Surprise (Alternate Version)

Red-faced, Sam stormed out of the gym into the dusky street. What an asshole, he thought, fucking prima donna. All I did was say hello and the guy just looked right through me. Admittedly, the sight of that pumped up collosus had taken his breath away and made his knees weak, but still, Sam hadn't been coming on to the award winning bodybuilder, he was just trying to be friendly and maybe get some advice.

Sam threw his gym bag into the back of the car, got in and drove off. He had started working out again to lose the weight he gained these last couple of years after college and regain the sleek, muscular physique he had had at school. He had forgotten how just much he liked working out and how turned on he was by the gains in muscle size it produced. But what he really wanted was to get as big as David, the bodybuilder in the gym, which was why he tried to talk to him. He must be 6' 2" and weigh 260 pounds, thought Sam, fucking huge muscles and an ego to match. Damn, I wish I were that big!

Turning the corner to his apartment building, Sam heard shouting. A couple of big, rough guys were taunting a small and obviously effeminate man. Even 100 yards away, Sam could hear the shouts of "Hey faggot! Suck my dick, little faggot!" He screached to halt and leapt out of his car. He wasn't about to let those guys beat up the little man

"Leave him alone!" Sam shouted as he ran towards the bashers. The bigger of the two turned towards Sam. "Look, another faggot coming to rescue his boyfriend," he sneered. "You get the little one. I want this fucker."

The basher must have outweighed Sam by 30 pounds but Sam was faster. Ducking under the roundhouse punch the basher aimed at his head, Sam drove his fist into the guy's stomach. This slowed him but before Sam could get in another blow, the guy caught him around the neck in a choke hold and began squeezing hard and cutting off Sam's wind. In desperation, Sam twisted violently while stomping on the basher's instep trying to break the hold. All Sam could manage was to get his adam's apple into the crook of the guy's elbow, relieving some of the pressure. Gasping, Sam surrendered to his beserker rage, his vision went red, and he fought for his life.

Sam pounded his right elbow into the basher's stomach, then again and again. Grabbing his fist with his left hand, he powered several more blows into his opponent's stomach trying to aim lower. He was rewarded with a cry of "Shit!" and a loosening of the choke hold. Sam caught the other's forearm and spun out of the hold, managing to twist the basher's arm up behind his back. Sam applied all of his strength, practically pulling the guy's arm out of the socket.

"Fucking breeder," growled Sam and twisted harder. Then Sam released the basher's arm and aimed several blows into the asshole's kidneys sending him sprawling on his face. Barely able to suppress the desire to kick the fallen man, Sam turned to the other basher and was stunned to see him laying unconscious on the ground in front of the little man. Fortunately, his suprise wasn't enough to prevent his rage enhanced senses from hearing his own man get up and charge. With uncanny luck, Sam spun just in time to catch the basher with a knock out blow, laying out the guy out for good.

"I should be thanking you, to be sure, me boyo," said the little man with a lilting tone. "As you can see, I am no stranger to brawling."

For the first time, Sam was able to take a good look at the little man. He was wearing grass green jeans with a matching t-shirt and had a head of flaming red hair. He looks like a fucking Leprechaun, Sam thought, small but very well built.

"Alas, fucking was not what I found, was it?" said the man. "'Twas an exhilirating little brawl, but hardly a challenge." Sam would have laughed out loud, if he had the breath. A gay Leprechaun!

"I cannot leave beholden to you, my good man, and I must be away forthwith. To the Eagle, don't you know. Here then is a small token of thanks," he said. And with a wicked grin and a flourish, he produced a large golden ring. "Though 'twill bring you sizeable enjoyment, to be sure. A fitting reward for my valiant warrior."

Sam accepted what looked to him like a cock ring and mumbled his thanks. He glanced at the fallen bashers, then turned to ask, "But what about these creeps?" But of course, the little man in green was gone. Sam took the hint and left before the erstwhile bashers woke up.

Once home, Sam sat down in front of his computer, his head still reeling from the events of the day. Maybe there will be some e-mail or something in the usegroups to cheer me up, he thought. He had no mail so he turned to the alt groups. He opened a new group, I have a fetish for size, he thought, muscle size. Scrolling through the articles, he found an intriguing subject line, "Virtual Muscle (mmm, muscle growth)." Hey, looks like my wish did come true, at least a little, he thought, laughing to himself, and printed the story out. Just what I need, some good jerk off material.

Sam took the print-out into his bedroom and tossed it on the bed. He stripped off his clothes and threw them in the corner. He thought he could be a little self-indulgent to repair his mood. Standing in front of the mirror, he took stock of himself: short dark hair and a goatee which emphasized his full lips and sexy dimples, grey eyes, nicely hairy legs and just enough hair on his chest to grab onto. Not bad, he thought tracing the trail of hair to his dick. At least my dick is bigger than that asshole's at the gym. Sam had measured his dick at a boyfriend's insistence and was suprised to find it was 8 inches long. Lifting weights had begun changing the rest of his body, however, streamlining his physique to a more lean 167 pounds. At 5' 8", he felt he had become quite skinny having managed to lose most of the fat he had gained working at a desk all day. But his shoulders were broad and his muscles had hardened, especially his legs and he was finally beginning to see some definition in his stomach again. Not bad at all, he thought. Certainly not worth laughing at. He tried out some bodybuilding poses, then some more pornographic ones, playing with his hard-on like the guys in the videos.

He remembered the strange ring the man in green had given him. It would be just the sort of joke a gay leprechaun would pull if it really were a cock ring. Sam fished the heavy golden ring out of his pants' pocket and held it up. It was smaller than the cockrings he usually wore but he decided to try it on anyway. Looks like real gold, he thought. Gingerly, he slipped the ring over the head of his dick and along the shaft expecting the metal to be cold, but it wasn't, and it went on without a problem. Even the sometimes painful task of pulling his big balls through a cock ring went quickly and was actually quite pleasant. It was almost as if the ring had expanded to accomodate his heavy balls and cock. Very quickly, his dick regained it's full size and more. The warm heavy gold of the cock ring seemed custom made to let Sam's dick reach it's full potential.

He grabbed some lube and slicked up his hard dick. Sitting down on the bed, he picked up the print-out and started reading: "Computers, muscle, and sex." Just what the doctor ordered, he thought, getting off on the descriptions of huge bodybuilders working out, flexing their enormous muscles and growing outrageously muscular.

Yes! he thought, show those big guys what you're made of, muscle man! Images of the massive men lifting incredibly heavy weights, then flexing and growing as they fucked filled Sam's head, making his dick get harder than ever. Sam dropped the print-out and his hand flew on his dick, the idea of muscles growing as if by magic excited him tremendously. He imagined his own muscles growing bigger and harder. "Oh, man!" he groaned with abandon, his heart racing. He felt an intense pressure building in his balls which spread throughout his body. Waves of sensation flowed out of dick. His other hand roamed over his chest, pinching his nipples, creating another surge of pleasure. Then a timeless moment as the tension became almost unbearable with every muscle in his body tensed and shaking. "Yeah!" he shouted as cum exploded out of his dick, hitting him in the face, on his chest, his body shaking with the force of his orgasm. He let himself fall back on the bed, spead-eagled, his body and cock jerking and spasming with aftershocks and the tension of the day draining away.

After relaxing for several minutes, Sam grabbed the morning's towel which lay beside the bed and mopped up the cum that lay wet on his body. He tried to remove the cock ring but there just seemed no way it would come off, not without really injuring himself. What the hell? he thought, and with a smile on his lips, he let himself fall into a deep, contented sleep.

Sam woke up with his usual hard on which was pleasantly weighed down by the heavy gold cock ring. Still groggy with the fading fragments of his erotic dreams full of incredibly muscular men, he headed to the bathroom, his dick almost painfully stiff. He splashed some cold water on his face and then stood in front of the toilet trying to clear his head and waited for his hard on to relax enough so he could piss.

It took some time and some rather unerotic thoughts but he managed to get his dick soft enough to piss. He let loose a powerful stream almost missing the toilet and splashing himself somewhat. With his bladder finally empty, his dick regained it's hardness. I feel like a horny teenager, Sam thought, and, deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth, got into the shower cock in hand.

The hot water hitting his body felt wonderful. He let his hands roam, getting off on the results of his workouts. For a second, his mood faltered when he remembered the unpleasant events of the day before, but the feeling of his soap slicked body and hard dick drew him back to the moment. Sam hadn't jerked off in the shower for years and instinctively he fell into the rhythms he used when he was a kid. He pulled on his balls with his groin thrust forward and his neck arched. It felt incredible, squeezing and stroking his dick, but something was not quite right. Well, I am older and bigger, he thought. Then he looked at his dick and was stunned to find he was more right than he knew.

"Holy shit!" said Sam. His dick had gotten bigger! A half inch longer and a lot thicker! His suprise quickly turned into incredible arousal. He took his now 8 and a half inch dick in both hands, moaning as he stroked his huge new cock. The same tension as last night overtook him as he got closer and closer to cumming. He couldn't take his eyes off his dick and his jerking got faster and faster. His balls tightened as drew up against the golden cock ring as his orgasm approached. The cock ring even got tighter as he raced to cum. His orgasm hit him like a club to the head and he almost fell. Cum spurted from his dick hitting the far wall, shooting the entire length of the bathtub. "Yeah! Fuck yeah!" yelled Sam. He had forgotten how great it felt to cum with a hard spray of hot water hitting his back.

Breathing hard, Sam turned his face to the shower spray then leaned back and let the water cascade over his body. He almost fell again when the water hit his sensitive cock and balls. So this is what the little guy meant when he said sizeable enjoyment, Sam thought. Shaking his head in amazement, he rinsed off and got out of the shower.

For the second time that morning, Sam was stunned when he caught sight of his reflection. Not only had his dick gotten bigger, his entire body looked bigger! I can't have gained that much weight over night, he thought. But when he stepped onto the bathroom scales, that was exactly what he saw. He had weighed himself at the gym yesterday at just over 167 pounds and he now definitely came in at 175 pounds. He could have sworn he was taller, too, but most of the weight seemed to be muscle. Looking back into the mirror, he could see that he now had an honest-to-god washboard stomach. His pecs looked fuller and harder. The dark hair on his chest had grown denser, sharply outlining his square pecs and making the muscles look even bigger. He flexed his arms and gasped when he saw how they had grown! Sam even found a measuring tape to confirm what the mirror told him: his biceps had grown to a peaked 16 inches. When he relaxed the pose, the veins were still visible snaking along the muscle. He flexed again and squeezed his biceps hard. They were definitely real!.

Staring into the mirror at his new muscles, his dick began to get hard again. This is incredible, thought Sam, lightly stroking his hardening cock, watching the muscles of his arms flex and relax with the motion, which made his cock even harder. He stood back from the mirror to take in more of his new muscles, from his wide shoulders and full lats that tapered to his lean waist then swept out again to his thick quads and bulging calves. Even his love-handles were gone. Most of the fat he had been working so hard to lose had just disappeared.

When he finally tore his eyes from his muscles to look at his dick, Sam did another double take. His hard cock was now a whopping 9 inches, another half inch longer than it was when he awoke. It wasn't until he heard his alarm clock go off that he stopped staring into the mirror. Shaking his head, he continued with his morning rituals, his eyes continually drawn back to the mirror to look at his new body.

Still quite bemused, Sam put on his work clothes and found that they no longer fit the same. Trousers that were loose the day before now fit him properly and showed off his full crotch and hard ass and hints of his muscular quads when he walked. He saw that he had definitely got taller when he noticed that the cuffs of his pants were now barely brushed the tops of his shoes. Similarly, his shoulders now filled out his shirt nicely and he had some difficulty buttoning his collar. As he dressed he tried again to remove the cock ring but no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't get it off. Well, it feels alright and it went on so easy, he thought, what going on? Reluctantly he tore himself away from the mirror and left for the long commute to work.



Sitting at his desk, Sam found he couldn't concentrate. He went over and over the strange events of that morning and the day before. He was very conscious of the weight of his body and was constantly checking to see if the muscles he had gained overnight were still there. At least one hand was always touching his washboard abs or hard thighs or cupping his flexed biceps. His tie was uncomfortably tight and he wished he could take it off. For that matter, he wished he could take off all his clothes

His dick was never less than half way erect, and often tented his pants obscenely when he let the reality of his new body sink in. If he had to walk anywhere, he made sure he had some papers or a file folder to hide the bulge in his now snug trousers. His secretary began to notice his strange behaviour, the fact that Sam never wore tight clothing and especially the fact that he kept bumping into things and had almost dumped a usually recalcitrant file drawer on the floor by misjudging his strength. Sam assured his secretary that he was OK, but she remained unconvinced.

By lunch time, he could no longer contain himself and made a dash for the staff washroom. Making doubly sure the door was locked, he took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Once again he marvelled at the changes in his body while his dick screamed for attention. He opened his fly and his 9 inch cock still sporting the golden ring sprang from the tight confines of his pants.

Stifling his moans, Sam came within moments, releasing the incredible tension that had built up all morning. As he came, he couldn't help but moaning out loud, his orgasm was so intense. During the several seconds that seemed to stretch to minutes while he came, he saw himself grow! He became even more muscular. His clothing became tighter and tigher as he grew in halting jerks, the surges of muscular growth coming in synch with each spurt of cum shooting out of his lengthening dick. At first, it was as if someone was dropping heavy blankets over him as he felt the weight of his muscles increase as they expanded. Then he became almost dizzy as he flexed and a surge of raw strength rushed through him. The fabric of his shirt began to strain to contain his growing shoulders and arms and he could hear the protests of his pants as his quads grew thicker and thicker.

The magic cock ring must make him grow each time he came! This time he must had gained a solid 10 pounds of defined muscle! Even his dick had grown with each orgasm. This is fucking hot, thought Sam, fucking incredible! His dick remained hard and Sam wanted to continue to jerk off and grow even bigger, even more muscular. But then came a knock at the door.

"Are you alright, Sam?" he heard his secretary ask.

Sam wanted to tell him he had never felt better but he decided to take the opportunity to leave. He croaked out, "No, I'm not feeling well. I think I should go home."

"Do you need any help?"

"I'll be fine, I just need to go and lie down," Sam said. He straightened out his clothing and wiped up his cum. His now 185 pound frame filled out his clothes to the bursting point and he didn't even try to button his collar. He opened the door to see his secretary standing there looking worried then shocked..

"I guess I overdid it at the gym yesterday," said Sam weakly and beat a hasty retreat.

Sam managed to get to his car without running into anyone else. As he was getting into his car, his hair brushed against the door frame. Christ, am I taller, too? he thought. He laughed out loud when he sat and saw his pants ride high up his bulging calves. This is incredible, he thought and moved the seat back a couple of notches. Driving into the city, he found he was speeding. What he thought was the same pressure he always applied to the gas pedal turned out to be a lot more than he realized. Bigger and stronger, he thought. Fuck yeah!


"Damn," said Sam, his reverie broken by the siren and flashing lights coming from the motorcycle on his tail. He pulled over and got out his licence and registration. All thoughts of muscles and sex evaporated from his mind with the approach of the cop. Then Sam got a good look at the highway patrolman. "Woof!" he said out loud and his dick began to get hard again. The officer was easily 6' tall, 200 pounds and built like a brick shit house. His tailored unform was molded to his huge body and looked almost as strained as Sam's clothes were. Sam was mesmerized as he watched the big cop approach, his muscles rippling with each slow, swaggering step. The cop stopped and took a wide legged stance by Sam's window and Sam dragged his gaze up to the cops face. Not only was the cop built, but was ruggedly handsome with skin only a few shades lighter than his black uniform, a thick black moustache and a strong jaw.

"Licence and registration, please," said the officer in a deep voice. Sam quickly handed them over then placed his hands over his crotch to hide his growing erection. The cop looked over Sam's licence then sharply back at Sam.

"Place your hands on the steering wheel," the officer ordered. Reluctantly Sam removed his hands from his swollen crotch and grasped the wheel. With a start, Sam realized that the information on his licence no longer reflected his height and weight and he was sure the cop noticed, too. What kind of trouble is this going to get me in? he wondered.

Even through the mirrored sunglasses, Sam could feel the officer's eyes roam over his hard body, pausing several times on his crotch but lingering on Sam's corded arms. Sam's eyes were drawn to the cop's biceps which flexed hugely as the cop reached up to remove his sunglasses. Worry and lust warred in Sam's mind and he broke into a heavy sweat. He gripped the steering wheel tighter, unconsciously flexing and putting even more strain on his sleeves.

Trying to relax, Sam took a deep breath. By now, the cop was staring unabashedly at Sam's dampening torso, watching Sam's muscles strain against his wet shirt. So the cop likes muscles Sam thought and took an even deeper breath and flexed his pecs. Snap! Snap! His expanding pecs ripped off the top two buttons of his shirt and sent them flying against the windshield.

"Damn!" said the cop. He glanced at the light traffic, then reached inside the car to rub Sam's hairy chest. "Hot chest, man! Too fucking big for your clothes. Just bursting out."

"You don't know the half of it," replied Sam.

"Oh, I have a pretty good idea," said the officer with a glance at Sam's crotch. "I'm Allen."


They shook hands but didn't break the grip. The air became electric with lust as each man tried to out muscle the other. The bulge in the Allen's pants was growing noticeably larger with the test of strength. Sam gave as good as he got and this turned him on incredibly. They stared at each other for several moments, then the cop grunted and checked the time with a calculating look.

"Follow me," he said simply, handing Sam back his licence and registration. then remounted his motorcycle, spoke a few words into the radio and drove off.

Sam followed the cop as closely as he could and still almost missed the turn the cop took off the highway onto a logging road. After a couple of bends, the cop pulled to a halt in a secluded, sundrenched clearing. Sam parked and waited. He couldn't believe what was happening. This only happens in porn stories, he thought. But after the recent events, Sam realized that anything could happen. And if this cop likes muscles, boy do I have something to show him.

"Get out of the car," ordered the cop.

Sam climbed out and faced the taller man.

"Put you hands on the car and spread 'em."

Sam slowly turned around and placed his hands on the car and spread his legs wide, flexing his glutes in anticipation.

"Hot fucking ass," Allen said and grabbed the muscular mounds filling Sam's pants. Then slowly the cop frisked Sam, first running his hands over both of Sam's legs, squeezing the muscles as Sam flexed them. The cop moved closer to Sam and ran his hands up Sam's back and along his shoulders. Pressing his chest to Sam's back, the cop felt along the length of Sam's corded arms, his breath hot against Sam's ear.

"Fucking little muscle stud," said the cop as he encounted Sam's defined abs. Then his hands moved lower. "Fucking hung muscle stud!" he exclaimed. Sam moaned and pressed his glutes against the cop's hard dick.

"You want this big, muscle cop to fuck your tight ass?" he growled into Sam's ear. "You want get that bubble butt plowed?"

Sam pushed back harder against the muscular cop, "Oh, yeah, man! I need it, I need it bad!" Sam could think of nothing but getting his mouth on Allen's dick then getting it up his ass.

Allen turned Sam around and continued his exploration of Sam's pecs and abs, undoing the remaining buttons of his shirt.. Sam grabbed the cop's thick arms and squeezed the muscles through the rough cloth. "You like these big muscles, too?" said the cop tensing his arms. "Show me how much you like these big cop muscles."

Sam quickly unbuttoned Allen's shirt and pulled it off to reveal a hairless expanse of ebony muscle. As good as the tailoring of his uniform was, Allen was even bigger than Sam had thought, his large pecs mounded high off his ribcage and his arms bulged with defined muscle. But Sam had the more defined abs, even with the fur, and the cop couldn't take his hands from Sam's newly muscled six-pack. Sam pushed Allen's elbow up attacked his biceps with his tongue, moaning with pleasure when the cop flexed it into a huge peak.

"Yeah, lick my big arms, stud! Show me how much you like big fucking rock-hard muscles!"

Sam redoubled his efforts on the cop's 19 inch biceps, licking the hard peak, then tracing back and forth along the muscle's lower curve. Then Sam went wild moving his mouth over every square inch of Allen's dark, muscular torso. Deltoids, lats, pecs and abs all received Sam's attention. The cop's dark skin glistened with Sam's spit which brought out even more definition. Sam particularly got off on Allen's thick neck, biting the cords until Allen protested and pushed Sam's head back to his pecs, fiercely massaging Sam's own thick delts and traps. Sam buried his face in the deep cleft between the muscular slabs, the heels of his hand hard against the lower, flaring curve of the cop's pecs.

"Work those big pecs, stud!" gasped the cop. "Man, what a hot little fucker!"

Sam reared back to take in the totality of the muscle cop, keeping a tight grasp on the black man's pecs. "Yeah, big muscle cop! Let me slick up that big fat cop dick!"

Tearing open the cop's tight pants, Sam pulled out the cop's thick 8 inch dick, squeezing it with both hands while his tongue returned to the cop's pecs and abs. Sam sucked on each mound of hard abdominal muscle until the cop forced him to his knees. The hot sun beat down on the two muscle men, raising even more sweat on their tight bodies. Sam's shirt was plastered to his thick shoulders and traps, dripping and transparent. The cop spread his legs as wide as he could, making his quads bulge against his trousers and thrust his hips toward Sam.

"Oh, yeah, stud! Suck my dick! Get it big and wet for that hot ass of yours!" Sam strained to get as much of the thick black dick down his thoat as possible. Saliva dribbled down his chin as he impaled himself on the cop's dick. Sam's muscular neck was distended almost grotequely as he forced more and more of the cop's down his throat to be relieved only momentarily as Sam pulled back to breathe.

The cop began grunting and and moaning. He moved his hands to Sam's neck to feel it pulse with each thrust of his dick down Sam's willing throat. Sam reached up and caught the cop's bunched pecs in a grip of iron.

"Unnngg! Work those pecs, man. Work those big fucking pecs!"

Sam kneaded the hard muscle that flexed and relaxed with each thrust of the hard dick down his throat. The cop began moaning louder and louder and his dick pulsed larger in Sam's mouth. Sam moved his hands from the cop's chest and grabbed his smooth, dimpled ass and pulled the cop toward him until Sam's moustache mingled with the cop's pubes. Sam's arms flared with the effort of holding the big man still, deep in his throat. The cop grabbed Sam's horseshoe triceps and pulled Sam further along his hard dick until Sam couldn't hold his breath any longer and pulled away.

"Damn good cocksucker. Now this muscle cop is going to fuck that hard ass of yours."

Groaning with lust, Sam turned around and dropped his pants around his knees. A thick, wet finger found his asshole and slowly but relentless pushed its way in. More spit splattered onto Sam's furry ass and a second finger joined the first. Sam braced himself against his car and pushed his ass into the cop's hand.

"Fuck me, muscle cop, fuck me hard!" Sam was overcome with animalistic lust for the stud cop and the almost surreal quality of sweating and fucking in the hot noon sun.

"Yessss!" moaned Sam as he felt his shirttails pushed up and the head of the cop's hard dick against his asshole. "Fuck this little muscle stud!" yelled Sam with abandon. Allen shuffled closer and wrapped a strong arm around Sam's shoulder, resting his thumb in the cleft between Sam's hard pecs and teasing Sam's nipple between his fingers.

"Fucking tight ass, man!" growled Allen, forcing inch after inch of his dick into Sam's ass and pressing his chest into Sam's back and tightening his grip on Sam's chest. Grinding his hips, the cop worked his dick in and out of Sam's ass small strokes that gradually became larger and larger. The cop pulled Sam away from the car and nuzzled his neck. Then the cops thrusts came faster and harder almost lifting Sam from his feet again and again. The officer's other hand moved to Sam's abs which flexed into bricks at his touch. Sam's dick got even harder and pushed against Allen's knuckles. Sam gasped and every muscle in his body flexed.

"Yeah, work that fucking ass. You love this cop dick fucking your tight ass, don't you? Fucking your hot ass!"

"It feels so good! Big muscle dick fucking my ass!" gasped Sam.

"Yeah, this muscle cop is fucking his muscle buddy. Flex those hot pecs for me! Show me you big arms, guy!"

Sam raised an arm and flexed his biceps and practically tore open his sleeves. Sam felt Allen's hot mouth on his biceps and his teeth tear at the skin tight fabric. With his other hand, Sam began jerking his dick in time with Allen's thrusts into his ass. He felt the tension in his body rise higher and higher as he pumped his dick and flexed for the cop.

"Tighten that ass! YEAH!" screamed the cop. "Muscle dick pumping a muscle ass! Fucking and flexing!"

Sam' flexed harder and harder at Allen's urging. The cop tore through Sam's sleeve and clamped his mouth on Sam's rock hard biceps. Allen's teeth grazed Sam's unyielding muscle as he forced his mouth over the flexed biceps. A surge ran straight from Sam's biceps and exploded from his dick.

"OH FUCK!" Cum arced out of Sam's dick over the hood of the car and his body pulsed. Sounds of fabric tearing filled the air.

"HOLY SHIT!" Allen yelled as Sam's body pulsed larger and his ass clenched Allen's dick like a vice. As Sam came, Allen felt the muscle flex even bigger against his mouth, forcing him to pull back befor his jaw broke. Allen pulled Sam closer, revelling in the feeling of hard muscle against rock hard muscle. Sam's cock spasmed again and his body relaxed for a second. Allen's eye's sprang open as he realized that Sam's muscles lost absolutely none of their size when they relaxed and when they flexed again they were even bigger than before, much bigger! Sam was growing in his arms!

"OH YEAH!" screamed Sam. Getting bigger and bigger was intense but the feeling of practically bursting out of the cop's embrace was mind-blowing. Sam could feel Allen's grip loosen as his body grew thicker and thicker. Sam continued to come and pound after pound of incredible muscle filled his traps and delts Another huge rip appeared in the middle of his shirt. Sam's shoulders grew wider and the tear became longer, ripping his shirt in half. Allen could feel Sam's shirt shredding and the muscles growing and pressing harder and harder against his skin.

Another jet of cum and even more mass inflated Sam's muscles. He brought his other arm up and hit a double biceps, completely destroying his sleeves. The cop watched in awe as Sam's arms grew thicker and thicker right in front of his eyes. Sam's ass pulsed and grew harder, still impaled by the cop's dick and almost milking the cop's dick. Allen had stopped moving but Sam's incredible growth send him over the edge.

"UNNHHGG!" Shudders wracked Allen's body and he thrust against the man who had in seconds become even more muscular than he, shooting a huge load into Sam's ass.

"Yeah, fill your muscle buddy's ass!" Sam said then hit a lat spread. It was too much. Nobody gains 15 pounds of muscle like that. Allen tried to pull back but couldn't. Sam relaxed his pose and his grip on Allen's dick. His dick still hard, the cop staggered back then stopped slack jawed when Sam turned around. Sam's sweat drenched body now weighed as much as the cop did and every last trace of fat on his body had disappeared.

"What the fuck are you on?" asked the cop, trying to move backwards and do up his pants at the same time. "Never mind. I don't want to know. No one would believe me anyway."

Allen finished dressing, unable to take his eyes away from Sam who had pulled off the tatters of his shirt and the wreckage of his pants. Sam looked over his body and flexed his arm in front of him, then ran his hands over his expanded body. Damn! thought Sam, these are world class muscles! I could win Mr. America easy. But I would have to shave. Along with his muscles and dick, the hair on his chest had grown but still covered just his pecs, making them look huge. Sam hit a few more poses then looked over at Allen who had reached his motorcycle. Sam took a step towards the cop and hit a most muscular pose. Allen jumped on the bike and tore off.

And I thought he liked muscles, thought Sam and he wondered what he was going to wear. •

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