By MuscleTeen

Inspired by FanTCman.

- You ordered a pizza?

- Yes, yes I did. Come in.

- Can you just sign this? I got 10 more places to get to.

- Sure. Sure, wait there while I get a pen.... Now, here we go. Shit my arm is tight. Right here above the elbow.

- You got big arms man.

- You think? I like to work out. You look like you keep fit yourself.

- Naw not really, just fit from cycling. I'd love big muscles though - it'd be hot.

- Really? You's like a body like this?

- Yeah - but it's never gonna happen.... and well... nothing....

- What? What is it?

- Well... you're a bit TOO big man... I mean those gunz must be 20 around flexed. And your tee looks like it's gonna rip with those pex. Don't people stare???

- They do, sometimes. But I like it. And this tee stretches a lot... look.. when I FLEX...

- Holy shit man that's awesome.

- I can make you like this.

- What?

- I can make you like this, and bigger. A young guy like you - i can make you huge, fucking humongous. Muscles rippling out everywhere.

- Fuck off, no way.

- Come in for a second.

- No way, let me go man. LET ME GO.

- IT'll only take a minute - just to show you.


- I'm gonna make you a muscle stud. Everyone will admire your body.

- FUCK - Who are those guys. They're previous candidates - aren't they hot?

- They're fucking huge.

- Oh but you're gonna be bigger. You're two years younger - you'll be much bigger.

- Fuck man they're huge.

- Now we're just gonna inject your balls with this - hold still boy.

- No, no way let go of me. Tell them to let me go.

- Come on now boy, that didn't hurt did it?

- Fuck you, fuck what's that fucking feeling in me - my balls are gonna explode. Fucking hell they feel hot.

- Look in the mirror boy. Watch your body.

- Fuck you you prick. I'm gonna fucking kill you. Fuck look at my body man. Look at those fucking gunz... Jesus they are exploding - look at my fucking veins, awesome man - fucking awesome - do you see it?

- Oh I see it boy - I see it.

- Oh yeah man - my quads - ripping oppen my shorts - gonna make my tee rip - chest growing so huge, fucking shoulders ballooning up...

- How do you feel boy?

- Feel fucking huge muscular monster. Fucking awesome body - it's mine - wait til people see it - they are gonna fucking worship me - WORSHIP MY FUCKING MUSCLES... Feel fucking hirny too man, fucking wanna fuck some tight ass... fuck some dudes - show them the power of my body... show them who's fucking boss... who the fucking muscle stud is...

- Oh yeah boy that's good. Take these too - go play with them... their asses are yours boy - go fuck. Remember how big you thought they were - well look at you now - you fucking outsize both of them... your fucking body is huge - they want to worship it - they want to worship your huge muscular body... their your slaves. Make them obey. •

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