Bewitching Muscles

By robertschaefer932

Timmy Kravitz thought to himself as he trudged slowly up the street to his home, carrying a paper bag with his books in it, "It's going to one hell of a year!" It had been a horrible first day of school. If the rest of the year were as bad as this day, maybe he'd just drop out. Timmy had really hoped this year would be different since he was a senior, but it was actually worse than his first day as a freshman! The problem was he was the probably the littlest guy in the school. Well, there was that one kid who was a dwarf, but nobody teased him about being little.

Timmy reviewed the days events as he trudged up the street.

It started out even before Timmy got into the building. As Timmy went up the steps some guy grabbed Timmy's backpack and dumped Timmy's stuff out on the ground and walked off with the backpack. Timmy told him to give it back, but of course he didn't. And Timmy couldn't make him. The other guy wasn't a real big guy, just average size, but to Timmy at 5'1 and 93 lbs., the guy had at least a 50-60 lb. advantage over Timmy.

Then in the hall, a freshman pushed Timmy into a locker and closed the door and wouldn't let him out. Timmy had figured out how to open the lockers from the inside many years ago, but the guy held the door shut. Finally when the bell rang, he ran away and Timmy let himself out. That was really humiliating to Timmy! Being a senior and getting shoved in a locker by a freshman! Then getting in trouble for being late to class!

Then in gym class, Timmy was changing his clothes as fast as he could. He was embarrassed to be seen nude by the other boys. They were all so much bigger than he was! Timmy was just putting on his jock strap, when he saw a large shadow on the floor. Timmy didn't even look up. "Hello Brad," Timmy said glumly. He knew without looking it was Brad Thompson. Timmy and Brad had gone to school together for 12 years, all through grade school and high school. Brad was always the biggest kid in the class and since Timmy was the smallest, he had been beating up on Timmy for all 12 years! Brad was a good 6'5" tall and at least 275 lbs. of rock solid muscle. Brad weighed 3 times as much as Timmy. Brad was standing in front of Timmy and he was naked too. Brad always walked around the locker room naked, showing off his generous endowment and muscular physique! Timmy turned around and stood staring straight ahead at Brad's big chest. Timmy couldn't believe his eyes. Brad was even bigger than when school let out. He had to be a couple inches taller, his chest, shoulders and arms were even bigger than Timmy remembered.

Brad said, "Tiny Tim my man! I'm so glad we have gym class together again this year! This is going to so much fun!" Brad grabbed Timmy by the neck and lifted him off the floor with one hand. Timmy gasped for air. Brad laughed out loud. He raised Timmy up and down several times. "Timmy my man, have you been on a diet over the summer! You feel even lighter than last year! Oh, No! You're not lighter. I worked out 6 days a week over the summer and packed on another 20 lbs. of muscle. I'm even stronger than I was last year and I was the strongest guy in school last year. What do you think of this muscle, Tiny Tim?" With that Brad flexed his free arm. A good 20" bicep popped off Brad's arm. Timmy gasped, as his face turned blue from lack of air, "Really impressive Brad. You are really strong! Can you set me down? I can't breathe…"

Brad smiled and set Timmy back down. "Wouldn't you just love to have a bicep like that? Hell, you'd be doing good to have half that! Brad put his fingers around Timmy's tiny arm. "I flexed for you, why don't you flex for me, Timmy? Show me your muscles!" Brad taunted. "I don't want to," Timmy replied. Brad said, "I said FLEX." With that he started squeezing Timmy's arm. Timmy recoiled in pain. Brad flung him back and forth like a rag doll. Finally, Timmy said, "OK." Brad let him go and Timmy flexed his bicep. Basically, nothing happened. There wasn't any muscle on Timmy's scarecrow like arm. Brad laughed and flexed his bicep up against Timmy's arm. "This is what a real muscle looks like, pipsqueak. Hell, my 10 year old sister has a bigger bicep than you."

Brad grabbed Timmy's jock strap. "Just what I need. A brand new jock," Brad said. With that, Brad tried to put on Timmy's boy sized jock strap on. It didn't even begin to contain Brad's massive cock and balls. Everybody in the locker room laughed at the sight of Brad in Timmy's jock strap, practically busting it at the seams! Brad slipped it off and tossed it at Timmy. "I need a extra, extra large, man sized jock, not some kiddy size. I didn't even know they made them that small." Timmy picked up his jock. It was all stretched out of shape. The coach blew his whistle and the crowd broke up.

After gym class, Timmy was hurrying through his shower when he felt a big hand on his shoulder. "Hey T-Man, how's it hanging?" Brad asked. "Just fine, Brad." Timmy replied. "I'm kind of in a hurry, so if you don't mind." Brad smiled. "No problem, Mr. Tim. I'll give you a lift!" With that, Brad grabbed Timmy's arms and pinned them behind his back. He lifted Timmy off the floor by the hand pinned behind his back. He grabbed Timmy's ankles and lifted him up over his head in a military press. Brad raised Timmy up and down several times effortlessly. Brad said, "Timmy, my man, you are just going to have to put on some weight! You're as light as a feather! I can't even get a decent pump with you anymore! Hey guys! Look at this!" With that, Brad positioned his big hand over Timmy's stomach and removed his other hand. He then proceeded to lift Tommy up and down with one hand.

One of the other big guys said, "Hey, let me try." So Brad handed Timmy off to the other guy who proceeded to lift Timmy up and down too, although not quite so effortlessly as Brad did. Soon another guy wanted to try, so Timmy was passed again. Timmy was passed from guy to guy and they all showed how they could lift Timmy over their heads. Timmy got passed to one guy who wasn't quite as strong as the other the others and he dropped Timmy on the floor. Fortunately, Timmy didn't hit his head. The guy said, "Sorry, Tim. You were wet and slippery!" Fortunately for Timmy, that pretty much ended the lifting Timmy game.

So, Timmy gathered up his books in a paper bag and headed for home. Fortunately, school was only a couple of blocks away and he didn't have to ride the bus and endure that agony! Timmy was crossing the street when Brad came flying down the street in his pickup truck with the horn blaring. He had one big arm hanging out the window. Timmy had to jump out of the way to keep from being run over. Luckily he didn't stop and physically humiliate Timmy any more!

As Timmy trudged up the street, going over the day's events in his mind, he passed in front of the Steven's house. Timmy's neighbor, Samantha Stevens was out in the yard. She waved at Timmy and said, "Hi Timmy. How was your first day of school as a senior?" Timmy replied, "Don't even ask! I'm seriously considering dropping out!" Samantha said, "What! Why would you do that?" Timmy said, "Look at me. I'm the littlest guy in the school with the exception of a couple of freshman and a dwarf! Everybody in the school picks on me! I wish I was bigger!" Samantha said, "Why don't you come in for some milk and cookies. Milk will help you grow up to be big and strong, you know!" Timmy laughed, "That's a good one. I could drink a whole cow and it wouldn't do me any good. I'll always be a runt!" Samantha said, "We have some very special milk here, come in and have a drink."

So Timmy accompanied Samantha into the kitchen. He sat down at the table. Samantha set a plate of cookies in front of him and went to the refrigerator and got him a big glass of milk. Samantha said to Timmy, "I want you to stand up and turn around. I want you to drink this whole glass of milk without stopping. Also, you'll have to promise not to tell anyone what happens after you drink the milk." Timmy said, "OK. Anything you say!"

Timmy turned around, and began drinking the milk. Samantha wiggled her mouth and waved her hands at Tommy. There was a big poof of smoke. As Tommy was drinking the milk, he was staring at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. All of the sudden, he was still looking at the cabinets, but he was eye level with the top of the cabinets. He could see that they needed a dusting up on top.

"What the heck!" Timmy said. Samantha said, "OK, you can turn around now. Timmy turned around. He was looking way down at Samantha Stevens. It was like he was standing on a chair, but he wasn't. They used to be about the same height. He looked down at the ground to see if his feet were on the floor and Timmy couldn't see his feet. His massive chest blocked his view! Timmy sputtered. He looked down at his arms and was amazed to see they were huge. Even bigger than Brad's! Timmy raised his arm and flexed his bicep. A huge ball of muscle stood up on his arm and stretched his shirtsleeve. Both he and Samantha gasped at the sight. Timmy said, "Totally awesome, Mrs. Stevens! That's some milk you serve!"

Samantha laughed, "You said you wanted to be bigger." Timmy continued to examine his new body. His head was pretty close to the ceiling. Timmy said, "How tall am I?" Samantha said, "I'd guess about 6'8" tall." Timmy said, "Holy Cow! I've always wanted to be tall! I'd have been happy with 6 foot!" Samantha said, "Not only tall, but big and strong too." I'd guess you probably weigh about 375 lbs." Timmy got a big grin on his face. He walked over to Samantha and put his hands around her hips and lifted her into the air. He was so strong, she was as light as a feather! Timmy said, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!" Samantha laughed, "Maybe you better put me down, Timmy!" Timmy said, "Sure, Sure. I'm sorry. I just got carried away!" Samantha laughed again, "I got carried away you mean! You are really strong now!" Timmy then realized why Brad like to pick him up. Timmy got a real feeling of power holding Mrs. Stevens in his arms.

Timmy struck a double bicep pose. He stood there looking back and forth from one massive, bulging arm to the next. "Amazing!" Timmy said. He pumped his arms up and down. As Timmy admired his bulging biceps, he began to feel a stirring in his crotch. He looked down and was surprised to see a huge bulge in his shorts. Before, since he was so small, he could be fully erect and it wasn't even noticeable underneath his clothes! Samantha grinned at him, "You know, you're big all over now!" Timmy got a big grin on his face. Samantha said, "I know you want to check it out. Go ahead!" Timmy pulled on the waistband of his shorts. There he saw the biggest dick, he'd ever seen. It had to be at least a foot long. A lot bigger than even Brad! Timmy's grin broke into a full smile. "All right!" he said.

Samantha said, "Now Timmy, remember, you can't tell anybody what happened to you here today, even Mr. Stevens. If you tell anyone, you'll shrink back." Timmy said, "No problem, Mrs. Stevens. Nobody would believe me anyway! I have a question for you though. How come my clothes still fit?" Samantha answered, "Well, let's just say that's a magical mystery! All of your old clothes will now fit. Also, mortals, er, people, will not realize that you've suddenly gotten bigger." Timmy had a puzzled look on his face, "Why is that?" Samantha smiled, "That's just going to have to be another magical mystery, Timmy."

Just then, Timmy and Samantha heard the front door opened. Samantha's husband, Darren said, "Sam, I'm home." Samantha got a funny look on her face. "Maybe you better run along home now Timmy. Why don't you go out the back door." Timmy said, "OK." Timmy had to duck his head as he went out the door. At 6'8" tall, he was just a little taller than the door. His shoulders were so wide, they hit against the door frame as he walked through and he had to turn slightly to get through the door.. Timmy turned around and grinned at Samantha! As Timmy was going out the back gate, Darren came into the kitchen and gave Samantha a kiss. He looked out the door and saw Timmy going through the gate. He got an odd look on his face. "Was that Timmy Kravitz going out the back gate?" he asked. "He's really getting big, isn't he?" Samantha got a wicked grin on her face, and put her hand over her face. "I think he had a growth spurt recently."

Timmy walked across the street. There was a car parked at the curb. Timmy walked behind the car and stopped. He flexed his bicep and felt his arm. Timmy looked at the car, then looked at his bicep. Timmy said out loud, although there was nobody else around to hear him, "I might as well find out what these big guns can do." He bent over and put his arms under the back of the car. He stood up and lifted. The car's wheels came up off the ground. Timmy raised back end up and down several times. Timmy said to himself, "This is going to be so cool!"

Timmy walked across the street to his house. He lived with his Aunt Gladys and Uncle Abner. Timmy went around the back and came in the back door. His Aunt and Uncle were standing in the kitchen. Uncle Abner was straining, trying to open a jar of pickles. Uncle Abner said, "Timmy, can you open this please?" Timmy said, "Sure." He took the jar and easily opened the top. Aunt Gladys said, "It sure is nice to have a big strong boy around the house, isn't it Abner?" Uncle Abner said, "Yes it is, Gladys." Timmy raised one arm up and flexed his bicep. Uncle Abner said, "I'm kind of tired Timmy. Could you carry me upstairs so I can take a nap?" Aunt Gladys said, "Now don't make him carry you around the house again Abner. You're too heavy for him!" Timmy said, "No, he's not!" Timmy reached down and scooped up Uncle Abner in his arms and carried him up the stairs and laid him on the bed. "Thanks a lot, Timmy," Uncle Abner said. Timmy said, "No Problemo, Uncle Abner.'

Timmy went to his room and closed the door. He stripped off all his clothes. He noticed when he took off his shoes, he had really big feet now. He looked inside the shoe and saw they were a size 18. He stood up and looked at him self in the full length mirror. He was amazed by the sight! Just an hour ago, he had been a scrawny runt, a 17 year old hiding in a 12 year old boys body! Staring him back from the mirror was a huge muscular man. Broad rounded shoulders, massive chest, and arms that resembled sides of beef hanging at his side. His legs even bulged with muscles. Timmy struck a double bicep pose in the mirror. His body was so massive, he couldn't take his eyes off of himself. Timmy couldn't even see all of himself in the mirror, he was so huge. He was a magnificent physical specimen! Timmy ran his hands all over his new, beautiful, supersized body. He'd always been attracted to big, strong men. He had to admit it, Brad had a great body, rotten personality, but a great body. Now Timmy was one of the big guys! Not just a big guy, but one of the biggest guys. Timmy spent at least a half an hour in front of the mirror admiring his physique.

Timmy opened his closet door. As Mrs. Stevens had said, his clothes were all big now too. Timmy laughed to himself, "No more buying clothes in the Boys Department for me! I'll be shopping at the Big and Tall!"

Timmy got a tape measurer and began measuring his new body. His chest was a massive 70". Biceps were an even 30 inches. Timmy went into the bathroom and jumped on the scale. Luckily it went up to 400 lbs. He had to move his big feet around on the scale so he could see the display. Exactly 375 lbs., just like Mrs. Stevens had said. Timmy used to measure his height on the bathroom door frame. Now, the top of his head was higher than the door. Timmy looked down. The last mark of his height was at 5'1, a good 19" shorter than he was now. He'd grown over a foot and a half and gained over 280 lbs.! His old height mark was just a few inches above where his elbow was now.

Timmy looked in the mirror and smiled broadly. Timmy said out loud, "Brad, I've got something for you in the morning!" as he flexed his bicep.

The next day, Timmy got to school early. He waited in the parking lot. Soon, he saw Brad driving down the lane in his red pickup. Brad pulled into his usual parking place. Nobody dared park in Brad's space! Timmy went over and stood behind Brad's truck. Timmy smiled. "Hi Bradley. How are you this fine morning?" Brad stuck his head out the window and said, "Leave me alone Kravitz!" Timmy laughed. It was just like Mrs. Stevens had said. Nobody realized that he had been a little guy just yesterday.

A crowd was starting to gather. Timmy reached under Brad's truck and lifted the rear wheels off the ground. The crowd gasped when they saw Timmy lift up the back of Brad's truck. Timmy bounced the truck up and down a few times. "Come on out Bradley. Us big boys need to play!" Brad rolled up his window and locked the door. Timmy said, "Oh, Bradley, don't be a spoilsport. I just want to have some fun!" Brad yelled back through the closed window, "Just because you're bigger than me doesn't mean you can do what ever you want. Pick on somebody your own size!" Timmy laughed, "Talk about the kettle calling the pot black! There's nobody else my size, so you'll have to do Bradley. Come on out, Big Timmy won't hurt Little Bradley."

Timmy set the back end of the truck down and walked over to the door handle and started pulling on it. He pulled for a couple of seconds and the handle popped off in his hand. Brad yelled, "Don't wreck my truck you giant goon!" Timmy said, "Then open the door and I won't." Brad sat there looking straight ahead. Timmy reached under the truck and lifted the side of the truck. Brad leaned at a precarious angle. Everything loose in the truck slid to the passenger side. Brad didn't say anything, just sat looking straight ahead. Just as the truck was about to flip over on its side, Brad rolled down the window. "Please don't flip my truck, Mr. Kravitz." Timmy set the truck back down on all 4 wheels. He reached in and grabbed Brad around the neck of his shirt and pulled him out of the truck and lifted the 275 lb. Brad up over his head.

"Nice of you to join us Bradley. I was afraid you were going to sit in your truck all day," Timmy said. Timmy grabbed onto Brad's legs and raised him up over his head completely. He raised him up and down several times. While Timmy only had a 100 lbs. weight advantage over Brad, he was much stronger. Timmy set Brad back down on the ground and put his arm around his neck in a headlock. Timmy proceeded to walk down the parking lot, pulling Brad along like a dog. Timmy said to Brad, "What's the matter? Aren't you man enough to stand up for yourself?" Brad said, "There's no use my trying to fight you. You're way stronger than I am!" Timmy just laughed. "Have you ever felt such strength and power before, Brad? How does it feel not to be the strongest guy in school now? Come on, let's go work out!"

Timmy dragged Brad into the weight room of the school. There was a bench with an almost fully loaded barbell on the rack. Timmy said to Brad, "How much is on there, Brad." Brad replied, "450 lbs. I left that like that last night. That's my max bench." Timmy reached over and grabbed the bar with one hand and raised it over his head. "450 lbs. you say. That's nothing to me." Timmy raised the bar up and down several times, then threw is across the room, like it was a stick. Brad got a real scared look on his face. He remembered that he had taunted Timmy in the past and now suddenly, he was afraid of what Timmy could do to him. "Please don't hurt me," Brad cried. "I'm sorry." Timmy just glared at Brad, "12 years of misery and all you do is say you're sorry! I ought to break every bone in your body."

Brad took off and tried to run out the door. Not only was Timmy big and strong, but he was really fast. He got to the door before Brad and blocked it. Brad ran in to Timmy and bounced off and fell to the floor. "What are you, some kind of super strong freak? Leave me alone! I'll tell the principal!" Brad yelled. Timmy just laughed. Timmy bent over and picked Brad up off the floor. He put his arms around his chest and began to hug him. Brad began gasping for air as Timmy crushed his lungs. Just before Brad was about to pass out, Timmy stopped the application of pressure. Even though Brad had a hugely muscled chest, it was no match for the incredible strength of Timmy Kravitz!

Timmy set Brad down on the floor again. He went over to another barbell. Then he loaded it up with all of the big plates he could find. He lost track of how much he put on there, but it had to be over to 1,000 lbs. Timmy grabbed the bar and lifted it from the rack. Timmy used both hands and raised the bar up over his head. His biceps bulged from the strain. As he raised the bar up, the bar began to bend in the middle. It wasn't designed for so much weight. Timmy repositioned his hands away from the center of the bar and it stopped bending. Timmy lowered the bar and walked over to where Brad lay. Brad was still breathing heavy, but had been watching Timmy's amazing feat of strength. Brad had never seen anybody lift so much before.

Brad stood there with the barbell in his hands and held it over Brad. "Hey Brad, catch," Timmy said as he pretended to throw the barbell at Brad. Brad flinched and covered his head. Timmy just laughed. "Were you scared Brad? I wouldn't throw this big, heavy bar at you. I know you couldn't handle it" Brad lay there crying. "Please don't hurt me anymore." Timmy bent over and threw Brad over his shoulder. Timmy lumbered out the door, the floor shaking under the 650 lbs.-combined weight of Timmy and Brad exerted by his size 18 shoes.

Timmy took Brad back out to the parking lot. Timmy said, "Why don't you get in your truck and go home? I'm bored with playing with you now. Timmy raised him off the ground. Then, Timmy grabbed Brad's ankles and raised him over his head in a military press. Timmy raised him up and down a couple of times and then gave him a toss and threw him about 25 feet into the bed of his pickup. Brad's arms and legs flailed about as he flew through the air! He landed with a resounding thud in the bed of the pickup. Timmy wiped his hands off and turned to walk into school. Everybody on the parking lot cheered! Timmy wasn't the only one in school that Brad had bullied through the years.

Timmy thought to himself as he walked through the parking lot, "I think things are going to different around here from now on. This is going to be a great year! Hey! Where's that kid that took my backpack yesterday?" •

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