Young Tony


By Deadliftr

"The contents of this story, all of the characters, locations, names and actions mentioned and described in this story are 100% fictional. No aspect of the story represents any true and/or actual facts. Any resemblance of actual characters to any persons living or dead, and the resemblance of any locations, names and/or actions is accidental, unintended, and purely coincidental."

After successfully installing his Coach as the new President of the college and heading home, Tony began eating. Supper turned into a real pig-out, necessitating yet another trip to the supermarket where they bought, at Tony’s insistence, a truly massive amount of food. By bedtime, Tony had made a significant dent in their purchase, and then fell quite soundly asleep. The dramatic in strength, muscle density, and cum production that had started the night before and continued through the day escalated through the night as he slept, culminating in a veritable frenzy of cell production and modification as directed by the genetic code resulting from his father’s experiments.

Time: 6:00 A.M.

He was in excruciating pain. He had the feeling that he was ready to explode. His entire body felt like an over inflated tire: put in just the slightest bit more air and “FWOMP!” - it’d be all over. The sensations were strongest in his balls, which he suddenly realized was where the pain was coming from. He knew had to release he pressure -- quickly. But how? His mind had become disoriented by the a pain and he couldn’t figure out what to do. Then (“Oh yeah…,”) relief washed over him as he remembered what he needed to do. He even allowed himself a momentary chuckle at his own stupidity, berating himself (“-you dumbass!”) as he reached down for his cock.

The pain disappeared and was momentarily replaced by a blissful spike of anticipation as he thought about how amazing the coming orgasm was going to feel, but in his haste, along with the mixture of pain, disorientation, and brief euphoria, he couldn’t find his… he began screaming! “MY COCK! -- WHERE’S MY COCK?!?!” He opened his eyes and looked down, but still he couldn’t find… “WHERE’S MY…?” Then he saw, coming straight out from his balls, a thick steel pipe with a shiny brass hose nozzle at the top. Not knowing what else to do he grabbed it, squeezing it with all his amazing strength…., “Nnnnnnnnnnn …..” He quickly felt the relief throughout his body, even as a small part of his brain wondered how the fuck squeezing a god-damned pipe could make someone feel anything at all – let alone anything this good. Nevertheless, both relief and pleasure he did feel. Very soon, however, the pain returned, and not yet ready to worry about why his dick looked like a drain pipe, he started jacking. The rather tentative and slow first passage of his pipe/cock through the double vice of his fists quickly degenerated into the fastest jacking he could ever remember. Pleasure was not the goal -- relieving the pressure was all that mattered right now, but no matter how tightly he squeezed or how hard he thrust, or how fast he jacked his hands up and down, he couldn’t cum.

He was now on his stomach, his fists compressed underneath him by his own weight, his massive thighs forcing his steel pipe cock repeatedly through his double-fisted grasp. The pain kept building in his balls; he could feel them pulsing, trying to shoot their hot, potent juice, but nothing would come out! His grunting grew louder with every thrust as he frustration level spiked: “NNnn…, NNGH.., NGGGHHH! – Come ON, Damn it! – NNNGGH! Fuck! – Why can’t I…” In desperation, he flipped over onto his back and tried to pull his balls down with his thighs hoping to squeeze out the cum, but his thighs were so thick that he couldn’t get them around his cartoon-like, oversized balls. He began to panic. NO-O-O-O-O…!” he yelled. He let go of the unnaturally huge, steel-hard pipe, spread out his legs as far as they could go, and using both hands, managed to push his balls through the space between his quads. He instantly straightened his legs even as he rolled his hips toward his shoulders and re-grasped his dick with both fists. He started yelling “Cum, damn you -- CUM!” as he closed his fists as hard as he could, tensed his whole body and flexed his cock -- and held on tight. As a growl began building and escaping through clenched teeth, he felt an internal, body-shaking, biological THUD!, as if a huge valve had opened. He could feel the fluid begin to surge explosively upward as the pressurized contents of his balls finally found an escape route.

The relief was instant. It was intense beyond his experience. It was beautiful beyond his imagination. And in his dream, it went on, and on, and on….

He awoke with a start, gagging, choking, gasping for air. Something was covering his face -- he couldn’t breathe..… “What the fuck…?” Whatever it was felt wet and pretty warm. He tried frantically to brush the stuff off with his hands and finally managed to clear enough away to get some air, and then a bit more so that he could see. Still feeling a great deal of concern, if not panic, the first thing he did was to look down -- he had his real cock back. He relaxed, and looked around. Down past his feet the room looked normal, but up at this end -- cum. Cum covering the bed to his left and on the floor beyond. Likewise to the right. Gobs of it sliding down the wall behind him. The shock held him still for a short while as he tried to understand what he was seeing. Once he had convinced himself that he was no longer dreaming, he cracked a huge smile; he smiled because he realized that the orgasm he’s just experienced went way, way beyond anything he’d ever experienced. It was so much bigger, so different in its feel, in its intensity, that it should have a new name! If all of his previous orgasms had been as pebbles, this mother was a fucking boulder! And so he smiled.

And then he thought about how much he must have changed over night, so he tried to scramble up to check the mirror for more changes, but he kept slipping in the lake of slick cum covering the floor. “Damn it all!” he cursed in his frustration. But when he finally got to the mirror, he grew silent once again. He was awed by his own reflection. He realized now why he’d felt like he was about to explode: he looked like he’d spent all night pumping up in the gym instead of sleeping. And in fact, had he measured himself, he’d have discovered that he was now two inches taller - a whopping 6’ 10” of harder than steel muscle. He began to laugh, and laugh…, harder, and louder. Loud enough that his brothers, up in the house, who had already heard the very loud screaming during Tony’s dream, were left wondering, as they had the morning before, “What now?”

Tony’s body had changed more rapidly then ever overnight, nearly completing his transformation. His muscle cells had multiplied ever more rapidly, their density increasing as directed by Tony’s altered DNA. His skin was now tougher, -- strong enough that his ball sack could handle the enormous pressures building up within as his high-efficiency reproductive organs began producing man-seed and the associated seminal fluid at an astounding rate, forcing more and more abnormally dense cum into Tony’s balls. Though Tony didn’t realize it yet, these changes had already made his muscles so dense, and his skin so tough that even the highest powered rifles would have no effect on him -- something he was destined to discover only hours from now.

One final ‘big’ sensation for Tony this morning was his appetite. He was totally ravenous even though he had more or less gorged himself before bed-time last night - only hours after he’d finished dinner. However, because of the rapid changes going on over-night, the fuel was completely used up, and his system was sorely in need of more energy. He stampeded his way up to the house, basically ignored Jake and John, and started eating. By the time he’d satisfied his hunger, he’d all but cleaned out the family’s food stores, and it was time to get to school. He had no interest in fucking the twins today; he wanted his great big coach - the only one of his fuck-mates who could take his whole cock without internal injury. With everyone else, he had to hold back a bit, which was becoming more of a frustration than a source of pleasure, but with the Coach, he could slam his groin into the receiving butt without worry of tearing apart his innards.

As usual these days, Tony got to school a half-hour early, as did his newly-hired coach so they could start each day with a close encounter, Tony-style -- one the coach had come to crave as much as Tony enjoyed providing. But on this morning, when Tony walked into the Coach’s office, his cock already rising to the occasion, it was empty. The office door was open, the lights were on…, “and there’s his jacket. The fucker must be here someplace.” He immediately headed for the President’s Office, getting progressively more pissed as he strode through the school that the President/Coach would allow his other duties to interfere with their morning ritual of fucking and sucking. Mentally, he was taking out his anger on the Coach: “Bastard! – give ‘im a little power and right away he goes and forgets about this friends. Looks like it’s time to give my little buddy a lesson on the meaning of friendship….”

The large, double doors to the office were wide open, so when Tony looked in, he quickly understood the problem: the police had arrived and were talking to the Coach. No doubt someone had complained about his method of dealing with the former President. After a brief moment of guilt for falsely accusing the Coach of purposely ignoring him, he silently apologized and then stepped quietly through the door, crossed his arms over his chest, acknowledged the Coach with a smile and a nod, and waited. The two policemen, though fairly beefy in their own right - about 6’ 2”, maybe 220-240 pounds apiece, looked small compared to the huge, super-muscular, now 340-pound coach (who had grown considerably thanks to his daily ingestion of Tony’s super-cum ), standing there in his very non-Presidential but Tony-approved, tight-fitting tank-top. Tony was pleased about the big cops. “Glad to see they didn’t send out any wimps,” he thought to himself.”

Since they’d been talking to the Coach when Tony arrived, they hadn’t heard him come in. Thus they were caught by surprise when the Coach said, “You can talk to him yourself --he’s right behind you.” They turned around, expecting your average football player -- and froze. One even pissed himself slightly. Even the Coach was taken aback by Tony’s size, because Tony had gotten still bigger over night, but so were the police simply because they never, never expected someone THAT fucking huge! How could they? There WASN’T anyone that fucking huge -- anywhere! They’d been told he was a big fifteen-year old, which was, to the cops, rather like calling a lion a big house cat.

Tony’s size was emphasized by his dress - or lack thereof. The only clothing Tony had worn today was his biggest pair of posers, but even those were mostly invisible. Tony’s bulk stretched them into thin strings which were forced under the overhanging obliques on the sides and then down towards the tip of his cock. The pouch came up from under his balls, leaving just enough to cover half of the widely flared helmet. Given the minimal coverage, his massive genitalia were prominently displayed front and center, and the cock, which had settled down a bit on his walk from the Coach’s office, was still putting out some anticipatory precum, which was now leaking through the poser material, already forming a small puddle where he stood.

They had no plan for dealing with something like this. They’d had no training for such a situation, and both men were at a loss as to what to do next. Before Tony got there, they’d still been dealing with the fact that the coach’s size made them feel inadequate, but this kid made the coach look like a dwarf. It was hard for them to comprehend his size: every part of this kid’s body: his chest, his biceps, and (“My God! - His thighs!” one of them thought…) were at least double theirs, and it all looked very, very solid with no hint of fat, leaving them no doubt that Tony could easily tear them quite thoroughly apart if given the opportunity. They were still gawking, their jaws were still hanging open with…, what? - confusion? - distress? - awe? - as Tony and the Coach greeted each other with a smile and a nod. One of the policemen finally managed to recover enough to say, “You’ll need to come with us, Mr. Mills for questioning down at the station.” Both men hoisted their pistols to emphasize their request; they were taking no chances.

Thinking quickly, and smiling inside as he thought to himself, “I’m gonna have me some real fun,” Tony said, “I think I should put on some clothes first, don’t you? They’re in my locker.” The coach, knowing full well that Tony had no other clothes, was immediately certain of the policemen’s fate, but said nothing as Tony nodded his ‘Goodbye’ to the Coach, turned and left the office, giving the police no choice but to follow, their guns trained squarely on Tony’s back once they caught up to him. He led the cops through the hallways, never looking back at them, firming up his plan of action and flexing out of habit as he walked. The two policemen had a hard time pulling their eyes off of Tony’s amazing display of back muscles, bulges appearing and moving across his back continuously as he moved, except to look down slightly at his huge, hard mounds of rippling, striated ass muscles. They had a hard time keeping their minds on the job at hand.

Once downstairs, Tony walked to the far end of the locker room and stopped, without turning around, mostly because he was mesmerized by his own cock. As he thought about fucking the cops during the walk, his dick began to grow. Now it was nearly full length, sticking rigidly straight out in front slowly forcing its way upward, being barely held in check by his posers which, now stretched to the limit, was holding onto only the tip of the enormous cock head, most of it completely exposed.

“Get your clothes on now, Mr. Mills; otherwise we’ll take you dressed the way you are.” At those words, Tony turned slowly around, glared at the two suddenly unsure cops and quietly said, “No,” at the same time as he flexed his dick hard, making it slip from its pressure hold and “SLAP!” loudly against his stomach. It was the cops’ turn to be mesmerized. Tony just watched and waited as the two men stared openly at his thick, at least 16”-dick, now quivering with need and repeatedly spurting globs of pre-cum from its opening. After a bit of stammering and sputtering, one of the cops managed - in the most commanding - but not convincing - tone he could muster, “In that case, just come as you are. Now!” motioning toward the door with his gun.

Once again, “No,” came the response.

Uncertain silence. Finally -- “I’m afraid we must insist, Sir.”

“So what?”

The two cops looked at each other, their eyes asking, “What the fuck do we do…?” They weren’t within their rights to actually shoot the kid, but instead of calling for backup, they decided to handle this on their own. Still confident in their ability to subdue even this huge teenager with night sticks, they put away their guns and pulled out their batons. Tony didn’t move one bit as they approached, nor even as they simultaneously came down as hard as they could on one shoulder and the opposite biceps. Both night sticks broke in two.

The cops took a step backwards and stared, slack-jawed at their weapons first, and then at Tony., who quipped, “Such shoddy equipment.” Both men dropped their batons and reached for their guns. Two huge arms flashed out and grabbed two police wrists, the guns still in their holsters. For a moment, no one moved. Tony stared into their faces, smiled broadly, and squeezed. The cops both screamed with surprise and pain, dropping their guns. Tony picked up the weapons as the two cops massaged their painful wrists with the other hand. Holding one gun in each hand in front of the cops’ eyes, he waited for their attention. When he had it, he slowly crunched each gun until his fist was closed, and then opened and squeezed his fist closed several more times, finally holding in each palm, for the now very frightened young cops to see, two unidentifiable hunks of distorted metal.

The two men now began to tremble visibly and looked questioningly up at Tony who glared angrily back down at them, watching their fear grow. Both cops were wearing sturdy leather jackets, which Tony thought very convenient. He grabbed the front of each jacket with one hand and lifted both cops up to shoulder level, his fists underneath them as they faced the floor.

“Time for a little early morning workout, don’cha think?” And at that, he started doing overhead shoulder presses. Rapidly. The cops bodies, and heads, slammed against the ceiling at the top of each rep, after which their chests slammed into Tony’s fists at the bottom, making it feel as if they were being punched very hard in the chest on each rep. While the cops grunted at each chest slam and screamed and grunted more as they were blasted into the ceiling, Tony was enjoying the burn. “Aw, YEAH! Fuckin’ strong delts, man. … “Fuck, Man…, so strong, …mmmm, …, gettin’ stronger…, fuck, yeah.”

He stopped after a couple dozen reps, both cops hanging like dead meat from his fists, emitting occasional groans. He waited, motionless, just holding the 220-pound cops at his shoulders until they began to stir a bit. Then he shook them up a bit to awaken them. “Hey! C’mon, guys. I want you to see this.”

“Huh? Wha---?”

A few more shakes. “C’mon! Wake up, you fuckers!” Once they were, they tried to squirm lose. Ignoring their efforts, Tony started doing simultaneous one-armed biceps curls with the two hefty weights. “Look at them muscles, man. Big muscles, man.” Down. Up. Flex hard! “Mm-m-m-m, so fuckin’ huge.” Down, up, flex. Bulges swelling with every rep, becoming harder, more defined. “So fuckin’ strong, man…, …getting’ stronger, bigger - Fuck Yeah-h-h-h!” Tony couldn’t take his eyes off of his beautiful muscles. Neither, for that matter, could the cops. One even reached out to cop a feel, to give it a squeeze. “Hm-m-m, like that, do ya? Huge fuckin’ muscle.” Up. Down. “Getting’ bigger…, stronger…, Y-E-A-A-H-H-H-H-H!” And as he screamed, he threw the two cops out sideways into the lockers, hard enough to knock them both momentarily unconscious as they fell to the floor. He then ripped off two locker doors, crushed them together into a lumpy metal “rope” and wrapped it around one cops’ ankles. The other he picked up, sat on a bench and shook back into consciousness. Standing directly in front of the seated cop, with his huge, steadily leaking boner right in the guy’s eyes, he said, “I’ve got another muscle I wanna show you,” grabbing it with one hand and waving it in front of his face.

The cop paled instantly and tried to move away. Instead, Tony flipped him over onto his stomach, yanked off his pants, and pressed his massive, slick dick head up between the cop’s cheeks. Of course, the man tried in vain to get away as he heard Tony say, with his cock firmly pressed up against the cop’s asshole, “Fuck you, Copper!” and slam away - getting half-way in at first, withdrawing completely out and then in to the hilt on the next mighty “SLAM!” Up in the President’s office, the Coach heard the screams with no trouble at all. So did Tony, but he liked the way the tight sphincter caught on the lip of his helmet, making him pull hard to “Pop!” it out, so he did that a few times just for fun; and anyway, those first screams only made his cock harder and harder just as they made him pound harder and harder. He’d started with the less muscular cop, but his butt was still tight enough to give Tony ample friction for his needs. In fact, Tony was quickly ready to blow, but he thought about how tight his nuts had felt earlier that morning -- and about how amazing the feeling was. He wanted it again, and he knew it wouldn’t take long since he could feel his nuts churning away, so he just pumped away, lost in the sensations from his sexual engine. After maybe ten minutes, he could tell the cop was pretty tired from the repeated pounding, but wanted to give him a hard tune,

“C’mon, cop, squeeze my dick, will ya - I can’t even feel you any more.” The exhausted cop stayed limply draped over the bench and didn’t even react. Tony slapped him hard on the butt, jerking the pain-ridden cop awake. “Hey! Crunch them ass muscles around my dick -- Now!” - crushing the cop slightly between his hands for emphasis. So the little guy tried, but he didn’t have much left to offer, being both too tired and too flabby. So Tony tried squeezing the guy’s butt around his hammering cock, and it worked some, but the guy was screaming bloody murder. Figuring his bones were about to crack, Tony gave a loud dismissive grunt and pushed the weakened man onto the floor.

He walked and stood over the stronger-looking cop, and squeezed his own cock a couple times as the second man watched. When nothing happened he said, “Aww shit, no cum. I guess it’s your turn to help me out, then.”

“Please, no; haven’t you had enough?”

“Hell, no! I’m just gettin’ started here, and I’m gonna pound you just the way I did your buddy - maybe better.” Tony then untied the cop’s legs and effortlessly picked him up and put him on a bench, lying on his stomach. As he crouched down to get his dick in place, he decided that maybe he should avoid all that screaming. He stuck his hand through several locker doors and ripped them off until he found a couple sizes of dildos - a few guys had learned to get themselves ready for Tony --, and did a little prep work with the second cop and then said: “Here we go -- UNNGGHHH!” - as he forced himself through the still tight portal, and then all the way in with two or three more thrusts amidst some painful screaming from the cop with the virgin ass. The tension built nicely for Tony within several minutes, but wanted more before letting go “Ya know -- I think I need more stimulation -- a little weight work would be just the thing. Come on - you can help me.” He tossed the naked cop over his shoulder and carried him up to the gym.

Once there, he pulled the cop off of his shoulder and held him by the waist, facing him, up in the air, with his butt resting on the tip of Tony’s hard, wet cock. “I could use some extra weight for pull-ups; I’ll make it easy for you to hold on.” The smaller man knew exactly what was coming and tried as hard as he could to keep from being fucked, but suddenly he was fully speared. Before he could react beyond yelling again in pain, Tony had jumped up to the chin bar and was starting to rise. Up and down they went, the cop just holding on and waiting for it to be over, Tony enjoying the rush he was getting. “Aww, fuck, yeah -- so fuckin’ strong…. never felt so easy…, aww, fuck yeah…” At the top of each rep, he’d roll his hips upward in a reverse abs crunch to push himself a little deeper into the helpless, grunting man, feeling his balls get fuller and tighter with each rep. Finally he dropped down, tossed the cop back on his shoulder and headed back to the locker room to finish up. At that moment, Tony noticed the overly-stretched, thin stringof poser material threatening to cut into the underside of his balls. “Damn things!” He ripped them off, tossed them on the floor and headed downstairs, where he lay the weakened man back on the bench and continued his fucking. Tony held off for almost ten minutes, and when he started to blow, he knew it was going to be his strongest ever. The cop protested each shot vehemently; when he started loud, sickly gurgling sounds, Tony pushed him off, grabbed himself and just let ‘er fly. When his orgasm ended and he finally opened his eyes, his reaction was, “Whoa!” His dense, high-pressure cum had expanded so much that the locker room was almost knee-deep in his juice, the face of the cop on the bench barely above cum-level. The first cop - still on the floor - was no where to be seen. “Tough luck,” chuckled Tony.

Satisfied for now, Tony headed off for classes, but quickly realized he was once again famished, so he detoured through the cafeteria where he soon polished off every bit of meat they had before heading off to class. Part way there, he reached down to scratch under his balls and noticed, “What the ___? Where the hell’re my posers? ….Oh, yeah, heh, heh -- the gym; well, what the fuck -- who needs ‘em,” and scratching away with no concern, he just continued on to class.

First period classes had just completed and now the hallways were full of students. They were, of course, used to seeing Tony all but naked, but today was different. The overnight changes had been so dramatic that as soon as he entered the hallway at one end, his presence was felt everywhere. Those near him were quickly shocked into awed silence, and to a person the entire crowd backed up against the walls to allow him free passage. Within a few seconds, the entire hallway was in absolute silence as the human waters parted for the mass of hard, naked muscle that was strolling arrogantly and commandingly through the building. Tony ate up the attention. He stood up fully straight, tucking his pelvis underneath to thrust his manhood as far forward as possible and gloried in the realization that most faces were slack-jawed and most eyes were fixed on his hardening cock that swayed stiffly left and right as he ambled along. He was very proud of his manhood and quickly decided that he would never wear clothes again. Why bother? So far as he was concerned, he had nothing to hide. He knew he clearly superior to any man in the world and enjoyed nothing better than flaunting his dominance.

The teacher had just reached out to close the door when he saw Tony parting the crowds on his way to class. He froze at the sight of the mass of naked muscle heading towards him, finally stepping backwards into the room only when Tony had come to a halt directly in front of the average-sized man, his shiny, half-hard cock only inches from the teacher’s chest. He ducked and stepped sideways into the room, straightened up and stood still, his huge frame totally covering the doorway, giving the whole class time to adjust to his new, larger-than-ever image. A minor flex of his dick caused a large load of pre-cum to surge out and begin running down his slightly elevated cock., where most of the students’ eyes were now focused. Tony chuckled as he reached down and scooped up the thick juice with his middle finger and immediately licked it off.

One guy stupidly thought he’d try to embarrass Tony. “Ooooo, Ee-yuck! That’s disgusting!” he bellowed out, with strong emphasis on the ‘Yuck!’ and the ‘disgusting.’ He tacked on a little chuckle at the end. Tony stared him down for a few moments before slowing walking right up to the guy’s desk, directly facing him. At his height, with a now nearly full erection, the tip of his cock was at eye-level to the seated student. He grabbed his dick with one hand and encouraged more pre-cum to appear. The student began to pale. “Oh-h-h, No I won’t!” He tried to push back away, but Tony’s other hand found his head and pushed it forward. He’d also pushed his dick lower so that the kid’s lips were nearly touching the cum-covered cock head. “Lick it clean!” The guy stared as he tried to pull back, but refused to comply. “Have it your way…” “Mm-m-m-p-f-f-f! NNNNNN!” Tony had mashed the guy’s mouth up against his dick; the kid tried to push away, but of course to no avail. He still refused to lick up the precum, so while holding the head firmly in place, Tony shoved himself inside, his now much wiser victim suddenly finding himself with quite a mouthful. He held him right there amidst loud noises of distress as he stimulated his dick into producing more and more man-juice which the unlucky kid was forced to swallow in order to breathe. Soon, however, the volume was too much to handle -- sounds of choking and gagging now filled the class. Tony pulled out, mumbled something like, “Fuckhead!” and went to his seat as the choking boy ran out of the room.

After that, the first class went quickly for Tony because he was totally absorbed in himself. His body was very efficiently converting all that protein from his second pig-out of the day into muscle and cum, so much muscle that he swore he could ‘feel’ himself growing bigger, and he spent the whole next period watching himself in amazement as his body was transforming before his eyes. - he could see his bulges getting bigger, tighter, and he felt absolutely hard - very, very HARD all over. The thought began to form in his head that maybe, just maybe, nothing could harm him any more. Soon he would know.

Shortly after Tony sat down, some degree of normalcy returned to the class: the instructor began instructing while the students began listening - as best they could. For his part, Tony stayed quiet for most of the period, entertaining himself with his man-meat, continually running his fingertips up and down his hard, shiny dick with one hand, and underneath his once again hardening balls with the other. As he stroked, he stared at himself with wide-eyed amazement -- his cock looked bigger than ever, and it was sending increasingly intense sensations throughout his body. But it wasn't just his cock that was holding his interest: -never in his life had he been able to feel so much activity in his nuts; both globes felt like they were pulsating internally and he could swear that he could actually sense more and more fluid being forced into his tightening and forcibly expanding balls. He might as well have been hypnotized for all he was aware of the outside world, which was not at all. For the moment, Tony's man-parts were his universe. He was not aware that one period had ended and another started or that someone new was teaching, but soon after the next period had begun, Tony began making involuntary noises, for as the pressure in his balls built, the sensations being delivered by his cock skyrocketed, and his act of quiet pleasure moved quickly through restrained, and then loud breathing which quickly turned into louder, faster, and increasingly rapid sounds of uncontrolled sexual groaning.

By this time, quite naturally, everyone -- instructor included, was staring at the naked muscle/sex machine whose body was stretched out like a board across the tiny chair that had bent severely under Tony’s hard mass as he openly pounded his meat with escalating intensity while some, those sitting closest to Tony, left their seats and backed away in fear of what might happen next. Most of the students found their bodies responding uncontrollably to the scene of raw, powerful sexuality so near at hand. Most of the men were rubbing hardons through their pants, while those girls who weren't trying to deny and hold back their feelings had one hand in their panties in response to the cloud of sexual aromas that filled the air.

At last the inevitable happened, and it happened on even a grander scale than what Tony had experience only hours earlier in the locker room. After the first two enormous shots of cum struck the wall ten feet behind Tony with very loud splurching sounds, he stood up. People began backing away in earnest now, and when each of the next two shots both took out a bank of ceiling fixtures there was a rapid exodus of screaming girls although most of the guys, seemingly rooted to the spot in awe of Tony's virility, were filling the air with shouts of, "Holy Shit!" or "Aww, Fuck, Man!" Tony was in awe as well, because although he could feel each load expand a bit as it traveled up through his cock across the palms of his tightly-gripping hands, it was as the cum left his dick that it literally exploded in size -- a couple of tablespoons of his super-cum ballooning into a basketball. Therefore, when Tony pulled his cock downward and began blasting out the windows with near-beach-balls of thick, hot man-juice, causing several guys to duck to avoid the powerful cum-shots, even the men ran out in fear. Tony's ejaculations were by now accompanied by orgasmic roars that carried easily throughout the building, and by the time he was done, the place had been evacuated.

Tony stood very still, with his eyes firmly closed, as his breathing gradually returned to normal. He didn't rush it - even the act of coming down from his greatest 'high' ever was something of a rush. Once he finally did open his eyes, even he was impressed both by the amount of cum that had spread throughout nearly the entire room and by the damage he'd done. Obviously, the cum in his balls had been under even greater pressure than he'd realized, based on how much it had expanded in volume once released from the incredibly strong confines of his large ball sack. Most of the ceiling lights were gone, no windows remained, and many of the desks were no longer to be seen, having been crushed by the dense masses of cum that had fallen on them after crashing into the ceiling. He hadn't moved as yet, and was chuckling over how much damage he could do by the simple act of cumming, unconsciously massaging his hot, sticky, half-hard cock with one hand as he took note of how totally quiet the building had become, when he saw the Coach peek into the room.


Tony gave a little nod and snickered out a quiet, "Yeah."

"Um-m-m-m-m..., some folks are out in the parking lot asking for you...." Tony raised his eyebrows in silent question.

"I'd guess that most of the city's on-duty policemen are out there; -seems they've heard about one of their own drowning down in the locker room. They were ready to storm the place looking for you. I persuaded them to let me send you out to them." He looked around at the mess in the room and chuckled as he added, "I thought it might help prevent any damage to the building." He looked pointedly at the windows and ceiling fixtures. "Any MORE damage, that is," he added with a laugh.

Tony chuckled a little, too, as he walked towards the door. When he got into the hallway he turned to the Coach (he would never be able to think of him as 'Principal') and said, "I think I'm through with college, Coach."

The Coach inhaled deeply before letting out a long, slow breath as he stared down at Tony's semi-relaxed dick and said, in a sad voice, "I figured."

Tony correctly read the look of longing on Coach's face and said, "O.K. One more time -- for friendship's sake." His friend smile a "Thanks" up at him as he got to his knees, grabbed Tony's thick, firm cock and raised it up so he could stare directly at the tip. He gave the warm meat a quick, hard squeeze, surprising Tony, who inhaled loudly as he reflexively contracted his cock muscles, producing a strong surge of pre-cum. The moment the fluid appeared, the Coach shoved the head fully into his mouth, licked and swallowed the warm, tasty man-juice, and then impressed the Hell out of Tony once again by "Hoovering" the entire length down his well-trained throat. Tony had very little time to dwell on Coach's amazing ability to do that because no sooner did he feel Coach's face rammed into his groin then he also felt waves of strongly contracting throat muscles rippling up and down his rapidly hardening - and lengthening, dick. He thought vaguely, and not without a good bit of awe about how this man could satisfy his cock just as well as -- if not better than, he could do it himself, and then felt a momentary twinge of sadness, knowing that this was probably going to be the last time he would experience this particular pleasure. Consequently, he was in no hurry to end the suck-off session. Instead, he slumped into a fully relaxed stance, placed both hands on the back of his Coach's head to make minor adjustments to the Coach's position to maximize his pleasure, threw back his head, closed his eyes, and put his mind fully into enjoying the moment.

This was the view that surprised the two large policemen as they impatiently barged through the double doors at the end of the hallway, wondering why Tony hadn't been delivered outside by then. They both stood still as they tried to make sense out of what they saw. Tony opened his eyes at the sound of the doors' opening, and quietly chuckled to himself. The Coach raised his eyes up toward Tony who, with a little extra pressure from his hands and some meaningful eye contact, communicated his wishes. Coach began pushing hard against Tony's un-giving thighs with both huge arms as he made grunting noises suggesting that he was trying his damnedest to get away, while Tony used some exaggerated motions to make it look as though he was forcing the man on the floor back onto his cock. Once they got the message, the two cops instinctively rushed forward in an attempt to help the apparent 'victim' of the muscle-beast above. When they got close enough, each cop grabbed a forearm with both hands to force Tony to release his hold on the other man's head, but they had not concept of Tony's strength or quickness. In a flash, Tony had them both by the neck and quickly banged their heads together hard enough to knock them out. He let them drop to the floor.

Coach remained actively attached to his favorite cock. After a minute or so, Tony said, "Hey, Man -- I think it's time." The smaller man, himself a muscle monster by normal standards, stopped, and then took one last very long, slow suck as he gradually eased himself off of the cock he was already sorely missing. He stood up reluctantly. "Thanks," he said, and backed away. Tony acknowledged the thank-you with a nod of his head, then turned his attention to the unconscious cops. After some brief thinking, he stroked himself to an erection and then selected one of the men and stripped him without awakening him. He positioned the cop's butt above the now leaking tip of his rather fat cock head and then looked over at the Coach. "Y' feel like stretchin' 'im for me?" "Um-m-m..., - rather not." "No? Hm-m-m, wel-l-ll, I suppose I could...." In his last act of kindness, he did it himself. Then with one hand around the man's waist and one over his mouth to muffle his probable screams, he carefully speared the cop with his slick mushroom head. As expected, the cop awoke with a start, and yelled all he could, but the huge palm squashed tightly across his face prevented much sound from escaping. With his hand still firmly in place, Tony pushed in just far enough to glide across the man's prostate and then moved him back and forth across the flared edge of his slick, hard helmet until pleasure took over and the pain disappeared. Just another minute or so of the ole up 'n down had the cop resting peacefully, even placidly, on the base of Tony's well-muscled cock, his legs dangling limply below. The Coach signaled to Tony that the cop had his eyes closed and a dazed sort of smile on his face, producing a smirk and a chuckle from Tony.

Holding the cop back against his chest with one arm around his waist, he reached down and grabbed the other, awakening policeman by his leather jacket and lifted him overhead. He let go of the first cop, who was now being held upright only by Tony’s cock and then just stood there with one hand on his hip and the other overhead holding up the second cop, who was still out of it and a bit confused. Very quickly, however, he became fully aware of his situation and began kicking, punching, and generally flailing madly about in an effort to get down, and soon the cop impaled by Tony's cock did likewise. Tony smirked at their helplessness, looked over at the Coach and said, as he turned, and headed down the hallway, "I guess it's time to show them who's in control around here. Glad I hired you. See ya,".

Before getting to the door, he banged the cop he was holding overhead up against the ceiling a few times to quiet him down and then paused just long enough to allow his cock holding cop #1 to lower nearly to the horizontal before giving it a good, strong flex. Before flexing, Tony had lowered his head so that the cop's head crashed hard into Tony's, temporarily knocking him out cold once again. Satisfied, Tony pushed out the door and walked without slowing down one bit straight into the semicircle of eight police cars protecting over a dozen policemen who were pointing their guns steadily at Tony -- and therefore, at their Brothers in Blue. They lowered their guns as they took in the scene -- and let their collective jaws sag. They'd sent in two of their biggest and best, and here they were -- one squirming fruitlessly while being held up in the air over the head of this muscle beast who seemed to be exerting no effort whatsoever holding him at bay, and the other…, naked!, - dangling helplessly from the beast’s cock!, - apparently unable to find a way to pull himself off. But for the two struggling cops, nothing was moving, no one was speaking.

No one dared.

While the police kept an eye on Tony, waiting for his next move, Tony was enjoyably thinking about different ways of destroying every police car in the lot. Now it was time to act. Still ignoring the two seemingly insignificant men he held captive, Tony smiled out at the group around him, and then, acting for all the world like this was a wholly commonplace situation, said in a casual tone of voice, “W’assup, Dudes?” •

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