Surprise (Original Version)

Red-faced, Sam stormed out of the gym into the dusky street. What an asshole, he thought, fucking prima donna. All I did was say hello, the guy didn't need to laugh. Admittedly, the sight of that pumped up colossus had taken his breath away and made his knees weak. But still, Sam hadn't been coming on to the award winning bodybuilder, he was just trying to be friendly and maybe get some advice.

Sam threw his gym bag into the back of the car, got in and drove off. He had he had changed his focus to building muscle and he was starting to get some definition. But what he really wanted was to be as big as David, the guy in the gym, which was why he tried to talk to him. He must be 6' 2" and weigh 260 pounds, thought Sam, fucking huge muscles and an ego to match. Damn, I wish I were that big!

Turning onto his street, Sam noticed a couple of big, rough guys taunting a small, obviously effeminate man. Even 100 yards away, Sam could hear the shouts of "Hey faggot! Suck my dick, little faggot!" He screeched to halt and leapt out of his car. He wasn't about to let those guys beat up the little guy. After the needlessly cruel brush off at the gym, his rage at thoughtless assholes knew no bounds.

"Leave him alone!" Sam shouted as he ran towards the bashers. The bigger of the two turned towards Sam. "Look, another faggot coming to rescue his boyfriend," he sneered. "You get the little one. I want this fucker."

The basher must have outweighed Sam by 30 pounds but Sam was faster. Ducking under the roundhouse punch the basher aimed at his head, Sam drove his fist into the guy's stomach. This slowed his opponent but before Sam could get in another blow, the guy caught him around the neck in a choke hold and began squeezing hard,cutting off Sam's wind. In desperation, Sam twisted violently while stomping on the basher's instep trying to break the hold. All Sam could manage was to get his adam's apple into the crook of the guy's elbow, relieving some of the pressure. Gasping, Sam surrendered to his berserker rage, his vision going red, and fought for his life.

Sam pounded his right elbow into the basher's stomach, then again and again.Grabbing his fist with his left hand, he powered several more blows into his opponent's stomach trying to aim lower. He was rewarded with a cry of "Shit!" and a loosening of the choke hold. Sam caught the other's forearm and spun out of the hold, managing to twist the basher's arm up behind his back. Sam applied all of his strength, practically pulling the guy's arm out of its socket.

"Fucking breeder," growled Sam and twisted harder. Then Sam released the basher's arm and aimed several blows into the asshole's kidneys sending him sprawling on his face. Barely able to suppress the desire to kick the fallen man, Sam turned to the other basher and was stunned to see him laying unconscious on the ground in front of the little man. Fortunately, his surprise wasn't enough to prevent his rage enhanced senses from hearing his own man get up and charge. With uncanny timing, Sam spun just in time to catch the basher with a knock out blow, laying out the guy out for good.

"I should be thanking you, to be sure, me boyo," said the little man with a lilting tone. "But as you can see, I am no stranger to brawling."

For the first time, Sam was able to take a good look at the little man. He was wearing grass green jeans with a matching t-shirt and had a head of flaming red hair.He looks like a fucking Leprechaun, Sam thought.

"Alas, fucking was not what I found, was it?" said the man. "'Twas an exhilarating little brawl, but hardly a challenge." Sam would have laughed out loud, if he had the breath. A gay Leprechaun!

"I cannot leave beholden to you, my good man, and I must be away forthwith. To the Eagle, don't you know. Here then be a token of thanks," he said with a flourish,producing a large golden ring. "'Twill bring you sizeable enjoyment, to be sure. A fitting reward for my valiant warrior. Your enemies may find it a little draining, so beware."

Sam accepted what looked to him like a cock ring and mumbled his thanks. He glanced at the fallen bashers, then turned to ask, "But what about these assholes?" But of course, the little man in green was gone. Sam took the hint and left before the erstwhile bashers woke up.

*** Once home, Sam sat down in front of his computer, still reeling from the events of the day. Maybe there will be some e-mail or something in the usegroups to cheer me up, he thought. There was no mail, and just the usual announcements, news and homophobic garbage in the gay usegroups. Having no stomach more any more bashing, he turned to the sex groups. He opened a new group, I have a fetish for size, he thought, muscle size. Scrolling through the articles, he found an intriguing subject line, "Virtual Muscle (mmm, muscle growth)." Hey, looks like my wish sort of did come true, at least a little, he thought, laughing to himself, and printed the story out. Just what I need, some good jerk off material.

Sam took the print-out into his bedroom and tossed it on the bed. He stripped off his clothes and threw them in the corner, needing to be a little self-indulgent to repair his mood. Standing in front of the mirror, he took stock of himself. Not bad, he thought, fondling his dick. At least my dick is bigger than that asshole's at the gym. Sam had measured his dick at a boyfriend's insistence and was surprised to find it was a little over 8 inches long. Lifting weights had changed the rest of his body, however, streamlining his physique to a more lean 167 pounds. At 5'11", he felt he had become quite skinny having managed to lose most of his childhood fat. But his shoulders were very broad and his muscles had hardened, especially his legs and he was finally beginning to see some definition in his stomach. Not bad at all, he thought, certainly not worth laughing at. He tried out some bodybuilding poses, then some more pornographic ones, playing with his hard-on like the guys in the videos. He remembered the strange ring the man in green had given him. It would be just the sort of joke a gay leprechaun would pull if it really was a cock ring. Sam fished the heavy golden ring out of his pants' pocket and held it up to the light. It was smaller than the cockrings he usually used but he decided to try it on any way. Looks like real gold,he thought. Gingerly, he slipped the ring over the head of his dick and along the shaft expecting it to be cold, but it wasn't and went on amazingly easily. Even the sometimes painful task of pulling his big balls through a cock ring went quickly and was actually quite pleasant. It was almost as if the ring had expanded to accommodate his heavy balls and cock. Very quickly, his dick regained it's full size and more, the warm heavy gold of the cock ring seemed custom made to let Sam's dick reach it's full potential.

He grabbed some lube and slicked up his hard dick. Sitting down on the bed, he picked up the print-out and started reading. "Computers, muscle, and sex," he read. This is what the doctor ordered, he thought, getting off on the descriptions of huge bodybuilders working out, flexing their huge muscles and growing outrageously muscular.

Yes! he thought, show those big guys what you're made of, muscleman! Images of the massive men lifting incredibly heavy weights, their muscles flexing and growing filled Sam's head, making his dick get harder than ever. He nearly came when he read of all those bodybuilders' cum landing on the hero's body, making him grow even larger. Sam dropped the print-out and his hand flew on his dick, the idea of muscle growing as if by magic excited him tremendously. He imagined his own muscles growing bigger.

"Oh, man," he groaned with abandon, his heart racing. He felt an intense pressure building in his balls which spread throughout his body. Waves of sensation flowed out of dick. His other hand roamed over his chest, pinching his nipples, creating another surge of pleasure. Then a timeless moment, the tension becoming almost painful, every muscle in his body clenched tight. "Yeah!" he shouted, cum exploding out of his dick, hitting him in the face, on his chest, his body shaking with the force of his orgasm. He let himself fall back on the bed, spread-eagled, his body and cock jerking and spasming with aftershocks.

With a smile on his lips, he let himself fall into a deep, contented sleep.


Sam woke up with a hard on, as usual. He was still wearing the gold cock ring after having fallen asleep without even turning off the lights, let alone taking it off. Still groggy with fading fragments of his erotic dreams full of incredibly muscular men, he headed to the bathroom, his dick painfully stiff. He splashed some cold water on his face and then stood in front of the toilet trying to clear his head and waited for his hard on to relax enough so he could piss.

It took some time and some rather unerotic thoughts but he managed to get his dick soft enough to piss. He let loose a powerful stream almost missing the toilet and splashing himself somewhat. With his bladder finally empty, his dick regained it's hardness. I feel like a horny teenager, Sam thought, and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and got into the shower, cock in hand.

The hot water hitting his muscles felt wonderful. He let his hands roam his body, getting off on the results of his workouts. For a second, his mood faltered when he remembered the trio of assholes from yesterday, but the feeling of his soap slicked body and hard dick jarred him back to the moment. Sam hadn't jerked off in the shower for years and he fell into the rhythms he used when he was a kid. He pulled on his balls with his groin thrust forward and his neck arched. It felt incredible, squeezing and stroking his dick, but something was not quite right. Well, I am bigger than I was when I was 12, he thought. Then he looked at his dick and was stunned to find he was more right than he knew. "Holy shit!" said Sam. His dick had grown bigger! Almost an inch longer and a lot thicker! His surprise quickly turned into incredible arousal. He took his now nearly 9 inch dick in both hands, moaning as he stroked his huge new cock. The same tension as last night overtook him as he got closer and closer to cumming. He couldn't take his eyes off his dick and his jerking got faster and faster. His balls tightened as drew up against the golden cock ring as his orgasm approached. The cock ring even got tighter as he raced to cum. His orgasm hit him like a club to the head and he almost fell. Cum spurted from his dick hitting the far wall, shooting the entire length of the bathtub.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah!" yelled Sam.

Breathing hard, Sam turned his face to the shower spray then leaned back and let the water cascade over his body. He almost fell again when the water hit his sensitive cock and balls. So this is what the little guy meant when he said sizeable enjoyment, Sam thought. Shaking his head in amazement, he rinsed off and got out of the shower.

For the second time that morning, Sam was stunned when he caught sight of his reflection. Not only had his dick become bigger, his entire body looked bigger! I can't have gained that much weight over night, he thought. But when he stepped onto the scales, that was exactly what had happened. He had weighed himself at the gym yesterday at just over 167 pounds and he now definitely came in at 175. He could have sworn he was a little taller, but most of the weight seemed to be muscle. Looking back into the mirror, he could see that he now had an honest-to-god washboard stomach. His pecs looked fuller and harder, and his arms had definitely grown! Sam even found a measuring tape to confirm what the mirror told him: his biceps had grown to 16 inches! He was starting to look like a real bodybuilder, even the hair on his chest and legs had disappeared.

The cock ring must be magic and made his wish come true, he thought, but how did it work? Staring into the mirror at his new muscles, his dick began to get hard again. This is incredible, thought Sam, lightly stroking his hardening cock, watching the muscles of his arms flex and relax with the motions, which made his cock even harder. It wasn't until he heard his alarm clock go off that he stopped staring into the mirror. Shaking his head, he continued with his morning rituals, his eyes continually drawn back to the mirror to look at his new body.

Still quite bemused, Sam put on his work clothes and found that they no longer fit properly. The waist band of his trousers was loose but at the same time they were quite snug around his thighs. Similarly, his shirt was uncomfortably tight around his shoulders. For the first time, Sam was glad he hadn't thrown out his old clothes. It took a while, but he found some clothing that he wore before he had lost the 20 pounds. He had never thought he would wear them again and he had certainly never looked as good in them as he did now. Reluctantly tearing himself away from the mirror, he left for the office.


Sitting at his desk, Sam found he couldn't concentrate on his work. He went over and over the strange events of that morning and the day before. And he was very conscious of his body, constantly checking to see that the muscles he had gained overnight were still there. At least one hand was always touching his washboard abs or hard thighs or cupping his flexed biceps. His dick was never less than half way erect, and often tented his pants obscenely when he let the reality of his new body sink in. If he had to walk anywhere, he made sure he had some papers or a file folder to hide the bulge in his baggy trousers. His secretary began to notice his strange behaviour, especially the fact that he kept bumping into things and had almost dumped a usually recalcitrant file drawer on the floor by misjudging his strength. Sam assured his secretary that he was ok, but she remained unconvinced.

By lunch time, he found he could no longer contain himself and made a dash for the staff washroom as soon as no one was around. Making doubly sure the door was locked, he took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt to look at his muscular torso. Once again he marvelled at the changes in his body and his dick screamed for attention. He opened his fly and freed his cock from the tight confines of his pants, surprised to see that he was still wearing the golden cock ring.

Stifling his moans, Sam came within moments, he was so turned on by his muscular body. As he came, he couldn't help but screaming out loud, his orgasm was so intense. During the several seconds that seemed to stretch to hours while he came, he saw himself grow, his muscles tightening and hardening and filling up with amazing mass! His muscles and dick grew in halting jerks, the surges of muscular growth coming in sync with the cum spurting out of his now 9 and a half inch dick. The magic cock ring made him grow when he came, and this time he had gained a solid 10 pounds! His dick remained hard and Sam was wanted to continue to jerk off and grow even bigger. Then came a knock at the door.

"Are you alright, Sam?" he heard his secretary ask.

Sam wanted to tell her he had never been better, but he didn't want to alarm her any further and took the opportunity to get the hell out of there. He croaked out, "No,I'm not feeling well. I think I should go home."

"Do you need any help?"

"I'll be fine, I just need to go and lie down," Sam said. He worried about how he would hide his massive dick. He didn't think the cock ring would come off when he was so hard, but it did and his erection then subsided. He straightened out his clothing and wiped up his cum. His now 185 pound frame filled out his clothes in ways much different than it had when he last wore them. He opened the door to see his secretary standing there looking worried. He made a good show of appearing ill and his heavy breathing and excited trembling made that easier.

"You certainly don't look well," said his secretary, looking at his red face, not noticing his growth. "You had better see a doctor. Don't worry, I'll manage things here." Sam nodded his thanks and left.


Sam managed to get to his car without running into anyone else. As he was getting into his car, his hair brushed against the door frame. Christ, am I taller, too? he thought. He laughed out loud when he sat and saw his pants ride high up his calves. This is incredible, he thought and moved the seat back a couple of notches. Driving home, he found he was speeding. What he thought was the same pressure he always applied to the gas pedal turned out to be a lot more than he realized. Bigger and stronger, he thought. Fuck yeah! He passed by his apartment building and headed for the gym.

Sam parked and retrieved his gym bag that he had left in the car the night before. As he approached the gym, he noticed that even his walk had changed, his strides were longer and his legs were forced apart by his big thighs. His excitement doubled and he hurried inside.

The gym was practically empty at this time of day. The lunch crowd had just left and there would be an hour or two before the next rush started. Sam changed into his gym shorts and went into the bathroom to find a mirror. In less than 24 hours, he had grown from 5'11" and 167 pounds to a lean and muscular 6' and 185 pounds, a gain of almost 20 pounds of muscle. Everything about him had grown except his waist which had actually shrunk down to 29 inches. I haven't had a 29 inch waist since I was 12, he thought. Sam hit the same poses from the night before, flexing his 18 inch biceps then his defined abs and thick chest which must be 48 inches by now. He was bigger and more defined that the men on covers of the fitness magazines, and hung like a horse! His erection had grown with each pose he hit and now fully hard, it was a thick 10 inches and poked out of the top of his shorts. Sizeable enjoyment, the leprechaun had said. No shit!

"Shit," Sam said, this time out loud. Where was the cock ring? Frantically Sam searched through his locker breathing a sigh of relief when he found the gold ring in his pants pockets where he left it.

Back at the mirror, he asked himself whether he wanted to try it again. Did he want to get even bigger? "Damn right!" he said. He went into a toilet stall and slipped on the magic cock ring. At once, his dick was as hard as ever, the heavy ring=7F forcing the big vein running along the top of his dick into prominence and weighing down the shaft so that it stuck straight out from his groin. He jerked his dick slowly, wanting to savour every sensation this time. With both hands on his dick now, he hit a most muscular pose, tensing all his muscles especially his arms.

Sam let go of his dick and raised his arms in a double biceps pose, his dick jerking up and down as he watched his big biceps flexing. Sam ran his tongue over his pumped up arm and began jerking off again, abandoning his intention to go slowly. Pumping his dick furiously, he quickly brought himself to the edge ofcumming. The hard muscle flexing against his tongue and the thought of growing as big, then bigger, than David, the huge bodybuilder from yesterday, sent him literally over the top as the cum flew from his dick and over the wall of the stall. This time, the muscle growth hit him like a ton of bricks. His arms exploded with size and power as his biceps hit 20 massive inches. He spread his legs and grabbed the tops ofthe walls on either side of him and held on tight as incredible amounts of muscle rushed into him. His thighs grew to 30 inches and his chest to 55. He felt the muscle pump and flow into his back and shoulders and he grew wider and wider. One last spurt of cum flew over the door of the stall and the awesome growth jerked to a halt. Sam was stunned. The amount of growth seemed to be doubling each time he came. This time he had gained 20 pounds of shredded muscle and another inch in height!

"What the fuck!" said an angry voice just outside the stall. Sam stuffed his now 11 inch dick into his shorts and opened the door to find the bodybuilder from yesterday standing there. "Who are you and what the fuck do you think you're doing?" David growled at Sam. He wiped a dribble of cum from his massive=7F deltoid and said, "I ought to pound the shit out of you." He looked over Sam's now 205 pound, fantastically muscled body and huge dick outlined by his now skin tight shorts. "And then fuck the living daylights out of you."

"I'd like to see you try, asshole," said Sam. "Winner take all." He notices me now, thought Sam, but he's still an asshole. "You're on, jerk off," said David.


Sam couldn't wait to get his hands on David's massive body and the idea of taking him down excited him even more. Even though David outweighed him by over 50 pounds, he felt confident. Hell, he thought, at the rate I'm going, all I need to do is cum again to be as big as David. Sam didn't want to do that, though. He wanted to dominate David first and then grow to add to his humiliation.

Being a champion bodybuilder, David had bought a share in the gym and had complete access. He led Sam into a private room, empty except for a wrestling mat and some mirrors, and locked the door behind them. David stripped off his gym clothes then stood and flexed his huge body with arms a pumped 23 inches. Sam followed suit, peeling off his shorts, and flexed himself. David was bigger, but Samwas much better defined.

"A gold cock ring?" said David. "I'm going to enjoy taking that away from you, too, little man."

There was no way in hell Sam was going to give up the cock ring and he rushed the bigger man. David stood his ground and raised his heavily muscled arms. He staggered back with a grunt as Sam hit him with the full force of his 205 pounds and missed when he tried to grapple Sam. He recovered quickly and aimed a punch into Sam's gut. This time, Sam lurched backwards as the blow impacted his washboard abs with a meaty thunk, but he didn't go down as David had expected. The opening blows completed, they began to circle one other looking for an opening in the other's defense.

Sam came in low trying to clip David at the knees and take him down, but David was ready for him and it felt as if he had hit a wall. David grabbed Sam by the shoulders and tossed him back like a sack of potatoes and followed through with a tackle of his own. Sam fell under the assault but brought his knee up to catch David in his solid gut. The two twisted away from one another and got back to their feet.

David rushed again, this time wrapping his massive arm around Sam head. The hard 23 inch biceps flexed against Sam's ear and the club-like forearm applied painful pressure to Sam's forehead. Sam's face was mashed against David's incredible pecs which Sam clawed, his hand tiny compared to the massive muscle, producing no lessening of the brutal force. Then Sam reached between David's shredded tree trunk quads and lifted with all his new strength. He was amazed that he was able to lift the 260 pound man from his feet, breaking the head lock and slamming David to the mat.

Once more the two regained their feet. David moved more warily having underestimated Sam's strength and speed and having no idea of Sam's motivation. They grappled each other around the head and shoulders and Sam tried a hip toss, but his 30 inch quads were no match for David's more massive legs and found himself flying to the mat. Sam gasped with the impact and rolled away barely in time to avoid the enormous elbow David aimed at his chest.

Sam knelt on the mat and tried to catch his breath. Both big men were breathing hard and sweat glistened on the vast planes and curves of their muscles, highlighting the outrageous development of their muscular bodies. As David was getting to his feet, Sam saw an opening and launched himself at the huge man flipping him over on his back. With just the power of his giant arms, David pressed Sam's 205 pounds up and off of his heaving chest. Each man pulled himself to his feet again, starting to move a little slower now.

Sam feinted with a jab to David's huge glistening pec, leaping backwards just in time to avoid having his wrist grabbed, but not fast enough to avoid the mountain of muscle that fell on top of him sending him sprawling to the mat. Sam bucked violently, thrusting his dick against David's shredded abs, hoping to distract him with his massive tool. That ploy failed but he managed to muscle the 260 pounder off his chest. David used the momentum of Sam's thrust to roll the two of them over and over, trying to slam Sam against the wall. Sam's shoulder impacted painfully against the wall, and while he was still above David, he was caught in a powerful bear hug with his arms pinned to his sides. Both men's hard ons were caught between their muscled torsos and engaged in a battle of their own.

Pushing off the wall with a flex of his big delts, Sam got his feet on the floor and heaved David up. David continued to squeeze Sam's chest as they rose from the ground until Sam let himself fall to his left, catching David's hard torso between his 30 inch quads and breaking the bear hug. Lying on his side, Sam squeezed his opponent's body hard between his heavy thighs and landed a series of blows on David's heaving 60 inch chest. David retaliated by seizing Sam's pec with his clawed hand, digging painfully into the muscle. Sam yowled and arched his back trying to move his pecs out of David's reach which forced his dick between David's own massive slabs of pectoral muscle and within reach of his mouth. Seeing the danger, Sam clawed at David's eyes forcing him to arch his head away from Sam's cock.

David pushed against the floor and twisted to his right. Planting his head and feet firmly on the floor, he arched his back and thrust his hips high into the air into an incredible wrestler's bridge in an attempt to break Sam's leg lock. Sam levered his torso off the ground with one arm, bringing even more pressure to bear as more of his weight was supported by his quads scissoring David's body. David swung his left arm into Sam's gut then let himself fall to the ground. Incredibly, Sam's thighs maintained their hold on David as Sam managed to take the impact with the floor with his flexed glute rather than his hip bone as David intended.

Another blow landed on Sam's muscled gut and Sam was able to seize David's wrist and he twisted it fiercely. David tried to jerk away and was able to twist his body between Sam's quads so that he faced the floor while Sam maintained his grip and twisted savagely. Sam was about to lose his leg lock and surged forward to bring all his strength to bear twisting David's wrist up between his shoulder blades. Risking everything, Sam yanked his leg out from under David's massive body, and with the same determination that he had found yesterday, drove his knee into David's kidney. Sam pressed his entire 205 pounds of muscle into David's back and twisted his arm even more.

"Fuck! I give up, man! You win, you win!" cried David. Sam waited a moment to be sure of his victory, then released David's arm and leapt to his feet. Exhilarated, he let out a loud victory cry. David heaved himself over to lie on his back and looked up at Sam flexing in victory, his huge 11 inch dick throbbing. David then staggered to his feet to face Sam, ready to submit.

The final moment of humilation had arrived. As Sam reached for his cock, the leprechaun's warning crossed his mind, but it was too late. All it took was Sam's hand to touch his dick to set off his orgasm, he was so aroused by his victory over the bigger man. David cried out when the stream of cum splashed over his chest and abs as if it burned him. He cried out again when he saw what was happening to his conqueror, his eyes wide in disbelief. Sam stood spread eagled with his arms outflung and his legs planted far apart. He roared as he gained pound after pound of insane muscle. He grew faster and faster, much faster than the previous times. Within seconds, he had approached David's proportions, more than 40 pounds of muscle slammed into his quaking body. His biceps grew to 23 inches, then 24 monstrous inches. His pecs expanded and expanded, the muscles pulsing with size and power, reaching, then passing 60 huge inches. His quads ballooned with outrageous muscle and mind-numbing definition. His traps grew into mountains beside his neck and his delts grew as big as bowling balls then bigger. Muscle slammed into his lats and back with incredible force, sending the muscle giant reeling. In awe, David reached out to touch Sam's glistening mountains of muscle.

As soon as David's hands touched Sam's hugely expanded body, Sam felt a monumental rush as the growth redoubled in intensity, the golden cock ring around his 12 inch dick glowing brighter and brighter. Both men screamed as they realized what was happening. As Sam continued to grow, David's muscles began shrinking, caving in on themselves, getting smaller and weaker. Sam could feel his body drawing the muscle out of David shrinking physique. David screamed, "NO! NO!" But to no avail.

Sam felt David resisting with all his strength the loss of his hard won muscle and Sam concentrated on increasing the flow. Sam threw his arms around David and squeezed with all the power of his enormous arms, straining against David's frantic resistance. With redoubled effort, Sam pressed David's body against his, trying to increase the flow of muscle out of David's massive body. David's resistance collapsed and muscle poured into Sam like water escaping a broken dam. With each inch that David's previously gigantic body shrunk, Sam's grew. David's prize winning biceps shrank from 23 inches to 22, the muscle piling onto Sam's already huge biceps. Another 2 inches drained out of David's arms to flow into Sam, pumping his arms up to an incredible 27 dense inches. The huge slabs of David's pecs shrank like a popped balloon and Sam screamed again as the mass from David's chest hit him with the force of a body slam.

The exchange of muscle continued on and on, growing faster and faster. It was as if a muscle conduit had grown between the two men and a giant hand was squeezing every part of David's body forcing the muscle to flow into Sam. Sam roared again, flexing his gigantic muscles that continued to grow relentlessly. Sam imagined a vacuum inside himself that continued to absorb mass and strength from David's vanquished body. Sam felt he would burst out of his skin like a grape, the feeling of muscle being forced out of David's body and into his own was so mind blowing. With a final, painful surge of freaky mass into his already overflowing muscles, the exchange stopped. Sam's weight finally topped out at an immense 350 pounds, a gain of almost 150 pounds of solid, massive, freaky muscle. David was now the size that Sam was yesterday. •

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