By RdLePew

Nathan walked into the fitness center of the local drug store with a worried expression on his face. It was one the pharmacist was familiar with. Nate’s eyes darted left, right, then he turned around to look behind him. When he was satisfied that no one was within hearing distance between he and the pharmacist he leaned over and muttered, “I’avea quesyun” “Excuse me?” asked the Pharmacist, smiling bemusedly. “A question. Sir. I have a question.” “Okay, son, ask away.” “Well…okay. I’ve heard a lot of things about Stacker 2” “Fat burner, very effective.” “ Yeah, I was going to ask if it works.” “Believe it or not, it actually works. That your only question?” “Well….there’s another drug that I was wondering about….” “Is that so?” “Yeah. Um….Enzyte? It’s a…a…” “Male Enhancer, correct. You’re not the only fella to come in here wondering about that. Heck, who wouldn’t wonder about that sort of wonder drug?” “Does it…does it work?” “Indeed it does m’boy, adds at least 2 inches over the course of 6 months. Usually adds some girth too,” the Pharmacist added with a grin. “Okay. One more question. The two together…” “Ah! Hold it right there son, here’s where the bad news comes. Stacker 2 is a very serious drug. People taking it shouldn’t even have a can of caffinated soda. Same with Enzyte, although its restrictions are not as rigid as Stacker 2, it’s dangerous to be taking any other medications while using it.” “So I have to pick?” Nathan asked. “Pick?” the Pharmacist paused, “No, not at all, you just can’t take those two particular drugs at the same time. If you want to lose weight while adding a little something to your penis, I think you may be in luck.” “Luck, sir?” “Oh yes indeed! As luck would have it, this Wallrex has been chosen to test market a new transdermal patch that exactly fits what you’ve asked me for. It’s free to try, all you have to do is sign a release, and come back here in a week to tell us how it worked for you.” “That’s it? Where do I sign?” The Pharmacist was already pulling out a clipboard and pointing to a line at the bottom as he said, “Not so fast young man, I so want you to realize that like Stacker and Enzyte, this drug is all natural, and thus exempt from FDA testing, that’s why it’s free to try at first.” Nate had already signed. His only question was, “A week? It works that fast?” “According to our prior tests it has, yes indeed. Our test subjects lose fat, gain muscle, and gained more…downstairs, than they could have even hoped for.” “Okay,” said Nate, “how do I get started?” “Come on around to my office, son, and I’ll get you set up in less than a minute.”

It was all Nathan could do to keep from running to the Pharmacist’s office. Once inside, the white-coated man asked him to remove his shirt and turn around. Nate did as told, and almost at once he felt the Pharmacist place a long strip over his back and smooth it down. From the feel of it, it ran down the length of his spine, starting just below his neck, and ending just above his crack of his rear. “Awfully big, eh, sir?” He tentatively stammered. “Has to be,” the Pharmacist replied, “There’s 7 days worth of medicine in there, all set to time release.” “Oh. Is…is that all? Am I all set?” “Sure are m’boy, Come on back a week from today, any time during the day, I’ll be here.” And that’s how it started.

The next morning, Nathan woke up with a smile. The reason he was smiling was that it wasn’t exactly morning anymore, more like late afternoon. Nate was unemployed, but had his apartment paid for by his parents. All of his expenses went on a credit card, the bill to which was sent to his parent’s home. While the fact that the patch he had been given was free of charge was something that was not expected, Nate could have been charged $500 dollars for it and wouldn’t have batted an eyelash. Put bluntly, he was both rich and spoiled. He spent most of his days eating and watching television, except for the hour a day that he worked out. To someone as unaccustomed to not getting what was desired as he was, the affect of working out and not visibly improving his physique was as puzzling as it was maddening. Of course, now all his problems were solved. Grinning, Nate flipped the covers off him and took a nice close look at his privates. While it was too soon to reasonably expect anything noticeably different, he couldn’t help himself. He figured it was a good chance to form a good “before” picture in his mind. The moment he saw himself, his jaw dropped appreciatively. Already there was considerable change. Prior to that morning, Nate had been no more than 3 inches while hanging free, and a modest 6 inches while in amorous situations. The cock he was now looking at looked like a sleeping giant. It was 8 inches long (Nate guessed), and much thicker than before. He took it into his hand and was almost in awe at its heft. Smiling wider, he rolled out of his rack and scrounged for a clean pair of shorts. Once he found a pair that was close enough to clean, he tossed them on and went downstairs to his parentally funded private fitness center. Shirtless, Nathan stepped on to his treadmill and began walking. While he loosened up his lower body, he grabbed the remote control out of the holder that was mounted on the side of the treadmill and flipped through channels until he found something suitable on his television. When he was satisfied, he turned the speed up to 6.1mph and trotted at a brisk pace. Ten minutes went by, then ten more, and ten more after that. Nate, still running, finally came to realize how drastically his endurance had been improved. During all of his previous runs, 6.1 was his absolute limit, he would make able to make it to 20 minutes, but barely, and with his quads and ankles screaming at him all the while. Yet here he was, with barely a sweat broken. Curiously, he pushed the speed up more, then more, then all the way up to the belt’s max speed of 10 miles per hour. He looked down at his legs as they blurred by each other, and nearly fell on his face. He looked straight ahead, and pumped his arms as he ran to keep up with the belt. After ten minutes of this, Nate had the feeling that he could do better, run harder, he had to find his limit. Now pushing the incline button as his legs pistoned back and forth, Nate brought the belt to its full incline of 10 degrees to the vertical. “Holy fuck!” he spat out, now working very hard to keep on the belt, but still feeling like he had more left in him. In his mind’s eye, he pictured Ivan Draco from Rocky IV…right before the belt snapped under him. Nathan slipped, tripped, and crashed to the floor. He was dazed a bit from the crashing halt, but unhurt. While patting himself down to confirm this, Nathan noticed that his shorts were now nearly skintight on his thighs. He grimaced, revolted, and slapped at one of his bulky quads to watch it jiggle. His disgusting quads were what got him started on his workout routine in the first place, and seeing the flesh earthquake that a thigh slap caused never failed to motivate Nathan for the weightlifting portion of his workout. Except this time there was no jiggle. His open hand hit his upper leg with a hearty “Whock!” But the leg held firm. Extremely firm, in fact. Nate was impressed. He shook the sting out of the hand he had used to deliver the blow absently as he wondered if his increased ability was carry over to his squat workload. Normally, squatting 100lbs for 3 sets of 10 was his max. This never failed to leave his legs feeling like rubber for the rest of the day, too. Thinking he could just add more reps if he needed to, Nate positioned himself under the bar and shouldered it with ease. Way too much ease. Nate immediately set the bar down and added 50 more pounds to the bar. Anyone in his right mind would have considered this too big of an increase, but Nate wasn’t in his right mind. To be fair, Nathan wasn’t in his right body either. Even then, Nate did 20 reps with the hundred and a half pounds without so much as a single grunt of effort. He dropped the bar roughly back into its rack and added more weight. All of the freeweights he had available were put on the bar, taking it’s total up to 345 pounds. He stood, ready to shoulder this insane amount of weight, taking a moment to psyche himself up. He shifted, adjusted, and frowned at the discomfort his legs were causing him. Looking down, he saw that not only were his shorts straining at the seams around his now massive thighs, but the bulge were his maleness was, was now obscenely large. At second glance, it was actually three large bulges that made up one monster bulge. Nate was more than a little disturbed by this, but the bar, the weight, the challenge. That’s what was on his mind first and foremost. The rest could either take care of itself or at least wait until he had conquered this lift. He shouldered the bar, and lifted. The cords of his neck stood out in strain and effort, and still Nate smiled, this was exactly the challenge he was seeking. Nathan took a small step forward and bent his knees, keeping his head and upper back erect, squatting down with the weight. RrrrRRRRRRRRRRP! Both legs of Nathan’s shorts literally burst at the seams, leaving two loosely flapping bands of material held together only by the waistband. This did not distract Nate at all as he lowered his weight. Nor was he distracted by the fleshy thump he felt just above his knee. What did distract him was the shockingly cold feeling of the floor against his testicles. Nathan cried out in surprise and fell forward, still in his squatted down position. The station’s safety bars saved the young man’s life. Each end of the bar clanged against the frame and fell down to a bar about 2 feet off the floor. Nathan, meanwhile, fell all the way down to the floor, face first. 350lbs of crushing force would have came down on the back of his neck if not for the safety bars. Nate took no notice of his good fortune. He way busy tearing away at the waistband of his tattered shorts with fingers that didn’t seem to cooperate with him. Finally he thrust and kicked them off of him. The first thing he noticed was that his skin had changed color. What had once been a tanned Caucasian skin tone was now a deep amber brown, but only around his thighs, groin, and rear. The rest of his legs were the same color as always. Nate squinched up his face as this registered, but all was forgotten when he suddenly remembered what had surprised him into falling in the first place. His maleness was now horrifyingly huge. Two full feet of flaccid cock lay before him over his thigh and onto the floor, as if that wasn’t bad enough, it was also roughly the thickness of his wrist. With his mouth hanging open, Nathan absorbed further changes in what was once his pride. The monster organ was now a brownish-reddish hue, radically different from the dark tan it had once been. On top of that, the head of his cock had just kind of…lost its definition; his member now was now completed with a flaring tip instead. Nate tried to move, but couldn’t. Even as he watched, his thighs were getting bigger and thicker, the brown skin spreading down the rest of each leg, now just above the knee. The muscles forming were huge, and strangely familiar to Nate. He rolled to his side and looked over his shoulder just as the connection was made. His ass and upper thighs now perfectly matched those of a horse. The only thing missing was… “hhhhrrrrrrrRRRRRRGGHH!!!!” Nate gritted his teeth and groaned in agony as he felt as if his spine was being stretched out and threaded through a needle. He didn’t need to look to know what this sensation actually was, but he did anyways. Sure enough, now flicking in way that would suggest agitation was a full, silky tail. “THE PATCH!!!” he suddenly thought, hoping that it wasn’t already too late. He reached his arm back behind his neck, then slowing slid his fingers down, carefully feeling for the edge of the patch. Down, down, then there! His middle and index fingers slid over smooth plastic. Focusing greatly, Nathan tried to pinch at this thin strip. He felt his fingers slide over it once, then again after catching on the edge for a moment. He closed his eyes and forced himself to slow down and concentrate on pulling off the strip…but he could no longer feel his fingertips. He pulled his hand back to inspect it. The fingers were all locked in a rigid and straight position, as if he were about to administer a karate chop. He tried to bend them, and could not. Panicking, he drove his hand into what was once a thigh, producing only a meaty “ccrk!” There was little feeling in the huge mass of muscle and flesh (“hide! That’s a hide now!” His mind crazily yammered at him) that his upper legs had become. Forgetting about his hands temporarily, Nathan squealed in horror and dismay at the grotesque sight his legs had become. The dark amber flesh now covered him from the waist to what used to be his ankles. Nathan’s calves and shins, however, had shortened considerably, while his feet elongated to long, thin cylinders of bone that were already capped with perfectly formed hooves. Nathan almost wished that his hide would spread over his feet so he would not have to look his feet in such a disgusting state of transition. Grimly, he accepted that he’d be getting his wish. By the time Nathan looked at his hands again, they too were gone, replaced instead with hooves. Or so he thought at first. A second glance confirmed that it was only his fingers that had become hooves. What was left of his hand was still there. In an act intended to hide the elongation of his hand as much as it was to put a stop to all this madness, Nathan once again attempted to pull…or at least scrape, the transdermal patch off of his back. He wasn’t even able bend his arm as far back as he needed and wanted to. Not even close. As he fought his own changing bone and muscle structure, his arm lowered itself as it changed and reshaped. Nathan fought it all the way, until he was left with two perfectly formed horse’s forelegs, which he was unable to move up even as far as his neck, and hardly at all to the right or left. He lay there, still on his side, and took stock. Here he was, horse from the waist down, and from the shoulders to the forehooves. But he was still human from the neck up and in the trunk. The combination was disturbing to look at as it was for Nathan to go through. None of the changes brought physical pain, only the knowledge that what was happening was wrong wrong wrong. Still lying there, Nate fought for each breath. His lungs as they were weren’t enough to take in enough oxygen to support his new frame, nor was his heart big or strong enough to pump this oxygenated blood through his system. Just as the Nathan’s vision was beginning to gray at the edges, he could feel his weight shifting against the floor. With great relief, Nate breathed easier…thanks to his new and improving physiology. Nate closed his eyes and continued to lay on his side. He could feel his strength returning, but didn’t want to move until he was done. He had a strong feeling that the next part would be the hardest, the most painful. He lay with his eyes squeezed shut, waiting to be wracked with the world’s most cataclysmic migraine…but it never came. When he opened his eyes, the world seemed to swim before him. Only a single distressed whinny escaped him before he jerked himself to his feet. The Pharmacist was in the room with him, still in his while coat, still smiling in his disarming, fatherly way. “Wellnow. Dramatic reduction of body fat, exponential gain of muscle mass, and one monster of a cock,” said the Pharmacist with great relish, “I guess by now you’ve realized that the patch wasn’t time-release after all. Couldn’t risk you catching on and cutting the treatment short now, could we?” Nathan nickered and shook his head. The Pharmacist recoiled as if slapped. “Your…mental capacity. Awareness. Unchanged?” Nathan shook his head again, but made no move to charge or hurt the Pharmacist. “Hmm, I’m assuming then that the treatment left you as docile as it was intended…which was a lucky thing I suppose. Besides, one small little error, who’s to know?” If Nathan were capable of smirking, he would of. As it was, he was filled with immensely gratifying superiority, as he knew of another mistake the Pharmacist had made. Nathan could still see in color. •

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