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Supplement Shop

By Rad Rx


I was frequenting the supplement store on the strip in WeHo when one of the nutritional experts caught my eye. He was a very fit latino named Phoebus. Figures, sun-god would be an appropriate name for one built and toned like a golden statue.

He was reading a supplement handbook. I jokingly asked if it were a self-help book, explaining that he didn't need that much help. He just laughed in response, and we struck up a conversation about various supplements, be they OTC or Rx, and how one went about finding them. He looked a bit dejected when, on the topic of HGH, he learned that it would not increase height in mature individuals.

He had won some natural competitions, but I could tell he wanted to be bigger. His face lit up and he became quite animated when the subject of growth came up. Making like he was shooting something into his thigh, he laughed and made several small "boom, boom, boom" noises as he moved different body parts into what would have been their new, muscle-packed positions.

"That would be so cool, like, to be that big and win a couple of competitions. Just to see how everyone reacted."

I took this as my cue to have a bit of fun. I asked when he was heading back to the gym. His lunch break was in 20 minutes, and he was going to work on arms. I let him know that I could help him reach some of his goals, but that he would need to meet me in the parking structure before his workout.

He met me as promised, probably thinking that I was planning to hit on him more than I already had. "Sorry to disappoint," I said, "but you've got to go back to work and I wouldn't want you to miss a workout." With that I pulled a syringe of sterile water (not that he needed to know that) and gave him the shot. "What time are you off work?"


"Call me if you want any more." I gave him my number and set about my games.

Waiting until he was out of sight, I adopted one of my least memorable appearances. I called it the 'extra' because everyone seems to think I remind him or her of somebody in a movie, but can never come up with a name. I entered the gym at just about the time he was starting on his biceps routine.

After he was fully warmed, I basically converted his pump to new regular size. Feeling a bit high with the results, he set about really pushing himself with the workout. By the end of the sets, his arms were engorged by several inches more than usual, and as if his smile didn't betray his thoughts, his crotch most certainly did. Returning to the locker room to change for work, he seemed to spend a lot of extra time in the stall.

At that point, my phone rang. It was he. "Shit, man, you weren't kidding about the euphoric effects of that stuff. I can't believe how much I lifted. It didn't feel like anything. I'm so pumped right now it's tough to even hold the phone where I'm used to. When can I get more?"

"You still have to go to work for the rest of the day."

"Screw that, man. I'm ready for some action."

"Sorry, even the gods had work to do sometimes. Besides, think of the extra sales you'll bring in just by wowing people with your build. Not that I need to remind a nutritional counselor, but make sure you get plenty of protein. I'll see you at 8."

A couple of minutes later I saw him heading for the door, the sleeves of his black polo uniform shirt pulled up high enough to expose his hard-earned pump.

Returning to my car, I adopted yet another alias and made my way back into the shop. I was lurking around the protein drinks when he asked if I needed any help. I always like to make things tough in order to drag out conversation. "Do you carry any protein drinks that don't taste like concrete mix?"

He laughed and pointed out a couple of new products that contained whey protein isolate -- whatever that hell that is. It looked innocent enough, pretty much like fruit punch. "Is this what you use to keep up your size?"

"Of course," he smiled and did a yawn/stretch with his hands clasped behind his head.

"Damn, that shirt is barely large enough for you," I offered.

"Well, you know the joke about why shirts are the perfect gifts for bodybuilders -- too large and they're flattered, too small and they'll wear it!" He grinned and flexed one biceps and then the other. "I pretty much wear a shirt until none of the chest buttons stay fastened. That way I drive myself with the goal of not having to wear them at all."

I thanked him for the product advice and set about a routine to see if he took my protein advice. I set his entire body on auto-grow at the rate of about 1 pound for every 2 grams of protein he consumed over the next couple of hours.

I couldn't believe my eyes when he stepped out of the shop later that evening. No one minded that I was blocking traffic as they were all staring at him as well. Making his way leisurely across the sidewalk toward my car, he took extra efforts to hunch his shoulders in order to show off the lats and chest expansion. He'd obviously clued into the changes caused by the protein intake as none of the three buttons on his tight black polo were anywhere near capable of closing. They tailored the shirts narrow in the waist and it still hung a bit loose as the remaining off-season pounds had melted away, leaving the bottom of the shirt to lie loosely across the top of his legs.

He made extra show of getting into my car, smiling evilly as he commented "that was no ordinary fucking shot."

"How's it feel?"

"How does what feel?"

"Getting bigger -- is it everything you expected?" I queried.

"More, man, I can't tell you how incredible it feels to feel myself straining against these clothes. My nipples get hard just feeling the cloth moving over them. When I go to reach for something, there's this pleasant feeling when my shirt sleeve gets enough tension and then -- SLIP -- as it slides up to completely uncover the curves on my arms. And then my cock just feels the slightest breeze and starts to go down my thigh. I haven't checked it out yet, but it's gotta be huge. Most of the customers must of thought I was a big bottom the way I had to keep turning away from them to hide that!"

"Anything like the 'boom, boom, boom' you were talking about earlier?"

"I still don't think I'm that big yet, but I'm ready for it! Seriously though, I'm having a hard time not touching myself. I just can't believe how hard and round I am. I never got off on myself before because I knew how much work my body took, but I can't help feeling aroused at myself."

"So are you ready foSum"

"OH, YEAH, bring it on. I'll spend the night in the gym if I have to."

"Actually the gym isn't that necessary. I just used it as a fun way to get you started. Sit back and relax, we're going to have some fun tonight." As we finished the drive home I took advantage of his reclining seat to add a few inches in height to his frame, trying not to make it too obvious.

"Do you mind if I roll the window down? I'm starting to tingle and I don't want to miss the wind adding to the sensation." Guess I wasn't trying that hard.

By the time we got to my place, he was already several inches taller than I was. Running up from behind me, he grabbed me around my arms in a huge bear hug. "How would you like this 'dio latino' to do you right here? I can feel myself getting harder, and I wouldn't be surprised if the underwear won't contain it," he said. Although I knew it would (for now), I still enjoyed the pressing sensation of his throbbing member against my butt.

"Let's get inside first and get a lot more decent first."

He laughed and stepping quickly in front of me on the steps looked down at me. "Do you want as much more of me as I do?" he asked.

"Probably more," I responded.

"I doubt that, but let's see anyway," and with that he leaned forward and grabbed me around the waist. Hoisting me into a fireman's carry, he thudded up the stairs into my bedroom.

"Nice place, mind if I slip out of thisSum" he started, but I quickly cut him off. "Yes, I do."

He actually looked a bit disappointed as I pulled his hands off the hem of his shirt. "I like to have fun with this and let guys tell me how it feels to come tearing out of their clothes."

"You mean I actually get to the 'boom'?"

"Hopefully it will be much bigger than that," I said. "Why don't you start telling me how your shirt feels now," I said stepping up to him and massaging large handfuls of his pecs with both hands.

"Oh, God, that feels good. It seems like you're touching the entire front side of my body. I can hardly breathe, but I can't tell if it's the excitement or the shirt starting to constrain me," he said while taking several short breaths. "I can start to feel the seams inside the sleeves and shoulders scratching the underside of my arms and . . . and my lats!" He looked across his shoulders to confirm that the shirt was too narrow for his expanding shoulders, and he watched the seams creep up over his shoulder caps as he continued to inhale slowly, savoring the pull of the fabric across his upper torso.

"Go ahead and hit some poses," I urged.

Slowly alternating his pecs under my massage, he prompted me to give him some room; "I'm not sure how big this may get." I complied and took a couple of steps back in order to take it all in. Reaching toward the base of his chest, he grabbed a handful of fabric and pulled his shirt down in front admiring the crevice that appeared with even this slight inward arm motion. Crossing his wrists at his waist, he then shot up into a magnificent front double biceps, the expanse of his back providing the needed stress to tear open the seams under his arms.

"It's time to lower the boom," I said to him. "Try that one again." Satisfied that he had now started the process of shirt removal, I went into action to speed up the process. He let his arms come down a bit and then hit the pose again with more force. His efforts were not unrewarded as he noticed the increased tightness of the remaining fabric. A smile crept across his face as he finished the pose and quietly said 'Boom.'

Stepping up to him and stroking the exposed curvature of his heaving chest, I wrapped my hands under the shirt, palming the incredible curve of his pecs as I reached up through the collar. Turning my hands over I grabbed the edge of the opening and tore down the front a few more inches in order to give him some breathing room.

He reached an arm around the small of my back and pulled me into his waist I was forced to arch my back in order to come fully into contact with him as he kissed me hard and long. Feeling his throbbing crotch pressing hard into my abs, I could tell he was ready to get on with it. "What else can we do?" he asked.

"You're still wearing your clothes -- almost," I laughed. "There will be time enough for thisSum," I said while massaging his crotch "when we're done. Try that 'boom' thing one more time -- only this time make it louder."

"Boom," he laughed while bringing his other arm around and crushing me closer to him.


"Boom!" Front Lat Spread

Wider, Fuller.


"BOOM!" Single Biceps

Taller, Bigger, and Thicker yet.


"BOOOOOMMM!" he thundered as he thudded forward into a heavy most muscular. I let loose on him and watched his traps and shoulder swell outward and upward. He grabbed the remains of his shirt and tore it loose from his neck. Pumping the pose, he smiled wickedly as he tried in vain to bring his arms as far as the previous attempt, driven back as they were by the expanding mass of his upper body. "Oh, Yeah! Bring it on, make me a god of muscle!"

Standing up to his full height, he breathed heavily relishing in the expanse that met his gaze. Several bouncing attempts confirmed that his arms were not to be pushed any lower. I pressed into his chest again and surveyed my handiwork. He reached for the waistband on his 2x-ist pouch briefs and ripped it from his body, revealing the lengthening curvature of his member. Looks like he was impressed with the results as well.

Lifting me from the floor to his mouth for another kiss, I caressed his exposed body as the rest of mine hung limply from the front of his.

"Well, then, do you want to head out to the Red Eye? Or would you prefer a little shut eye?" I asked.

Carrying me over to my bed, he laughed again as he dropped me and caged me in with his enormous limbs. "Actually I was hoping for some brown eye!" he laughed as he allowed his complete weight to come pressing down on me for more than another kiss. •

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