Behold, the Power of Words


By F.R.Eaky

Ed wasn't really sure why he went to the curio shop. He was definitely not sure why he and his buddy, Daniel, were invited into the back rooms of the shop. He's not real sure what had happened at all for the last hour and a half. He only knows that he's been kind of drowsy, after having some of Mr. Chi's tea, and he figures his friend had some as well because he's just sitting there with some silly kind of smirk on his face this whole time. "Now, Ed." Said Mr. Chi. "Remember, that the body, mind and soul can do anything we want it to, if we put our hearts into it. Remember what has passed here and think hard to control your abilities for the next 36 hours. Do not let others take control of you." Mr. Chi stood up and pointed the way to the door, showing Ed and Daniel that it was time to leave. Ed got up first, rising his 5'9" 145 lb frame, with its thin blond hair and pale blue eyes, out the door and into the lobby of the shop. Passing Mr. Sinclair, Daniel's father, he called out to Daniel, "Hey, hurry it up would ya. I gotta get home." Daniel came out, still smirking, punched his dad, who had fallen asleep next to the air vents in a chair, and motioned for him to get up and drive them home. As Daniel placed his red topped, 140 lb, 5'6" body into the car, Ed said aloud, "Why on earth did we stop there?" "I told ya. It was so I could speak with Mr. Chi for a Social Studies interview, due next week." "Well, don't take me next time. I pretty sure that old China man is doin' somethin' weird. I think he spiked our tea. I remember nothing, and you've been walkin around with a goofy look on yer face since we left." "You were just too tired. Probably stayed up all night with Rosey Palm again." "HEY!" Ed quickly lowered to a whisper. "Not in front of yer dad. Jeeze!"

The St. Clairs dropped Ed off at his house, where his old man was on the front porch yellin his head off. "Damn you boy! You're five minutes late. What if that young man in there wants to dock you for his wasted time? Think I'm gonna make it up for ya in your allowance? Pathetic, little, wussy boy. Took after your mother….." "Sorry, Dad. The Sinclairs made an unscheduled stop."

Ed crossed the dinning room to the back part of the house, nearly entering the family room, just stopping short of doing so. His breath was taken away. There, sitting on the floor, near the coffee table, with his back towards the doorway, was Patrick Williams, the Capt. of the high school, football, basketball, and wrestling teams. Watching, Ed drooled mentally as Patrick leaned his 6'6" 245 lb frame over to pick up a soda on the table. The boy watched as Patrick's lats flared out under his shirt, as the short sleeves, stretched and then rolled up due to his peaking bicep as his arm bent raising the soda can to his full thick lips. Ed stared at each and every follicle of the mane of shortly cropped hair on Patrick's head as his shook it in a moment of tension release. Ed finally spoke. "Uh, hey Patrick." "Lil brainiac. Dude, how are ya?" "I'm fine. Thanks. Sorry for being a little late." "Don't worry about it. I'll cut ya some slack. Getting rides home from school with the Sinclairs and their car though. Whoa…. I'm surprised ya make it home at all." Patrick smiled and laughed, and Ed's knees felt like they were gonna get week upon seeing those flashing pearly whites. "Coo. Thanks. So, what's bugging you today? Algebra? English?" "Actually, my earth science class. I know you might not have taken that class, and it might not be your forte, but dude, I'd be willing to pay extra if ya need to read up on it before you help me out, just so long as I can get some help. I thought it'd be an easy class, with an easy "A". I was so wrong." "No problem. My mom used to study ecological systems, and I've read through some of her books. Let's see if I can help ya."

Ed sat down and pulled Pat's books over and began to browse through and then see what the assignment was. It was late in the evening before Patrick seemed to get a hold of all the information correctly, but Ed didn't care. Patrick had moved in next to and somewhat behind Ed, looking over Ed's shoulders at the books while Ed instructed. At certain points Ed would get lost in a fantasy as he pretended that this closeness was Patrick holding him for real. This would usually prompt Patrick into saying "Dude! Hello! When you think, you think really hard don't you?" This would produce a nervous laugh and smile from Ed with a pathetic apology afterwards. At 12:30 a.m. both senior boys decided to call it a night. As Patrick was about to leave, Ed summoned up a little courage and asked, "Hey, uhm Patrick, do you think sometime, instead of literally paying me, we could maybe exchange some info?" "Sure, lil' dude. But what kind of info would ya want from me?" "Well, I would like to learn a little bit about working out. My frame is kind of slight and I'd like to put on just a little weight sometime." "Oh, sure no problem, but I thought you were already working out." "What?" "Yeah," Patrick said with a curious smile. "It seemed to be a little harder to lean over or around you this evening. I thought you were bigger." The words seem to stir something inside Ed. "Maybe you were a little taller, too." Again, the words seem to build up from inside the bowels of young Ed. "Yeah, who knows, you might be a late bloomer and ya know what they say about late bloomers, pa- shooom!" as Patrick raised his hand and made like a mark of height and then raised it up with the sound effect. "Oh, yeah." Was all Ed could say. He felt like he was going to cum and cum NOW, hot, fast, and furiously! Patrick left, driving his car homeward. Ed climbed the stairs to his room and proceeded to pull down his pants, pull out porno mags and his member, and stroke himself feverishly until he exploded. "What's come over me? I felt so hot. Bothered. I've got to get out more. I've got to see someone. If I let it show right in front of Patrick, he might pound me into a pulp. He'd tell the whole school I was out of the closet and then all the jocks would beat me into an unrecognizable bloody mass!" Ed went to sleep, tired, nervous, but eventually sleep did come. In the morning, Ed heard the familiar sound of the horn belonging to the car of the Sinclairs. As he was rising from a fog and the bed, Daniel came into the room with some breakfast bars. "Hey, sleepy head! Time to get up! Did you stay out ALL night with Rosey Palm last night?" "Shut up Dan." \\ Daniel went over to Ed's dresser and pulled out some clothes, picked up Ed's shoes and handed them to him. Ed looked down at the wardrobe, "These aren't mine." "Of course they are, Ed. I just pulled them from your dresser and floor." "I don't remember them…" "Maybe they're something' ya got from last Christmas." Ed got dressed and proceeded to stand up, but nearly fell down. "I think I'm a little woozy for some reason." "Well here, I've got just the thing to help ya. I know it sounds funny but these actually will work." Daniel reached into his bag and produced to heel lifts that are worn in shoes to make a person stand taller. "What?" "It helps readjust gravity centers. Trust me, you'll be okay. To make them really stable though, place them in your socks." Ed placed the lifts on his heels and then pulled his socks over them and then put on the shoes. He stood up, grabbed his bag and headed down the stairs, still feeling a little wobbly. As he passed Daniel he thought something looked odd. "Okay, I think I'm gonna take these lifts out. People are gonna notice this. I mean I feel like I'm starting to tower over you, Dan." "Don't knock it, don't worry. You just have to adjust a little. You don't tower over me, you've always been three inches taller than me and now, you're four. You'd be surprised at how much a difference and inch feels, even though no one will notice. Besides, if you were really that much taller you're clothes wouldn't fit. Hurry or we'll be late for school." "Yeah well I still feel like I'm nearly half a foot taller than you now." "Yeah, yeah, yeah, dream on Rosey boy." "Shut up!"

Things went pretty well at school. Ed found walking through the halls a little easier today. He heard whispers and caught glances from behind his back, but couldn't believe they were talking about him. He just went through his classes without a hassle until the very last one, gym. In gym class, which he shared with half the jocks, it seemed as though they were giving him a harder time, playing a little rougher, when HE was around. Banged, bruised, and tired, Ed took the position of towel boy for the day, just so he could head to the showers early. Taking off his tennis shoes, Ed leaned back on the bench against a wall where there was a vent just above his head. The vent led to the girls' locker room. Hearing them come in early and start the showers up, he caught wind of one of the conversations. "Can you believe, Ed Thornton?" "No, I just realized it today. Anyone know when he started?" "I don't know. I just realized it today too. I saw him coming down the hall and noticed that he stood a bit taller than me now. I swear he's like four inches taller." "I know, he's about 6'1" Think he's reached the end, or just started." "Oooh, as much as I hate to say it, just started, at least I hope so." Ed felt in his crotch…his abs… that same feeling that he felt last night in front of Patrick. "Tell me about it. With a couple of inches on him…" "And a couple of pounds. Do you think he's weight training?" "Most definitely, I think his shoulders are actually becoming wide." The sensation rose higher and higher in him. Burning his skin. "I mean it's like puberty is hitting him and he's going from geek to hunk!" "Well, it's a good thing to because, while he was sitting in science class, I got a close look and he's got quite a package. A package that would be wasted on a geek." "Ohh really! How much?" "I don't know for sure, but I saw his shoes, size 12 and a half and ya know what they say……" "SHOE SIZE MINUS TWO!" The churning and burning broke out in a sweat all over Ed's body. The pins and needles sensation spread, oozed all over his balls and sack, and then up his prick. Ed looked down and was pretty sure his member was tenting his gym shorts and it was still soft. "Well look who's taken a break! Mr. Ed the horse's ass!" Ed glanced up in shock and horror, to see the guys' gym class had returned to the showers and there in front of him was Clint Jackson the co captain of the wrestling team. He stood 6'1" of 215lbs of ebony flesh, his dread locks flyin as he shook his head while shouting at Ed. "So, ya think you're equal to us now, now that you've grown a bit?" Ed stood up to try and back away and realize, in his stocking feet, with the lift on, he was indeed as tall as the barefoot Clint. "What the fuck?" Ed exclaimed. WHAM! Clint punched Ed squarely in the chest and Ed doubled over onto the floor. Clint hoisted him up with some effort into the air and threw him into the towel cart. "So you've grown. You've gotten taller." The churning became more intense. "You could still get taller, grow even more become 6'10"." Ed felt a fire spread over his body. "Oooh, hey boys looks like the girl has even put on some weight. Well…" Clint picked up Ed again and slammed him into a bench. "Go ahead! Grow more; get taller, bigger, broader, stronger, harder, and thicker. Ya still won't be bigger than us. We'll grow and get better too. We'll still be the biggest, and the best, no matter what your geeky ass self does." Clint was now on top of him throwing punch after punch into Ed's side, but Ed didn't notice, he was shaking, quivering, burning with fever. All the while, Clint kept pounding into him. "Well always, be bigger." Churning. "Broader." Burning. "Taller" Scrunching. "STRONGER!" BUNCHING! "HARDER." "MR. JACKSON THAT IS ENOUGH!" "Wha?" Mr. Deters the gym coach came in. He was also the coach of the wrestling team. "I'm not sure what got into you, and I don't really care, but THAT type of behavior will not be tolerated! Outside now! 50 laps!" "What the, Mr. Deters!" "If you want to stay on the team and compete this Saturday, OUTSIDE NOW! And make it 75!" Clint left furiously, slamming the outside door behind him. Mr. Deters went to see if Ed was okay, but by that time, Ed had placed on his shoes, not even changing out of his gym clothes and proceeded to run all the way home, skipping the ride from the Sinclairs.

The whole run home Ed kept wincing in pain. It felt like he was stretching or maybe ballooning. His clothes began to bunch tight, in the shoulders, the armpits, ….the crotch. His feet complained of being cramped. He began to hear little small burst of sounds that sounded like ripping fabric. While running, he started throwing his legs out to the sides a little more to stop the thighs from rubbing. His arms swung more from the sides too as he couldn't quite keep them down to his sides. Upon reaching home, he leaned in from the top porch step to grab the door, opened it and ran up the stairs. He attempted to run straight into his bedroom and CRACK! ran right into the door frame. Collapsed onto the floor, Ed soon raised himself up, walked into his bedroom and shut the door behind him. Turning around, he glanced in the full length mirror that hung behind his door. Shaking his head, he could not believe what he saw. Somehow, someway, he had grown. He walked to the doorframe and notice the top of his head was even with it. He's got to be at least 6'10" tall now. The shirt that fit him loosely was now very tight, curving form fittingly over his arms, his chest, shoulders, and lats. In actuality, the shirt no longer clung to his arms, for they had split the sleeves slightly. The same had occurred to the chest area and looked as if it might soon do the same at the sides. It might have clung to his abs to, but now the shirt hem was about halfway up the middrift, showing a nice six pack of abs. The shorts had done the same. Small tears appeared along the sides of the pants leg although most of the fabric was beginning to roll back into the crease between the thighs and the waist. The only true form fitting the pants did was in the crotch area where Ed kept touching and feeling, to see where the banana was that had to be there to create such a pouch. It was a nice basketball player's frame with large gymnast build on it that lead down to some good sized feet that were splitting the sides of the too small sneakers open. Ed pulled off the sneakers and sat down on his bed, dropping his head down. Appearing from the closet, Daniel moved in front and asked "What's wrong buddy?" "What the hell!" Ed said as he jumped backwards on the bed. Standing there motionless for a while, Ed finally took his long hands and brushed the new thicker, more platinum, longer hair from out of his face and from in front of his piercing ice blue eyes. Glancing at Daniel he said, "What the fuck is this? What's happening to me? You did this didn't you?" "But don't you like what you've become? You've always wanted to be…" "DON'T SAY IT! It was that tea, wasn't it? The freakin Mr. Chi shit!" "Well, that was part of it. There's slightly more to it than that." "How long will this go on?" "Till you hit a most glorious climax or till four this morning. Whichever comes first." "Why…." "I like b…" "Uh-uh…" "I like men who are not small. Okay let's face it, I fantasize about men who are hundreds times beyond small, skinny, no- dicked, ya know." "Well, I'm gonna stay right here and not go anywhere, so I'm not gonna get any ….ya know. And you! You're not gonna say another mother fucking thing, got it? Best friend's honor." "Of course. Best friend's honor. I won't say another word. But, you're all tense now, and stressed from…. You know. So why don't you lie down. Here have something to refresh yourself. Daniel handed Ed a large glass of something that looked like a shake. "And why don't we listen to something to relax and pass the time." Daniel turned quickly, grabbed the remote, and turned on the stereo. "Hmmm nice tune I haven't heard this in a long long time…. Be good, be good, be good, be good, be good, be good, be good, be good… Johnny…huh, wait...." "Yeah remember what we used to think it was they were singing?" And in that moment, the lyrics changed in Ed's head and all he heard over and over again was bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger Johnny… Slamming back the rest of the shake Ed went for Daniel, "Gimme that controller." "Or maybe we need to watch some TV." Click "….and that's okay for me cause milk will help my bones grow… …. And build strong muscles , milk it helps a body grow….. ….. and that's okay for me cause milk will…." "Daniel…." The sensation swept over Ed again, spreading faster and faster this time, turning up the heat more and more, making him tingle to the tips of his toes and fingers. "Oh by the way that wasn't just milk, or just a shake, it was a muscle building protein shake guaranteed to provide the nutrients…" "DANIEL!" Ed looked around the room in horror to realize that some things had been added, like a three TVs and another stereo system…. CLICK "…to help you muscles grow. Why we've had professional body builders pack on as much as 40 lbs in three months with our products." CLICK. "Here we are at the world's strongest man competition. Look at the size of the gentlemen. I tell you they get bigger and stronger every year…" CLICK "Here is the final line up of the Mr. Olympia. Look at Cutler, he's come in shredded and yet bigger, harder, more solid than ever. Truly packed with mounds of mountainous muscle and muscle giant if there ever was one…." CLICK "Hey, Paul…. Hey Paul,….Hey Paul Bunyan, He's 47 axe handles high, hey Paul…" CLICK "Building…. Building….building….. body…. Got to feel, my body…. Such a thrill my body….hey! hey! HEY HEY HEY HEY Macho, Macho man!" "Ugh! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… N..nn…nn… n.n.n….n. nO! Must not… can not… Mr. Chi said, ssss, sssss…saidd I could control it. I must control it….." "Ah yes, but I have an ace up my sleeve." "Sh…shut…shut it all off….get out of the way…" But Daniel stood in the path of the door and shouted out, "Would our mystery guest please sign in!" Ed turned in surprise and awe as once again his closet door opened and from it came Patrick. Patrick walked up and stood in front of Ed, placing his hands on Ed's pecs and looked him in the eye. "I know you probably never knew, although why I don't know. Do you know you're the only person who has been able to call me Patrick? Otherwise I can't stand it. But I can take it from you. Dude, you've got a great personality. You always help me out so much, and although you were short and scrawny, I loved your face… your eyes. But I could never tell you. I couldn't make a move, ever. The rest of the guys would wipe me out, give me no end of grief, and probably kill me, unless…….you were a jock. "I've dreamed of it often, wishing it would happen so I could take you in my arms….in my bed….I've dreamed of you. Larger…." "Hmmmmmnnnn" "Taller…." Nnnnooooooo…no no no no no no" "Bigger…..broader…. harder….stronger….huge….massive….gigantic….colossal…. dwarfing me and my size!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Ed could take it no longer, and deep down inside there was a part of him that desired it too. Grabbing a hold of Patrick and pulling him near the transformation started again. Ed's could feel his feet stretching and stretching, longer and longer, wider and wider to accommodate his new size. Patrick, felt them nudge his size 15.5 and lifted them up and then on top so they could grow underneath him. Ed felt a pulling sensation, a tickling in his legs, abs, and arms, as he began to get even taller and taller, feeling the hem of the shirt rise up further and further on his torso. Knowing the hem of the short legs were rising up higher and higher becoming more and more buried in the crease between thigh and waist. Patrick held on to his future lover, pressing his check down onto the shoulder and moaned as he felt his check slide down, down, farther and farther, mid chest, bottom of chest, top of abs. Ed felt calves becoming harder, thicker, squarer, more diamond, heart shaped, the strings of his thighs pulling tauter and tighter, thicker and harder, as his stance grew wider and wider as his legs ballooned out more and more. Patrick held on tight to Ed's waist and his shifted his stance to accommodate the burgeoning thighs that inflated pushing his legs and crotch away more and more so that he had to lean into Ed's waist. A laugh escaped from Ed's lips while feeling his abs roll and crunch to push out more and more, tighter, harder, more numerous, little cobblestones in his middrift, an 8 pack rising up to meet the expanding lats that flared more and more out a classic "V', an impossible "W", a wide straight bracket ], a curved bracket }, so small the waist taper, so wide the lats where does the back begin? Patrick struggled to hold onto the waist of his ever growing lover. Becoming taller, Ed's waist naturally got larger, threatening to break the hold of the mighty Patrick. However, the growing abs, the flaring lats, made the torso more and more akin to a wall instead of a person. Patrick had to eventually release his grip, wishing, if he would fall, that Ed would catch him.

Jacking off in the corner, Daniel could now see as Ed rose above the once impressive Patrick. He could see Ed's lats pushing his arms further and further from his body and those arms, the bis and tris trying to compete for as much size and space as the lats, made it impossible for Ed to ever put his arms down again. It was too good to believe and Daniel thought to himself, seeing this transformation "I've never seen a bodybuilder with arms bigger round than his waist." Continuing to watch, he let out a gasp as he saw Ed's chest rise, ripple, and heave larger, mound thicker, become broader, threatening to make the back look small. This was a barrel, a culvert pipe, a jet engine; these were peaked pecs so massive they literally formed a valley between them. Patrick on the other hand, felt those pecs rise, bunch, flex, pop, balloon, lifting, pushing his head up, and after a time, felt the areolas grow wider and the nips get a little bigger, and caused Ed to suck in air in shock as he began to suck on one. Towards the very end, Daniel could see that his friend now stood even with the room, feet to floor, head to ceiling, and not millimeter in between. But just when all thought the growth was over, a deep, low, growl of a moan, came from out of the depths of Ed and his hips began to buck and shake. Glancing down at Ed's crotch, Daniel could see Ed's balls and sack inflating, growing, pushing the little snake up and up and then that snake began to grow and grow, longer, thicker, veiny. A garder snake, a boa, an anaconda, a python or man meat, thick, long, but still soft and pliable growing up and over the grapefruit sized balls and down to the knee. Then presently, moving up from the feet, criss-crossing this way and that over every muscle, just under the skin, threatening to help split it, grew what looked like miles and miles of reddish, freaking, pumped, snaky veins. Across the diamonds of his calves, around the mass of his thighs, along the pole of his manhood, up the cobblestones of abs, over the mounds and down the valleys of his pecs, up the peaks of his biceps and upon reaching his neck, Ed moaned loudly, hardly, and announced as his member began to thicken, lengthen, and harden. "Mr. Chi said I could control it, be careful of the power of the word. Well here now is my word…. For this one time and one time only, my cum shall make the man who drinks it, my size exactly, to a "t". A same sized companion for me." And with that his dick rose up and up and up sticking straight out a crotch level, pulling itself up and up past the abs towards the chest, where it pushed itself right into the open mouth, of a star struck, lost in love, Patrick, and he came! "Whuh-uh—uh---a---ah—ah---AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH •

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