Behind Bars


By MuscleTeen

Aaron left the guards' room naked except for a pair of blue surf - shorts, which on most people would have been baggy, but on him were like a second skin they were so tight against the bulging muscle underneath. He was a little self-conscious at showing his body off so extravagantly, but the thought of guys drooling and jerking over his hugeness was so overpowering, he was secretly looking forward to strutting around - displaying himself, demanding worship for his teen mammothness. His huge cock - limp now after fucking Trent pushed the material to its limits. He strutted down the corridor past the cells - his thighs rolling around each other - each thigh flexing hard as he stepped. His pecs flexed as he walked - the huge buns tightening rock hard. He had a look on his teen face - an aarrogant smile that showed that he knew he was the hottest thing any of the guys looking at him had ever seen. This guy had attitude.

He walked by the cells, stopping every so often. Guys looking out couldn't believe their eyes. "Man - what the fuck - what they do to you?", Chad said as Aaron walked by his cell. "Do you like it dude?", Aaron said - teasing, rubbing himself all over and flexing his huge guns. "Show me how much you like this body man - worship this hugeness bud - come on man - show this muscle teen how much you like his body."

"Fuck man I like it", Chad gasped, stroking his erection hard. "Oh hell yeah that's good - can I feel those guns man - they're big - they're real big man - you are fucking huge" Aaron went right up to the prison bars and flexed his guns hard. Chad reached through, grabbing the huge bis and trying hard to press them squeez them - but could not - he just felt the rock of muscle under him with the veins pumping hard against his gripping hands. "Oh yeah man - you like these guns?" Aaron was beginning to get erect again. Chad nodded. "Fuck man - you are something else - so fucking hot dude - what they do to you?" He started stroking again - torn between the need to worship those huge muscle and relieve his massive erection.

Aaron turned, leaving Chad blow with the memory of the huge muscle. As he came, he could see Aaron's massive lats rolling on his back as he walked back to his cell. Aaron came up to his own cell. Josh was inside, pumping some bench presses. Aaron walked in. "Need a spot bud?" Josh literally dropped the bar when he saw Aaron hugeness above him Aaron was standing astride his head as he lay - and Josh's view was from cock up - he could hardly see Aaron's head such was the size of his pecs. Aaron caught the bar. "DUDE! You do need a spot... take a break man - I want to pump these arms - make them real big." Josh sat up on the bench - his jaw dropped. "What the fuck happened man?", he finally managed to say.

"They wanted to test some formula dude - I dunno - they chose me - who cares - what the fuck look at me man - I am fucking huge - and I feel so horny man - all I can think about is my muscles and my cock and fucking people with this huge muscle body." Aaron was pumping the bar now with single arm curls. Josh gulped. He sat there just watching Aaron pump his bicep up with the bar he'd been benching with! - fuck man this guy was awesome. He watched a bead of sweat roll down his pecs, and along to his abs - his deep cut 8 pack - Aaron was totally foccussed on his bicep - he wanted to pump it hard. "Can I feel it dude?", Josh asked, meekly. "Yeah bud - feel this muscle watch it grow as I pump it hard". Josh stood up now, revealing his tenting shorts. Aaron looked over - "DUDE! you look hot - come over here and we'll relieve that for you - come on man - feel this bi - it's really pumped now." Josh grabbed the bi with both hands and felt it rise and fall as Aaron pumped with the barbell. Josh felt so horny - he wanted to feel Aaron all over - worship his power - feel all the muscles and all the cuts. He couldn't help but rub his hands all over Aaron's tanned buff body.

"Oh yeah man - that feels GOOD!", Josh said, dropping the bar and allowing Josh full access. He flexed as Josh rubbed his hands all over, grabbing muscle, trying to squeez them. By now a few guys stood outside the cell watching this muscle worship - all of them stroking themselves intensely. The scene in the cell was so erotic. Aaron's body was huge - beautifully defined and tanned - and Josh was worshipping every muscle slowly and with intense pleasure. Every guy looking could almost feel the muscles as Josh massaged them, they could feel the throbbing and pulsing of the power under Josh's hands. Quite a few just blew there and then - a few more when Josh started to peel down Aaron's shorts over his immense thighs.

"Man I want your huge body - I want it bad dude - you are so fucking hot and so fucking HORNY man.", Josh was unable to control himself now - all he could think about was Aaron's body and his cock - he wanted that cock bad - real bad up his ass. Aaron was fully erect now - his huge fuck-pole stiking out into Josh's face. Josh let it push against him - let the precum rub into his face. Aaron reached down and stroked the huge rod with both hands - groaning now with immense pleasure. "Man - this is fucking good - I am so fucking hot - jesus man I can't believe how fucking huge I am". Aaron was completely getting off on this muscle worship.

Josh, lost now - only thought of the cock and the muscle it represented. He took it in his mouth as mush as would fit and more - and sucked it hard. Aaron put his hands behind his head - and let Josh suck his beast. "Hel that's good man - Oh yeah - take it all man - fuck man that's good". Aaron rubbed his body all over, feeling the huge pecs and massive delts and thin waist and massive thighs - grabbing Josh's head and pulling it futher onto his cock. The guys outside the cell were uncontrollable now, some of them doubling up - guys who were straight - who couldn't control emotions having been so long in prison - guys who were gay - who never expressed themselves so expilicitly inside prison before - it didn't matter now - the scene before these men's eyes was so hot - it just didn't matter - EVERYONE needed to blow.

The need got worse. Josh, slowly, teasingly took his mouth off Aaron's cock and whispered up - "Fuck me man - show me thow big that cock really is." "Hell man you're a horny stud", Aaron said - looking down at Josh kneeling before him - begging for his body. That made him feel even hotter - he loved this worship. As he pulled Josh up and pushed him against the bars, he noticed for the first time the crowd outside - stroking sucking worshipping - HIM. He felt so sensual, so erotic - all those guys looking at his body - his hugeness - his fucking raw teen power.

He pushed Josh against the cell bars - Josh now facing the crowd. He stood astride him, and pushed his huge cock up his ass. The crowd could tell how good it ws from the expression on Josh's face. It winced in a mix of pain and pleasure - every guy there could feel the cock going up their asses. Aaron grabbed onto two bars, and started bucking his hips hard. His pumped arms were fully visible now to everyone in the wide grip he had on the bars. Some guys just couldn't help but reach in and feel the huge muscle, jerking off uncontrollably as they did.

Suddenly a voice from behind boomed - "Excuse me"

It was Trent. normally people would have dispersed quickly - but they could not drag themselves away. Trent didn't seem to bothered for once - merely stepping through the crowd. He reached out for Josh, grabbed one of his arms, and injected some serum. Trent turned around, ripped off his shorts and grabbed the nearest body to him. His pulled the latino kid he grabbed onto his huge cock, and started pumping him with his own massive body as he prepared to enjoy the growth show before him.

"Fuck man you're going to be big too", Aaron shouted excitedly, as he was just about to cum. He held off - a little - wanting to enjoy the growing body beneath him. And he didn't have to wait long. As he held the bars, he could feel Josh's body push back - slowly at first but as time went on those bars were more difficult to grab hold of! "Fuck dude - you're thickening up" Aaron held on for as long as he could - holding the bars tight - squeezing Josh's growing mass between his own and the hard steel bars. Josh - the black haired beauty - was going to be as big as him - cool!

"Man this is going to be great." Aaron was getting really horny again thinking of the sex they would have. he pumped Josh's tightening and growing ass as hard as he could. Josh groaned loudly - part due to the wonderful fuck he was getting, part due the the massive warmth that was flowing through his body as he grew. He felt so horny. His pecs pushed out through the gaps in the bars. He could see the guys outside, jaws dropped, pants dropped, pumping hard jacking off. "Yeah guys look at this bod - it's going to be fucking huge dudes - one huge massive muscle bod - come on guys - show me how much you like it" They were showing him. The scene before them was so hot - this growing black haired boyish faced teen beauty pushing against the prison bars and a huge blond stud behind him. His thighs were now insanely huge - the quads trapped between the bars. Some guys got down on their knees to feel them - feel the immense power growing beneath their fingers. Josh was completely getting off on this muscle worship. "Fucking hell guys - I am so fucking horny - he managed to flex a double bi. The sight of him - young dark stud - massively muscular - flexing monstrous - cut and defined bis even made Trent cum on the spot. He looked so arrogant - the way he was looking at his bis. "Hell yeah - they're good - look at that pump dude..."

Aaron could hold no longer - looking at the reverse double bi he was containing. He blew his load into Josh's ass and let go of the bars - exhausted at holding the growing teen. Josh turned around and Aaron saw what was practically his reflection - except Josh had dark complexion. They hugged, feeling each other all over as they did - squeezing the massive muscles as they ran their hands over each others bodies.

"Man - we are going to have some fun tonight!", Aaron said. To get tehmselves horny again, the both flexed for a willing crowd - the two giants displaying their teen strength behind bars. •

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