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Mall Security

By Rad Rx


If past years were any indicator, this holiday season would be a bitch at work. I was planning to start shopping very early in order to avoid the rushes. While wandering through a local mall, my eyes caught a new security guard who would definitely be worth risking an infraction or two just to get caught. He was easily close to 6'2" already, and his uniform fitted tightly on all the right areas of his body. I had to take the chance and get him alone for just a split second.

"Excuse me, sir," I approached. He didn't even crack a smile but looked down in my direction to indicate his attention. "My car won't start. Do you guys have anyone that could help?"

He started to explain about the security offices that were in the parking level, but I insisted that he escort me. Given that the escalators down the to parking were at the ends of the mall and the elevators were always too slow, he opted to take me down through the emergency exit stairs in front of which he was stationed. It was there that I made the slip out of time so that I could have some fun.

Upon entering the parking levels he made his way to the security office. Of course there was no one there. He looked around the garage and noted that there were also no people laden with bags headed for cars, which were also at a standstill.

"Is something going on here?" he asked.

"Just an early present from Santa," I replied and gave him his first dose.

He felt it hit him and tensed up to attention. I watched as the custom-fit buttons on his tight shirt strained to hold the fabric arcing out between them. His sleeves, which were already tight in the shoulders and cut just loosely just above the bulge of his upper arms, inched higher onto his shoulder caps as they widened and began to massify.

He smiled and inhaled bursting open the buttons straining up his chest. Looking down he slowly clenched one fist and then the other, watching his forearms bulge larger. Curling his arms up he savored the pull of the back of his shoulders against the tightening fabric of his shirt. Widening his elbows, he inhaled again and pulled himself into a front double-biceps pose with lats spreading through the seams.

His belt had loosened slightly dropping a bit on his narrow waist. The pants started to split up the side ribbons of his uniform. The inner seam also gave way when he adjusted his feet to accommodate the inward push of his groin. The swelling mass continued to expose itself until the outer head of his quadriceps was fully visible pushing through the dark fabric.

Rolling his head on his neck he was required to adjust to a diminished range of motion that continued as his traps and pecs continued their growth. Looking back at me, he clasped his hands together and tightly flexed his new massive upper body, and I could see the enjoyment he felt watching his triceps jump into motion at this stimulation.

Pulling the tatters of his uniform shirt, he still had a uniform white T beneath. Although straining itself, the stretch of the fabric had allowed it to come through his growth relatively unharmed. He massaged himself over this second skin, and looked at me again.

"Is this all there is?" he asked flexing a single arm for our mutual pleasure.

"Oh, no. There's plenty more. Why don't you slip off your shoes and we'll continue."

"I can handle it. Hit me."

"One hulk coming right up," I thought to myself as I gave him more. I focused first on his feet simply to liberate them first in order for both of us to better concentrate on the rest of him. He grimaced as the leather visibly strained to stay in place. I expected the laces to give first, but was surprised to see his feet burst through the side seams and extend by inches over the soles. His face relaxed at the relief he now felt. Although he didn't know it, this would also serve as some stability for a round of height growth as well as muscular.

He was shocked as he sprouted upward and his T-shirt pulled up to expose his abs. The pants remained belted to him, so the quads were forced to rip further down the sides as the seams passed over them on their way up. Thickening his muscle and bone structure again, his watchband popped open and fell away. I could see that he wanted nothing less than hulking mass, so I poured it on.

Shoulders made short work of the T-shirt and he grabbed the neckline to tear himself free. He didn't even stop to undo his belt before tearing the pants off in similar fashion. Now he was only wearing his briefs and tattered socks. He breathed heavily and surveyed himself even has his body continued to expand. He didn't seem to mind the necessary thickening of joints in order to accommodate the amazing girth of his muscular mass. He seemed focused only on flexing and hardening his mass in order to feel his own power.

I hadn't done much cock-wise, but he hadn't seemed to require much of my help in that area. Apparently Santa had already left a sizeable bag of goodies down there, but there was no reason I couldn't help out. He kindly left off his massaging so that I could also see what was going on in this area. Trying to test himself while appearing nonchalant, he reached up and grabbed onto an I-beam of the garage ceiling. I saw his arms tighten as he attempted to force the beam. I took a moment to remind him that this was not acceptable behavior. "Power is in building not destroying."

He relaxed and nodded to urge me on. I saw him drop lower as his member thickened and elongated straining against the briefs. A couple of cool breezes coming through the passage stimulated him enough to harden slightly. Realizing that it was just as pleasurable to flex himself here, I saw his abs tighten as he tried to stimulate himself against the fabric. A couple of semi-hard thrusts was all it took to liberate his springing member from his underwear. He stroked it longingly as it continued to arc further away from him.

Turning to the side he started walking toward a couple of parked cars at the outer edge of the structure. Squatting down he reached under the bumper of the cars and stood lifting each of them off the floor. He told me that he was only going to move them so that he could stand next to the wall. I reminded him that good weightlifting etiquette asked "that you please return the weights when you are finished with them." He laughed.

I was so turned on by this display of strength that I began to add more to him as he stepped backward. When he finally set the cars down and stood up he was too tall for some of the beams in the ceiling. This pleased him enormously and his cock stiffened in appreciation.

Turning his amazingly wide back to me I could see that he had started to stroke himself. I was amazed at the mutation of his cock as it continued to stiffen and arc back towards his chest. I was amazed that even his large hands could not fully surround it. Stroking himself faster, his lats tightened as he loosed volley after volley of cum sending it flying over the wall of the structure to the street below.

When he was through he turned to me and reminded me that my car needed to be started. "Or I could just carry you home," he most kindly offered.

Fade to Black •

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