My New Muscles

By Troy292

He was a huge bodybuilder and i had been following him for weeks. He was very tall about 6'5 i think and weight well over 300 lbs. He was very straight and dated a different girl each night. He would go to the gym and do incredible work outs, lift heavy weights and show off for the ladies. 9 times out of 10 he would be lucky and get one to go home with him. From the first time I saw him I knew I had to have his body. Im very short and small just under 5' and weigh about 90 lbs, Im 21 years old but i look like im a prepubescent 12 year old. I am also a warlock with very special powers, for weeks ive been looking for the spell that would make his muscles mine. After a month and a half of searching i found the spell that i needed. All i needed was to be alone with him enought to cast the spell and leave.

One night i found my chance. He had been working late and went to the gym after work no one was there but me and him . he begins his chest workout with a few bench presses i come up to him and when he isnt looking and begin the recitation of the spell for the next hour he is my love slave. he shows me his big 10 in cock lets me feel it and play with his whole body . All the while he is repulsed by what is happening but is totally unable to stop it . I have him pose nude for me with a raging hardon. i command him and he instantly responds to my wishes those huge 25 in arms and 70 in chest are to die for and looking down at his 8 pack almost makes me swoon. to complete the spell we 69 and cum in each other throats and swallow at the same time. The spell complete i go home and wait to sees what happens. I woke up the next morning i was growing i was about 5'6 and 150 lbs of lean muscle i had the body of a swimmer. my cock had grown to a respectable 7 in from the 4 it had previously been. I couldnt wait to see what happened to him

I found him my what a change. He was still hot looking but much smaller 6 foot tall 220 still all muscle but much smaller 19 in arm 53 in chest a small but still nice 6 pack his cock looked much smaller too maybe 8 in now. In the gym he is still working out hard and showing off but it seems he is showing off for the guys now too and he is taking one home with him. I go home looking forward to what tomorrow would bring.

My god how i changed to day im just over 6 foot tall and weigh about 220 im now the same size he was yesterday . i spend the morning flexing my new muscles and came several times in the mirror. im looking pretty fine. i now look 21 and feel incredibly strong and energetic i actually join the gym where he works out he comes in. He is the same size i was yesterday. His new small size makes him even hotter, but now he looks a little bit younger looking the fuzz on his face is slowly disappearing. i flex and pose for him and he is watching me like a hawk i sense he wants me and ask him over to my place . i strip and pose for him and then pick him up and carry him to my bedroom and made passionate love to him. This boy is now mine i think as i go to sleep and anticipate the changes in the morning. i wake up its incredible im now the size he was before the spell with a nice goattee growing in. hes now the size i was before the spell and in same prepubescent state i was a few days ago . he wakes up and his little 4 in cock cums at the sight of me . his personality has changed hes now a submissive gay man and has just become my slave boy . I have changed to this hot body of a muscle master. •

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