Then Jack twisted Bob Kurtz's arm behind his back. He twisted it until Bob cried out in pain. Jack could have easily broken Bob's arm, but he didn't. At this point, Mr. Miller jumped into the fray. He thought that maybe with his help, the 2 of them would be able to overpower Jack. It would be 2 against 1! Mr. Miller tried to pull Jack off of Bob Kurtz. Jack grabbed him by the shirt, lifted him off the floor and tossed him onto the couch, about 8 feet away, like he was tossing a rag! Jack then stood up. He grabbed Bob Kurtz by the shirt and lifted his top half off the floor. Jack then knelt down. He dragged the top part of Bob Kurtz over his shoulders and stood up. Jack shifted Bob Kurtz a little on his shoulders to center the load. Then Jack put one hand on Bob Kurtz's neck and one on his legs and raised him up over his head, military press style. Jack raised him up and down a couple of times for good measure. Then he spun around a couple of time and gave a mighty heave. Since Jack was routinely pressing 300+lbs, Bob Kurtz wasn't too much of a load, although a human body is somewhat more awkward than a barbell. Jack turned around a couple of times, like he'd seen wrestlers do on TV. After a few turns, he let go and gave a toss and the 260lb. Bob Kurtz went flying through the air and landed on the couch on top of Mr. Miller. Bob Kurtz hit the couch with such a force that the couch flipped over on its back, spilling Mr. Miller and Bob Kurtz into a pile on the floor.

Jack stood there and rubbed his hands together and smiled. He'd never had the opportunity to beat up on full-grown adult before. And one who was actually a little bigger than he was! It was an intoxicating, exhilarating feeling for Jack, as much as it was a humiliating experience for Mr. Miller and Bob Kurtz. Jack stood there, breathing heavily with his arms at his side, his hands in fists, his muscles tensed and pumped. "Will there be anything else, SIR?" asked Jack. When there was no reply, Jack turned and walked out of the room. Bob Kurtz groaned, "Damn that kid's strong." •

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