Better than Perfect

Come Together


By FanTCMan

For those of you who expected and wanted to see the three, Tony, Vincent, and Darin at the confluence of their separate rides:

Be forewarned--this chapter contains depictions of male-male incestuous activity and expression, so if you would find this objectionable (or are underage), please do not read further. Such depictions do not reflect the actual beliefs or endorsement of the author.

"Oh, Jeez, Dad. I knew you'd come in. What the fuck was in that shot?"

"I don't know Tony. Fuckin' Darin must have made it stronger. Fuck, son, look at you."

"I know. Fuck, I feel so hot. You love to watch me, don't you? Look at my fuckin' cock, man. It's so huge."

Tony didn't get up. He just sat in the chair, leaning back, his legs akimbo, his hands almost frantically roaming his body, feeling the explosion of muscle thickening under the short, silky pelt of masculine hair. Even the hair appeared to be getting thicker. His cock pointed upward along the double row of cobbled abs, too stiff to lie down against the teen's hard, furry stomach, but hovered like a steel crane, reaching toward his face, jerking a few inches above the granite outcroppings of young muscle, the engorged head drooling slippery strings of precum onto the swirls of hair that swept up the upper slopes of his thickly mounded pecs. Vincent could feel the electricity that had Tony completely flexed in the chair, more profoundly than ever before loving his body and the power that was forcibly changing it.

"It's more than fucking huge, Tony . . . It's fucking gigantic . . . It's SO fucking hot . . . It's fucking beautiful."

"Yeah, you fuckin' love it, too, don't ya, Dad?"

Vincent more than loved it. The rush he was feeling in his own body and brain was driving him to a frenzy of desire, and the feelings of his own muscle thickening, massing up on him, his own balls hanging heavier, and his own cock slapping up like spring steel as it pushed the former limitations of its own thin skin, aching with erotic jolts of growth, the dizzying rocket ride, was mirrored before him, magnified into incomprehensible beauty and masculine overload in the person of his boy, not yet 20 years old, and more man than any man had ever been. The power of him took Vince's breath away. He couldn't resist, and he couldn't pretend any longer.

"Yeah, Tony. God help me, I do fucking love it. Holy God, that shit is so strong. I'm so fuckin' horny for you, son. I fuckin' love seein' you grow. Oh, God, I feel so fuckin' hot. You love it, too, don't ya, boy?"

Tony stood up now, faced his father, holding his huge cock with one hand, and flexed the other arm for his dad.

"Yeah, dad. Makin' your boy a total fuckin' freak. I fuckin' love gettin' so fuckin' huge, man. Aww, shit," he gloated as he looked at the bulging muscle of his flexed arm, 'aww man, that feels so hot. Look how fuckin' huge it is now, man. Go on. Feel it. I know you want to."

"Jesus, Tony, it must be 25"! Oh, fuck, boy, it's hard as fuckin' stone, man. And your pecs. Look at those fuckin' pecs."

Tony looked, felt his own pecs with both hands, and his cock flopped against his dad's stomach when he let it go, smearing precum down his father's thick treasure trail, but Tony hardly noticed, except to suck in a sharp breath when his cock made contact with his father for the first time. His total concentration was focused on the pecs under his hands which he was gaping at like objects of pure sexuality.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, man, they're getting so fuckin' huge. God, I want them to get so huge I can hardly see over 'em, hardly stand up from the weight of 'em. Oh, man, and the hair feels so good, man, it's getting so thick and hot. Oh, God, I'm gonna be a total fuckin' freak, man."

"Yeah, son, you are."

"Big total fuckin' muscle freak. Oh, shit. I'm rushing so hard. Feel my pecs, man . . . Oh, holy shit, Dad. Look at you!" And Tony finally noticed beyond his own body and saw what was happening to his father.

"I know. I'm flyin' too, son. Darin's growing me too, and himself. You're so into yourself, I wondered if you'd noticed. You like that, son? You like your dad getting big and thick too? Getting a horse cock like you? You like that?"

"Aww, fuck yeah, man. Fuckin' look at you, man. My hot dad, hotter than ever. Look at those pecs!"

Tony didn't wait to be asked. He reached for Vincent's pecs, rubbed them, pressed them, caressed them hard, felt their power and hardness, the hair on them, the nipples. He squeezed, then he leaned in and took one between his teeth and bit it hard enough to make his father moan.

Vincent pushed Tony's head against his chest, and with his other hand he grabbed his boy's pole. His hand didn't go all the way around it, but he slid it up to the head, big as a ripe beefsteak tomato, and then he spit in his hand and rubbed it around the rim, twisting that corona until Tony tossed his head back, his eyes closed, his mouth gaping in ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, Dad. Work my cock. Aww, fuck, yeah, big, huge fuckin' cock, man. Awww."

"Yeah, Tony. Been wanting this for so long, boy. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it."

"Fuck that, man. It's cool. I want you to. Aww, yeah."

Tony grabbed for Vince's cock with both hands, and the spasm of arousal from that contact caused Vince to grab Tony's head with both hands and kiss the rough, stubbly, chiseled face, crushing the boy's full lips with his own, forcing them apart with his tongue. Tony returned the passion, and both were locked in that embrace when behind them they heard a voice.

"You two should really lock your door if you're going to carry on that way."

They turned to see Darin standing in the doorway, his own stature huge against the light behind him, one leg of his baggy, silky shorts lifted away from his muscular thigh by the hardening rod that was sticking out below the knee-length hem.

Vince snorted, "Yeah, well, maybe whatever the fuck you gave us took us a little off guard. So why don't you lock it behind you, you fuckin' Doctor Frankenstein?"

Darin locked the door and approached the other two. As he crossed the room, his own huge cock lifted harder, pulling up the leg of his shorts more. They all laughed. Then, without a pause, Vincent jerked down Darin's shorts while Tony took the neck of Darin's wifebeater, which fit him like skin, into both hands, and ripped it all the way down the front, tearing it roughly off the handsome young doctor.

"Oh yeah." Darin stood letting them unclothe him. "I Fuckin' love this part, man, when the freaks go after the doctor that created them. Look at you fuckin' freaks, man."

"Yeah, look at you, man," Vince said. "Fuckin' god, man. Golden god. We should fuck your brains out, man, with these huge cocks you're makin' us grow. You want these huge cocks, doc? Do you Darin, you freaky fuckin' muscle fag?"

"Oh, yeah, man. Fuck yeah." Darin's eyes showed he was rushing as stronly as the other two. "I want everything you can give me."

Then he was all over both of them, pushing them together, seeing them getting off on each other driving him to an even greater intensity of erotic fever. His hands felt the muscle he'd created, was still creating, his mouth sucked and licked their contours, as they both did the same to each other, and to him. The copious precum was lubricant in their hands, sliding over hard, swelling muscle, slicking down body hair. They gave over talking at all while the chemicals in them drove them deeper into the maelstrom of their masculine arousal until they were literally sucked by their own fervor down onto the carpeted floor. Tony lay back on the floor, and his cock, despite its length and weight, bounced within a few degrees of 45 off his chest. He dragged Darin toward his face. His cock was so huge now that he had to get Darin directly over his mouth, licking on the huge balls that hung in his face almost smothering him, so that he could position the head of his cock at the gates of Darin's pleasure hole. Darin eagerly backed toward it, grabbing hard onto Tony's pecs. Vincent, on his knees behind Darin, straddling Tony's legs, wet his fingers with precum from his own cock and used them to lube up Tony's huge cockhead and to moisten the pucker, shoving in two fingers, then three, then all four, they both hands, pulling the muscle, spreading it, opening it, readying it to receive the ultimate offering of maleness. Darin groaned and panted. The room echoed with the unmistakable sounds of animal male sex.

Then, suddenly, Darin said, "Wait."

"Oh, man..." Tony complained.

Vincent ignored him and continued to ply the guy's hole.

"No, seriously. Wait a minute. I brought something over."

"Aww, fuck, man. I can't believe you would bring us down, dude." Tony bitched.

"Just hang on, freak boy. I'm gonna do just the opposite. Fuck me, man, I want it all. I want it bad, man. I want it now."

As he spoke, he wrangled himself out of the tangle and stood up, his huge cock swinging, swiping the air parallel to the floor, flinging precum as he walked. He grabbed a leather bag he'd dropped on the table by the door when he came in. They'd been too busy to notice. Out of it, he produced three syringes, full of the essence of maleness, masculinity concentrate, and held them in the air.

"Anybody else ready for a bigger ride?"

"You fuck!" Vincent laughed. "You are totally fucking crazy."

"I think just crazed is a better word. And yeah, man. I'm crazed . . . with lust, with desire, man. I want it, I want more, I want to take you both to the fucking moon, man, or wherever this goes." He took the cover off one needle and jabbed it into his thigh. "Aww." He opened the second, held it over Tony's thigh, paused for a second, glancing at Vincent, who nodded, and then he plunged it into the young god's thigh. Vincent took the third one and administered it to himself, his face showing the thrill he felt as he depressed the plunger and emptied the fluid into him.

Already, Darin was breathing harder. His breaths were coming faster and harder. Then Tony started panting the same way.

"Aww, fuck fuck fuck, man. Holy fucking god, man. Awww, awww."

Then Vince began to to feel it. Their cocks felt like they could burst from the flood that rushed into them and into their balls . . . burst or grow from the sheer force of it.

Tony's head fell back against the floor and his eyes rolled upward, his hands reaching to make contact with. . . with . . . with anything male, muscle, coc k, it didn't matter. What he found was Darin's dangling balls on his face again, hot, churning. He reached above his head where he could grab Darin's cock with both hands while he felt his dad, behind the god that sat astride his face, once again preparing his monument to teen manhood for entry. Then he felt his father put this own cock together with his, rubbing them both with electric manjuice that was leaking from them. His eyes closed, his mind narrowing down onto only the sensations that were overtaking him, all else void, crowded out of his head and his existence. The world rocked beneath him, as his blood became rocket fuel, blasting him into an unexplored universe. He could feel himself morphing, turning into a complete freak of muscle and cock, an animal whose every sensation was sexual, who existed entirely for the lust he would create in other men and for his insatiable need to feed and satisfy it. He would be a god of male sexuality in flesh--beautiful, huge, incredible flesh. He soared, higher and deeper, beyond thought, in a sea of sensation, when, somewhere in a distant place, he heard Darin's voice again.

"Aww, goddam, man. Aww, yeah, give it to me. Grow in me. Yeah, fucker, here's one to grow on."

Tony felt a sharp jab in his shoulder. He sucked in his breath. Another shot! But he accepted it like a sacrament, a sacred key to a new life, his body ripped from its cloud and hurled higher, racing on fire through the universe, his whole body burning, swelling granite. Oh, God, he wanted them to worship it, to use it. He felt his cock swell harder against the, felt his dad push it into position at Darin's hot, waiting hole.

He heard Darin moan, "Aww, yeah, man, give it all to me. Fill me up, you big fuckin' muscle freak. Grow in me. Aww yeah, man, do it!"

He thought he heard his own voice rumble up out of his chest, escaping from the grip of the gigantic, muscle enclosed cavity that he could feel from the inside, now, so hot as it grew, the muscle thickening, swelling, hardening, the hair growing thicker on it. Could it be him, his pecs, his muscle, his voice, so deep, so masculine, so ? . . . he couldn't think any more. But he could feel and hear. It was his own voice he heard.


And then, burning in the fires of ecstasy, he felt his cock, the full length of his incredible rod of power, guided by his own father, plunge with his entire being into the unfathomable bliss, the searing caress of the golden doctor-magician, entering a new world where his body, his manhood, his sexuality, were all there was and all he wanted. •

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