Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The seventh night

As we approached the awning, Josh came up and drew me aside, eyes full of worry. He and Red had not been seen all day - which I guess was hardly surprising.

"Hey, man! You must think I'm a fucking turd, the way I've been treating you."

"Why so?"

"I thought we were getting real close, then Red arrives and I go off, leaving you in the lurch."

"Not exactly!" I grinned, flexing an arm under his nose.

"Well, no! But I never explained about Red's change of heart..."

"Hey, man! No need! It was obvious to all of us as soon as he got here, and I'm as glad for you that it worked out! We all are."

He grabbed a thick tricep and a newly enlarged pec and gave me a kiss - a fairly chaste one, but a kiss!

"I guess you and NoChecks are..."

I shut his mouth, too.

Everyone seemed to have found a partner for the evening, several of the guys sporting with at least one of Shaman's "boys". The "special" pipe was passed around before we ate a crumb and we lay around under the awning like a pile of Roman emperors, our heads soon off our shoulders, eating all this food that seemed to spring from nowhere and groping anyone and anything who came within reach.

It didn't stop NicePants moaning drunkenly about his leathers until Buzzcut told him to shove it. It was all under control. We'd all get measured tomorrow for new ones.

The mysterious pueblo music began again. Our hosts staggered to their feet and started a salaciously inviting dance, gradually drawing every one of us into what was no more, no less than a dance of sexual invitation, symbolic of the act itself.

NoChecks headed them all off and wouldn't let me dance with anyone but him. He danced oh, so close! Never touching, never letting me touch as he danced away from my itching hands. There was never anything so frustratingly exciting, 'cos our movements were saying to each other:

Wanna feel your dick in my mouth NOW...

Wanna feel your nuts churning in my greedy hands NOW...

Wanna fuck my dick with your pecs, dude...

Really need to fuck your hot ass NOW!

This pre-cum-inducing dialog was interrupted by the approach of Rod and Shaman who had been sitting this out in deep conversation.

"Friends, we've got some unfinished business with you two. The others'll start moving off soon; as soon as they do, come up to the kiva, will you?"

Without waiting for an answer the two elders stalked off in the kiva's direction. NoChecks and I looked at each other; we both needed to clear our heads for whatever this was about. We were trying to find something to drink when NicePants grabbed us into a threesome-dance.

"You two lovers should fuck each other - do it here so we can all see..."

He shoved us together and was trying to force us both down on the ground when two of Shaman's larger guys dragged him amorously away.

We swallowed our drinks and walked up to the kiva. I knew kivas were supposed to be kind of sacred, so I was surprised at Rod's invitation. We climbed to the terrace and went in. The fire that Shaman had lit in the center of the space drew us down. The kiva seemed to be a hundred feet deep as we climbed down the long ladder to meet them.

Somehow the aura that surrounded Rod in this sacred place had turned him back into the Great Buffalo. Even his voice was deeper as he greeted us. But it was Shaman who first broached the subject.

"We have been watching the two of you; there seems to be the possibility of a close bond, but there is also something which is somehow preventing NoChecks from becoming your - your..."

"Lover?" supplied NoChecks. I looked at him, but he was challenging Shaman with the glare of his eyes.

"Yes. I might have said 'your equal', but 'lover' is better."

Buffalo is looking at me and sees that my dick agrees with NoChecks as it thickens and my nuts begin to boil.

"We both feel it is necessary to intercede with the Great Spirit of the Buffalo to repair the inequality between you."

NoChecks and I both drew a sharp breath; he flashed a look at me, his eyes burning with hope. Then Buffalo spoke.

"Good things come in threes and I would welcome a second brother. But that is not my only concern. For years now I have regarded Shaman as my elder in all things but, with two of us now being blessed by the Buffalo's spirit, he feels he is losing his authority. He'd been faithful to the Great Spirit ever since he was a boy and the Spirit has convinced me the time has come for him to be rewarded."

He stepped behind the Shaman and placed one hand on his chest and the other on his dick. He motioned me to do the same with NoChecks. The four of us were facing each other. I pulled NoChecks' back hard against me, so I could feel my pecs grinding into his strong lats and trap and my stiff boner homed into the deep crack of his muscle butt.

Never taking his eyes off me, Buffalo began to chant. Our captives closed their eyes as we started to stroke their hard rods gently, oh so gently, causing them to leap in our fists.

The flames of the fire answered as the Buffalo's voice rose and started to sing, leaping to the ceiling, reflected in our eyes.

NoChecks whispered over his shoulder. "Shit, dude - what's going on?"

I hushed him with a squeeze to his dick. He turned his head and groaned into my throat.

Some outside power was working on us all and we could feel it welling up inside us.

Now Buffalo bent Shaman forward. As I pushed NoChecks towards him they both put their hands on the other's shoulders for support. Now our monstrous members were seeking their muscle-cunts. Now the hard helmets pressed through their Gates of Heaven and filled their butts with their huge, demanding girth.

Shaman had joined in the chanting but now he groaned, while NoChecks started to pant. Sparks flew as a humming sound of other voices seemed to come from the center of the fire to drown out our voices in the kiva. Our big dicks ploughed like crazy into their asses - don't know who was more drugged and excited, the fuckers or the fuckees. With every thrust I could feel NoChecks somehow growing in muscle and size, and I could see exactly what was happening to Shaman - his delts were stretching apart and growing enormous and his arms were thickening with new muscle.

Suddenly Buffalo pulled out of Shaman's ass and dragged him down onto the floor. Without the support of Shaman's shoulders NoChecks couldn't help but collapse on top of them both, dragging me down with him. Buffalo pushed NoChecks away, flipped Shaman on to his back, pulled his legs and pelvis into the air and plunged anew and viciously into his asshole.

Then he seized NoChecks by the dick and shoved it into Shaman's mouth, yelling at me to Fuck him Quick! All too eagerly I got on to my knees and shoved hard into NoChecks. Now the two "little" guys were kinda sixty-nining it under us, I leaned forward to suck Buffalo's tongue out of his mouth into my own.

So, most every dick, every mouth and at least two ass-holes were being well-occupied as the electrical circuit was joined and we were enveloped in a cloud of smoke, leaping fire-sparks and deafeningly chanting voices.

Buffalo separated from me to shout "Pull him in close to you! You must share what's happening to him!" He pulled Shaman up to meet his mouth, wrapping his arms around the swelling chest. Without disengaging from his butt I pulled NoChecks up to lean against me and wrapped my arms around a chest that was building, building, handling pecs that were thickening. He grabbed my hands and I could feel massive extra thickening in his arms.

And all the time we fucked on, the voices in the cloud became more intense and the fire flared up. I can feel what NoChecks is going through, remembering how it felt myself last night. There cracking sounds as bones thickened and lengthened, heat that burned through me as muscles swelled and swelled in my hands and against my body.

Then, like last night, there is a sudden silence as we all cum, simultaneously gushing out torrents of potent muscle milk. It is the orgasm of all orgasms, multiplied to infinity. The two pairs of lovers roll into each others' arms, kissing our souls together for all time.

Our bodies glued together with huge gobs of jizz, we fall asleep until dawn. •

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